The glow from the clock lights the room dimly, it reads 11:59 pm and I am lying in my bed, my body is totally satiated. This had been one of the most erotic days of my entire life. It started out so simple, a day watching football with my husband and his twin brother. The clock hits midnight as I lie in bed and smile as I remember the day’s events and I can say the day is now officially over. Would you like to know what made this day so erotic? I know you do, or you would not be reading this.

My husband had invited his twin brother Ryan over to watch football today. They are not identical twins, but do look very similar. Both are approximately six feet tall in height, with sandy brown hair that curls a bit at the neck. Brian’s hair is a little bit shorter than Ryan’s. Both have the bluest eyes I have ever seen, but Ryan has a stockier build than Brian. I met Brian while we were in college and I think we fell in love shortly after meeting. We started dating, finished our education, found jobs and got married; that was eight years ago. We are happily married, but secretly I think our lives were becoming a dull, yes it’s true, but we were slowly turning into our parents.

Ryan came over to watch football, as I mentioned previously, I don’t usually watch sports with them, but I was bored so I made a few snacks, got some extra beer and plopped myself on the couch in between them. You should have seen the look on their faces; it was priceless, total shock! Soon though, we were all drinking the beer, eating nachos and yelling at the TV. I never noticed Brian and Ryan looking at each other, but they said later that they did. I don’t know how they do that creepy twin thing, knowing what each other is thinking without speaking, but wow, tonight I didn’t mind it at all. We were all sitting close together, our legs touching. When Ryan grabbed my leg and cheered for his team, a bolt of desire shot through me, shocking me a little, but I shrugged it off as being attracted to someone so much like Brian.

So blissfully ignorant wasn’t I? You can see what’s coming can’t you? We kept on drinking all afternoon and into the early evening, sitting closely on the couch. By now we were all getting a little drunk and the close contact was making us all a little horny, although we denied it at the time. Brian put his arm around me and got very close; I snuggled into his arms and football was even more interesting now! Some car commercial came on and Brian kissed me, I was already turned on and slightly drunk and his mouth was driving me wild with desire. I totally forgot Ryan sitting there right beside me and all of my inhibitions were gone. I heard a funny noise, like a big gulp or a slight choke, but it didn’t really register than it was Ryan noticing us. My head was spinning from Brian’s kisses and maybe from the beer, but I was enjoying it quite a lot. I could feel hands on my shoulders and caressing my leg.

I felt a hand upon my breast, touching it softly, teasing the nipple between its fingers, making me tingle in my female parts. One hand was in my hair, pulling my head to Brian’s mouth. Another hand was trailing up my leg … wait a minute! That’s three hands! My eyes flew open to see Brian looking at me strangely; he did not quit kissing me. He pushed me closer to Ryan and for some reason it felt right. I moaned and continued kissing Brian, soon Ryan’s body was pressed against mine and Ryan was kissing my neck, reaching around to caress my other breast. His touch was very different from his brother’s. It was a bit rougher and quicker paced than Brian’s. Later I wondered if they had at one time planned or even just talked about doing this.

Brian pulled his mouth from mine and pulled my old cotton t-shirt over my head exposing the red satin bra I was wearing. He lowered his head to my breasts licking the tops of them and kissing them while Ryan kissed my neck and shoulders. This was the hottest thing that had ever happened to me in my life. Two men pleasuring me, twins and while they look very much alike, there were very distinct differences. Brian was slow and gentle and Ryan was quicker and rougher. Ryan unhooked my bra and Brian pulled it off, exposing my creamy white breasts and threw the bra in the corner while Ryan came around to face me. Both of their heads lowered to my breasts and sucked greedily upon them. My god, never had I felt any sensation like this before and I instantly reached my orgasm.

Their hands were all over me, touching me, caressing me and stripping me naked. I didn’t care; I wanted them to ravish me. Both of them tore their clothes off quickly, eager to be as naked as I was. Ryan pushed me down so I was lying upon my back. Both men stood before me, their erections hard and identical. A shiver of desire shot through me, running down my stomach and making my pussy wet. I looked at them and smiled, welcoming them, encouraging them to take me. That was all they needed; not one word was spoken. Brian came towards my mouth and pushed his cock towards my face. I greedily sucked upon it, tasting the precum and stroking it with my hand. Ryan went towards my pussy and buried his head between my legs. His tongue was fucking and sucking my pussy greedily as if he had dreamed of this many times before. I don’t know, perhaps he had.

I came in Ryan’s mouth, squirting my pussy juices into his face and he sucked up every last drop. Meanwhile I was sucking Brian’s cock like I could not get enough of him, my one hand gripping his ass tightly the other caressing his balls gently. I swirled my tongue around the tip of his shaft and then sucked his cock deep into my mouth as far as I could take it in. His hands were gripping my head as I gave him head. This was so erotic; I mean how many women only get to dream about two men pleasuring them at once? Both were handsome with hot bodies and wanted to please me. I looked up at Brian only to see him watching Ryan suck my pussy, which made me cum once more.

“Ass or pussy?” Brian asked Ryan.


Without another word Ryan stood up and pulled me off the couch, Brian lay down and Ryan turned me to face Brian and pushed me on top of him. I looked eagerly into his eyes, letting him see the lust so clearly written upon my face and sank down on to Brian taking his cock into my pussy. His cock went deep within me and my pussy squeezed it tightly. Ryan straddled Brian’s legs and pushed my ass cheeks wide apart. We did not need any lube because I had cum so much while he ate me out that my ass was already well lubed. The tip of his cock inched its way into my very tight virgin ass, stretching me wide. It hurt a bit at first, but it felt so wonderful too, especially with Brian’s cock stretching my pussy. Ryan’s cock was soon buried deep in my ass, as far as it would go. Nobody moved, letting my body become used to the two identical cocks within it. The thought of what I was doing made me cum again, flooding Brian with my juices and the spasm from my pussy made Ryan start to fuck me.

He slowly fucked me, his movements making Brian’s cock move too. The slow steady rhythm was extremely hot. So many times had I dreamed of having two men within me, but never had I voiced this desire out loud to Brian. He must have known or at the very least suspected that I wanted this. I looked deep into his eyes, lust written plainly upon our faces. He smiled at me, the corner of his mouth curving in a dirty grin. I smiled back, the same naughty look on my face. I raised my ass to meet Ryan’s slow thrusts, to let him know I wanted it harder. He didn’t comply right away. “Fuck me Ryan, harder, c’mon give it to me,” I told him. Brian raised his hips fucking my pussy with short quick thrusts. “Oh, yeah, Brian … .. Mmm, that’s right, fuck me.”

I don’t usually talk dirty during sex, but tonight was different. The beer loosened our inhibitions and my tongue. My dirty talk had spurred both men on and they fucked me harder, faster with a bit of animal lust thrown in. I loved it, every second. I was quite the little slut tonight and I was not the only one enjoying every minute of it. With each one of Ryan’s thrusts my breasts slammed into Brian’s chest, the nipples teasing his, arousing him further. Ryan grabbed my hips tightly within his grasp and slammed his cock into me. It was not gentle, nor loving; it was just plain old lust. The look on my face must have been driving Brian nuts because he grabbed my head, pulling my hair and smashed his lips against mine, his tongue driving deep within my mouth.

All of my ‘holes’ were filled and I wanted more. I greedily kissed Brian, letting my tongue do what it wanted, which was to wedge itself into his mouth, tasting him and letting him taste his male sex upon my lips. My hips were slamming into Brian’s and Ryan was holding nothing back, fucking my ass as hard and fast as he could. I pulled my mouth from Brian’s and yelled, “I’m CUMMMINNGGGG, oh my god, I’m cumming NOW!”

“AGHHHHH, fuck!” I heard from behind as Ryan shot his load into my tight little ass, my ass clenching and tightly squeezing every last drop from his big throbbing cock. His hands were tightly gripping my hips while Brian strained to fuck me from beneath. “Mmmmph, Oh yeah baby, I’ve got something for ya,” Brian said and raised his hips in one last thrust, shooting his load into my wet waiting cunt. His cum was pulsing into me in warm, thick jets and with one final groan his body, he went slack beneath me. I collapsed on top of him and Ryan stayed inside my ass. Nobody wanted to move. Nobody knew what to say. Now that we had fucked, yes I said fucked, because that is exactly what it was, things were a little bit awkward. So we just stayed there, doing nothing, letting the moment pass.

I snuggled up to Brian and almost fell asleep, when I felt Ryan pull his now soft cock from my ass. I sighed and slowly raised myself from my husband. My ass was throbbing, a little tender but it also felt good. Brian sat up, his torso covered with cum from all three of us. I smiled when I saw it. Ryan was the first to say anything, “Umm, I guess I should shower.” I think he felt a little bit embarrassed by our sex session.

“Ok.”, Brian said, “You know where everything is.”

Ryan quickly gathered his clothing, which was strewn all over the room, cast aside by fumbling fingers and fled the room. I had thought I would feel guilty and embarrassed from having a threesome with my husband and his twin, but found I didn’t. I had really enjoyed it. I sat beside my husband of eight years, content, completely satisfied and happy. This had been one of my deepest fantasies, maybe not with Ryan, but just two men, any men. I had never ever believed it would actually happen.

“Did you enjoy it?” Brian asked me, pulling me out of my daydream.

“God, yes!”

“Wanna do it again?”

“Are you kidding me? Hell yeah!”

Brian looked at me, grinned and grabbed my hand and pulled me from the couch.

“Let’s go. Ryan’s in the shower; you get in with him while I get the bed ready. He’s in for a surprise tonight. He always did want to fuck you and have a threesome.”

“Really? I didn’t know that.”

“Yeah, and it was pretty hot. Let’s do it again.”

We went down the hallway giggling like two drunken teenagers sneaking out to have sex in a car. Brian grabbed me outside the bathroom door and kissed me. “I’ll be in shortly.”

I quietly opened the bathroom door; Ryan didn’t hear me enter and I quietly slipped into the shower with him. The shower is a large customized one like you find in a health spa, three sides a grey granite type stone with a wall in front. You can enter from both sides through a door on each end and the shower nozzle is in the centre of the short wall at the front. Ryan was standing with his back towards me soaping his muscular body. He had the most perfect ass I had ever seen on a man. The water was running down his broad back, the rivulets going down to the cute little dimple in his left ass cheek. I walked up behind him and encircled his waist with my arms.

“Need help washing your back?” I purred into his ear.

He jumped and said, “Oh my god, you scared me!”

I took the soap from his hand and started to wash him, everywhere. He started to protest and push me away, but I stilled his hands. “Brian will be right in to join us.”

Ryan relaxed somewhat, but I could tell he was worried about being alone with me. I kept washing him, slowly rubbing his back, his legs, his chest and all the while I kept rubbing my body against his. I could see that he was becoming aroused one more. I lowered my hands to his growing cock and soaped it up, slowly washing it and gently stroking it. I looked into his eyes letting him see my desire there. I sank to my knees before him and took him into my mouth. He held my head in his hands while I sucked his now hard cock.

I looked up him, my eyes meeting his and swirled my tongue around his shaft. He groaned with pleasure and in no way encouraged me to stop what I was doing. His hips moved slowly back and forth in time with my mouth. The warm water ran down our bodies caressing us and making them glisten and slick to the touch. The stone floor beneath my knees was rough and the warm water trickled down my ass massaging the soreness away and arousing me even further. My nipples were hard as rocks and pointing out, aching to be touched, but I denied them the pleasure. I kissed Ryan’s thighs, I licked his balls and I slid my finger up his ass, which made him jump with surprise and it slid right in because we were so wet from the shower. I was so engrossed in what I was doing to Ryan I never noticed Brian watching from the other end of the shower until Ryan stiffened. I opened my eyes and looked at Brian and noticed he was stroking his now erect cock.

“Don’t stop, I am enjoying watching.” he said his voice low and filled with lust.

I did not stop, I kept on loving Ryan with my mouth, licking, tasting and sucking him in a very slow and deliberate manner. He relaxed and let me do what I wanted to him; enjoying every minute and watching his twin brother stroke his erect cock. I knew Ryan was going to cum soon and so did Brian, “Suck it dry honey, I want to watch you swallow every last drop.”

When he said that Ryan’s eyes flew wide open and he looked at me. “Will you?”

I nodded gently, because my mouth was full of his cock. He smiled. I continued to run my tongue up and down, then swirl it around the tip, especially that sensitive spot on the top. His hips thrust towards me quicker now, a new urgency in his rhythm. It was time, he was ready and so was I. We had all but forgotten Brian in the corner until I felt him at my back. He did not touch me or Ryan, just came closer so he could get better look. I felt Ryan grab my head and shove his cock into my mouth, the head growing and starting to throb against my tongue. The head then shot a small stream of cum, throbbed and a larger one followed. I sucked all of it down still massaging his cock with my mouth, he squirted more and more into my mouth and it slid easily down my throat, salty but yet sweet at the same time and I swallowed every last drop.

He pulled his now soft cock from my mouth and I turned to face Brian and put his cock in my mouth. He was going to cum soon and I wanted to suck him dry as well. I sucked his the same way I had Ryan and within minutes I felt the head of his cock getting ready to explode in my mouth. It got bigger and he shot streams of cum into my mouth and I swallowed it all. He pulled me up and washed my body while Ryan finished washing, then he quickly cleaned up. Brian kissed me and tasted Ryan and himself on his mouth. “Mmm nice, he murmured. He then left the shower and caught up to Ryan, “Hey Ryan! Why don’t you spend the night?”

I was shocked at Brian’s behaviour, but I liked it. I liked it a lot. I had satisfied both men, but my pussy was throbbing and wanting some attention too. My hand slid down to my pussy while the other caressed my erect nipples. It would not take long to reach orgasm because I was so turned on. A few quick flicks with my adept fingers and my body was responding. My hard clit was standing at attention as I stroked it quickly and within minutes cum was flowing down my thighs to the shower floor.

I quickly got out of the shower and dried off and towel dried my hair. I didn’t brush my teeth because I liked the taste of Brian and Ryan’s cum on my tongue and inside of my mouth. I walked to the bedroom naked as I had left my clothes downstairs and never bothered to pick them up. The bedroom was lit with rosewood candles, the scent erotic but not cloying. Both Brian and Ryan were on the bed, sitting side by side, nude, their clean bodies and the smell of soap making me remember our shower and making me wet. I stood looking at them, such perfect male specimens and all mine tonight.

“Come here,” Brian said.

I smiled and did as he had asked. I slowly walked towards them, letting my breasts bounce with a deliberate flirtatiousness, meant to arouse and tease. I walked as only a woman who wants a man can walk, my hips swaying. When I got to the end of the bed both men had risen to greet me.

“Hello boys, looks like you are glad to see me. Have you been waiting long?”

Brian pulled me onto the bed with them, the candlelight flickering over their once more aroused bodies. Brian pushed me onto my back and spread my legs, his head dropped down to my pussy and he spread my pussy lips wide. He blew gently onto my wet pussy and the cool air on my hot cunt felt like a jolt of lightening had hit me. I groaned with pleasure and tried to press myself into his face, but he did not allow it yet. He pushed my hips back to the bed and continued to tease me; he flicked at my clit with his tongue and blew those short little blasts of air bringing me to a climax. When I came he licked me clean, arousing me once more.

Ryan lay down beside me and started to kiss me, his tongue darting into my mouth. Brian kept sucking my pussy while I kissed Ryan. My breasts were throbbing and I needed to touch them, I could feel my nipples pointing out so hard they almost hurt. I plucked at them and Ryan lowered his hand to caress my other breast arousing me further, if that was possible. My pussy was spasming non stop into Brian’s mouth, his tongue sucking my clit and soon I felt him press two fingers inside of me. Oh my god! It felt so good, but I wanted Ryan to suck my breasts so badly now, so I grabbed his head and pulled him from my face and shoved it towards my breasts. He wanted to suck them too because he eagerly complied with my wishes. Ryan’s lips pulled on my nipple while his other hand kneaded my other breast. My hand was now caressing his cock.