“Do you know why animal crackers have that little handle on top of the box?” Danny asked, nudging his sister with his knee.

“No,” Emily sighed, putting her own book down and switching off her reading light, waiting. There was no use doing anything else—he was going to tell her, whether she wanted to know or not.

“They were introduced in 1902 as a Christmas novelty and packaged so they could be hung from Christmas trees,” he said, reading from the book in his lap.

“How interesting,” she commented, rolling her eyes. It had been like this all day, and now halfway into the night—a constant stream of interruptions with various bits of trivia. She hadn’t even made it off the fourth page of her own book!

“How many different animal shapes are there?” he asked, cocking his head at her.

“I don’t know,” she replied, closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the seat, feeling the rolling wheels of the bus underneath them chewing up the miles between here and California. “Twenty-seven?”

“No!” he scoffed. “Eighteen—two bears, a bison, a camel, a cougar, an elephant, a giraffe, a gorilla, a hippopotamus, a hyena, a kangaroo, a lion, a monkey, a rhinoceros, a seal, a sheep, a tiger, and a zebra.”

“Okay, seriously, Danny,” she said, shaking her head but not opening her eyes. “Alex Trebek is not going to ask you about animal crackers.”

“You never know,” he said, sounding hurt.

“Yes, I do,” she replied, ignoring the tone in his voice and pushing onward. “Jeopardy asks questions about the periodic table and Queen Victoria, not snack foods.”

“Fine.” He jerked himself toward the window. “I’ll just shut up and leave you alone.”

Emily smiled, still not opening her eyes, breathing, “Finally!”

It was quiet only for a moment before he spoke up and asked, “What does the chemical symbol Fe2O3 represent?”

“Danny!” she groaned, slapping her forehead. “I have no idea! I’m not the Mensa member, here.”

“Rust,” he replied, looking smug. She hit him in the arm. “Hey! I’m just trying to expand your horizons a little!”

“I don’t need my horizons expanded,” she hissed, getting up and flouncing off to the bathroom. Emily splashed her face with water, pushing her dark blonde hair out of her face. Her eyes were blue and bright, like her brother’s and her mother’s, although their hair was dark. She had always been a tow-head—like her father.

This is his fault, Emily thought, scrubbing her hands fiercely. If he hadn’t ever moved out to California in the first place…

She sighed, turning the hand dryer on. When she’d agreed to this cross-country trek to visit their father, mostly so her twin brother could to try out for Jeopardy now that they’d reached the eligible age of eighteen, she hadn’t counted on having to listen to Danny “practice” for hours on end. She loved her brother—but come on! There was only so much trivia one person should be forced to listen to, wasn’t there?

He was turned toward the window when she got back, looking at something on his video Ipod. She flopped into her seat, digging through her backpack for her own Ipod.

“I’m sorry,” Danny apologized without looking up.

She softened, hearing his hurt tone. “It’s okay… I’m just… you know, not looking forward to swallowing the whole Dad and his new wife and kids Happy Family Meal…”

“Yeah,” he agreed, rolling his eyes. “No doubt.”

“Damnit, I left my headphones in my suitcase,” she sighed, tossing her Ipod back into her bag.

“Do you want mine?” Danny asked. “I’m just reading…”

“Reading? On your Ipod?” Emily made a face. “Don’t you listen to music and watch videos like normal people?”

“Just more research,” he said with a shrug, not meeting her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Dan,” she apologized again, touching his arm. “I didn’t mean… what are you reading?”

“Porn,” he replied, still not looking at her.

She laughed. “Very funny.”

“Well, it’s not really…” he admitted, giving her a sheepish grin. “It’s just an e-book of useless sexual trivia.”

“More trivia, huh?” she smiled, shaking her head.

“It’s interesting,” he said. “Did you know that the tapeworm has the most sexual organs of any living being?”

“Oh gross,” she groaned, hiding her face in her hands. “Danny, please!”

“Okay, okay,” he grinned. “How about this… How many orgasms do you think was the most ever recorded for a woman in 24 hours?”

Emily cocked her head at him, frowning. “I don’t know… nine? Ten?”

His smile grew. “A hundred and thirty four.”

Her eyes widened. “Oh my god! I’d die!”

“For guys it was only sixteen… although I swear I’ve beat that…”

“Danny!” Emily hissed his name, glancing around at the sleeping bus to see if anyone was listening.

“How many for you?” he asked, looking at her speculatively.

“I don’t know,” she shrugged, biting her lower lip. She had the distinct feeling that she shouldn’t be talking about this with her brother. “Probably five… maybe six…”

“Lightweight,” he said with a wink. “But you guys… or gals, I should say… get to have longer orgasms. A man’s climax only lasts 10 seconds, tops… girls have had orgasms for nearly a minute…”

Emily squirmed in her seat. “Dan… let’s change the subject…”

“Why?” he asked, giving her a sideways look. “You want to talk about animal crackers some more?”

“No!” she protested. “Ok, fine, tell me more sex trivia…”

“There are only five calories in the typical male ejaculation,” he told her.

“Oh good god!” she laughed. “That’s a good reason not to swallow!”

“Eh, not really,” he said. “Sexual intercourse burns about three hundred and sixty calories.”

“Well, at least I can say I’m multitasking…”

“Did you know a woman’s nipple can swell up to twenty five percent when she’s aroused?”

Emily flushed. “Is that so?”

“Well, that’s what it says…” Danny’s eyes moved over the front of his sister’s blouse. “And this is kind of neat… there’s a tribe on one of the Cook Islands where boys of a certain age are actually taught how to have sex… everything from intercourse to cunnilingus, and methods for delayed ejaculation…”

“Like… hands on?” Emily swallowed, wiggling in her seat.

“I think so,” he nodded. “Which, when you think about it, could be really useful…”

She nodded. “I can see that… most of the guys I’ve been with…”

When she trailed off, he glanced over at her. “Yeah?”

“Well… let’s just say, they could have used some instructional techniques.”

“Yeah,” Danny sighed. “I could have used some, too.”

Emily looked at her brother, a little smile on her face. “I bet you do alright.”

“I’m a geek,” he said, shrugging. “Geeks don’t get the girls, you know.”

“Ha!” she nudged him with her shoulder. “What about that Sarah girl last year? I saw you guys in the pool that summer…”

Danny flushed. “Yeah? Well… you should have closed your bedroom door when you and Max were… ya know… getting busy…”

Emily felt her face fill with heat. “Dan! You didn’t…”

He shrugged, busily studying his Ipod.

“I think we should try to get some sleep,” Emily whispered, reaching up and turning off his reading light. The screen of the Ipod still glowed in the dark.

Emily reached under her seat and grabbed the sleeping bag she had packed, snuggling underneath. The rocking of the bus, which should have lulled her off to sleep, seemed to vibrate through her body, making her feel on edge. Still, she gave it a valiant try, only succeeding in tossing and turning in her seat.

“I can’t sleep, either,” Danny whispered in the dark, shifting in his seat.

Emily sighed. “Here, do you want covers?”

Danny accepted the other half of the sleeping bag, pulling it over his shoulders. “Are you thinking about dad?”

“No,” she admitted.

“Me, either,” he replied.

There was a long silence as the bus traveled on in the dark. Someone coughed. Up front, another light turned off.

“What were you thinking about?” Emily whispered.

There was another silence. Then, Danny said, “You.”

She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. Part of her wanted to know—another part of her didn’t. “What about me?”

“Remember that time when we all went camping in the mountains?”

“Yeah.” Her memory tuned to it, as if finding the right frequency or channel. Ninety degrees in the shade and they were sleeping in one tent, while their parents shared the other. Both of them had slept naked on top of their sleeping bags in the dark, although Emily remembered being careful to get dressed before the sun rose.

“It was so hot… remember?”

She nodded and, although he couldn’t see her in the dark, he somehow felt her assent.

“There was one morning when you went down to the creek to take a bath… and I followed you…”

“Danny…” It should have come out as an admonishment, she meant it to, but instead it was just his name, almost tender on her lips.

“I was just thinking…” he whispered. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful…”

“That was before they got divorced,” she said, touching his hand under the sleeping bag. “Before everything changed…”

“I know.” He squeezed her hand. “I love you, Em.”

“I love you, too,” she said.

“Come here.” He pushed up the seat divider and reached for her. Emily moved in to snuggle against him. It just felt right, somehow, in that moment. He held onto her, stroking her hair, and they both drifted off to the rocking motion of the bus.

She dreamed about the mountains. Splashing naked in the creek, the cold water a shock to her body as she splayed herself against the smooth rocks on the riverbed. The rushing water flowed over her belly and breasts, and she spread her legs like she was fucking the whole world, letting the rushing foam pulse between her thighs.

Had she known he was watching? In her dream, she knew. He was standing there, transfixed, looking at her like she was a goddess, and that’s just what she felt like. Letting her long, blonde hair fan out in the water behind her, she gave herself over to it, to him, to everything, opening herself to the world.

“Emy…” It was a whisper, his pet name for her, leftover from when he couldn’t quite say his L’s.

In her sleep, she shifted, the Birkenstocks she had worn in honor of their California trip left somewhere on the floor, her long skirt riding up her thighs as she snuggled closer to him in the dark.

“Oh, god, Emy…” His breath in her ear made her shiver, and she came out of her dream in a haze, finding herself curled around her brother, her breasts pressed against his side, her thighs over his.

“Danny?” she whispered, realizing she was practically sitting in his lap. His hand was resting on her knee, his other arm holding her close. He didn’t answer her, and she gazed at his sleeping face, knowing he must be dreaming.

She kissed his cheek, smiling, wondering what he was dreaming about. His expression was almost pained in the dim light, and he whispered her name again, shifting and pressing his hips up in his sleep. That’s when she knew. He couldn’t hide anything in the sweats he had worn for the long trip. When she felt his erection against her bare thigh, she gasped softly, her eyes widening.

Emily flushed, moving slowly, trying to disentangle herself from him in the dark. He instinctively held onto her tighter, his hand sliding further up her leg, gripping her thigh. Her heart raced, and she didn’t want to admit it, but there was a slow heat growing between her legs where the edge of his hand was resting. His face was buried in her hair, now, his breath hot against her ear, making that thick pulse between her thighs even more insistent.

“You’re so beautiful, Emy,” he whispered, his lips moving over her cheek, and now the hand between her legs moved, too, fingers moving lightly over the damp crotch of her panties.

“Danny,” she whispered again, and for the second time today, words that should have been an admonishment came out as something else. It sounded like a plea. Oh my god, what is he doing?

She shifted, trying to get away or get closer, she wasn’t sure which, and he pulled her fully into his lap, settling her bottom against the saddle of his hips. She could feel his erection—my god, he felt huge, like steel heat against her behind. He cradled her like that, kissing her neck as his fingers edged aside the elastic edge of her panties.

“We… Danny, we…” Her whispered words were lost as his lips found hers. This was no brotherly kiss. His mouth was hot, slanting across hers, his tongue probing gently, like his fingers between her legs.

Trembling, Emily tried to force herself to resist, to get up and run to the bathroom, and found that she couldn’t. Maybe it was the way his finger began nudging the swollen bud of her clit, or the way his tongue flicked at hers, sending shivers down her spine.

But that wasn’t really it, and she knew it. It was the heat of his cock against her ass, how incredibly hard he was. He had been dreaming about her, she knew it, and the thought excited her. His fingers moved around her clit in lazy circles, and she spread her thighs a little, giving him more room.

When she slid a hand down between them, pressing the head of his cock against his lower belly, Danny groaned softly, his breath hitching in his throat. It made him bolder, and his finger slipped down her smooth, shaved crevice, seeking entrance. Emily worked her fingers past the elastic edge of his sweats and under the top edge of his underwear, wanting to feel him. She had to feel how much he wanted her.

“Oh god,” she whispered against his cheek when his fingers slipped inside of her and he settled his thumb against her clit. “Oh yes…”

“Yes,” he murmured, making a soft noise in his throat as she wiggled in his lap, her hand finally reaching its destination and squeezing the head of him. The shock of it in her grasp sent a jolt through her whole body—she was holding her brother’s cock in her hand!

His fingers began to move slowly in and out of her wetness, making a soft, squelching sound. Emily glanced around, worried that someone would hear or see, but the man across the aisle was snoring, his head propped on a pillow resting against the window. Danny’s thumb rubbed over her clit as his fingers probed her flesh, making her rock in his lap.

“Faster,” she whispered in his ear, trying to grasp more of his cock, but the angle was too awkward. She had to satisfy herself with rubbing the wet head with her thumb.

Danny began pistoning his fingers in and out of his sister’s pussy, and she spread her thighs wider, her breath coming fast. Emily surprised them both when she untied the top of her peasant blouse, reaching in and unfastening her front hook bra, and presenting her brother with one pink-tipped breast.

“Suck it.” Her voice was barely audible, but he didn’t really need any instruction. His tongue made circles around the hardening flesh, and Emily let out a shaky breath as he sucked her nipple deep into his mouth.

The added sensation threatened to send her careening over the edge, and she arched her back. Emily tried hard not to cry out as her brother’s fingers, driving into her wet flesh, brought her to the brink of orgasm. She succeeded, for the most part, making a small, squeaking noise in her throat as she came, her whole body shuddering against him. Danny held her tight, one hand on her hip, the other bringing her off with such force she nearly bucked off his lap.

“Danny,” she gasped into his ear, and he kissed her, drawing her tongue deep into his mouth, his fingers still probing the sensitive flesh between her thighs.

“Emy, I want you,” he whispered, kissing her cheek, her neck, her chin. She bit her lip when his fingers slipped from between her legs, and watched, her eyes widening, as he licked them. “God, you taste good.”

In the wake of her orgasm, she had a moment to think clearly, and felt a flush of shame. This was her brother! Danny rubbed his wet fingers on the tip of her breast, making her shiver. His cock was still pressing up hard and insistent against her behind, and when she rubbed her thumb there, he made a low noise, his eyes closing for a moment.

“Please, Em,” he whispered, rubbing his finger over her mouth. “I want you so much.”

She had never been able to say no to him, and she couldn’t start now. Emily kissed his palm, and then took one of his still sticky fingers into her mouth, sucking gently. She squirmed and adjusted for a moment, reaching under her long skirt and tugging off her wet panties. Part of her couldn’t believe she was doing it, but another part of her wanted it beyond reason as she straddled him in the dark.

“Is this what you want?” Emily whispered into his ear, glancing again at the sleeping man across the aisle. He had shifted position, but was still snoring. Danny’s fingers were fumbling with the front of her blouse, freeing both of her breasts to his gaze, and his touch.

Danny just nodded, his thumbs flicking over her nipples, making her squirm in his lap. Emily reached down, tugging at the edges of his sweats, and he helped her, moving them down far enough to free his cock. It rose like an exclamation point against her belly, she could feel the heat of it against her mound.

“Do you want to feel your cock inside of me?” she whispered, meeting his eyes. They were full of a dark, hot lust. He nodded again, his breath coming a little faster as she reached down to stroke him against her pussy. He groaned softly when she rubbed the head up and down her slit, finally aiming him, and slowly beginning to settle herself down.

“Ohhhh fuck,” he whispered, his hands under her skirt, grabbing onto her bare hips. He pulled her in tight, and Emily watched the look of almost unbearable pleasure move over his face.

Something occurred to her, and she asked, “Have you ever fucked a girl before?” She kept her mouth right near his ear, afraid someone might hear them if she raised her voice above a whisper.

He shook his head, his breath short and his hands moving over the smooth, rounded globes of her ass, his hips already thrusting slowly against hers. The shock of his response made Emily dizzy with lust, and she squeezed her pussy around him, like a reward, making his fingers dig deep into the flesh of her behind.

“Come on, Danny,” she murmured, rhythmically squeezing him, now. “Fuck me.”

He groaned softly at her words, rocking his hips up to meet her. She knew it wouldn’t be long, but it didn’t matter—just knowing that she was the first girl her brother had ever fucked had already sent her teetering toward that edge. His movements were awkward, and she took over, rolling her hips on him, using the wet heat of her pussy to pleasure the head of his cock that was now buried deep inside of her.

“That’s it, baby,” she crooned softly, feeling the gentle tug in her lower belly beginning. “Fuck me good… fuck your sister’s tight little pussy ’til she comes all over your hard cock.”

“Oh yeah,” he growled into her ear, thrusting up hard into her wetness, the tight heat of her pussy beginning to spasm with her climax. “Oh, Emy, I’m gonna cum!”

The sound of her pet name in his mouth, the baby name he’d always used, while her brother’s cock exploded inside of her, made Emily cum even harder. She arched her back, taking all of him, feeling the thick, incredible bursts of heat in her belly as he filled her with his cum.

Still trembling and breathless, they snuggled close, pulling the sleeping bag fully around them as the bus rumbled on in the darkness.

Emily kissed her brother’s cheek, pushing a curl off his forehead. “Wanna tell me some more trivia? Practice for Jeopardy?”

Danny’s eyes were closed, but he smiled. “I think I’ve found something I like practicing more.”