Well, it looked like three months wasn’t enough time for me to get used to this. These days, from time to time, I wake up with a wonderfully beautiful woman named Eleanor. She’s a woman I love and who loves me back, and I was now spooned behind her. We’re both naked, with my nose buried against her nape, her golden hair all over my face, and, of course, my hand lazily fondling her breast.

All the while my wife, Nella, was asleep in another room, with another man. That man happened to be the husband of the wonderful woman whose body I was now enjoying. As I squeezed Eleanor’s breasts a bit more, I felt her waking up, then pushing back against my body. My cock, which had been half-asleep against her asscheeks, began to wake up as well.

I still couldn’t believe the turn of events that had followed the last Midwinter. In fact it began about a year ago, during Midsummer. My wife Nella and I, with Eleanor and her husband Tim as well as six of our friends, all met in a cabin for our traditional Midsummer weekend. Those Midsummer weekends had always been quite sensual, even overtly sexy with some surprising bits of unexpected nudity. Last year though, something special happened.

Nella swears that it was because the moon had been full. In any case, we soon found out that all that latent sexual energy had been set to explode. We all ended up fucking someone else than our lovers. At least once. Then six months later, in Iceland for Midwinter, it all transformed again and the weekend ended up as a full blown orgy.

Yet as crazy as it may sound, that orgy wasn’t the most mind-blowing part of the weekend. Just before that orgy, in the quiet morning before the storm, Eleanor and Tim invited us to come and live with them. Not in a bi-generational house, not renting a room in their home. No, really live with them; two couples, yet a very explicit foursome as well.

So here we were today. Nella and I moved in about three months ago and we were all still adjusting. Not everything went as smoothly as planned, but never being sure next to which women I was going to wake up with more than made up for the little annoyances. One of those annoyances was the bathroom. It was clear, had been since the first week, that we would have to build a second one. I was the only one of the four that didn’t seem to require a very long time in there in the morning.

In her bed, I slipped my hand from Eleanor’s breast to her hip, then ass, cupping it’s nice fullness in my hand. When I pulled it upwards, opening her crack and letting my hardening cock slip deeper, Eleanor moaned. She opened her thighs just a bit, but it was enough. My cock suddenly twitched and ended up directly against her pussy. As she pushed against me, Eleanor groaned, “Hmmm… I’m pretty sure we’re still covered with your sperm from a few hours ago.”

Smiling, I remembered that we had fucked during the night, half-asleep and groggy. “Yes, my cum and your juices.” I murmured into her ear. “I seem to remember that I slipped inside you with barely any resistance…”

She laughed lazily, still woozy from the sleep. “And you’re probably going to slip in just as easily… once I take my shower.”

“Ah…” I groaned, not wanting to wait.

“You’re insatiable!” she said, pushing herself up.

“Look who’s talking!” I said, laughing and pulling her back against me. “Ok, I have an idea. Wanna do a bit of roleplay?” I asked, both her breasts in my hands now.

“You want me to dress up as a nurse?” Eleanor asked playfully.

“Well yes, but not this morning. Go to the bathroom and throw me a cloth with warm water and I’ll clean myself up. Then, while you’re in the shower we’ll pretend that it’s a year ago. Before Midsummer.”

“You wanna pretend we’re just ordinary friends?”

“Yep. And that I’m staying here with Nella. And, of course, that everybody’s asleep while you’re taking a shower, with, maybe, the door not fully closed…”

“Hahaha… Got it!” Eleanor said, turning her head towards me for a quick kiss.

“Remember,” I said, “I’m not supposed to see you naked, and you’re not supposed to let me…”

“Really Will?” she said, a strange expression on her face. “You think that if I had caught you spying on me a year ago, I would have screamed in panic?”

“Er, a year ago, we hadn’t, er…”

“Hahaha! Guess we’ll never know!” she said, this time succeeding in getting up.

Getting into my role, I pulled the blanket over my head as she got up, to not see her naked body. I heard her take something from the drawer, but I didn’t know what it was. After a pause, she stopped walking and said, “Hey, what’s up with you and spying on me in the shower? First in Midsummer, now this…”

I was lying on my back, completely covered with the thin sheet. Instead of replying I squeezed the muscles in my cock and felt it twitch up. Eleanor saw it move and laughed. A few moments later I heard her walking back towards her room and felt the damp cloth falling on the bed.

Soon I was all cleaned up, my cock hard and glistening with a thin coat of warm water. When I hear the shower turning on I walked down the corridor in silence, making sure that everybody was asleep downstairs. Last night Tim and Nella had taken what was officially Nella and my room, what used to be the guest room. But since Eleanor and I were early risers and our spouses were not, we often switched partners during the weekends. I couldn’t hear a thing from below, so I kept on walking towards the bathroom. As I approached, I could see that Eleanor had indeed left the door open, but not by much. In fact, as I peered inside, I couldn’t really see anything. The little minx was playing her role pretty seriously. Kneeling down, I pushed the door about an inch.

Despite what had happened since last year’s Midsummer, despite the fact that I’ve had sex and made love to that woman very often, despite the fact that I had just woken up with her warm body in my arms… despite everything I still felt that spasm of pleasure in my belly as I looked at her. Fully dressed, Eleanor was pretty enough, but with nothing more than hints of her stunning beauty. Unless her clothing was very tight, the softness of her curves made it hard to distinguish anything. She wasn’t fat, not at all, but she was certainly well rounded, with soft curves all around.

Yet she wasn’t as powerfully feminine as Nella. My wife was undeniably female, regardless of how she was clothed. Very large breasts both in width and thrust, hanging many inches in front of her as she walked. Her hips, thighs and ass were equally powerful, all in overflowing curves that couldn’t be hidden. Eleanor, on the other hand, could tame her femininity… or, of course, decide to unleash it. Now, fully naked behind clear glass, I was stunned again by how beautiful and sexy she was.

Ten feet away from my hungry eyes, I first saw her ass and their creamy curves. Nobody could say that Eleanor’s ass was lacking. It was all there, curved and rounded. Full was the perfect word. Even though she was supposed to be roleplaying the innocent, it was clear that she was instead playing me. Playing cock, to be precise. As she was lathering herself up, sliding her soapy hands all over her hips, ass and thighs, she was also dancing. Subtly, I’ll give it to her, but still noticeable. Her pale white thighs were slowly slipping against each other, moving back and forth, forcing her hips and ass to rock from left to right. She seemed to be dancing to a slow rock song I couldn’t hear, and it was a wonderful sight.

Kneeling in the corridor, my hard cock in hand, I smiled as I noticed that I was breathing harder, my heart pounding faster. I guess roleplaying was working for me! I remembered that it had been quite fun with Nella, the few times we had tried. It was now pretty clear that I was going to have to do it more often.

Movement from the shower brought me back to the present and I saw Eleanor beginning to turn around. Her round breasts, large by any standards except maybe for someone whose wife is blessed with truly large breasts, Eleanor’s creamy breasts ensnared my eyes. Most of her bras were 34C, which she filled very nicely. But that fact far from exhausted what someone could learn from Eleanor’s breasts.

I never quite found the exact words that could describe them, something I hold against the entire English language. The one word that stands out if “soft”, but it also conjures up images of sagging or flopping breasts. Her breasts were soft like a cat, purring, curled in front of the fire, was soft. On another type of body, they would look like fakes, as they were too round. But on her, with all those curves, they simply fit perfectly.

Eleanor broke me out of my reverie again by pinching her nipples, pulling them upwards and letting her breasts bounce back down. Her aureolas and nipples were pale pink, like a puff of strawberry cream on top of her vanilla breasts. Even before she began playing with them, they were puffy and prominent. Not large, just prone to engorge with blood and stand out proudly. After repeating that pulling up and releasing act a few times, she caressed them gently again, washing them innocently, as if nothing had happened. Looking up, expecting to see her smiling, I saw her look like she was completely unaware of my presence. Yet, right then, her hands slipped all the way down to her pussy and she opened her mouth silently. She pressed her body right against the glass, turning her head sideways.

Before I could stop myself, because of the roleplaying, I pushed the door open quite a few inches more. And the door creaked. As I quickly moved away from the door and leaned against the wall, I heard her sharp intake of breath. After a long and, funnily enough, stressful minute, I heard her moving about in the shower, making the water splash normally. When I came back to the door, opened now about 7 or 8 inches, I paused. Looking down at my hard cock, pointing directly into the bathroom, I smiled at the coincidence.

Eleanor had her back turned to the door again, and I decided to up the ante. Slowly I opened the door completely and walked in. Definitely, roleplaying was great; my heart was beating hard and I was grinning like a fool! When she turned around once more and saw me, Eleanor actually jumped in surprise. Playing her role perfectly, she whispered, “What the fuck are you doing here?” while trying to hide her body. She then registered that I was naked and looked at my cock. There was a long pause during which we both stared openly at each other. Then, the obvious question, “What if Tim comes up?”

Before answering I put my finger on my lips, with a smile, and whispered, “Gods you’re beautiful…”

Eleanor grinned, half in the role, half in honest pleasure, and let her arms drop to her sides, completely revealing her nude body. Her golden bush, hard to see when it was all wet like this, barely covered her pussy lips. She doesn’t trim it; it’s just sparse like this. Looking at it, I felt my cock spasming, precum oozing from the tip. In Eleanor’s full view I took a step forward. Her smile faded, replaced by an expression so full of lust and anticipated pleasure that my eyes opened wide; she was very good at this roleplaying! Another step towards the shower, and she pushed the door open.

And then, as if on perfect cue, we both heard the stairs’ first step creaking loudly. Tim! We knew it had to be him as it was way too early for Nella. We both froze like deer in headlights, but only for a fraction of a second. In a small burst of genuine fear I race back to the corridor as silently as I can and hide in their room. If Tim was planning on coming to their room, the game would be up, but he probably wouldn’t notice anything special going on. I was ready to dive on the bed, face down to hide my erection, but he never came. I heard him going in the bathroom. I couldn’t hear them talking over the sound of the shower, especially since he closed the door behind him.

I had no idea what he was going to do, but when I heard him walking back down the stairs, I looked and made sure the way was clear. I was still rock hard and in desperate need of fucking Eleanor. Tim had left the door opened when he left, so I entered the bathroom expecting to see Eleanor still in the shower. She was. She was also still naked. But, quite unexpectedly, she was also fucking a dildo. She had stuck the dildo I had given her, a clone of my cock, on the shower glass and was now fucking it, almost fully bent forward.

From my vantage point, perfectly from behind her, I could see everything. My mouth fell open at the sight of her ass pushing hard against the glass, my cock opening her pussy wide. Feeling my cock twitch upwards, I grinned and walked in, closing the door behind me. “So,” I say, as casually as I can, “this is what would have happened if I had sneaked in here a year ago?”

“If you had given me this dildo a few months before? Probably!” Eleanor moaned, not even bothering to turn around. Or stopping.

“Look who’s insatiable now!” I replied, walking into the large shower right next to her.

Laughing, Eleanor pulled herself off of the dildo and moved it to the far side of the shower. I looked in wonder as she impaled herself upon it again, bending forward just like earlier. The only difference was that I was now right in front of her, and her head was inches away from my very real cock. The shower was still on, spraying hot water all over her back. “Now just keep quiet, we don’t want your wife to wake up and find you here, don’t we?”

As she took me into her mouth, I closed my eyes and grabbed her head. Even if this hadn’t been roleplaying, I don’t think I could have even been thinking about Nella. Looking down, Eleanor’s golden hair on my thighs and her rounded ass and hips slowly fucking my other cock, I was enjoying myself way too much. After a while she pushed my cock all the way to the back of her mouth and hummed, something she knew I really liked.

Eleanor remained in this wonderful position for a long while, giving me one hell of a blowjob. In addition, as she pleasured herself upon my dildo, she offered me the amazing sight of her hips and ass rotating and dancing as she fucked herself. Her small waist seemed like the focal point of her motions, letting her flaring hips move all over the place. A few times, she grabbed me firmly and rocked herself backwards and forwards, letting my real cock fuck her mouth and my dildo cock fuck her pussy. Then she resumed her sensual rotating motions on both the cocks. Eventually, to my chagrin, she stopped and pulled away, freeing herself from both of my cocks. “Hmmm,” I groaned, “I cold have stayed right here until the water ran cold…”

Standing up and reaching for the bottle of lube, Eleanor looked at me with a smile: “I know my love… But there’s something I’ve always wanted to try with you and your cock. Couldn’t think of a better time to do it.” After she lubed my cock, she put some on her pussy, then her inner thighs. As I looked and wondered what she had in mind, she pushed me against the wall and turned her back to me. Whispering, she said, “Slip your cock between my thighs.”

When I pushed my cock downward, grazing her asshole and pussy on the way, I found her thighs tightly closed. Smiling, I pushed in, parting her soft flesh and poking out on the other side. The feeling of her pussy against the top of my cock was nice, but her thighs… This wonderful thigh penetration felt good, and distinctly different from a pussy, a nice pair of tits or even an anus. “Bend your knees a bit…” Eleanor said. When I did, allowing her more control, she began dancing again. I couldn’t find a better word. Moving to a tune I couldn’t hear, Eleanor rotated her hips, twisted from left to right, slid up and down, pulled off only to come back… All the while my cock was getting overwhelmed by all those different sensations.

At first I had taken hold of her hips, but soon I let her fully in control and grabbed both her breasts. Eleanor wasn’t going especially hard or fast. Instead, it felt as if she was pulling me into a very lascivious dance, a latin number all over my cock. At one point she stood on the tips of her toes, then opened her thighs just a bit before going back down. I felt the heat of her pussy against my cock as I was pushed downwards, and Eleanor didn’t stop before her lips rubbed against my glans, almost pulling completely off. Pushing herself back up, my cock followed her until I felt her bush rubbing against the very tip of my cock. She was pushing my cock up and down, sliding it all over her pussy in the process.

Intoxicated as I was with this dance and the new feelings I was savouring, I wanted more. When I groaned and squeezed her breasts harder, Eleanor barely had time to turn her head around. Sliding my hands back down to her hips, I pushed her just far enough away so that my cock dug between her lips. When I pushed my hips forward I finally slipped inside her. Her dancing motions continued just long enough so that my penetration was paused a brief moment before we aligned for the first full penetration of the day. She barely contained her moan, and I knew I didn’t contain mine very well either. Bending forward, allowing me even deeper entry, Eleanor shushed me. “Tim could come up any minute… keep your mouth shut!”

She was still playing, and I had to grin. “Well if he comes you’ll just have to tell him that you needed a proper fucking while he was asleep.”

“Ha! You pretentious bastard!” she replied, laughing softly. “What if it’s your wife that we wake up?”

“Well, I’ll just ask her to wait for her turn!”

With that Eleanor laughed again and pushed herself off of me. She was laughing as she turned around, wrapping her arms around me. “If we had really done this a year ago, what would you have really said?”

“I have no idea Eleanor…” I said as she placed her smile on my neck time after time, holding me tight.

“Well, I know that if you had found me while masturbating, I couldn’t have refused you… That’s why I was so hesitant at Midsummer. Feeling lust for someone, knowing that the merest fantasy with him made your pussy wet, that’s one thing. But now you know that I wasn’t simply lusting after you.” She paused, looking at me, “I love you Will.”

After a grin and a small paused, she said in a lighter tone, “In any case I’ve already felt your cock inside my pussy this morning…” she said, glancing at the dildo. Then, reaching for the lube again, she added, “forget about the roleplay for a second and answer me this…” she paused with a lump of lube on her hand before reaching backwards and placing it between her asscheeks. “What would she say if Nella did come up, right now in the real world, and saw you fucking my ass? If she saw me on all four, with your long big cock pounding away between my buttocks, hilting itself completely?”

I was too surprised and thrilled to react, much less form a witty reply. I startled when she grabbed my cock, relubing it thoroughly. Eleanor, once again in control of the situation, asked a new question: “Would she be jealous? Would she be ready to lube her own ass and join me on all four in front of you, giving you her anal cherry?” She turned around, sliding her ass against my well lubed cock, and added: “You must know that we do talk about it… I know you haven’t done it with her, and haven’t done it with anyone else since Iceland. As for me, I confess I was thinking about your cock the last time Tim fucked my ass…” As she finished, she lowered herself down on the floor, pushing her ass upwards at me. “Now, promise me this; let me adjust to your size for a while, then fuck my ass like you’ve been wanting to do for months now…”