My name is Kyle and I’m an ass man. I love a woman’s butt and I consider myself a connoisseur of asses. I will check out a woman’s backside if it’s big or small or in between. I don’t care if it’s flat or nice and curvy, wide and fluffy or muscular and tight; my eyes will uncontrollably drift down and assess her booty. I prefer a nice, beefy ass with a full, rounded profile that protrudes. I don’t like them too fat or too small but medium with some tightness but I still appreciate a bit of jiggle too.

When you live in a northern climate, there are two seasons to ass watching, spring/summer and fall/winter. In the summer, you get to check out a woman in tight shorts with a hint of her cheeks peeking out of the bottom. When I see this, I have an urge to come up behind them and nibble on the exposed meat. I’ve never done that but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to either. Those short, tight compression shorts that look like they are painted on a woman drive me wild. I have to control myself to keep from staring. One of the best places to check out a nice derriere is at a country music concert. A lot of the ladies wear Daisy Duke jean shorts and cowgirl boots. When they start dancing and shaking their moneymakers when the music is playing, I sit back and enjoy the view.

Bikini bottoms and one-piece suits are showing more and more of a lady’s ass these days. They are half-dressed, to begin with, but seeing a woman with most of her butt hanging out will always get my attention. Even regular bikini bottoms tend to ride up between the cracks of a woman’s ass so you have to be alert to catch a quick peek before they pull it back down. While I’m on the subject of swimsuits, I almost lose control when I see a woman wearing a thong, brazenly exposing her bare cheeks for the whole world to see and inviting men to crave to touch them. When I see a woman’s exposed ass, especially one with some meat on her bones, I want to stick my face between those big ass buns and have her slap my face with her cheeks, like a woman would motorboat a man with her tits.

The winter months don’t afford the opportunity to see many bare asses or exposed buns but this is when women switch to leggings and jeans. A nice big ass in a pair of jeans will always get my attention. However, leggings are even better because they are so thin and hug a lady’s shape. Those with the scrunchie backside drive me even wilder, you know, the ones that pull the fabric tight between a woman’s crack. Fuck, my heart palpitates when I see those. There are times when I’ve seen a young woman wearing flesh-colored leggings that fit so deep between her ass crack that you have to do a double-take to make sure she isn’t naked.

When a woman with a nice ass is walking in front of me, I love to check out that wiggle when she walks. Those cheeks wiggle like a pendulum on a grandfather clock. If a woman has a firm ass, you can see her cheeks alternately tightening and loosen as she walks; it almost looks like her buns are winking at me. A woman wearing nice, tight leggings and high heels drives me crazy. Not only do you get to check out a nice ass but the heels give them an extra wiggle in their walk.

The best place to check out a woman’s ass in leggings or compression shorts is at the gym. A lot of women like to show off while working out and you see some that are in really good physical shape. When a woman is on a stair machine or elliptical, their ass will rhythmically sway back and forth; it’s almost hypnotizing. I try my best to be discreet but it’s extremely difficult at times. They wouldn’t have to hypnotize me to get me to do anything they wanted as long as I got to play with those luscious buns.

When a woman is wearing a dress, it is more difficult to analyze their backsides but the rare rewards are priceless. I was walking down a crowded downtown street at lunchtime when a gust of wind came along and blew up a woman’s skirt in front of me revealing her pink bikini pantied ass. That unexpected sight almost made me cum in my pants. She was shocked at first, then struggled to get her skirt back down with time seeming to stand still. My eyes focused on the thin material of her panties which were wedged between her cheeks which left most of her rear end exposed. I stared at her until she got control of her skirt. She looked behind her to see if anyone saw her sudden exposure and I gave her a wink and smile to silently thank her for seeing her beautiful fanny which made her blush.

There are also times when a woman is wearing a very short skirt and you get a view of her ass from below as she is walking up the stairs or on an escalator. I went to a shopping mall one afternoon to buy some clothes for work and when I stepped on the escalator I looked up and caught a view up a lady’s skirt to see that she was wearing a thong and most of her ass was in plain view. Damn, she had a nice ass too. It was small but tight. I have to confess, I jerked off thinking of her later than afternoon. When I get a view of a woman’s buttocks like that, I want to rub my cock between the soft mounds of her buns.

By being an ass man, also means that I like anal sex but it’s difficult to find a woman that will take a hard dick up her ass or even be comfortable with a guy playing with her anus. Most of my previous girlfriends have had meaty buns. They all filled out their jeans. I absolutely cherished the feeling of grabbing and fondling their asses too. When you begin dating a woman, one of the first things a guy will do to see how far a woman is willing to take things is to put his hands on her ass. If you don’t get any resistance, you start to grope and fondle her cheeks through her clothing. If she’s okay with you playing with her ass, you keep going to see how far she’ll let you go.

I’ve had some girlfriends that let me do anal but not as many as I would like. They would try it but none enjoyed it. That wasn’t the reason the relationships ended but I was also looking for someone who would enjoy anal sex as much as I. I went through several relationships before I met my future wife.

I work as a sales representative and had a meeting with a new client. I made sure I wore my best pinstripe suit to make a good first impression. When I walked into the office my eyes immediately were drawn to the most gorgeous ass I had ever seen. I saw a woman bending over putting files away which, literally, took my breath away. She was wearing black leggings and her meaty ass stretched the fabric so much that I could plainly see that she was wearing a thong. Her bare ass cheeks surrounded the thin strap between them. I swallowed hard as I stood there and stared. There were so many nasty thoughts going through my mind of what I wanted to do to that luscious ass. I wanted to touch those curvy buns, kiss and nibble them. I really wanted to go up to her and peel down those leggings and shove my dick up her ass.

My dirty thoughts were interrupted by a male voice that said, “Yeah, we all think Sharon has a nice ass.”

I was embarrassed that I got caught by her co-worker staring at an unknown woman’s ass and sheepishly replied, “Yes, she does have a nice ass.”

I was doubly embarrassed when the woman stood up, turned around, and replied, “You know, I can hear you guys.”

The blood rushed to my face that made my face turn red. Sharon would later tell me she thought it was cute that I got that distressed at being caught conversing about her butt.

“How can I help you?”

“Uh, my name is Kyle. It’s nice to meet you, Sharon. I have an appointment to see Mr. Franklin.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Kyle. Mr. Franklin is running late. You can have a seat and I’ll let you know when he’s available.”

Apparently, Mr. Franklin was known to be late for meetings, especially with salesmen but I didn’t mind because I got to spend time with Sharon. She was about my age, 27, and had a natural beauty to her, you know, that girl next door look. She had a radiant smile that lit up the room, sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, and small breasts. What Mother Nature didn’t give her in the breast department, she sure made up for it in that gorgeous ass. Sharon has a well-cushioned, succulent derriere. To this day, she thinks she has a big ass but I think it is picture-perfect. It is round and meaty without being fat if that makes sense. When you see her ass in leggings or a pair of tight jeans, you just want to go up to her and grab a couple of handfuls of her alluring cheeks.

Seeing her boss was exceptionally late, Sharon and I struck up a conversation about the weather, what we did over the weekend, and a bunch of small talk. In that conversation, we both made it known discreetly that we were both single, which piqued my interest in her even more. I would have bet money that she was married or had a boyfriend. Sharon also made it a point of continuing with her work and, curiously, still made sure she put some files away in the bottom cabinet drawer allowing me to further check out her ass. She knew I was checking her out earlier so I thought she must have been doing it on purpose to tease me but I dismissed that as wishful thinking on my part. That didn’t stop me from staring at her ample ass when she was bent over with her back turned to me. It allowed me to notice her nicely shaped legs which led up to her thick thighs that led to her curvy bottom.

A couple of times, Sharon turned to look at me while she was bent over which led me to further believe she was purposely trying to tempt me and boy was it working. I was laser-focused on studying every inch of her luscious behind. It was like I was trying to memorize every part of it but I guess I was doing exactly that; I was putting her ass in my spank bank for when I jerked off later.

Sharon and I must have spent at least twenty-five minutes together before her boss was ready to meet. I was disappointed that I had to leave her company but I also had to make a living. My meeting with her boss only lasted twenty minutes, shorter than the time I spent waiting for him, but I didn’t mind one bit.

I chatted with Sharon on my way out and when I had to leave she smiled and told me, “I’ll see you next week.”

“Great, I’ll see you next week.”

That’s how things went for the next couple of weeks. I would meet with her boss, he would be late and I would spend time talking to Sharon. To be honest, those conversations with her were the highlight of my week. She was so pretty and friendly besides having an ass that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Sharon always seemed to have to do some filing when I was in the office and I wasn’t shy about checking her out either. I wasn’t sure if she was being friendly or flirting with me. I didn’t want to ask her out until I was sure. I didn’t want to be a creepy salesman and ruin my business account with an important client but there was no denying my attraction to Sharon.

In the fourth week, Mr. Franklin was late as usual and Sharon continued to be friendly and flirty. She was wearing a dress this time which left me a little disappointed. However, when she went to do her filing, the back of her skirt raised. My eyes traced up her legs as I looked at her perfectly defined calf muscles which led to her thicker thighs. My heart was racing as more of her upper thighs came into view the more she bent over. I wanted to get a peek at her ass in the worst way.

I thought to myself, “Please, God, just let me get one look at that ass.”

He must have known I was lying because, in truth, I wanted more than a peek at her ass. I wanted to see it, touch it, kiss it, rub my face in it, and fuck it. I was rewarded with seeing just a hint of the very bottom of her cheeks and powder blue bikini panties for a split second. It was a cruel punishment for my decadent wishes. It did inspire me to ask Sharon out on a date though so maybe my prayers were answered after all. When she agreed to go out with me, I wanted to jump for joy but somehow, kept my composure. We decided that I would take her to lunch after my next meeting with her boss.

On our first lunch date, Sharon wore a pair of grey leggings which I hoped she wore because she knew I liked seeing her backside in them but I didn’t want to be presumptuous. I was happy she wore them but I was thrilled she even agreed to go out with me. Sharon would tell me later she wanted to go to lunch because it was safer if I turned out to be a nut case. A lunch date had a somewhat of an automatic time limit too.

We had the best conversation over lunch; it was like we had known each other for years. We started with where we grew up and went to school, talked about our siblings and parents and our ambitions for the future. We laughed about some of our bad dates, relationships that went wrong, and joked about crazy relatives.

When I dropped her back off at work after lunch, I said, “I’d like to see you again, Sharon. I had a really good time.”

“I’d like that, Kyle. I’d like that a lot.”

Hot damn, I struck gold. Sharon gave me her cell phone number with a girlish smile which told me she was feeling some of the same magic I was. I watched her as she got out of the car and walked to her office door with her ass wiggling the entire time. Damn, she had one fine ass. Sharon knew I hadn’t left and was watching her. She looked over her shoulder at me as she opened the door, gave me a huge smile, a quick wave goodbye, and went back to work.

Guys say that dating protocol tells you to wait at least a day before you call a woman after you get her number. You don’t want to look too anxious or obsessive. I waited less than two minutes to call Sharon as soon as she got to her desk. I never put my car into drive, I was still in the parking lot. So much for dating protocols.

“Hey, Sharon, It’s Kyle. What are you doing for dinner?”

“Gee, I was planning on having the leftovers from a delicious dinner last night.”

“That some tough competition, but how would you like to go to dinner with me instead?”

“Ummm, let me see, leftovers or dinner with Kyle. It’s a tough decision,” Sharon replied with a giggle, obviously having some fun with me.

“I could come over to your place and we could have leftovers together.”

“Hell no. I’m not going to pass us a free dinner,” she said and after a short pause she asked jokingly, “You are paying for dinner, right?”

I couldn’t help but laugh and reply, “If that’s what it takes to get you to go out with me, then I’ll pay for dinner.”

“Okay, it’s a deal.”

“Great, I’ll pick you up at seven.”

I was in Heaven. I couldn’t stop thinking about Sharon for the rest of the day. I could only hope that she was half as excited as me. I felt like a jerk because I forgot to get her address and had to call her back. She teased me a little but it was all in good fun. When I got home, I showered and shaved to get rid of my 5 o’clock shadow, put on some cologne, and changed outfits several times before I was somewhat confident that I looked okay (yes, guys go through the same anxiety as women on a first date).

When I picked Sharon up, she looked fantastic. She was wearing this short, flirty summer dress that flared and swayed across her ass when she walked in her heels. It was only our first real date but I was positive that I was going to marry her. I could only hope that she felt the same way. I told her how great she looked and I handed her a single rose I picked out of the garden in front of her apartment building. She knew exactly what I had done but fortunately found it amusing.

As we were walking to the car, a gust of wind came along and blew the back of Sharon’s dress up and exposed her ass to me. She was wearing a thong and my jaw dropped open in shock, utter awe, and pure lust. The ass I was praying to see was revealed to me when I least expected. Sharon’s derriere was firm but pillowy at the same time if that makes sense. She had wide hips and thick thighs to carry her big beautiful butt. As the wind blew, I got a few short peeks at Sharon’s ass but as quickly as those beefy cheeks were revealed to me, the view was over but would be forever burned into my memory.

Sharon was embarrassed but at the same time, she knew how much I loved her backside. Our dinner went just as well as lunch. There was an undeniable connection between us but when you’re feeling that way, you aren’t sure if the other person is experiencing the same intensity, so I had to play it cool as best I could. Sharon was so beautiful, personable, and sexy that I found it difficult to keep my composure.

After dinner, we had a couple of drinks trying as best we could not to end the most perfect date I had ever been on. As they say, all good things must come to an end and our date was coming to its conclusion. I drove as slow as I could taking Sharon home the long way but eventually, we arrived at her apartment. Being the gentleman I was raised to be, I walked Sharon to her door and we stood there awkwardly with me wondering if I should try and kiss her.

Finally, after several seconds of staring at each other, both of us not wanting to make the first move, I thought, “Fuck it,” and moved in to kiss her. Sharon gave me a shy smile, titled her head, closed her eyes as I got closer. When our lips met, a shot of adrenaline raced through my body like I had been struck by lightning. It wasn’t lightning at all, it was Cupid’s arrow with a bullseye hit on my heart.

Sharon was obviously feeling the same about me as our goodnight kiss turned into a French kiss and then I got another wish come true when she asked, “Would you like to come inside?”

Only an idiot would refuse her request and we quickly found ourselves inside her front hallway making out like teenagers. It was then I decided I couldn’t hold back and longer and I slid one hand down Sharon’s back to the top of her butt. When she didn’t show any signs of resistance, I let my hand slide down a few more inches. Seconds later, I had a handful of Sharon’s flawless ass. My dick sprang to erection and I’m sure she could feel it pressing against her thigh. When Sharon started to rub herself against my hard dick, I knew the rest of the night was going to be even better than the beginning.

It was then that I decided to slip my hand under her dress and I grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her in tighter. My fingers started to grope her plentiful cheeks like I was playing a piano. I kept rolling my fingers into her flesh.

As we continued our make-out session, Sharon suggested, “Let’s take this into the bedroom.”

No man in his right mind would have objected. As we walked down the hallway towards her bedroom, I playfully lifted Sharon’s dress to get a view of her bare buttocks as she walked. I couldn’t take my eyes off that little wiggle in her walk and a slight jiggle in her cheeks.

When we got to the doorway of her bedroom, Sharon turned to me and said, “I don’t usually do this on the first date.”

“Well, technically, this is our second date if you count lunch.”

That made her smile as we went into her room and closed the door behind us. I helped Sharon unzip her dress and watched as she stepped out of it, marveling in the view of her exposed bare ass. She turned around to kiss me again and my hands found their way back to grasp her soft, creamy buns. I was running my hands over her cheeks, fondling and groping them. We broke our embrace to strip completely naked and joined each other on her bed. I began to lick and suck on her tiny breasts and nipples but never let go of her ass. I found her almost flat chest strangely exciting and Sharon obviously enjoyed me giving her breasts a fair amount of attention by the way she was clutching my head and moaning. I released one hand from my grasp of her ass to start to finger her damp pussy and clit which made her squirm.

As Sharon became more responsive to my licking, sucking, and touching, I move my mouth down her torso towards her legs and thighs. I was nibbling and mouthing her meaty thighs while working my way down to her toes. I raised her leg, looking into her eyes while kissing her toes and giving her a foot massage. It also allowed me to spread her legs a bit to give me a nice view of her bare pussy lips. I then worked my way back up Sharon’s other foot, legs, and thighs. She knew where I was headed and opened her legs to give me better access. I slipped my hands underneath her, grasping her buttocks again and lifting them slightly before beginning to lick her pussy.