Cindy was woken up by the horn blowing. She stretched herself and took a look at the watch.

What? Still 8 am?, she complained to herself.

She was on a bus to visit her boyfriend. She had got up early to catch the 4.30 bus, and decided to sleep the whole journey through. Or at least the first half of it. But it was becoming a difficult task. The first hour and a half had been easy. No stops, a quite nice road, and silence. But after the first stop, it had been impossible to catch any sleep. Stops every 30 minutes, people going up and down the bus, lots of chatting… So, finally, she decided not to try any more.

Cindy grabbed her phone and messaged Rick.

*Good morning! I’m halfway there, sort of. But this is soooo boring!*

She took a look outside. Cindy had managed to get a window seat. The first time she had gone to visit him, she had enjoyed the sightings. But after so many trips, she knew the landscape too well to be entertained with it. Too bad they had ended up going to so separated colleges.

Beep beep.

*Morning, darling! You are bored and I’m dying with anticipation. What are you wearing? I want to decide in advance what piece of clothes I’m going to take off you first 😉 *

She blushed a little.

*You naughty boy, I won’t fall in your game now. I’m not alone in here, you know?*

They usually had that kind of risqué chatting. Being separated as they were, they felt it got them a little closer, and they could enjoy themselves knowing the other would be doing the same.

*C’mon! U wanted some entertainment, right? Just let me know if I’ll have to unbutton, unzip, or rip up 😉 *

She was tempted to answer, but in the previous stop, a girl about her age had sat by her side, and Cindy didn’t want her to read anything improper. Not that she cared what that lady would think about her, but she was a bit shy.

So she decided to cut the conversation and put the phone away. Two minutes after, her jeans vibrated with a new message.

*Are U touching yourself already? That was quick! ;P *

Cindy turned around a little and rested her back on the window. At least that way she could make sure the other girl wouldn’t read her messages.

*Dumbass! Just stop it. There’s a girl sitting by my side.*

She would have liked to follow the game, but she didn’t like being watched.

*Just turn around then. Although I guess she probably has her own entertainment… Now, tell me! Dress? Skirt? Jeans?*

In fact, Rick was right. The girl was reading a magazine, but that wouldn’t stop her from watching…

*Ok, you win this time. But just because the trip is so boring. Jeans and shirt. I know you’ll love it.*

Cindy bit her lower lip as she peeked at her companion. She seemed quite immersed in her reading, so Cindy felt a little bit better.

*Too bad. Somehow I was hoping for a skirt… It’s quicker, no need to undress you to get inside you…*

Cindy was starting a reply when she got another message:

*But there is no rush. My roommate went away for the weekend, so we have the whole flat for ourselves. Where do you want to start? Bedroom? Kitchen? Living room?*

They had always liked to try new things, and in previous visits, they had made it in all those places.

*I remember the sofa was quite comfy ;)*

Cindy was starting to get hot from the texting and memories. She wondered what was she going to do about that. It was still 4 hours more until she would arrive to her destination.

*Plenty of things we did on that sofa… Are you wet? I bet you are. You could get off the bus in the next station and treat yourself in the toilets…*

*Next stop is just 5 minutes long. I wouldn’t want to miss the bus lingering on.*

She had thought about it, but it was too risky.

*Then change seats. I’m sure you could find a solitary place in the back seat. No one would bother you there.*

She instinctively took a look at the back of the bus. She was happy to see the two last rows were empty. In fact, the bus was far from crowded, and she wondered why the girl had sat next to her, having so many seats available. Cindy thought abut changing seats in the next stop. But she didn’t want to wait.

“Excuse me”, she said to the girl by her side as she got up, her phone in one hand and her bag in the other.

Soon enough she was at the back of the bus, sat by the window, quite far from anybody else.

*Changed seats. Feel like helping me a little?*

Her left hand was already exploring the inside of her jeans. It was a little hard but she was used to it, so it wasn’t that difficult.

*So hot! You already feeling your juices? I bet you’ll just need to rub yourself a little to get off, so thrilled being in public, right?

It was a strange feeling, indeed. She was worried about being caught, but it wouldn’t happen. Everybody was minding their own business, most people sleeping or reading. But that worry was also turning her on, making her feel more aroused.

Her fingers were already around her spot, wet and sharp. She went on rubbing around it, trying to keep silent. Her eyes were moving from her phone to the people in the bus, checking no one was looking at her

*I wish I was there with you, I’d be so glad to help you. I could even lick your hot little button, so tasty…*

Her hand went frenzy. Cindy tried to type something with her other hand, but she was already trembling and she could only read one more message before she went off.

*But don’t worry, sweetheart, I’ll lick you later, I’ll make sure to drain all that juice out of your sweet hole*

Thinking about the two of them finally together set her free. The phone almost fell from her hand when her body collapsed to her pleasure.

It took her a minute to gain her composure and as soon as she did, she took a look round her. Everything was fine, except…

*!!! Rick! She saw me*

Cindy’s cheeks were flashing red.

* Who? Saw you what?

Cindy was now huddled in her seat, completely hid from everybody’s view.

*The girl I was sitting next to before. I don’t know when, but she changed seats too and was looking at me from two rows ahead*

She wouldn’t dare look again.

*She liked you! That is so hot! Of course, you are such a pretty lady ;)*

*Not funny ~~ I am so embarrassed…*

*Hey, if she hasn’t got off the bus when you get here… You could tell her to join us 😉 That would be our best chance to get a threesome :)*

*Hate you*

Cindy put the phone in her pocket. She felt it vibrate a couple of times, but she didn’t take it out. They were probably some “sorry” or “just a joke” messages. She wasn’t really mad at him, but she wanted him to suffer a little.

Instead, she peeked at the girl between the seats. The girl turned around a couple more times but as she couldn’t see Cindy now, she stopped.

It was the end of the trip and Cindy had to get off the bus, and by chance, she was after the girl who had been peeking at her at the stairs of the bus. The girl turned around before the last step:

“Glad you had a nice time back there, but you needn’t have moved, we could have enjoyed it together”, she said with a wink, and disappeared in the crowd.

Cindy was shocked, and a little turned on. But she saw Rick waiting for her in the distance and running to him became her only thought.