It was Thursday again, and the bar was busy with groups of students and the usual older lonely guys, in to stop them from staring at the same four walls all night, and, of course, enjoy the view as Nicki, Terri and Becky worked tirelessly to keep the drinks flowing and the tills ringing. The girls all excelled at putting a smile on the guys’ faces, flirty, chatty, and attentive enough while not leading them on too far. Their tip jars were bulging with earnings, and they were far from the only items bulging all around the bar.

I, myself, was already totally wound up, as Terri had taken it upon herself to flash me several times throughout the evening, pulling up the back of her skirt to present me with a knickerless ass sporting a bejeweled butt plug above her perfectly smooth cunt lips.

As last orders finished, I buzzed about encouraging the students to drink up quickly, clearing tables, chasing the unenthusiastic barflies to drain their beers, and head on out to the fresh air. Terri laughed all the time, exclaiming it was the most work I’d done in months, Nicki looked on quietly and poor Becky didn’t have a clue what was going on.

Soon we had a round of beers on the go and four stools at the bar. Becky appeared to want to chat more than usual, she normally left pretty quickly, going home to her man and two young kids, so I listened half-heartedly as she regaled some shitty story about something from the kids’ school.

She was a cute girl, Becky, and my thoughts turned to whether I could get her involved in our fun and games. She was short, less than five foot, and curvy, not in the same way as Nicki, but definitely all Boobs and Bum, and had an air of filth about her occasionally. You might see a pattern arising in my choice of the staff here, but then that’s why the bar was so popular after all.

As she babbled on, Terri and Nicki headed outside for some air and a smoke, and I sat there thinking about whether she’d let me titfuck her, then spunk all over her face – what can I say, I was in a state of arousal, horny as fuck, that’s what happens in men’s heads.

She finished her beer though and gathered her stuff, saying a cheerful goodbye to the other girls as they passed each other as she left and they came back in.

Terri went behind the bar and set up a bottle of Patron with three glasses and a plate of lime wedges. Then she went under the bar and planted a big bottle of lube right alongside them.

“Right then guys,” she said, “how about we get this party started properly?”

“Jesus, Terri,” laughed Nicki “you are totally unbelievable, and a complete tramp, give us a chance to relax a little.”

“You won’t be complaining when I make you cum with these!” Terri said, ducking behind the bar again, to emerge with a big black rabbit style vibrator and a black butt plug, “it’s a vibrating one,” she said turning it on so the plug bounced and buzzed around on the bar top.

“I’m not really into the bum stuff,” Nicki said “although, it did look hot as fuck when you were doing it last week, but I’ve tried a little before and never really enjoyed it,” she continued.

“Not with me, or this guy.” Terri cut her off “I’ll make sure you’re absolutely ready for it and Andy was very professional last week!” she laughed., “A real anal pro, I think.”

Nicki took a slug of Tequila “Well, we’ll see,” she said, “but right now I want to get a good look and taste of that big dick again, I’ve been thinking about sucking you all week Andy.”

I pulled Nicki towards me and kissed her passionately, squashing her massive tits against my chest and holding her tightly, I grabbed her big ass cheeks roughly, kneading them as I pushed my tongue into her mouth, really enjoying her responsiveness and her scent.

Nicki reached for my belt and loosened my shorts pushing them down over my knees and around my feet, my cock was straining against my briefs waiting for release, and Nicki grabbed both sides pulling them down as she slid down my body.

My cock sprang to attention as Nicki’s face got to its level and she reached to stroke it and licked the bottom of my shaft from my balls to my swollen mushroom head.

I groaned as she took my glans into her mouth, sucking hard on my head and rubbing her tongue against my urethra her tongue piercing really sending shivers throughout my body.

She worked the shaft, slowly pumping it while engulfing my head, and was really getting me going, also working my balls with her left hand. I looked over to see Terri naked from the waist down using the rabbit against her cunt while watching us intently, and slowly working its tip between her wet lips leaving the ears to buzz against her clit. I knew I wasn’t going to last long after all the sexual tension that had been building all night.

Nicki continued to administer a glorious blowjob, now trying to work more of my cock into her mouth, forcing it in till I could feel her throat flexing around my head delightfully squeezing my glans and coating me with her saliva.

I could feel my balls begin to tighten and warned her “You’re going to make me come Nicki!” which just made her increase her attention.

I looked over again to see Terri furiously thrusting the big toy into her cunt, holding the clit stimulator against herself as her own orgasm spasmed through her. Squealing she pulled the toy from her and slapped at her clitoris as she squirted a little shower of droplets all over the bar top she was on.

My orgasm came hard, buckling my knees as I spurted rope after rope of hot spunk into Nicki’s welcoming mouth, she tried her best to swallow the whole load, but there was just too much. Her little coughed gag delightfully drew the last of my load as her mouth contracted tightly around my head.

As my body and mind came back into focus, I pulled Nicki up to kiss her again, getting a slight taste of my fluids from her lips, and hugged her tightly, “That was THE best head I have ever had,” I said “Now let’s see if Terri and I can return the favour to you, and I just have to get you out of those clothes so we can enjoy your full glory”

I pulled her shirt hem upwards over her stomach as she raised her arms above her head allowing me to remove it and revealing a very sexy, lacy one-piece number with built-in support for her glorious tits, pushing them up just a little to present them beautifully. I then reached to remove her pants, finding the zipper at her side I turned her around as I pulled them down to reveal her fabulous ass cheeks separated by just the tiniest strip of her lacy body running between them.

I bent her over as I worked her pants over her calves, kneeling behind her to help her step out of her shoes and taking one leg out of her pants, then the other before giving in to my lust and burying my head between her ass cheeks inhaling her scent.

I rubbed the rough fabric of her body against her cunt using my chin and mouth to exert pressure on her lips, but really it was so I could press my nostrils right up against her rosebud and inhale through them, savoring that musky glorious hole. My cock was twitching already as above her hole I saw the two pop fasteners that held the body in place, I moved up and popped them with my teeth releasing the pressure and the body sprung away from her body both sides revealing her cunt and ass.

I licked between her cunt lips, savouring her sweet tasting juices, and ran the tip of my tongue all over her clit, flicking at it gently and causing her to moan out loud, all the time enjoying the position of my nose so close to her anus without actually being apparent to her.

I gave her a few more laps and strokes of my tongue before raising myself, one last lash of my tongue “innocently” slipping up and across her asshole as I moved back and away from her.

I lifted her from the table and turned her around so I could remove her sexy lace body from her, finally releasing those massive tits with their big brown areolas, and those cigar stub nipples standing proud and aroused already.

I bent my head to take her right nipple into my mouth sucking on it hard and massaging her large breast with my hand. As her nipple hardened further, and she moaned, I moved to give the same attention to her other breast enjoying her response and the feel of her bumpy areola on my lips as my tongue wrapped around her nipple and I sucked on her.

She held my head against her, insisting I continue to suckle her as I wrapped my arms around her holding her tight as my hands grasped at her beautiful bubble ass cheeks, kneading and mauling them, pulling them apart and letting them slap back together. I moved my hand to slide my fingers to her wet cunt, feeling her dampness and pushing two fingers into her to work her g-spot, my thumb rubbing against her swollen clit, she shuddered and ground herself against my fingers holding me tight against her breast insisting I continue to pay it my full attention.

An almost forgotten Terri had stripped naked and moved behind Nicki to caress and fondle her and watch our action. She nibbled at the nape of Nicki’s neck and was playing with her free breast from behind, and I felt her finger enter Nicki’s cunt alongside mine as I finger-fucked her. Her slim finger worked on the back wall of Nicki as my own worked on the front of her soaking pussy and Nicki’s hand moved to her clit to add more pressure than I could with my thumb.

As Nicki’s moans and gyrations got stronger and her orgasm was obviously starting to build, and I felt Terri’s finger slip from its position as Nicki really started to come only to feel it again, but this time through the wall of her vagina as Terri probed Nicki’s sweet asshole as she came. Thrusting hard against my fingers, her head thrown back in ecstasy, her eyes rolling back in her head Nicki shuddered and groaned, tensed and slumped, and soaked my hand still pumping her cunt as Terri stretched her tightest little spot.

I finally let her nipple slip from my mouth and held her close as the waves of her orgasm subsided, removing my fingers from her sodden cunt as Terri slipped her finger out of her bum, winking at me, before popping it in her mouth to suck on sexily.

“That was so fucking hot,” Terri said, “and I think it’s time for me to feel that cock inside me again, come and get me, big boy!”

She sat back on a table spreading her legs wide and rubbing her slick cunt lips wide with her fingers, the jewelled butt plug sparkling below them against the wooden surface.

I moved to her and reached for the plug beginning to tug on it to take it out, “No,” Terri shook her head, “leave it there, and force that big dick right up my fucking pussy,

“I want to be totally stuffed full.” She was fingering herself as she spoke, opening her cunt for my cock.

Despite my own recent orgasm, this sexy scene had me standing at full attention and I leaned to her positioning the thick bell of my prick at her hole, rubbing it up and down her slit, before pushing forward to enter her.

Her cunt felt impossibly tight as I pushed the head in, feeling the hard metal bulb of the plug bulging inside her ass, and she grunted as I added more pressure to enter further. As my cockhead pushed past the length of the plug stretching her pussy more the pressure around it lessened though remained pressing hard on the underside of my shaft, the feeling was delectable as I slowly humped into her.

“Fuck yes,” she grunted, “stretch me out you big-cocked fucker, my pussy hasn’t felt so good for ages, fucking give me more you bastard.”

I pushed the last couple of inches of my shaft into her feeling the resistance of her pussy, until my crotch was pressed against hers and my balls were touching the stopper of her butt plug.

I ground my hips against her, generating a horny hiss and “Oomph” from her as I bottomed out in her cunt.

“Jesus, that’s good,” she moaned, “give me a second to get used to it, it’s right in there”

Nicki was beside us, watching as she recovered and having a slug of a beer, before she leant in to hornily kiss Terri, reaching to pinch at her pink nipples and twisting at them.

I began to fuck Terri slowly, standing above her, watching the girls play, as I pushed my cock into her again and again, the plug pushing its angle to produce maximum contact with her g-spot and upper vaginal wall. She was groaning, gasping, and panting with each thrust as her left hand gently rubbed at her clit above my shaft.

“Nicki, you dirty bitch, I want you to sit on my face, rub that pussy on my face and mouth, while I take this prick. Smother me with your cunt, I want to be in it as he fucks me.” Terri insisted, her head just off the opposite edge of the table to me.

Nicki was tentative at first, facing away from us she lowered her pussy and ass, gently placing her cunt down as Terri tongued at her noisily, lifting herself so Terri had to stretch a little to reach her.

“No, no.” Terri groaned “Fucking sit on me, smother me, I’ll smack your ass if I really need out. I want to be starved of breath while I fucking take this dick!”

What an amazing view this was, I couldn’t believe the luck I was having with these two sexy sirens.

My cock banging a perfect pink-shaven pussy, its lips sucking around my shaft as its owner strummed her clit above it, the butt plug in her ass making her cunt super tight around me. Her beautiful tits rocking up and down with the speed of my thrusts, while her face was buried in the pussy of a curvy brunette goddess whose tight brown taint was almost winking at me as she ground that cunt into the dirty blonde’s mouth. I could see Terri’s tongue probing into Nicki’s cunt, lashing around its lips and clit, as her neck and chest reddened as she ran out of air.

She smacked on Nicki’s ass cheek with her free hand and Nicki lifted off her leaving her gasping for air and shaking.

“Again,” she said, “quickly, I’m about to explode!” And Nicki sat right back down on her, moaning at the attention her cunt was getting.

I started to really pump harder into Terri, as her hand worked furiously now on her own clit, I could feel her cunt walls even tighter around my cock as she began to convulse, her crotch pumping up and freezing against me my full length inside of her. I could hear her muffled screams as Nicki continued to rub her own cunt all over Terri’s face as Terri reached and pulled her thighs tight to her, suffocating herself with her thick cunt.

I was ready to come myself, but I knew what I really wanted tonight, and I still had hopes that Nicki’s brown taint would end the evening wrapped around my cock, so I tried to withdraw from Terri’s sumptuous cunt carefully.

Unfortunately, as I pulled my head past the bulge of the plug the intensity of what we were doing just overcame me and as my head exited Terri I couldn’t hold back and began to spunk ridiculous amounts of come over her belly and tits, I fisted my cock quickly and sprayed it over her ’til my climax was finished.

“Fuck me,” I sighed “that definitely wasn’t what I had in mind girls, I am so sorry.”

Nicki had let Terri out for breath, and she giggled as she bent down to lick a blob of my come from Terri’s right tit. “Well let’s not waste it anyway,” she laughed.

Terri agreed, reaching down to scoop a blob from her belly to lick from her fingers. “Hmmm, so nice and salty!” she murmured.

We all were a bit dazed and weary from our exertions, so we took a few seconds to really come to terms with what had just happened.

“You going to need a little time, Stud?” Nicki asked, seeing my heavy breathing, and overexertion obvious in my slumped posture.

“Maybe, but I’m not finished yet, gorgeous.” I replied, “I have got more in the tank for you girls.”

Terri was up and behind the bar, replacing our spent beers, but this time with bottled waters

“No more alcohol, time to hydrate, and rebuild our stamina,” she laughed, taking a long slug of her neck stretched upwards, then deliberately spilling some of the ice-cold liquid over her chin to run across her lightly tanned chest and tits.

We drank the refreshments, and Nicki looked at me smiling, then the black butt plug on the bar, and finally, Terri, whose own plug was still snugly trapped within her ass.

“How does it feel?” She asked. “Doesn’t it hurt? And what does it do when he’s fucking you?”

“It takes a little getting used to at first, babes,” Terri replied, “but you get a wonderful feeling of fullness, once you are comfortable, and the intensity of the extra pressure on the walls of your cunt when that monster thrusts into you is, well, it’s indescribable…..”

“Why don’t we have a little play together, nice and slow and gentle, while Andy recovers? Just us girls enjoying each other.” she continued.

Nicki nodded silently and Terri went to her, opening her arms for a hug, I watched as the two beauties caressed and kissed each other, enjoying each other’s curves and bodies. Terri was less intense in her actions than she usually was, far more tender, as she learned to suck on Nicki’s big brown nipple, gently squeezing her other breast and pinching its bud. Her hands continued to stroke around Nicki, over her arms, her stomach, and then her thighs, as Terri dropped to her knees to inhale the musk of Nicki’s cunt and place a few fleeting licks on her labia and clit.

As Nicki moaned her approval, Terri asked “Why don’t you turn around there honey, and just bend over the barstool so I can reach your peachy cunt from behind?”

Nicki did as requested, as Terri quickly gathered what she needed from the bar top to place on the floor beside her as she knelt on her knees behind Nicki.

That glorious tanned bubble butt looked perfect spread over the stool, Nicki’s engorged pussy lips perfectly presented between her thick thighs as Terri took the bottle of lube and poured some on her hands, rubbing them to warm it up before coating Nicki’s cheeks with lots of it, massaging them and rubbing around without any movement towards her eventual prize. She spent minutes continually caressing Nicki and stretching her bum, giving us both tantalizing glimpses of Nicki’s wrinkled brown rosebud, before squeezing her cheeks back together, lifting and kneading them as Nicki moaned her enjoyment.

Then while continuing her massage, she pushed her face into the equation by placing her mouth on Nicki’s pussy lips and sucking on them, then slathering her tongue between them, and up to work on the engorged clit prominent above them. All the time staying away from the little asshole, so perfect and desirable.

Taking a second break from her efforts Terri turned to me and said “Andy, my hands are kind of full, could you help me out hun? My pussy is aching and could do with a little attention of its own, if you don’t mind?”

Always ready to be a knight in shining armour, I happily sat on the floor at Terri’s side and gently began to toy with her puffy cunt lips stroking them and occasionally probing her hole, as she went back to eating Nicki’s pussy.

She continued to massage Nicki’s butt as she had before, but now as she did, every so often she slid a thumb briefly across its rosebud or just to circle its rim a little before moving on, drawing a little extra moan from the horny brunette.

I watched on intently, stroking Terri, and I brushed against the metal plug still in her own ass. Gripping it, I began to tug, drawing a yelp from her, as it stretched her asshole unexpectedly, I pulled until the point I felt it would release, but then quickly pushed it back into her butt roughly, making Terri gasp loudly.