The ping from my phone roused me. I cracked an eye open and saw it was a Messenger message. I almost knocked my drinking buddy Jack Daniels over as I blearily reached for the phone.

It took three tries to get my phone unlocked. I forgot and tried my index finger the first two times. Remembering I changed it and gave my phone the middle finger and it unlocked. A few miscues later and I finally had Messenger open. I had a message from Liz [name redacted].

“Who the fuck are you bitch?” I growled at the unresponsive hunk of electronics. “You better not be some Tinder Matchbox Fuck-a-Friend hooker I accidently contacted while drunk.”

Slowly I realized I could just read the message. Focusing was hard but eventually the blurry spots resolved into words, “Hi, my name is Liz [name redacted] and I am looking for a Karl [name redacted] who was a chemistry major at [name redacted] thirty years ago. If this is you, please contact me ASAP otherwise, please ignore this message and I apologize for the intrusion.”

I clicked on the name and was taken to a Facebook page. The face that stared out from the page looked familiar, but I couldn’t place her.

Well, I was Karl and I had been a chemistry major at that college thirty years ago. So before my better judgement kicked in, I replied.

A minute later another ping announced that she had replied. It was some really specific and personal questions. Looking at those questions caused a locked box of memory repressed for a long time to become unlocked and come flooding back. Erotic memories filled with regret and embarrassment flooded my brain. Mini-Me apparently filtered the regret and embarrassment out because my dick swelled up like a frightened pufferfish.

I had been engaged to my girlfriend for a couple of years, even though it was a long distance relationship. I was in Chicago going to college; she was in Minneapolis going to college. We travelled back and forth by Greyhound as often as we could. And fucked like bunnies when we got together. We had even set the date for the July after I was scheduled to graduate.

I was living in a frat house and one night about three in the morning my door opened and girl came into my room. She was crying and took all her clothes off and crawled into bed with me. I am a light sleeper so I woke up as soon as my door opened. It was pretty dark but I could tell it was a girl. And I was confused about what is going on but I went with it. I pulled her close and stroked her hair and asked what was wrong. She just cried. So I just held her. After a time, she fell asleep and then so did I.

I woke up as the dawn was just brightening my drapes to the feeling of my cock in somebody’s mouth. I looked down and she looked up at me. She was doing an awesome job between her very soft lips and gentle hand motions. I started to say something, but she put a finger to her lips and said, “Shhhhhhh.” Her eyes never left mine as I groaned and lifted my hips before exploding into her mouth. She took my load and continued sucking on me until it was pretty apparent that there was nothing left. She pulled her lips off my deflating cock and kissed the tip whispering, “You are mine now.” I never asked if she meant me or my cock.

As she lifted her head and I saw her full face, I realized that the mystery girl that had just so skillfully sucked me off was my old roommate’s girlfriend. I was in shock. As she crawled up to snuggle alongside me I asked, “Liz what the hell are you doing?”

“Gary dumped me last night,” she said softly. “So I decided I was free and I have wanted to have you for a long time. I actually just started dating him so I could stay close to you. When I saw you at that party last year I decided that I wanted you.”

“But I’m engaged,” I sputtered. “I can’t have a girlfriend.”

She just put a finger to my lips and used her other hand to stroke my cock. It sprang back to life immediately with that touch. After a minute, she rolled out of bed and found her purse. When she crawled back into the bed she had torn a condom package in her teeth and put the condom in her mouth. Bending over me she unrolled the condom onto my cock with her mouth and then swinging a leg over me positioned my wrapped up rascal at the entrance to her tunnel of love and slowly sank down on me. We both groaned with pleasure as she slowly engulphed me. When she bottomed out she leaned forward and pulled my head to one of her boobs.

I should probably mention that she had the most amazing rack. Her bra size was a 38F. I was totally amazed. I never even knew there was an F size in bras. They were totally natural. Unlike the only other breasts that big that I had seen to that point, which belonged to a stripper at the downtown club where we took Dave for his bachelor party a few weeks before. And they were sensitive. Liz’s breasts had the sensitivity of a girl I dated briefly when my fiancé and I were just boyfriend and girlfriend and we had broken up for three months. That girl was a small B cup and her nipples were so sensitive she could come from just having them sucked on. Liz was the same way, there were many times she had impressive orgasms just from me sucking on the nipples of her massive jugs.

She started squirming and within a minute, I could feel her pussy start to pulse on my cock as she came.

So started the only the affair I was ever a participant in as I cheated on my fiancé.

Looking down on my phone, I ignored the questions and just typed, “Hi Liz. My god it has been forever. Why now?” Send.

Ping. I looked down. “I need to see you. In person. Your wife can be there if you want.”

I cried. I couldn’t type. I wanted to smash my phone. I mostly wanted to smash myself. I poured myself another drink. I poured it into the sink and ran some water, rinsed the glass and put it in the dishwasher. It was hard to find room because every dish I owned seemed to be in there right now. I grabbed a soap packet and threw it into the little holder, then turned the dishwasher on.

That little effort of domesticity centered me and I stopped crying. After going into the bathroom and throwing up, I stared at the ugly sonnuvabitch that appeared in my mirror. “You can’t keep this up,” he said. “Suicide by alcohol poisoning will not get you to the place your wife has gone. It’s time to start living again.”

Stupid sunnuvabitch was right, as usual. Jack Daniels only says he is my friend. Where is he when I wake up in sheets covered in my own vomit or pee? Oh he sounds like a nice guy, but he doesn’t cook or clean or help pay for the groceries. And he really isn’t helping me forget the hole in my heart. The hole that was torn from my heart three weeks ago when that other motherfucking stupid asshole went drinking with Jack or one of his other buddies and smashed his Maserati headlong into my wife’s Honda. The only consolation was that he killed her instantly. Stupid lawyers always talking about money six million dollars won’t bring my wife back.

I sighed and splashed water on my face and took a mouthful to get the nasty taste out of my mouth.

Walking back to the kitchen table I picked Jack up by the neck and put him in the cabinet. I sat down heavily in front of my phone.

My fingers typed what my brain was too numb to recognize. “Not a problem. Wife was killed by drunk driver 3 weeks ago.” Send.

Ping. I was afraid to look down, but after a deep breath I did anyway. “I am so sorry. I didn’t know. This can’t wait. May I see you Thursday?”

Thursday? Looking at my phone, it said it was 2:03am Wednesday. Typing, “Sure. I got nothing to do. Been just drinking 24-7 for three weeks. Need a break.” Send.

Ping. “Please pick me up at airport. 11:14am United Airlines baggage. Love Liz.”

“No problem.” Send.

Screen went blank except for a 7% battery warning. Fuck. Need to plug it in and I might as well go crash on the couch. Jack never cleaned up the sheets.

Last thing I remember before darkness took me was my wife’s face looking down. I almost felt the kiss before she dissolved.

‘Sunlight should be banned’ screamed my brain later that morning. Is it really the next day if you didn’t go to sleep until after midnight, except that I passed out at the kitchen table before midnight. Fuck, too much thinking. I headed for the bathroom. A couple Excedrin, two Vitamin Bs and a lot of water later, I still felt like shit.

By the time I ran out of hot water in the shower, I was feeling somewhere between mostly dead and a glimmer of life.

Then it hit me. I had one day to clean this shithole I had dug for myself over the last three weeks. Groaning and turning the too cold water off, I climbed out of the shower. A quick towel dry off and a fast search showed I was out of clean underwear. Commando day!

The rest of my day went like this, wash clothes, strip the sheets, fresh sheets from the linen closet, breakfast with coffee, more Excedrin, pick up living room, start vacuuming, stop vacuuming because it was too loud, clothes into the dryer, sheets into the washer (I had thought about just throwing them out, but I’m too cheap), pick up the bedroom, lunch, stare at another bottle of Jack Daniels I found under the couch, he blinked first so in the cupboard he went to party with his twin, start the dishwasher, vacuum the living room, vacuum the bedroom, clothes out of the dryer, sheets in the dryer, underwear in the washer, meltdown because there were some of my wife’s blouses in the clothes from the dryer.

It was dark when I finally pulled my shit together. I went around and turned on lights. The place was almost presentable. I guess because for the last three weeks I have only lived in the living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. I had some more clean up in the kitchen and the last of the clothes to get through the wash cycle.

After supper I went in and peed. That ugly sunnovabitch was in the mirror again, but this time there was the hint of a smile. “I’m almost proud of you my boy. It’s been over 12 hours without a drink. You have actually eaten three meals today. That is a first. Plus you actually cleaned. But you need to go find your car keys or you will never get to the airport by bus.”

I blinked and he was gone. It was just me with three weeks’ worth of scraggly shit for beard staring back at me. ‘That has to go,’ I thought. ‘And he was right. My car keys are somewhere in the backyard where I threw them when I started drinking.’

Sighing heavily I grabbed a flashlight and went to the back door. It was starting to get dark so I needed to go now, but I was frozen. What if I had driven while I was drinking? Could I have ripped someone else’s heart out, the way mine had been? I’ll never know, but if I didn’t want to disappoint Liz I needed to find those keys.

Thinking back, I was at the back door when I threw them. I was looking towards the center of the fence, so that would be a good place to start.

Luck, or Fate or Destiny was on my side. I found the keys before it was dark. In fact, I found them as I walked from the house to the fence. There they were, shining in the fading light. Just lying in the grass. Silver flash as I walked near. Bend down to pick them up and walk back to the house.

I was tired. I hadn’t had any exercise for the last three weeks except for six ounce curls. I emptied the dishwasher and put everything away, then loaded the dishes from supper. On the way to go to bed, I remembered the last load of clothes and took care of that. Now I was really tired. I crawled into bed, marveling at the delight of sleeping on fresh sheets, sober.

I was worried that my brain would spin out of control, but this night, it was quiet and I drifted soundlessly into a deep slumber. I woke later than I wanted to. I had to shower and scrape my face in a hurry. I had forgotten how much it hurts when you try to shave that much beard off in one shot, so I settled for trimming the sides and making a half assed goatee out of it. Tomorrow I get rid of the rest.

I made it to the airport with 2 minutes to spare, only to find the plane had gotten in fifteen minutes early. I scanned the baggage area and jumped when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and there was Liz.

“Karl?” she asked.

I nodded and started to stammer an apology for being late. She waved it off saying, “It worked out. My bag was one of the first off so it gave me time to go find a bathroom, so we are good. How are you?”

I tried to think of an answer, gave up and just hugged her. She stiffened for a second then melted into me. “Surprisingly, now that you are here, I am really good,” I whispered into her hair. She hugged me harder for a minute then we broke.

“Let me get your bag,” I said, “We are way the fuck, I mean hell, aw shit, we are way out in the parking lot.” Giggling she surrendered the handle of her bag and we started off.

It was awkward at first but as we walked and talked it got better. By the time we got to the car we were just two old friends catching up. I opened her door and she collapsed into the seat. I was concerned but held my tongue.

“I have a reservation at the Hilton somewhere around here,” she said.

“Cancel it,” I said. “You are staying at my house. It is a four bedroom house, but one of the bedrooms is an office so you can have your choice of the other bedrooms.”

“Does that include your bedroom?” she asked with a mischievous tone.

“Let me think on that,” I said.

“I’m sorry,” she said with real sorrow in her voice. “Sometimes I stick my foot in my mouth and wiggle my toes. If you are sure you still want me after that stupid remark, I will be happy to stay with you, wherever you want me to sleep.”

“No,” I said slowly as we approached the cashier booth. “It’s me. I have a lot of tender spots right now and I don’t even know what I want. Or what will hurt, until it is too late.

“I do want you to stay with me. I can’t guarantee that I won’t melt down on you or suddenly go into the backyard and scream at the stars. But I do want to spend as much time as possible catching up and finding out all about your fabulous life.”

She chuckled and repeated the word “Fabulous”.

Conversation dragged a bit as traffic was horrible and I needed to concentrate, but eventually we pulled into the driveway of our house, no, my house. I helped Liz out of the car and got her bag.

“Wow!” she said, “You seem to be doing alright.”

“It’s a house,” I said shrugging. “Three thousand square feet, four bedrooms, a pool and a backyard. It’s been home for the last ten years.”

“Nice,” she said as I opened the door.

“Can I get you something to eat or drink?” I asked. “It’s getting on towards lunchtime.”

“If you have stuff to make sandwiches, that would be lovely,” Liz said while looking everywhere.

“Ok. Let’s go in the kitchen and see what I’ve got,” was my reply.

I dragged out some bread, some mayo and some lunchmeat. “I only have two kinds of lunchmeat right now,” I said apologetically. “Turkey and roast beef.”

“Turkey on white bread, with just pepper would be awesome,” Liz said and she sat down heavily in a chair.

“Coming right up. And to drink?” I asked. “I have some diet soda and flavored waters. Oh and coffee.”

“Tea perhaps?” she asked.

“Let me check the pantry,” I said. After a little rummaging I came back with a small box of name brand tea. I held up the box for her inspection.

“That would be perfect,” she said.

I threw a cup of water into the microwave and slapped a turkey sandwich together for Liz and a roast beef sandwich for myself.

“Mayo,” I asked.

“No thank you,” she said. “I have to keep things pretty plain right now.”

I set the sandwich down in front of her with the salt and pepper shaker to let her season it herself. I set mine down and turned to get the cup of hot water and put it down next to the sandwich with a teabag. After it was ready, I asked if she needed cream or sugar, she said no. I did see her palm a couple of pills from under her plate and swallow them with some tea. I decided not to make an issue, hell I just crawled out of a bottle less than 36 hours ago.

After lunch, I asked if she was ready for a quick tour. Liz agreed and we started. I showed her the pool area first. She ‘oohhhed’ and ‘aahhhed’ and then said, “It’s really private back here behind all the foliage, isn’t it?”

I said it was. I hesitated and then continued, “We used to like to come back out here and get some late afternoon sun au natural occasionally.”

We headed back in and I showed her the living room, the dining room, the library and asked if she wanted to go upstairs. She said, “If it’s just bedrooms and bathrooms, I can pass if you don’t mind. I have a bad knee and I try not to do stairs.”

“Ok,” I said, “The only room left is the master bedroom, but if you don’t want to see bedrooms, we can go sit in the living room and talk.”

“If the master is on this floor, then lead on,” she said with a smile.

“It’s right this way,” I said leading the way.

As we walked into the bedroom, Liz came up and bumped me a little. I staggered back until I was right next to the foot of the bed. Puzzled I looked down at her as she knelt down and undid my belt, unsnapped my pants, pulled the zipper down and tugged everything down to my ankles. Shocked I stood there opening and closing my mouth, but nothing would come out. She tugged on my leg and I lifted it and she took the shoe off and pulled the pants and underwear off. As I set my leg down she tapped on my other leg and I lifted that one and she repeated the process. I was now just standing in my polo shirt, just like Porky Pig.

“Liz?” I croaked.

She put a finger to her lips and went “Shhhhh” as she stood up. She pulled my head down and kissed me and then pushed a little and I tumbled onto the bed. She knelt again and after wrapping her hand around my penis, she slipped it into her mouth. At that point, my head exploded and I lost all conscious thought. I immediately flashed back to that first blowjob. But her technique was much, much better this time. In fact, I could feel the tension beginning to build in my balls.

“If you keep that up,” I said with herculean effort to keep my voice steady, “I will be flooding you mouth with my cum any second.”

“UmmHmm,” was her reply.

“Oh god,” was mine as I came and flooded her mouth with my first spurt. It was a big one. My beloved wife and I had some afternoon delight the day she was killed, but I hadn’t had any release since that day three plus weeks ago. No masturbation, no shower spanking, no wet dreams. So my balls were full to overflowing and so was her mouth. Her eyes got big as that first pulse hit her mouth, but she swallowed it all and was ready for the next one and the next one and the rest. I counted eight spurts and she caught them all and swallowed them all. As my pulsing subsided, she took my cock out of her mouth and ran her thumb along the underside of my cock to milk the last few drops. The swelled up on the tip until she licked them off. Satisfied she kissed the tip of my cock and said, “Now you are mine.”

Crawling the length of my body she came up and kissed me. My tongue sought out her lips and they parted. Along with a faded minty taste was the definite salty taste of my cum. I am not sure when it happened, but she had managed to get her dress off and as I reached up to hold her, my fingers only encountered skin. Very nice soft silky skin.