When the last report faded, Rick put his rifle down on the shooting stand and walked out to the target. It was an excellent grouping, all in the bullseye. He hung another target, and then headed back to the shooting stand.

A couple of minutes later, he was retrieving yet another excellent target. If he could perform that well in the competition the following weekend, he stood a good chance of winning. Roy letting him come over to practice whenever he wanted was paying off.

He heard the back door open, turned to see his friend’s little sister Gina strutting toward him, and quickly looked away. She had developed a crush on him years ago, and had flirted outrageously with him ever since. In the last couple of months, it had become increasingly difficult to ignore, as she’d pulled out all the stops when she turned eighteen.

She was hot as hell, and the rumor mill said she was incredible in bed, but she was his best friend’s sister. She was strictly off limits.

“I knew it was you when I heard the gunshots,” she said as she approached.

Rick picked up his ammo box, stuffed it in a bag, and said, “Sorry. Just leaving. Didn’t know anybody was home.”

“No need to leave on my account,” she said while stepping directly into his field of vision.

Her t-shirt was straining to contain her tits — which were a little more than a handful — and there was no way she was wearing a bra. Her nipples were visibly poking at the material. The shorts she was wearing barely covered her panties.

If she was wearing any.

Rick tore his eyes away from her well displayed assets and concentrated on putting his rifle in the case.

“Are those rimfire cartridges?” she asked, putting weird emphasis on the word rim.

“Yeah.” he answered, wondering what she was up to.

“Thought so,” she said with a knowing, and oddly sultry tone. “So, I hear you’re single. Finally got rid of that Thot, Jamie.”

Considering he’d found out she was fucking some other guy, he could hardly argue with the description of his ex. “Yeah,” he said, continuing to pack up.

“Me too. We could fix that, you know?”

Here we go. “Not happening, Gina. You’re my best friend’s little sister.”

“Not that little, anymore,” she said, and emphasized it by lifting and pushing her breasts together.

“Jesus. Cut it out,” he said as he — somewhat reluctantly — looked away.

“I don’t think you want me to.”

“Yes, I do,” he said, and he meant it. The sight had started blood rushing down below, and that was the last thing he needed.

“You know, I heard something about you…”

“Yeah, whatever,” he muttered.

“Jamie’s been running around telling all her friends that you’re nasty, and wanted her to lick your ass.”

Rick froze in the process of picking up his gun case to hoist it over his shoulder. “She what?”

“Uh huh. Said you wanted her to rim you, and wanted to do her up the butt. For a Ho, she sure is stuck up about sex.”

“Fuck,” he muttered, knowing that was likely to reduce his relationship prospects.

“Right here? Right now? Sure,” she said.

“That’s not what I was saying, and you know it.”

She laughed. “Too bad. I’d rim you in a heartbeat. I love it. I bet I could make you come bucketloads.”

Hearing that finished what her boob juggling had started. He clenched his teeth as his cock hardened.

“Okay, I’m going,” he said. He hefted his rifle over his shoulder and picked up his bag.

“I’m serious. I’d eat that booty like groceries,” she said, and then stuck out her tongue to wiggle it.

“Jesus, Gina,” he said as he walked away.

“You know you want it,” she called after him.

She was right, as little as he wanted to admit it. He ignored her, and made a point not to look back. The last time he’d done that, she was flashing her tits at him. He could almost see them, with her hard nipples pointing at him like a pair of accusatory fingers. He could feel it, and knew almost for certain that she had her tits out.

He stared straight ahead until he turned the corner to the front of the house, and then made a beeline to his truck. He kept his vision locked in front of him as he drove away as well, because he wouldn’t put it past her to be frolicking around in the yard completely naked.

He was about to pull out of the end of the lane when he heard his phone sound off. He glanced at it to see a notification from a local number that read, “Guess who got your number?”

He flipped the phone upside down and ignored several more message alerts on the way home. Once back at the house, he slid it into his pocket without looking, and put his gun away. Only then did he pull out the phone again.

He tapped through to delete the messages, but his finger froze when he saw the photos she’d sent. The first was a tits-out selfie, and that was immediately followed by one with her shorts and panties pulled down — stretched between her thighs. Though the preview images were small, it was obvious that she shaved her pussy bare. The last one was a close-up of her licking her lips. Then there was a message that said, “Anytime. You have my number now.”

That was followed by a kiss mark emoji, one with a tongue sticking out, a peach, an eggplant, and a splash.

Though he resisted the urge for a few seconds, he had to click on the messages and see the full sized images before deleting them — starting with her pussy. He’d seen her tits in person a couple of times, but that previously unseen, bare-shaven cleft was something he couldn’t just delete without looking once.

Damn, I wish she wasn’t Roy’s sister, he thought as he drank in the sight of that delicious looking little pussy.

He had just closed the image when she sent him another message. “Like them?”

That was when it hit him that he’d never turned off read receipts. His ex-girlfriend had made him turn it on — which should have been a warning sign — and he’d never turned it off. Now, Gina knew that he’d looked at her naked pictures.

Rick immediately changed the setting, silently cursing his forgetfulness, and the bitch who had created the problem. He’d barely closed the settings screen when Gina sent him another photo.

He knew what her bed looked like, and she was lying on it with her legs spread wide, and two fingers parting her pussy lips. At least she wouldn’t know for sure that he’d looked when he opened the full-size image. She was visibly wet.

Steeling his will, he deleted the entire conversation. Having those pics on his phone was going to be more temptation than he could manage. He put the phone on the charger, and went to take a shower — a cold one.

She obviously wasn’t done. She sent four more messages while he was in the shower. He swiped the notification away without looking, hoping that she’d give up without a response. Then he got dressed to head out for the evening. Fortunately, Roy was at work, because he didn’t know if he could have faced his friend after looking at his sister’s pussy.

To his relief, no more messages arrived from Gina after that. When he came home, he got ready for bed, and opened up the conversation to delete her new messages.

Once again, he couldn’t avoid looking. She’d sent a photo of her naked on the bed, with three fingers buried in her little eighteen-year-old pussy. A second showed her licking her slick fingers. If the flush in her cheeks was any indication, she’d made herself come before taking the picture. A final picture showed her from her sloppy, finger-banged pussy up to her tongue sticking out.

“Anytime,” the final message read.

He stared at that third image for a while. He was as hard as a steel bar in nothing flat. There was no avoiding it. He reached under the bed, grabbed a box of tissues, a bottle of lotion, and allowed himself to surrender at least that far to the temptation.


Rick was finally about to get up after hitting snooze three times when he heard the message alert go off on his phone. He picked it up with half of him hoping it was more pictures from Gina, and the other half praying it wasn’t.

The message was from Roy and said, “Where are the targets?”

He had completely forgotten in his haste to escape Gina. He always left the targets so Roy could try his hand at beating Rick’s performance.

“Forgot. I’ll leave them next time I come out,” he responded.

“After work this afternoon?”

“Is your sister going to be there? If yes, then no.”

“LOL She fucking with you again?”

Trying desperately, he thought. “Yeah. That’s why I forgot to leave the targets.”

“I’ll tell her to lay off again. I’d tell you to wait until I get home, but it will be after dark.”

“May head to the range.”

“Look for her car as you go by. If it’s gone, you should be safe. Mom and Dad are going out of town for a couple of days, so she’s probably going to go out and get drunk.”

“Thanks. I’ll check.”

“Targets,” Roy reminded him.

“I won’t forget.”

Rick swung his legs out of bed. When he saw the tissues and lotion still sitting on the nightstand, he quickly tossed them under the bed, and pointedly ignored the cum-soaked tissues in the wastebasket. He knew he should delete the pictures of Gina, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He’d gone off like a volcano imagining her rimming him while looking at those naked pics.

Thinking about her had him growing hard again. He popped out of the bed and headed for the shower. Fortunately, he had to work, and that would certainly take his mind off his friend’s little minx of a sister.

As he returned from work, he glanced toward Roy’s house, and didn’t see Gina’s car there. That prompted him to slow down before the driveway when he was headed out to shoot. Upon seeing her car still wasn’t there, he turned in to save the money he would have spent to use the range.

Not long after, he had four targets even better than the ones from the day before. Upon putting up his gun, he took the two days worth of targets over to the shed where he left them for Roy. His friend was a good shot as well, but the four new targets were some of his best ever.

Feeling pleased with himself, he headed for the truck. As he finished stowing his rifle, he was surprised to hear the door to the house open.

Shit, he thought as he turned and saw Gina coming down the stairs.

His friend’s sister had a reddish-pink ribbon in her hair with a deceptively innocent-looking bow. She was wearing a little spaghetti-string top that cut off just below her boobs, and must have been made of gauze. Her pleated skirt was so short that he was amazed she wasn’t flashing him with every step she took.

As if that thought was a premonition, she grabbed the front of her skirt and pulled it up as she reached the bottom of the stairs. He was hardly surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She laughed as he looked away — fighting the rapid tightening of his jeans.

“So, what did you think?”

“I think you need to stop sending me selfies,” he said while climbing into the truck.

Gina picked up her pace — setting her boobs to bouncing in his peripheral vision — and got in the way before he could close the door.

“Oh, come on. I bet you jerked it to them,” she said. Something in his expression must have given it away, because she gasped and said, “Oh my god. You did.” Then she let out an incredibly sexy moan.

“Just stop it, Gina,” Rick said. “Get out of the way so I can close the door.”

“You did, didn’t you? Did you come hard? I know I did when I was taking them for you.”


“Liar. I bet you’re hard right now.”

She caught him completely off-guard when she reached between his legs and squeezed his erection. It was an escalation of her seduction campaign far beyond what he would have expected, and he froze in shock.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed as she squeezed and rubbed his cock. “It’s so fucking big.”

Rick finally snapped out of his stunned disbelief, grabbed her wrist, and pulled her hand out of his crotch. “Cut it out.”

She promptly avoided a hasty, warding swat and grabbed his dick with her other hand.

“My brother will never find out,” she said as she leaned into the truck, letting him smell her perfume. “I want to lick that ass and make you come everywhere. I know you want it.” At the same time, she yanked on the arm he was gripping, pulling the back of his hand against her firm, young breasts.

The next thing he knew, her tongue was flicking rapidly in his ear. His cock throbbed powerfully in her grasp as he imagined that tongue in his ass, and he lost the battle. He let go of her wrist, filled his hand with her breast, and groaned.

“Come on,” she whispered into his moistened ear.

Gina pulled away, straightened, and turned toward the house. She grabbed the back of her skirt and lifted it to reveal her tight little ass. Then she looked over her shoulder and flicked her tongue at him again. He stepped down out of the truck as if drawn inexorably toward her by pure sexual gravity. She giggled and continued toward the house with her bare ass swaying.

Rick caught up to her and grabbed that eighteen-year-old ass, which drew a moan from her. When she paused to open the door, his hand moved seemingly of its own accord along the curve of her buttocks, and between her legs. A finger slipped between her nether lips to find an abundance of warm wetness. That made her whimper as she stepped inside.

It was his turn to pause in order to close the door behind him, allowing her to get a couple of steps ahead of him. She negligently lifted her tiny, gauzy top, pulled it over her head, and tossed it on the back of the couch as she passed. Rick once again caught up and ran a fingertip over her stiff nipple.

“Mmm hmm,” she moaned, and brushed her fingers over his hardness.

The moment they stepped into her bedroom, Gina pushed her skirt over her hips, and let it pool around her ankles. While she stepped out of it, Rick pulled off his shirt, and then she kicked off her sandals. She grabbed a belt loop, drew him toward the bed, and then playfully pushed him down on it.

Gina moaned and ran her hands over her body, ending with a caress between her legs. Then she slipped a hand beneath his leg, instructing him to lift it. She caught his heel, and untied his shoe with a quick tug. It bounced a couple of times when she tossed it to the floor. His sock followed, and then the other shoe and sock. Then she pushed on his chest.

Rick leaned back onto his elbows, drinking in the sight of her forbidden, young body as she reached for the button of his jeans. She popped it open, and then tore down his zipper. A second later, he lifted his butt so she could yank down his jeans and boxers. She gasped when his cock sprang free, and tugged even more tenaciously on the denim.

Finally, his legs were free, and he was as naked as her. She reached out and caressed his bouncing member with one soft hand. In a voice just above a whisper, she said, “If I’d known it was this big, I’d have wanted you even more.”

With that, she looked deep into his eyes, offered a sultry, mischievous smile, and sank to her knees on the floor next to the bed. At her prompting, he lifted his feet up onto the mattress. Her hands settled on his butt, and she leaned in.

Rick grunted and his back arched when her slippery tongue washed over his puckered opening. His cock twitched up high, dropped down, and almost immediately shot back up several times as she lapped his ass.

“Feel good?” she asked between licks.

“Fuck yes.”

Gina moaned and swirled her tongue around the circumference before giving him several quick flicks.

Only one other girl had ever rimmed him, and that had been a drunken hookup. Whether it was sobriety, the danger of his best friend’s sister doing it, or just plain talent, that past experience paled mightily in comparison to Gina’s wonderful tongue.

One hand left his butt and began to caress his hardness with feather-light touches. She reacted almost instantly every time his cock throbbed, trying to press harder against her fingers, keeping the pressure light. All the while her tongue flicked and lapped at his ass.

She was in no hurry. Rick had never experienced such sweet torment as she took her time licking, stroking his cock, and mildly probing his back door. She moaned in delight, and sometimes giggled when his grunts and groans amused her. Just when he was teetering on the edge of frustration — needing more — she would provide it. Her tongue would press hard, penetrating him, or flick rapidly over the puckered opening. She would stroke the head of his cock with her thumb a half dozen times, and then move back to gliding her fingers over his turgid flesh.

His pleasure built slowly — and sharply. It reminded him very much of when girls would edge him, letting him almost reach orgasm, and then denying him. The sensation had that same bite, but was growing ever stronger. His teeth clenched, and his fingers fisted into the bedclothes. When he glanced down, he saw strands of pre-cum stretching and then breaking with every bounce of his cock. A small puddle of the clear liquid had pooled beneath the head of his cock as well.

He also saw Gina looking up at him, her eyes sparkling with both delight and devilry. She moved away from his ass briefly, lapping at his taint and tight balls while keeping him trapped in her eyes. When she dipped back down again, she pushed on his legs, opening him up further, and slipped her tongue deeper into his ass.

Rick groaned and let out an explosive breath. When one of her hands moved back to his cock, she slowly stroked her pointer finger and thumb up and down opposite sides, just brushing against the helmet at the top each time. The sudden increase in stimulation caused his pleasure to spike, and another thick ooze of pre-cum to roll down the head of his cock.

Gina dipped her thumb into the pool of slippery wetness, slid her hand beneath his cock, and curled her fingers around it. She pressed her thumb against the ropy frenulum on the underside of his cockhead, and began to rub it in short, soft strokes. At the same time, her tongue went into a frenzy on his ass.

Rick growled and yanked loose the fitted sheet from one of the corners of the bed when he lurched from the electric pulses of sexual energy she was generating in him. The slow burn of his pleasure turned into a bonfire, rising rapidly toward a peak. After a few seconds of almost painful pleasure, he erupted in a shout, and in orgasm.

Though his eyes pinched tightly closed on the first pulse of his cock, he could feel the hot cum spattering over his chest — all the way up to his neck. The ejaculation was so powerful that he felt it surging up the shaft, and tickling the slit as it erupted. Blast after blast covered him in cum, making him grunt and growl. All the while, Gina’s tongue continued to slather over his puckered ass, and her slippery thumb caressed his glans.

He couldn’t remember the last time he had come so hard. It never seemed to end, or even dull in intensity for the longest time. He had no idea how many times he had spattered himself in cum before he finally began to dribble. Panting for breath, he opened his eyes to see Gina standing up. She leaned over him, lifted his cock straight up, and slid her lips down over it.

She croaked when his hips lurched from the sudden stimulation of his sensitive organ, but quickly recovered and kept her lips wrapped around him. She sucked out his last few fitful dribbles, and then let him go with a pop, just as he was about to push her away. She kept his cock in hand, and leaned down to lick up the cum that had pooled beneath the throbbing organ.

Rick gasped for breath — regularly stiffening and twitching from the aftershocks of his orgasm. Gina licked and slurped up every drop of cum she could find, savoring it with hungry, delighted moans.