It was late and it was all Johnny could do to keep from dozing off in the darkness at the back of the bus. He’d only been riding for a few hours but it already felt like days. Normally he would have just made himself as comfortable as he could and drifted off to sleep, but tonight he forced himself to stay awake.

He had to stay awake, he had money riding on it. Yes, in a moment of apparent weakness, he made, for him, a sizable investment, one that promised to payoff in the not to distant future. Now, he sat waiting, forcing himself to stay awake as he waited for his investment to pan out.

So when he plopped the twenty dollars into the woman’s grimy hand, he was a bit distracted by her large breasts, so distracted he really didn’t think everything through. Now, as he watched her unbutton her blouse and rub those enormous breasts over a man’s hard cock, he began to question the logic of his investment.

Squinting his eyes, he watched in silence while the woman cupped each of her breasts and working them over the man’s cock. Of course to watch, he had to lean forward, bracing his head against the seat in front of him. He had to do this because the two other men sitting between him and the mini sex show were leaning forward to get a better view too.

The two men watching the show, as the woman now eased her face down into the man’s lap, were in line, in line in front of Johnny. Yes, while riding in the back of the bus, he was also the caboose in a four man long blow job train. Sizing up three men ahead of him in line, he wished he had a condom or two.

He had considered giving the whole thing up, but he’d already invested his money and some of his time, so he really didn’t want to walk away. Besides, watching the enthusiasm as the woman’s head bobbed up and down and the way the man moaned and moved, he figured this was going to be worth the wait.

Johnny reached down and adjusted his erection just as the first man moaned loudly, lifted his ass up from the seat and obviously came. He then flopped back down into his seat with the woman still firmly attached to him as she sucked and swallowed.

Looking around the bus to see if anyone had awakened and noticed the commotion in the back, but it seemed everyone was asleep, everyone except the bus driver, the woman with the breasts and the four men riding her blow job train. Actually, the first man had curled up in the corner and may well have already drifted to sleep.

The woman settled in front of the next man in line, kneeling on the floor between his open legs. Johnny had a little better view this time so, after shaking his head and rubbing his hand over his face to wake himself up, he watched intently as the woman ran her breasts over the man’s cock. Instead of letting the soft, flabby skin wrap around the cock, this time she ran her nipples over and around the head of the man’s cock, letting the clear fluid oozing from him run down onto her stomach.

Johnny then watched as the woman backed up a bit and then dipped her head down, touching her tongue to the tiny opening in the cock. She licked up the precum and then dove in, taking his cock deep into her mouth. The man, obviously enjoying what she was doing with her mouth and tongue, immediately began lifting his ass from the seat, pushing himself into her mouth.

“Damn, I wish he’d hurry up,” Johnny whispered to the man next to him.

“He’s drunk, but it shouldn’t be much longer now,” the man replied.

Just as he finished talking they both watched as the man reached down, plunged his fingers into the woman’s greasy hair and pulled her tight to him. She firmly pushed away, took a deep breath and then took him back into her mouth. Johnny and his neighbor watched as her cheeks bulged and then pulled tight as she took the man’s cum and then swallowed.

Johnny then moved back against the bus window as the woman eased herself between the legs of the man next to him. The man pulled out a huge cock, huge enough to elicit a response from the woman who whispered, “Ah, mass grande. Esta bien.”

Once again she worked the magic with her breasts, sliding them up and down the long, thick shaft. After a few moments Johnny watched her open and close her mouth a few times and then, open wide as she lowered her lips down over the huge, purple head of his cock. It was pretty amazing watching how her cheeks bulged each time his cock pushed into her mouth.

Fortunately for Johnny, it went quickly and in just a few moments the man next to him moaned, pumped his hips up and down a few times and came, spurting copious amounts of cum into the woman’s mouth. Between the size of his cock and the amount of cum he spurted, the woman couldn’t get it all swallowed and a white stream of glistening cum drooled from her lips and dripped onto the floor of the bus.

The woman merely smiled, wiped her cheek with her palm and then moved over between Johnny’s legs. Focusing on her face, he could see the wrinkles he hadn’t noticed when he first made his deal with the woman. Glancing down at her breasts he noticed the dark blue veins running over them and saw they sagged down nearly to her belly button.

Fuck, she must have been sixty, seventy years old at least, but once her mouth clamped down over his cock the suction and motion of her tongue convinced Johnny that this was going to be something memorable. He relaxed, closed his eyes and pictured a woman thirty or forty years younger as he gave himself up to the sensation.

He wasn’t sure if it was the intense suction she maintained the whole time or the way her tongue toyed and danced over his cock, but wow, it was the most intense feeling he’d ever experienced anywhere on his body. No wonder even the drunk guy didn’t really take all that long, this woman was simply incredible.

Johnny had no sooner begun to relax and he felt the pressure building in his balls. Pleasure then shot down the length of his shaft and he came, spurting his cum into the old woman’s mouth again and again. She expertly sucked every last drop from him and then swallowed.

Just as the woman stood up from Johnny and moved into the seat in front of him, he noticed the bus slowly down. Looking out the window he didn’t see anything that looked like a rest stop or gas station, they seemed to be in the middle of nowhere.

Suddenly, two men, who had appeared to be sleeping stood up and turned to the four men in the back seat of the bus. Both suddenly held very large guns and shouted, “Hand’s in the air.”

One of the men looked over to the woman who had just finished giving Johnny a mind blowing blow job and said, “Thank you Maria, you can go now.”

The woman stood up and slowly made her way toward the front of the bus while one of the men with the guns said, “Gentlemen, I’m sorry for ruining what must have been an enjoyable evening, but you are all under arrest for solicitation of prostitution. Now please stand up one by one and let Officer Johnson secure your hands, yes, please lower them and hold them behind your backs.”

Johnny complied and then followed the train of men up the aisle of the bus. As he walked he tried to hide his face, but it was difficult with his arms fastened behind his back. He just stared at the floor and followed the men as they climbed down out of the bus and into an awaiting van.

Johnny climbed into the van and watched through the window as the police handed the woman, who had so expertly sucked him off, a piece of paper. She folded it, slipped it into her blouse between her huge breasts and then climbed onto the bus. After the door closed, the bus pulled away and disappeared down the highway.