“If thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

F. Nietzsche

“Be wary of evil, lest evil may harm you. But be terrified of love, lest love may destroy you utterly.”

R. Maurice

Oh Hell!

First there was light.

Then followed sound in the form of a rhythmic thumping inside his head. After a moment of confusion, during which his brain was gradually revving back up to normal processing speed, Mike realized that he was flat on his belly on the wooden floor of his room. Vision still blurry he sat up and cupped his face in his hands, relieved to discover that everything appeared to be in place and nothing felt bloody or misshapen.

“Fucking ritual musta blown up,” Mike mumbled to himself. “What the hell was I even thinking? Not that this sorcery shit would have worked for real anyway. Gee, talk about being desperate.”

He slowly propped himself up, checking for broken bones and bruises along the way. But luckily whatever had knocked him out didn’t appear to have caused any permanent physical harm. With a final concentrated effort he rose all the way to his feet and turned to survey the damage in the epicenter of the calamity, the elaborate pentagram drawn with the blood of a chicken for the purpose of the ritual.

And froze in his tracks.

For in the center of said pentagram stood a naked girl.

Well, calling her “a girl” would be akin to calling a Ferrari “a car.” Built like a fitness model, perfectly toned with all the right curves in all the right places. Sporting the kind of body that will make young guys drop down on all four and howl at the moon while older men reached for their heart medicine or Viagra. She was the ultimate walking wet dream of feminine perfection made flesh.

Or she would have been, if it hadn’t been for the inhumanly cold black orbs inhabiting her eye sockets and her crimson skin crisscrossed with purple veins like a mesh of dark subcutaneous worms. Not to mention her long black fingernails, resembling the claws of a vicious predator rather than the meticulously manicured nails of a stylish woman.

The duality of sexual attraction mixed with demonic repulsion somehow made her the single scariest sight Mike had ever laid eyes on. Every cell in his body screamed at him to get the fuck out before it was too late. Run for his life before this being, virtually oozing inhuman power and menace, became aware of his presence.

Yet he didn’t move a muscle. By all accounts he should have been fleeing in terror, but he remained stationary, frozen like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a speeding car. Paralyzed and unable to utter a word, let alone move.

Though technically not all parts of Mike’s body were paralyzed. The front of his pants struggled to hide his throbbing erection, for as a healthy young man his sexual desire was on a hair trigger that not even the ultimate terror could defuse. After all, boobs are boobs. Even infernal and scary ones.

“Come on Mike,” he chided himself in an attempt to muster his courage. “Don’t chicken out here. You just summoned a genuine bona fide demon. You da man. You’re fucking Gandalf. You can totally do this shit. A walk in the park for a master wizard like you.”

The nightmarish apparition gradually seemed to become aware of the presence of somebody else in the dimly lit room and slowly turned to look straight at him. What little courage Mike had managed to muster so far immediately drained out of him like dirty water from a sink.

Her inhumanly beautiful face was framed by a veil of waist-long black hair that he now noticed was matched in color by a generous pubic triangle spreading out from between her legs. Her cold gaze seemed to peer into his very soul, and he could almost feel her presence probing the deepest recesses of his mind.

A few seconds ticked by – the longest few seconds in Mike’s short life – and then the girl-thing’s face transitioned from aloof predatory coldness to an expression of total disbelief and confusion.

“Thou hath designs on wooing me?” she uttered slowly in a surprisingly melodic timbre.

Mike made an effort to compose himself.

It took all his willpower to even attempt to address this scary girl or whatever the hell she was, but he was the one who had summoned her from the abyss, and that made him her master. Figuring that he’d better start behaving a little more masterly, he finally managed to jolt his brain into gear.

“Hey don’t freak on me Desdemona. Just a date ok? I’m not after anything wooey or some shit like that.”

“I am called upon to serve as thine escort for a ball then?” the girl-thing enquired, still seemingly baffled by the turn of events.

“Yeah… like my escort for the entire evening actually. Escort as in coming along with me that is. Not escort as in… y’know… an escort service…”

Mike pushed his chest out and declared in his most authoritative Ian McKellen voice: “As your summoner I hereby command you to be my Halloween date!”

The girl-thing smiled, showing way too many way too pointy teeth and stepped out of the pentagram as if it wasn’t there.

“Thou commands me not conjurer.”

“Whoa!” Mike yelped and jumped back in terror. “The book says that no demon can do that without the summoner’s permission! What the fuck is going on here? Is the damned thing broken or something?”

“I speaketh only truth. Thou commands me not.”

“So… erhm… you’re like… really not in my power at all?”


“But the book said… hell… I mean, no demon can break a consecrated pentagram, right?”

“Demon I am not.”

“Shit! You’d better not hurt me. I’m serious! My folks are downstairs… I’ll scream… they’ll call the cops… and I taste horribly anyway. Trust me, I wouldn’t eat me even if the only alternative was airline food…”

The girl-thing’s feral smile receded to a more somber expression.

“Fear not conjurer, for I would bargain with thee.”

“Bargain with me?” Mike answered confused. “Like strike a deal? S…sure! For my life or for our date? Please let it be both!”

“Swear on thy life and honor to destroy yonder tome with thine own hands and pledge myself as thine escort for the entirety of this hallowed eve I shall.”

“Tome? Oh the book? The Codex? Sure — no problem your scariness. That musty old thing smells like used gym socks anyway and I’ve already scanned it to disk. We’ve got a deal. But I’m not getting rid of it until after the date, ok? Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I don’t think I can quite trust you.”

“Thy terms are acceptable,” she replied with a consenting nod. “Done.”

“One more thing…” Mike injected nervously.


“Please don’t get mad and go all hellspawney on my ass, but eh… could you stop speaking like a transsexual Shakespeare? It’s hard to figure out what you’re saying and, to be honest, it just sounds too fucking weird. Even for Halloween. Can’t you use your dastardly demonic demon-powers or something and switch to normal English?”

The girl-thing tilted her head and regarded him thoughtfully for a second. Then she reacted in a blur of speed.

Before Mike’s brain even registered that she had moved, he was launched into the air and landed heavily in the couch after a flight halfway across the room. He hardly had time to utter the requisite “oomph!” before he felt a sharp jerk around his waist, as a pair of small but incredibly strong hands with claw-like nails dived into each side of his pants and ripped them apart as if they were paper.

“No! Please don’t kil…” Mike started to yell, but his frightened scream was cut short by the girl-thing pressing her black lips against his.

He felt panic setting in and tried desperately to keep his own lips clenched together as hard as he could.

“She’s totally gonna to eat me” he thought frantically as he felt her wet tongue forcibly parting his lips. “She’s gonna suck out my lungs and my brain through my mouth or something even worse. O shit, I’m gonna die a fucking Happy Meal!”

But then he noticed that it actually felt kinda good.

Her breath was hot with a slight taste of cinnamon, and as she explored the inside of his mouth with a probing tongue he gradually stopped struggling and instinctively began kissing her back. His already hard erection naturally crept further up the Mohs scale, and with his pants having been converted to scraps of torn fabric on the floor, the girl-thing was fully aware of his arousal.

A fact that was confirmed beyond any doubt when he felt a hand unceremoniously grabbing his cock and bending it upwards. She then proceeded lower herself onto his lap causing him to slide inside her without further ado.

With his mind already close to blowing Mike realized that he was about to have his first sexual experience not involving on-line porn and his own right hand. An intense feeling of joy and anticipation filled him, and he had to fight to refrain from uttering a victory cry.

After entering university a virgin, a fact that he considered an embarrassing personal secret, he had pretty much given up on losing his cherry without paying a hooker to pop it. And here he was, practically getting raped by a scary chick with a body hotter than any hooker he had ever seen.

“Jesus Christ in heaven!” he gasped as he felt strong vaginal muscles clenching around him as the girl-thing started riding him hard and fast.

“Language please!” she scolded frowning without slowing her pace.

Mike had a groveling apology on his lips, but was already too far gone to actually utter a reply. This was so fucking unreal, but also totally amazing.

“Goodbye virgin. Hello John Cena,” he thought to himself.

Even if the demon-chick ended up killing or eating him, at least he would die a real man. Somehow that notion dispelled his fears, and he was suddenly no longer at all that sorry about his current situation.

He stole a glance at the girl-thing sitting astride him moving energetically back and forth on his manhood. Her eyes were closed — thank God for that — and her perfectly sculpted breasts were dancing right in front of his face. A week ago Mike had no idea that magic existed outside the realm of fairytales and on-line games, yet right in this moment he was sitting in his couch getting fucked by a genuine fiend ascended from Hell.

He couldn’t help but question his own sanity.

“This is hands down the weirdest nightmare I’ve ever had,” he mused to himself. “But I might as well go with the flow, cause it’s totally awesome too. In fact, if this is indeed a dream, I don’t wanna wake up again.”

Thus resolved Mike leaned forward and bit into a hard black nipple the way countless hours of watching Internet porn had taught him, and he was rewarded with a loud gasp from the girl-thing. He got the distinct feeling that she hadn’t expected any active participation on his part and was positively surprised. She immediately dialed her own activities up several notches, and after less than a minute of intensive nipple chewing, she grabbed his head forcefully and kissed him deeply while her body started twitching and spasming.

“She’s cumming on my cock,” he realized. “Holy shit, a real 3D girl is fucking cumming on my cock!”

The experience was too much for Mike, who felt a familiar warmth spreading through his abdomen, culminating in a surge of pleasure shooting down the length of his penile protrusion as he started pumping like a fire hose inside this girl… or demon… or whatever the hell she was.

A hands-free orgasm! How cool was that!


When he recovered from the hardest climax he could remember ever having experienced and opened his eyes, he found her still sitting astride him, scrutinizing him curiously with those eerie black orbs of hers.

“You were a virgin Michael Weston Bower,” she stated matter-of-factly. “No wonder you did not last very long.”

“What? Hell no! I wasn’t… I…. How…? What…?” he flustered in a squeaky voice.

She kept observing him with a neutral expression indicating nothing but idle curiosity.

“Ok whatever. Color me busted,” Mike admitted sourly. “How did you know anyway? Are you like a demonic mind-reader or something?”

“I know everything about you Michael Weston Bower.”

“Just call me Mike please. Seriously though. Did you just bang me in order to read my mind?”

“No Mike,” she replied, uncoiling herself from his lap. His wet cock to slid out of her with a slurping sound.

“Truthfully I only needed to touch you in order to bare your soul before me. But I have not visited this realm for a long time and I miss the human act of fornication. Hence I elected to avail myself of your obvious desire for this body.”

“Gimme a break here. I’m a dude,” he protested defensively. “We think of sex every thirty seconds of our lives. And yeah – you are right. You were my first. I’ve never had sex with a girl before.”

“You still have not,” she remarked absently while examining his poster collection on the opposite wall.

“YARH!” Mike exclaimed and jumped up from the couch. “You’re not a dude, are you? Please tell me that wasn’t an ass I just fucked. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.”

The girl-thing giggled amused.

“In the manner in which you define gender, I am definitely female. But I am not a girl Mike. That would imply me being a human, which I am not.”

Mike relaxed visibly, the thought of being gay apparently causing him more turmoil than the fact that he was standing without pants next to a naked demon from Hell that he’d just had sex with.

“By the way, is peeking into my soul the reason why you’ve suddenly stopped talking like Yoda?”

“I adapted my diction to yours Mike. I assume that is what you refer to as no longer talking yoda?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Anyway, what’s your name oh mistress of the dark? You do have a name, right?”

“You do not know my name? But you summoned me, did you not?”

“I didn’t understand half of the bullshit I said during that ritual,” Mike admitted. “I just made some sounds that seemed to kinda fit the letters and hoped for the best. That book is written in some crazy gobble-de-gook that’s impossible to read. Not even Google Translate worked on it.”

“You just made sounds without knowing their true significance?” the girl-thing reiterated with a baffled expression. “You are truly a conjurer most strange Mike. And most certainly a courageous one. Who knows what you might have summoned, had you been less fortunate with your utterings.”

“Whatever. It worked, right? You’re here. So are you gonna tell me your name or not?”

“I have a legion of names, but most of them will be impossible for you to pronounce. And a few will literally cause your tongue to rot and fall out if you get a single syllable wrong.”

She paused with an introspective expression.

“I am actually not sure why they have that effect, but I have seen it happen a few times and…”

Somewhat taken aback Mike cut her off.

“Just give me the shortest one that will not cause any of my body parts to rot, explode or turn green with yellow polka dots.”

“Luci. You may call me Luci.”

Mike’s jaw dropped and he regarded her with a surprised expression.

“Luci? Seriously?” he exclaimed. “Not Infernalia von Dragonella, Thorfina Soulreaper, Shalltear Bloodfallen or something like that? Just… Luci?”

“Is Luci not a valid name in your world Mike?” she asked. “Should I pick a different one?”

“Nah, it’s ok. I guess I was probably just expecting something grander and more hellish… but never mind that. Luci is fine. If you’re still serious about wanting to hang out for Halloween, we need to get you properly dressed though. You sure do look the part out of the box, but without clothes you’re not getting inside the club. Not even demons are getting around their dress code.”

Luci wasn’t paying attention. Instead she was busy examining his desk lamp.

“How can light emerge from this lamp Mike? There is no flame. Is this your magic?”

“Nope, electricity. But I’ll explain later, if you want. For now let’s go raid sis’ closet. She’s about your size, except for the chest.”

Reluctantly she permitted him to pull her away from the fascinating desk with the magic lamp and lead her down the hallway to another room.


“Ooh!” Luci exclaimed in wonder when Mike opened the sliding doors to his sister’s walk-in closet. “Is your sister a noble woman?”

Mike rolled his eyes.

“She is a fucking brat, is what. And annoying as shit too.”

“But with such a wide collection of garments surely she must be a woman of considerable means.”

“My bratty sister’s so-called means consist of dads credit cards, and shopping is her favorite form of entertainment. She hasn’t even worn half of this shit. Pick what you want. I guarantee she won’t notice it’s gone.”

“I do not know what one such as I would wear to a ball in your world Mike. There is so much here to choose from. Will this one do?”

He shook his head.

“Nope. That’s called a wet suit. It’s something you wear when surfing.”

“But it is completely dry…” Luci began.

“Never mind,” Mike quickly interrupted before it turned into a longer explanation. “Try this on instead.”

Getting Luci properly dressed took a lot longer than Mike had hoped for, but eventually she ended up wearing a plain black sleeveless cocktail dress and long black boots. Thanks to her perfect body she made the simple outfit shine like something that a movie star might wear to the Oscars.

Well, if movie stars had crimson and veiny skin, pointy teeth and black eyes. But the shiny black fabric matched her hair perfectly and the contrast to her skin tone made her a mesmerizing sight to behold.

“And at least she doesn’t have tail and horns,” Mike mumbled to himself.

“Huh? Why would I sport such odd appendages?” Luci asked confused.

“Oh whoops, I said that out loud, didn’t I? Please ignore that Luci. You have everything anybody could possibly wish for. We may need to trim your nails slightly though. They look great and demony, but if we take an inch off you’ll have an easier time grabbing stuff without skewering everything.”

Mike got hold of his sisters manicure kit and attempted to trim Luci’s long black claws. After destroying a nail trimmer without putting a scratch on any of the nails, he ended up using a bolt cutter from his toolbox instead and availed himself of a metal file for the final touch.

Luci examined her newly manicured nails with great interest.

“I have never had this done to me before. Thank you Mike. I like the way it looks.”

“Glad to be of service Luci. Now you can scratch your nose without ending up looking like Voldemort. Anyway, we need to get going so we can get there before the club fills up. I have to slip into my Witch Hunter costume too.”

“Costume? So the ball we are attending is a masquerade?” Luci inquired.

“Duh! It’s Halloween. Everybody dresses up on Halloween.”

“In that event, shall I not wear a costume as well Mike?”

“You’ll do fine Luci. Trust me. You’ll do just fine as you are.”


On his way out the door Mike poked his head inside the livingroom.

“Mom, dad. I’m heading out. Happy Halloween to y’all. You too Mr. Taylor… Mrs. Taylor.”

“Just a second,” Mike’s dad countered. “I could swear I heard a girly voice from upstairs. Do you have a girl in your room?”

“Yeah dad. My date.”

“Oh Mikeyyy,” his mom cooed. “You have a girlfriend? About time too, if you want to get married before you hit thirty. Please have her come in and say hello.”

Right in that moment the girl in question came walking down the stairs with the elegance and grace of a runway model. Mike had to admit that she looked absolutely stunning in his sister’s dress.

“Like a top-dollar hooker from Hell,” he thought.

“Are you truly satisfied with this garment in lieu of a costume Mike?” Luci enquired hesitantly. “And what is a hooker?”