Melody Rivers was blessed with good looks, a name that sounded like poetry, and intelligence wrapped up in a winning personality that took her to the top floor of the corporate world. She was also an insatiable exhibitionist.

It started innocently enough. For her thirtieth birthday a girlfriend had given her a gag gift — a big rubber dildo rolled up in a copy of Playgirl magazine. All her girlfriends whooped with laughter when she opened it at the fancy restaurant where they were celebrating. A handsome waiter was filling their water glasses when it all came into view. Melody, blushing with more intensity than she ever had in her life, mumbled something about her friends being crazy as she fumbled the big rubber cock and it rolled off her lap onto the floor. The laughter increased to epic proportions as she kicked it under the table.

She didn’t show the gift to her husband David when she got home. Instead she hid the magazine, the first she’d ever looked at, and the dildo, the first she’d ever owned, in a shoe box in her closet, the way a schoolgirl might hide such things from her mother. Her sex life with her husband of ten years was good, a steady but somewhat monotonous affair of before sleep couplings. Missionary, girl on top, some rudimentary oral, both giving and receiving. It was the kind of sex someone without a sex life would love to have, but there was no getting around the fact that it was a bit plain. For quite a while both she and David had been secretly hoping for more, but for some reason both thought the other would be less than receptive to the idea of ‘dirtier’ sex.

The images in Melody’s shoebox of naked men, and her first time playing with her new rubber cock opened her eyes to the joys of something a little different. It wasn’t long before the dildo came out into the open. Telling David about it was nerve wracking but exciting, but just as she’d hoped he smiled and was excited about it too. It did take him by surprise — Melody didn’t seem the type to go in for that type of play — but he loved the extra spark it brought to their lovemaking. Using the big dildo on her while he licked her clit soon became their favorite way to make Melody fly.

The magazine, on the other hand, remained secret. Pouring over the photographs on its pages was exciting, and she wanted more. The internet seemed the obvious thing, and soon she was surfing porn like an old pro. First it was still pictures of men, and then stills of couples. The sight of another man’s cock fucking a woman, and of big cocks being sucked deeper into women’s mouths than she realized was possible, was deeply erotic to Melody, making her horny in a way she’d never felt before. Of course it wasn’t long before she’d moved on to video clips on the internet, and the raw sexuality that pored forth out of her monitor and speakers took her breath away. The subject came up with her friend Gina one evening, after one too many Cosmopolitans…

“I think I saw that guy on a porn the other day,” Gina said, gesturing to a good looking young guy at the bar.

Really?” Melody said, her eyes huge with surprise.

“I’m kidding!” Gina laughed. “You’d never know anything about that anyway. Or would you? You leading a secret life I don’t know about?”

“I watch porn,” Melody said proudly but a little too loudly. She looked around embarrassedly to see if anyone had heard her.

“Don’t worry honey,” Gina laughed. “I guarantee you everybody else in here watches it too. But you my buttoned-down friend, you surprise me. Melody Rivers watches porn?”

“It’s no big deal,” Melody said, squirming in her seat a little. “Is it?”

“No honey, I’m just messin’ with you,” Gina said. “So what do you like to watch — gang bangs? Big black cocks? Lesbian orgies?” Gina laughed again as Melody’s eyes grew.

“Just…regular,” she said quietly.

“I love watching the anal stuff, but I’ve never had the guts to do it,” Gina said, twirling her cocktail glass between her fingers.

“You ever watch the public…exposure kind of thing?” Melody asked shyly.

“You mean like exhibitionist voyeur kind of stuff? Yeah that’s cool too,” Gina said. “Don’t tell me you’re into that! The showing off or the watching?”

“I’m not sure. I think it’s the being watched thing that gets me,” Melody said. “I’m not sure though. I’ve never…”

“Well guys have never been shy about looking you over, that’s for sure,” Gina said. “Whether you realize it or not, just showing yourself in public with that body is exhibitionism. If you like having guys look at you when you dress nice, then you’ve got it in you, it’s as simple as that.”

“Tell me this,” Gina continued. “Imagine you’re sitting here in your tiniest bra and panties right now, with all these guys watching you. Does that thought excite you?”

All the air went out of Melody’s lungs and her eyes opened wide again. A shiver went through her all the way out to the tips of her fingers and toes.

“I think I just had a little orgasm, if that’s what you mean,” Melody said quietly. She looked a little shaken by the thought.

“That’s what I mean girlfriend. Nice! I had no idea,” Gina said, clicking glasses with her friend and smiling. They both took a sip. “You need to explore this honey. That’s the stuff great sex is made of. Have you talked to David about it?”

“No!” Melody said firmly. “Not about the porn stuff either. I feel bad being sneaky about it, but…”

“But what?” Gina asked. “Guys love it when girls watch porn. Trust me, it’ll be all right. And the exhibitionism thing, I’m pretty sure he’ll find that hot too. You guys are good, right? Sex wise?”

“Oh, yeah,” Melody said. “You know that crazy huge dildo you gave me? He likes that.”

What? You stick it in his ass? Gina asked.

“No! God no! In me!” Melody said quietly.

“Oh! Sweet! Playful, I like it!” Gina said. “You know when I bought that thing I had visions of you throwing it away. I’m glad I was wrong. So I hate to say it, but I gotta get out of here. What do you say we give those guys at the bar a show when we walk by, show ’em some cleavage and swing our asses a little.”

Gina unfastened two buttons on her top and pushed up her bra. Melody sat stone-faced.

“Come on honey, think of it as the first day of your new life — Melody Rivers, super-hot sex-pot,” Gina laughed.

Melody undid a button and looked down, blushing a little.

“No way!” Gina said, shaking her head, “Think porn honey. You got the body for it, use it up before you’re old and wrinkled. Two more buttons, lets see.”

Two?” Melody asked. She looked around to make sure no one was looking and followed her friends request. “I don’t know,” she said, looking down at herself. “It’s slutty, isn’t it.”

“Embrace your inner slut sweetheart, she’s a hot son-of-a-bitch,” Gina said. “Stand behind me and roll the top of your skirt…yeah that’s it…two more times. Nice. Damn, if I had that body I’d be fuckin’ everything that moves. Follow me, and do what I do.”

Gina drank the last few drops of her Cosmo and headed toward the bar, her ass swinging beautifully. Melody hustled to catch up, wanting to stick close to her friend. As they passed the bar the men smiled, their eyes devouring the two women. Melody’s hips detached from her nervous brain and swung even more than Gina’s. “Damn!” she heard one of the men say under his breath. Out in the lobby Gina giggled.

“Now you’re all horny right?” she said. “I wish I had a David to go home to. Fuck him good for me will ya? And leave this the same all the way home,” she said, pointing to Melody’s cleavage and shortened skirt. “I want a report Monday about the cab driver and anyone else who sees you, okay? Good night honey.”

Melody watched her leave and paused inside the glass doors. She was about to button her shirt up when a man walked by on the sidewalk. He smiled at her through the glass and nearly walked into an oncoming stranger. When he’d gone Melody walked out into the dusky light, her tits and long legs on display as never before. A cab driver nearly locked up his brakes when he saw her. Melody Rivers was on her way.


Melody stood at the window of her loft style apartment and took in the view. She had readjusted her clothing in the cab, back to her semi-conservative self, and as she waited for David’s arrival home she looked at her reflection in the floor-to-ceiling window, with the lights of Manhattan beyond. Typical of a twentieth floor New York apartment, she could see hundreds of windows, some fairly close, and hundreds of windows had a view of her.

Three Cosmopolitans gave a girl like her a good buzz, and it hadn’t worn off yet. Without thinking too much about it she playfully unbuttoned her blouse, showing the cleavage she had exposed earlier. Two more buttons opened, and a flush of heat rushed through her. With her eyes focused on her reflection the rest of the city was a blurry haze. She turned sideways, surprised at how much of her bra-covered breast she could see. Another button, and another, and soon the blouse hung open. She watched the reflection of her flat, heaving belly as her heart beat faster. She lowered the shirt off her shoulders, holding it there like a model on a runway, turning this way and that as she watched herself. The blouse slipped off her arms and floated to the floor.

She pulled the sides of her skirt up, higher, and then higher, until the tops of her thigh-high stockings came into view. The main thing that struck her about her reflection was that she wished it was sexier, those thigh-highs with the lace tops she had seen at the store would be better, instead of the plain ones she had on. Her heart beat even faster as she unzipped the skirt, stepped out of it and tossed it on the arm of a nearby chair. She started to squat to pick up her blouse but stopped herself. With a mischievous twinkle in her eyes she abandoned the lady-like move, bending at the waist instead, turning her panty covered ass toward the big window. The blouse joined the skirt on the chair, and she took a step closer to the glass. She put her arms up above her head with her hands on the big window, her breaths coming quick and close, fogging up the glass in front of her face. It blurred the view of all the windows facing her way, making her feel somehow protected even though she knew she wasn’t. Someone was watching, she could feel it. And then another set of eyes found her, and then another. She could feel them all taking her in, the pretty, every-day lingerie she’d always kept so carefully hidden, her heaving bosom, her goosebumps, every inch of her.

She heard a key in the door and it opened. She had time to swing around and stand straight, but there she was, on display in front of the huge windows, red faced with her chest heaving.

“David!” she gasped in a near whisper.

“Mel?” David said, looking at her quizzically.

She was frozen, not moving a muscle as her mind spun out of control.

“This is a nice surprise,” David said as he tossed his keys on the table and walked closer. “Taking in the view?”

Melody still couldn’t speak, her breaths coming even quicker. David embraced her and kissed her. A flood of passion poured out of her, and David drank it in. His hands roamed her warm flesh as they kissed, their moaning mouths devouring each other. David unclasped her bra. A moment later his hands were full of her big, firm tits, and then his mouth was on them. He backed her up against the glass to steady her, and dropped slowly to his knees, keeping his hands on her soft bosom as his mouth trailed down her belly. The bra fluttered to the floor and in an instant her panties were down around her ankles. As Davids’ tongue split through the lips of her wet pussy she kicked one high-heeled foot free of the damp panties and spread her legs as she moaned.

The cool glass on her back was a new sensation, and Melody turned her head to the side, glancing at the city as her husband devoured her pussy. The three sets of eyes she sensed as she stripped were now dozens, she was sure of it, and suddenly, quicker than ever, her body erupted in orgasm, a free-flowing internal lava flow that took her out of this world as never before.

David couldn’t quite believe it — walking in on his somewhat conservative wife nearly naked in front of their windows, and now writhing in a quietly screaming orgasm on his tongue, an orgasm different than any she’d had with him in the past. His cock was beyond hard, threatening to burst the zipper on his new suit, and he knew what he wanted to do. He needed to fuck his beautiful wife, right there in front of the windows, in front of all of Manhattan.

As Melody’s monster orgasm calmed, he turned her forcefully and took her by the hips. Before she could protest she was bent over the back of the chair with her clothes, David’s cock was out and he was fucking her. He thrust into her with urgency, and Melody quietly screamed again. She turned her head to the window, first watching the reflection of her husband, still in his suit, fucking her hard. Then her focus drifted through the glass, and there, in the next building, two men in two separate windows stood watching. If there were two, she knew there were more. David pulled her hips toward him and her back arched low, her arms on the back of the chair, her big tits flailing like sexual pendulums beneath her. Sideways to the window as they were, the men, and the city, had a perfect view, a scene that couldn’t have been arranged any better. Melody screamed again, clutching at the chair back to steady herself as David pummeled her, fucking his beautiful wife like a wild animal.


The next morning they woke early, their bedroom bathed in golden sunlight. For the first time they had left the curtains open on the tall bedroom windows, and the night’s wild exhibitionism flooded into Melody’s brain as she shook off the cobwebs of sleep.

“Morning my love,” David said groggily.

He threw his leg over Melody’s and could feel the thigh high stocking still on her long leg. They were all she had on.

Melody moaned as she felt David’s hand gently caress her tummy and bare tits. Laying there naked, for the whole city to see, stirred her hormones again and without a word she was on top of David in a sensual sixty-nine. His mouth engulfed her fragrant pussy as her head lowered on her man’s cock, spongy and half-hard at first but quickly hardening in her warm mouth.

It was a new position for them, first tried with great success the night before, with the bedside lights still on and the curtains open. They’d put on quite a show, she was remembering, and tried many new things. Her strip in front of the window was new, doggy style was new, fucking standing up was new, sixty-nine was new, and of course fucking so brazenly in front of the city was new. The thought of it all, and David’s talented tongue on her well-used pussy, took her to another beautiful orgasm, this one quiet and warm in the golden morning light. David came too, spurting what little cum was left inside him into the air and onto his thigh as Melody watched in awe from close range, her small hand pumping his big cock slowly.

“Can we wake up like this every day from now on?” he said softly. “And end the day like last night too for that matter.”

Melody didn’t respond, not sure how to talk about everything that had happened. She turned around and snuggled against her man with her head on his chest.

“Did you like it all?” she said shyly, not making eye contact.

“Like it? Are you kidding? That was the best night of my life!” David said. He kissed the top of her head.

“Me too,” Melody said. “Why was it so different? How did you…know about all that stuff?”

“I guess now’s when I admit I, uh…watch a little…on the computer, you know? It was nice to finally put some of that knowledge into practice,” David said with a little chuckle. “I hope that doesn’t shock you.”

“No!” Melody said quietly. “I mean…I sort of…do too. Watch I mean.”

“Ha! Well I’ll be!” David said. “My Mel, watchin’ porn! I’m so in love with you right now I can’t even stand it.”

Melody lifted her head and looked at her husband, deeper into his eyes than usual, and then she kissed him. It was a long, smoldering kiss that warmed her insides again.

“I though you’d think I was slut, standing there in front of the window the way I was when you got home. For a few seconds I thought you’d turn around and leave me.”

“That, my sweet girl, was the most amazingly wonderful sight I’ve ever come home to,” David said. “Apart from wanting to devour you, my only thought was, is that really Mel? May I ask what brought that on?”

“Gina,” Melody said, deciding instantly she needed to spill the truth. “We had our usual Friday happy hour. She got me to drink one more Cosmo than usual. And then we kinda talked about sex a little. She…talked me into…showing off a little, in the bar. I sound like I’m blaming her. I shouldn’t, it was me who went along with it,” Melody said, her head down on David’s chest again, averting eye contact. “She got me to unbutton a little, and shorten my skirt. Just for fun, nothing more. We walked out past some men and they watched us, and then out on the street, and in the cab. I covered up before I got here,” she said, lifting her head and looking at David to assure him she didn’t flash the doorman.

“Remind me to thank Gina,” David said. “So you got home and decided you liked it I’m guessing?”

“That…sort of took me by surprise,” Melody said. “I really don’t know what got into me. Before I knew it I was up against the glass, and then you came home. It was like a dream I wasn’t in control of.”

“It was a dream all right,” David said. “Every man with a wife as beautiful as you dreams of her being seen.”

“Really?” Melody asked. “Seen…like that?”

“Oh yeah!” David said.

“Whoa! I guess so!” Melody said when she noticed David’s growing cock. She swung a leg over and slipped him into her juicy pussy.

“You want me to be a dirty girl for you?” she sighed as his cock went deep. “Fuck you with other men watching? Huh baby? Is that what you want?”

David looked up at his wife riding his cock, sitting up proud with her big tits on view. It was another first from the night before — previously girl on top had always been a down low affair, never tits bouncing cowgirl style.

“Oh my God!” Melody said as her fucking rose in intensity. She looked out through the huge window next to them and knew her life had changed.


Melody called Gina on the phone Monday morning from her sleek fortieth floor office. It was a weekly call that always started their work week off with news of the weekend and a few laughs.

“So, did you do what I said?” Gina asked.

“What?” Melody said as she gazed over the Manhattan skyline.

“Did you keep that body of yours smokin’ on the way home Friday?”

“I did,” Melody said, wondering if her smirk could be detected over the phone.

“Nice! I don’t suppose you let David see you like that?”

“Not exactly,” Melody said. “I was in my underwear in front of the big windows when he came home.”

“Nice honey! Details! Details!”

“He, um…liked it.”

“I’m sure he did! What did he do?”

“Me. Right there there by the window. I saw at least two men watching in another building.”

“Fuck Mel, that’s hotter than shit!”

“Your tellin’ me! Then we went to the bedroom and left the curtains open and the lights on. Not only that, we did all kinds of new things. I can’t even tell you how amazing it was. The whole weekend really. I’m exhausted,” Melody laughed.

“Wow. I’m trying to picture it. You two’ve got such hot bodies. I wish I was your neighbor. You know, other people do that shit too. You should get some binoculars, or a telescope. You’ve got the perfect spot there, you’re surrounded by high-class lofts with big windows.”