“We’re almost done, right?” Ainsley asked, sliding her next box onto the shelf.

“Not quite,” Gabby replied, checking the next box on the list. “Try another five hours, at least.”

“Oh, my god, this is endless,” Ainsley moaned, falling back on the floor next to her cart. She stared up at the fluorescent lights above her; they were bad enough during the day, but they were even more of an assault on her senses at night. “Tell me again why we can’t just do this during the day?”

“Because customers might be inconvenienced,” Eric called from the next aisle over, a sarcastic tilt to his voice.

“Boo to the customers!” Lauren called from the other side. “Who needs them?”

“The store does, Lauren,” Gabby said, still looking at the list of tasks still ahead of the team tonight. “As do we, if we want any job security.”

Lauren popped her head from her aisle to look at the assistant manager, a shit-eating grin on her face. “So, if we’re only here as a part-time college job and don’t particularly care, we can go?”

Gabby smirked, finally looking up. “Yeah, sure. We’re coming out of the holiday season, upper management would love to trim some more fat from the budget.” Gabby shifted her focus back down the center aisle, where Ainsley and Josh were working. “Guys, nobody likes the seasonal resets. And I’m sure other places you’ve worked have operated on a rolling reset over several weeks. But, for whatever reason –”

“Employee torture!” Eric added.

“–whatever reason,” Gabby continued, “Home Away from Home feels that taking care of it all in one night is best for a seamless transition.”

“Even though it exhausts half the staff?” Ainsley asked, still laid out and staring at the ceiling.

“Which isn’t that bad during the post-holiday slump. Plus, you all get the next two days off.” Gabby went back to her list. “And I trust you all can stay on task and get the international section done in no time.”

“And you’re sure you don’t want to help?” Josh said, finally piping up.

“I am helping,” Gabby said, holding her checklist up. “Keeping track. The perks of management. Now, I’m going to go check with the team in furnishing.” With that, Gabby spun on her heels and started walking towards the other end of the store, calling back, “Get up, Ainsley!” as she went.

“Need some help?” Josh asked, standing over Ainsley with a smile. Ainsley gave a smile of her own, reaching up to take his hand and getting to her feet.

“God, Gabby is such a jerk,” Ainsley said in a hushed tone, brushing the seat of her gray yoga pants. “Like, she could at least help out.”

“Yeah, it’d be nice,” Josh agreed, grabbing another box from the cart. “As nice as any of this can be, I guess. At least this aisle’s almost done?”

“Which just means going to help Lauren and Eric on theirs.” Ainsley raised her voice. “And I’m sure those two are going at top speed!”

“Giving it all for queen and company, babe!” Eric shouted, gaining an eyeroll from Ainsley.

“So, yeah, just crushing it.”

Uncertain what to say after that, Josh simply gave an exasperated shrug and continued moving product onto the shelves. Admittedly, he understood exactly where Ainsley was coming from, as this was far from his ideal version of a Sunday night. On the other hand, he could think of far worse people to be stuck doing it with than her. He could be over in furnishing with Brie, or stuck rearranging the furniture display like Chloe and Sam. Instead, he was with the woman he’d been crushing on since starting at the store over a year ago.

As he stocked, he reflected on all the things he found attractive about her. She had a great sense of humor, she wasn’t afraid to talk shit about their mutually disliked coworkers, and she was just as big into gaming as he was. And, beyond that, she was cute as fuck. She was 5’9 and lithe without being gangly. Her breasts were small, but looked great on her body, while her ass was high and pert, something shown off by the tights she always wore; ditto her thigh gap. And her skin was like porcelain, broken up only by the generous dusting of freckles that spread across her shoulders and face. Tonight, her long ginger hair was pulled into two tight braids that reached down her back, which looked adorable on her.

Josh looked away as Ainsley glanced at him, feeling foolish. He knew he should just get over it and ask her out, but he worried it would make things weird between them if she turned him down. Still, he’d asked her to a few group hangs, and it felt like there was some type of chemistry between them. And it had been months since she broke up with her last boyfriend, so he’d certainly waited long enough.

“Josh?” Ainsley asked, jolting him from his concentration.

“Huh?” Josh said, looking back her way. “Yeah, what’s up?”

“I was asking if you wanted to come get more stuff with me?” Ainsley pointed to their cart, which he now realized was empty. “So we can finish the aisle?”

“Of course, sorry,” Josh added with an embarrassed chuckle. “Just so engrossed in all the fun we’re having.”

“The hours are just flying by,” Ainsley said, beginning to push the cart. Josh followed, but the two were interrupted as they reached the end of the aisle.

“Yo, Josh,” Eric said, popping out from his own aisle. “Think you can help me out?”

“Oh, uh,” Josh said, glancing from Ainsley to Eric. “We were just about to go get some more stock.”

“It’ll just take a second, come on,” Eric said, not waiting for a response before heading back down his aisle.

“Great,” Josh muttered, looking to Ainsley. “I guess I’ll catch up in a second.”

“Sounds good,” Ainsley replied, already taking off towards the back. Josh watched her ass for a moment before turning away with a sigh.

“Alright, what’s so important?” Josh asked, turning down Eric’s aisle. As he did, Eric was upon him, an arm around his shoulder to pull him into a conspiratorial huddle away from Lauren. Not that their co-worker seemed particularly interested in what they were doing, focused on stocking as she was. “Uh, yes?”

“Nobody else is back there right now, you know.” Eric whispered, glancing towards the stockroom at the back of the store. “Could be the perfect time to nut up and make your move.”

“Oh, jeez,” Josh said, feeling a blush rush to his cheek. “I never should’ve told you–”

“But you did, and as your good friend–”

“Are you, though?”

“As your good friend, I’m telling you, it’s the perfect opportunity to hit that, man.”

“Dude, I don’t want to… I mean, I do want to… but I want to get to know her first.”

“Oh, come on,” Eric said, smirking. “What more do you need to know about Anal Ainsley at this point?”

And there it was, the thing Josh did his best not to think about, at least when he wasn’t jerking it and let himself indulge. The rumor about Ainsley, a previous co-worker, and what they’d allegedly gotten up to after hours one night.

Where she’d begged the guy to put it.

“Alright, just… don’t call her that, okay?” Josh said, shrugging Eric’s arm off him. “There’s no way that rumor is true.”

“Gabby’s the one who saw the tape,” Eric countered. “Gabby, dude. You think that uptight bitch would be taking part in office gossip like that if it was unfounded?”

“I think she’d have gotten her fired for sure if it was true.”

“She wasn’t management yet,” Eric said with a hand wave. “Besides, the tape was apparently… inconclusive.”


“Okay, but it was conclusive enough that the other dude got fired.”

“Look, just… even if it was true, that’s not… I want to ask her out on a real date.”

“Then do that, man!” Eric shrugged, exasperated. “If she’s willing to let a dude she barely knows stick it up her ass, she’ll probably be down for dinner.”

“Oh, my god, are you seriously talking about that shit?” The two looked back down the aisle; as loud as Eric had been, Lauren couldn’t help but overhear. She was staring at them with a raised brow. “Real nice.”

“It came up naturally!” Eric said, rolling his eyes at her.

“Alright, I’m going to get stock,” Josh said, taking his chance to slip away. “It was all him, Lauren!”

“Not cool, dude!” Eric called, but Josh was already turning down another aisle as he headed towards the back.

The back… Josh thought, his mind wondering despite himself. Backroom… back door… Ainsley’s–

Josh shook his head and pushed down on his crotch, readjusting. He couldn’t think like that. Not with her. It was a dumb rumor. No way it was true.



“Think that’s enough?” Ainsley asked, peeking over the stock on the cart to look at Josh inquisitively, the hint of a smirk on her lips.

“Yeah, I think we’re good,” he laughed, shifting around to start pushing it towards the floor. They’d cleared most of a pallet loading their cart, and had maybe gotten a bit too ambitious, especially with the cans of yams they’d put up top. If they steered carefully, though, it shouldn’t be–

“Shit!” Josh said, the whole cart shifting as he started pushing; he’d forgotten to release the break. Fortunately, most of the cart held, but some of those damned cans tipped over and went rolling.

“Nice one,” Ainsley said with a laugh, giving Josh a pat on the shoulder. He smiled sheepishly at her, but she was already moving to retrieve the cans. “Here, one sec.”

“I dropped them, I can–”

“It’s fine, dude, I actually saw where they went,” Ainsley assured him with a smile. With that, she dropped, no longer visible behind the cart. After a moment, “Well, most of them.” Her hands popped over the top, dropping three cans, before she came past the opposite side of the cart on her hands and knees, heading for a space between two of the pallets. “There it is.”

“You sure you don’t need… help…” Josh started, trailing off as Ainsley repositioned; suddenly, she was bent down with her ass up right in front of him as she slipped an arm between the pallets.

“No, I got it, just a second,” she grunted, her butt wiggling as she worked herself into the crevice. Those yoga pants left very little to the imagination normally, so seeing them stretch even further was more than Josh had been prepared for. Especially as the material became more see-through, giving him a peek of the dark-colored panties she was wearing, a pair of boy shorts that seemed to cover oh so little of her–

“Would you want to go out on Thursday?” Josh suddenly found himself blurting, his mind desperate to break the awkward tension suffocating him but incapable of thinking of anything else to say. He regretted it almost instantly, maybe she hadn’t heard him and–

“Go out?” Ainsley asked, now pulled back from the crevice and looking up over her shoulder at him, but still very much down on all-fours. Fuck, what a nice way to see her. It didn’t last long as she stood and put the last can back on the cart. She was staring at him with an expectant look. “Like, on a date?”

“I, uh… yeah, I was thinking that. I mean, if not, it’s cool, I–”

Josh was silenced as Ainsley was suddenly in his arms, her small body pressed against him as she leaned up and pulled him into a kiss. It wasn’t a peck, either, but a deep, hungry kiss, one he was quick to sink into as everything he’d wanted for so long was suddenly his. He wrapped his arms around Ainsley’s tiny waist, pulling her up to make the kissing easier, to let his tongue explore her mouth as she opened up to him. She was hot against him and sweet in his mouth, and the sound of her cute little moans drove him to keep going, to taste and feel her for as long as he could.

Eventually, they had to pull away, gasping for air as the moment that suddenly seemed long overdue calmed, but only enough for them to gain their senses.

“I… wow,” was all Josh could stutter as Ainsley smiled up at him, a giggly, excited energy filling them both.

“Yeah,” she returned breathlessly. “Sorry, I just… fuck, dude, I’ve been waiting so long for you to ask me out, and I figured fuck it, you know?”

“Well, damn,” Josh chuckled, still taken aback. “Guess I can look forward to the first date ending well.”

“Oh, really?” Ainsley said with a coy cocked brow. “How well, exactly? What kind of girl do you think I am?”

“Oh, I mean, I didn’t mean… just, given where we are, I mean…”

“Where we are?” Ainsley asked, before her face flashed with recognition and went flat. “Oh. I see.”

“Hold on, I didn’t mean–”

“No, I get it,” she said, holding up a hand. “That story about me in the stockroom, getting fucked in the ass, right? Anal Ainsley, yeah? That’s what you meant?”

Things were taking a turn Josh desperately didn’t want them to, but he didn’t know what to say. “I wasn’t… I mean, I’ve heard the rumors, sure, but I didn’t… I wasn’t saying we should do that.”

“Really?” Ainsley scoffed, spinning on her heels and marching off towards the entrance to the stockroom. Fuckfuckfuck, was all Josh could thing, expecting her to march right out the door. The girl he’d been crushing on for ages and he’d fucked it all up.

Until she stopped at the door and flipped the locks into place. As she slowly turned back to face him, she had a mischievous smile on her face.

“Maybe you’re not saying we should do it,” she said, biting her lip, “but I am.”

“I… I…” Josh stammered, again at a loss for words as Ainsley started to walk back towards him. He suddenly looked around, uncertain where he was even looking. “What about the cameras? Isn’t that a problem?”

“It was last time,” Ainsley said, reaching him and pushing him back farther into the rows of pallets. She looked around as they went, judging where exactly they needed to be. She stopped just as Josh’s back hit a pallet. “This time, I know where it’s safe.”

“Ainsley,” Josh whispered, lost in the stare of her eyes; he’d never seen her looking so forceful, so naughty. So much like a girl who’d want him to fuck her in the ass.

“The door’s locked, nobody’s coming in,” Ainsley insisted, hands suddenly gripping Josh’s belt. She pushed closer against him, staring up at him as she teased the line of his pants. “If they try, we’ll have time. And with all the work on the floor, I doubt anyone’s coming back here for a while.”

“I don’t know…” Josh said with little actual protest, doing nothing to stop her as she undid his belt. He was lost staring into her pleading eyes, somehow slutty while still maintaining that innocent “oh shucks” energy; he blamed it on those damned cute freckles. “I can’t believe the rumors were true.”

“Not that you’re complaining,” she quipped back, smile widening as she sunk to her knees, dragging Josh’s pants and boxers down in one smooth motion. His dick sprang free, tapping against the side of her face; the sight of her cheek cradling his erection was almost enough to make him cum right then and there.

“Mmm, I knew you’d be big,” Ainsley said, finally looking away to examine Josh’s sizable erection. She took it in her hand and gave it a firm squeeze that quickly became a teasing tug. “I just hope I can handle all of it.” She smirked again. “Let’s see, shall we?”

Ainsley kissed the tip of Josh’s dick, swirling her tongue out around it. That was all the incentive he needed to push forward, plunging his cock between Ainsley’s lips and into her mouth. He kept pushing as she stared up at him, easily taking him as he went deepr. It amazed him a little, how well she took it, all while daring him to go further with her eyes. Finally, she winced slightly as he hit the back of her throat, but she didn’t retreat, instead teasing the bottom of his shaft with her tongue as she gagged slightly.

“Fuck, this is going fast,” Josh gasped, still not sure what to do with his hands as he relinquished control to Ainsley. His comment seemed to amuse her as she continued to choke on his cock for a moment before pulling off of him.

“Hnnggkk, not too fast, I hope,” Ainsley said as she gasped for air, not letting up as her hand began to jerk his now slick cock. She smiled up at him with glistening lips, a bit of spit leaking down her face. “My mouth’s not the only place I want you putting this tonight.”

“Hell, yeah,” Josh hissed as Ainsley dove back onto him, head bobbing faster now. Some semi-slow pumps at first, getting her rhythm, before starting to go really go at him. She wasn’t shallow, either, and Josh realized she was taking him all the way back into her throat with each thrust. The motion was joined by a slick squelching as she gagged on his dick, working up more thick spit and drool in the process.

“Nng, you know what you’re doing,” Josh grunted, watching as she worked him over. As if in response, she held herself against his crotch, the gagging intensifying as she allowed her throat to massage his dick with spastic, desperate undulations. Josh did his best to suppress a groan, failing as he threw a quick glance to the stock room door. Fuck it, he thought, letting out a second, louder grunt as he grabbed one of her fiery braids in each hand and held her on his cock. “Holy fuck, you’re amazing.”

Josh held Ainsley in place for a minute, her body convulsing and shaking as her throat struggled more than it had been so far to handle him. As he felt her finally pulling against him, he let go. Ainsley let out a ragged gasp as she pulled loose, the drool now spilling out of her mouth and leaving her connected to his cock by long, drooping strands. She gathered it as she grabbed him, once more stroking him fast as she looked up.

“Hmm, like being rough with a girl?” she asked with a faux innocent look on her face. “I figured you’d have been gentler.”

“If we were on a date, sure,” Josh said, deciding to test the limits of just how slutty she was. “But with Anal Ainsley in her natural habitat? I figure this feels right.”

“Fuck yeah, dude,” she replied, eyes flashing with excitement as she jerked him a bit harder. Her enthusiasm fired Josh up more in turn, and with her braids still in hand, he pulled her closer, allowing his dick to hit her cheek as she jerked him. Ainsley laughed, happily going along by running his dick against both of her cheeks, slapping herself with it.

“God, you’re a nasty little slut.”

“I am,” she agreed, then gave the tip of his cock a kiss. “And I’m going to make sure you never forget it.” She dove back down, the sound lewder than before as his dick churned the thick spit still worked up inside her mouth and throat. Josh tightened his grip on her braids, meeting her motions and giving her a full-on face-fucking as they moved in needy, noisy, lustful tandem. And she didn’t miss a beat, eyes rolling back as she let him violate her throat with unchecked enthusiasm.

“Fuck, yeah,” he grunted, using Ainsley roughly, his balls hitting her chin with each thrust. Knowing she wanted it just made it easier to give in, to really abuse the limits of her hungry hole. It didn’t take long before Josh could feel himself getting close, and the urge to dump his load right down Ainsley’s tight throat was powerful. He’d certainly fantasized about it enough, and it was better than he ever could’ve imagined. But an orgasm would bring not just immense satisfaction, but some semblance of common sense back to his mind. The logic that, hot as it was, fucking his co-worker in the backroom was a wildly dangerous game. And he didn’t want to risk losing his nerve to go again.

Not when Anal Ainsley still had her nickname to live up to.

So Josh pulled Ainsley off his dick and to her feet, yanking her into an extra sloppy kiss. His hands wandered and groped as they made out, pulling her in tight and finally giving the bubble of her ass a proper squeeze. His other hand remained against the back of her head, holding her in a controlled position as he explored her body. Squeezed her soft bubble, found the hem of her yoga pants, slid in to feel its heat directly. Pressed together as they were, his dick was pinned between the irritating material of their work polos, but he didn’t care, feeling the heat of her stomach beneath hers.