The words on the page were once again becoming blurred to Brenda’s bored subconscious. She swore she’d read the same paragraph over and over again, if not more than a dozen times. Her boyfriend, Brad slept in the seat next to her. His head was lolled back; his lips parted and a sliver of drool seeped from the corner of his open mouth. She sighed and closed the book.

“Wake up,” she hissed. Her elbow connected solidly with his ribcage.

Brad jerked forward and grabbed his side. “What that fu…” his words died as he sunk down in his seat.

His fellow passengers stared at him with disapproval. He leaned over to Brenda and whispered, “What the fuck was that for?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I was bored.”

Brad’s eyebrows curled awkwardly in confusion. “So you figured you’d wake me up, so I could be bored too. Well thanks a lot.”

“You’re welcome,” she said with a sarcastic smile on her face.

He took a deep breath, sat back up and rolled his neck. The various joints popped, making Brenda wince. “I wish you wouldn’t do that,” she said, before pushing her book back into her bag.

“My neck’s stiff. Couldn’t help it,” Brad told her.

“That’s not all that’s stiff,” Brenda whispered, and nodded toward his crotch.

“Yeah, tell me about it. I need to go back to the bathroom and take care of that.”

Brenda looked around. “Why not let me,” she told him, winked and reached over to grab his crotch.

Brad held her wrist and pushed it away. “You can’t do that,” he told her.

“Sure I can. I’ll just stroke you, and…” she grabbed her bag and put it on her lap, “…there see, no one will know.”

He glanced around and grinned. Brad quickly popped the button of his jeans free, lifted his ass, pulled the zipper down and removed his cock from the boxers and denim he wore. His fingers held the base, framing it for Brenda’s hungry eyes.

She looked around just to make sure no one was curious about them. When she felt assured that all was well, her hand wrapped around his shaft and began to glide up and down the full length.

Brad let his head fall back. He closed his eyes and felt the sensation of her soft fingers sliding along his thick tool. The sensation of her thumb pressing against the front side of his cock head, just under the tip, made his pulse race. He groaned softly, then coughed, fearful of being caught with his pants down.

Brenda giggled. She watched the coloring of his cock deepen to a darker shade of burnt copper. His body was naturally a deeper bronze than any of the men in her past. She was always amazed by the various tones his skin would take on when he was aroused.

The grip on his rod tightened as she pushed the skin down and lifted it back up. Her fingers rolled over the head, then back across the tip, where her thumb pushed against the little hole. He hissed and coughed again; she chuckled softly.

While his eyes were closed, he reached up and stroked Brenda’s hair. It was cut short, and the curls were lose and soft. He played with them, every so often twisting one or two around his fingers. She moved her head, so he let his hand fall to the headrest of her seat.

Brenda trembled from the soft caress of Brad’s loving fingers. Her lower lip shook as she watched a clear drop of pre cum slip from his dick. A soft moan of lust flowed from her chest and passed over her tongue to land somewhere in the air around them.

Under her skirt and behind her panty, Brenda felt the pulse of her sex quicken. She whimpered softly as she imagined drawing Brad’s cock into her slippery hole and riding him until she was screaming out his name.

She licked her lips, looked around and noticed most of the passengers were engaged in other activities. A few read, one couple seemed to be engaged in some sort of argument, others slept. Brenda closed her eyes, took a deep breath and lowered her head to her boyfriend’s cock.

Brad’s eyes flew open. He grabbed the bag that was on Brenda’s lap and held it, hoping it had not fallen and given anyone an unexpected view of her sucking on his dick. He said nothing, locking his jaw. Words of shock and admonishment went unspoken.

Brenda sighed in pleasure and relief. The former because she was finally tasting the pre cum and the flesh of Brad’s swollen cock. The later because he had not forced her to stop. She licked her way around the head and then down the sides.

Eventually she made her way back to the top and suckled gently but firmly on just the tip. Her pussy hurt and wanted the reward her mouth was going to received. Brenda took pity on herself and opened her legs.

Brad glanced down and saw her intentions. He muttered a soft curse, felt his skin grow warm, and saw her fingers dive under her skirt. His grip on the bag was vice-like as Brenda began to fuck herself. He imagined her little panty pushed to the side and could almost here the sloppy sound of her fingering her velvety core.

Brenda sucked harder, and pushed deeper. She glanced up and caught Brad’s attention. “Where are we?” she asked, “it feels like the bus is slowing down.”

Brad shook his head, clearing the sex-laced fog that filled his mind. “Yeah, there’s a town coming up, probably gonna get gas. You better quit.”

“Fuck that,” she said, in a loud annoyed voice.

Brenda pushed the bag away, sat up, turned and faced her boyfriend’s shocked expression. He glanced around and saw that everyone had heard her curse and were now watching them. His eyes locked with the reflection of the driver’s and Brad’s eyebrows rose in a “What’s a guy gonna do?” expression.

His cock was grabbed by his woman; she squatted down and shoved her pussy onto his swollen dick. Brenda bounced up and down, while Brad accepted that what was happening and quickly calculated the cost of a new bus ticket on a new bus.

The feel of Brad’s big dick filling up her channel, the knowledge that there were people watching and knowing it would take a moment before the bus could stop, made Brenda’s heart race. The level of excitement in her blood boiled to overflowing.

She ground her hips and forced their pubic hairs to tangle. The friction added to the pleasure. Her labia lips were parted, her clit exposed. As she rubbed and gyrated against Brad she was able to scratch the hard bud. The erotic caress increased the rate at which her body was climbing toward a screaming climax.

Faster and faster she went. Brad grabbed her hips and began to drag her up and down the length of him. He knew what was coming, he knew they were going to get kicked off, but he’d deal with it when it happened. There was no going back, so he was more than willing to enjoy the ride.

“Lift your shirt,” he grunted.

Brenda took the entire sweater off, never once shying away at the notion. She went a step further and pulled both globes out of her bra and offered them to her lover. As she held them, Brad wasted no time in picking the right tit and lowering his mouth to the angry button. He sucked hard and feverishly on the tear drop and drew it between this teeth to tug and bite.

She squeezed her boobs. Brad kept her rhythm going on his cock and when they both came it was with shouts of acclamation to whomever was listening. Her come sprayed all over his pants; his filled her sex with white sticky milk that leaked out of her pussy and onto his clothes.

Brad buried his head in her breasts and took several long calming breaths. He shook his face against the musky scent of sweat and licked each nipple before looking at her blushed features. “Still bored?” he asked.

She grinned, winked, and lifted her soaked pussy from his dick.

The bus had stopped just inside the parking lot of a gas station. The driver was making his way down the isle, when Brenda sat down. She reached for her sweater and bag, that lay on the floor. Her gaze shifted up; she saw the swollen erection of the driver. His uniform pants did little to hide his aroused state.

Her eyes held his when he cleared his throat.

“I don’t have to ask, do I?” he said.

Brenda thought about smarting off, asking him “What – you need me to suck that for you?” but she didn’t. She shook her head, smiled, fixed her boobs, pulled on her top, and gathered her belongings.

“This is our stop anyway,” she said, and pushed past the driver.

Brad chuckled, rose and followed the driver down the isle. His pants were soaked and his cock hung limp at his side. Once at the top of the stairs, he turned back, looked at the other passengers, tucked his dick into his wet pants and grinned.

Brad couldn’t help but notice the expressions on the other passengers’ faces. The men were grinning. The ladies were either blushing or refusing to look at him. The driver, who stood outside waiting for him to leave the bus had winked when he had gotten up to get his bag.

He spun back around, walked down the steps and slapped the driver on the back. “Great ride,” he said before he took Brenda’s hand in his and left the scene behind them.

“I bet,” the driver muttered, before climbing back into the bus, closing the door and taking his passengers to a different fueling station. He reached down and stroked his cock, glanced up and chuckled when one girl caught his reflection and winked knowingly.