I know, I know, I know.

You normally don’t start a secret diary at eighteen, but what can I say, I carry a secret and I can’t talk about it to anyone… So I have to write this diary. On my desk there’s the diary of Anne Frank, another teenager who wrote a diary and therefore I think I’ll call you Anne. That way I’ll have the impression of talking to someone.

So… Anne… Nice to meet you, my name is Sandra, I live in a medium sized suburban house with my parents Tom and June Nix in the outskirts of a big city. Which one, you ask? Does it really matter? We have a dog and a cat too. Well the cat died a couple of days ago… I’m kind of responsible for that… I’ll have to tell you about it later. We have a garden in the backyard and a couple of cars. I go to George Washington High School, it’s three blocks down the road. I’m not the most brilliant student of all but I have a huge excuse I have sleeping problem… But we’ll come back to that later. My two best friends are Helen and Lila, Helen is a good student and Lila has her character but I love them both very much. I used to have a boyfriend but I think he kind of got bored of having me falling asleep all the time.

Oh yes… And I’m a vampire…


Let’s begin by telling you how it all started

Well Anne, that’s actually quite a mystery. I have strong suspicions about last Halloween but I have no way of being sure.

Let me tell you about it. I was born on October 31st so Halloween has always a big party for me. I usually have a big dinner with my family and then I would go out trick or treating with my friends. The last few years the trick or treat part has been an excuse to go out unsupervised. Well last Halloween, as I turned eighteen, I had the regular dinner with my parents and then I went out with Helen, Lila and a couple more friends from school. We went to this big party with lots of people coming from all the schools of the region, there were also some guys from the university.

As it was my big birthday I started drinking as soon as we got there. I was pretty drunk when this guy, Matt, I think his name was, came to me. He was really nice. He said he went to the university. So we started to talk, he was really interesting. Problem is after that I’ve got a big blank. Not a clue what happened after ten.

Helen told me later that I disappeared for a while, a couple of hours or so, and that when I came back I looked extremely pale and I had some blood on my clothes. Lila and her drove me home, sneaked me into my room and left me there.

Next thing I remember is waking up the next morning with the worst hangover of my whole life. Dry mouth, sizzling headache, thirsty as hell and damn horny. The sight of the day light was absolutely unbearable. So I stayed in bed for the whole day. It was Sunday so my parents assumed that I had a bit too much fun and decided to let me sleep through it before grounding me for a month…

It was six or seven PM when I finally convinced myself to get up. I stumbled to the family bathroom to take a shower. I turned on the hot water only, I felt so cold. After a while I got out and looked at me in the mirror. That’s when I saw the bruises. Now I know perfectly well what they are but at the time they looked quite strange. Deep purple bruises the size of quarter separated by a couple of inches. I had two on the neck, two on the thigh and I nearly missed the last two because they were hidden by my pubic hair. I touched them and was immediately ravaged by a terrible orgasm.

Anne, I hope you’re not prude because I will tell you a lot of things like that.

Anyway… What was I telling you? Ah yes… The bruises… Well … It felt so good that I lost track of time touching them until my mother brought me out of it knocking frantically on the door. I wrapped myself in a towel and found refuge in my bedroom.


As I was telling you, my dear Anne, I wasn’t able to sleep, at all. I kept staring at the ceiling for the whole night. I still felt terribly thirsty and horny but sleep refused to come; I actually started to feel sleepy the next morning when the sun started to rise. Now I know why but at that point I only thought that it was because I had slept the whole Sunday.

My mother dragged me out of bed because it was Monday morning and because I had to go to school. I felt so tired, it was terrible and the sunlight was so hurtful but you know how parental authority is so I crawled out of bed, had a quick shower, got dressed and walked down for breakfast.

There I was told about my punishment. That was one hell of a way of starting one hell of a week. I went to school. I managed to keep composure until the precise moment our first teacher started to talk and then I feel asleep on my desk. Around ten another teacher sent me to the principal’s office but as soon as I got there and sat to wait for him to receive me I felt asleep again. They tried to wake me up but it didn’t work so they carried me to the infirmary where I spent the rest of the morning sleeping.

Around four Lila woke me up. She was genuinely preoccupied but I managed to partially wake up and walked out of school with her. The nurse tried to stop me, telling me that I needed to see a doctor but after a while she let me go.

I didn’t feel like going home right away as I knew that my parents would prevent me to get out again so we went to a park and we sat on a bench as the sun was setting. As soon as it disappeared behind the trees, I found myself overwhelmed by an incredible energy. I felt so great that I started dancing around.

At first Lila laughed at me. But soon, probably because my happiness was contagious she started dancing with me. After a long time we fell into the grass below the trees into each other’s arms.

She stared at me. I stared at her. It was strange, her hands around my neck, my hands around her hips. I felt the urge to kiss her. I tried to resist but then she closed her eyes and parted her lips. Incapable of reason I dived in. Her lips were warm and wet, she tasted deliciously fresh. For a long moment we stayed there, laying on the ground.

My mobile brought me out of it. I look at the time, it was late, and then at the caller, my dad. I was in pretty big trouble. I turned to Lila who was still on the grass lost in her thoughts, in our kiss.

I felt terribly embarrassed.

“I have to go, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

And I ran away towards home and an extra month of grounding.


So I ran home and my father was waiting for me on the porch. My father is usually a really nice and comprehensive guy, but that night he was simply furious. The atmosphere during the dinner was extremely tense. Nobody talked. Despite the fact that I hadn’t eaten in nearly forty eight hours, I nearly touched my plate. I went straight to bed but once again I was unable to sleep.

Staring again at the ceiling I started thinking about the kiss. It was odd, I had never been attracted to girls. My parents are liberals and they’ve would have accepted me even if I had been gay. I had always known that. But I had always been into boys. I discarded it as an experiment.

But I couldn’t shake the memory of the warmth of Helen’s tongue against mine. Absent mindedly I started teasing the bruises and once again I felt submerged by an incredible sensation of bliss. Wrapping my legs around my pillow I started rocking my hips, brushing the fabric against my pussy but also against the four bruises, the two on my thigh and the two inside my bush.

Orgasm after orgasm I left myself drift away in a sea of pleasure …

– Nice metaphor, Sandra…

– Thanks Anne…

Until suddenly, as I was rubbing my tongue against my teeth I felt a sudden prick and my mouth filled with a delicious and tepid liquid. Out of surprise, I swallowed some of it and was sent to stratospheric levels of pleasure I had never experienced before.

It was so intense that I fell from my bed.

My father stormed the room just a few instants later with a baseball bat in his hand.

“Sandra? What the Hell was that?”

“I… I don’t know… I’m sorry I fell from the bed.”

He turned on the light.

“Sandra, are you all right, you’ve got blood on your lips.”


I brought my hand to my mouth and looked at it, realizing that the tepid liquid – not warm just tepid – was actually my own blood.

“I… I must have bit myself,” I answered in trembling voice as the pleasure was still grinding my guts.

Mom appeared just behind my father.

“Honey? Did you hurt yourself?”

I ran past them covering my mouth with my hand and locked myself in the bathroom. I grabbed the edge of the bathtub to let the orgasm wash away. It took some time… When finally I was able to get a hold of myself I walked to the medicine cabinet behind the mirror. I took out some gauze and closed the mirror. I stack my tongue out and looked at it for the wound.

But I froze. My tongue despite the nasty cut it displayed was not the most interesting thing in the mirror. No the most amazing thing that my reflection sent back to me was actually my canines. They were at least twice as big as the rest of my teeth… I stood there for a long long while…

A vampire could it be?


Okay, so I was there in the bathroom staring at my face with those two fangs sprouting from my upper jaw. I must confess that I was totally terrified. Nothing could ever prepare you for this kind of situation… Not even puberty. Okay puberty is quite unpleasant with the acne, the changes, the raging hormones but this…

I went back to bed not wanting to alarm my parents and kept starring at the ceiling for the rest of the night. From time to time I would gently run my tongue over them just to check if they were still there. A vampire, could you imagine that? I kept thinking about everything, the sleepiness, the bruises, the kiss with Lila, the orgasms…

Once again with the damn first lights I fell asleep.

Same process as the day before, my mom would drag me out of bed. I would crawl out of bed to the bathroom.

Fearing what I would see in the mirror I waited until after my shower to have a new look at my fangs. But guess what, they were gone. No more vampire fangs, no more cuts on the tongue. I felt so relieved that I nearly forgot about my sleepiness. I walked down to have a good breakfast and be able to catch up with all that I missed the day before. At that time I was still a straight A student.

My parents didn’t mention the events from the night before probably not wanting to embarrass me but comforting me in the false belief that it had all been a dream. I had one bacon strip and a pancake but I didn’t feel like having anything else so I just grabbed my bag and went out.

I found the sun particularly bright that morning but I took out my sunglasses and walked to school. Helen and Lila were waiting for me. I looked at Lila but she smiled at me candidly and we walked to class. I managed to stay awake during most of the morning dosing off for a few seconds here and there.

At lunch I tried to talk to Lila about what had happened the day before but she didn’t seem to remember anything from the park. Was it all part of the same vampire dream?

Anyway, day went by and I went straight home. I had a nice evening with the parents, we watched a movie and I went to bed. But once again I wasn’t able to sleep. The next few days would go on the same principle I would not sleep at night, try not to sleep at school, but I started to feel hungrier and hungrier and nothing seemed to appease me.

Nothing exceptional happened until the next weekend.


The next weekend I was exhausted, I had managed to sleep only a few hours every morning, sneaking out at lunch for a short siesta in the locker rooms. It was terrible. So Saturday morning I slept until noon.

Mom came to wake me up for lunch but I begged her to let me sleep. She tried to speak to me but I fell asleep before the end of her first question. I woke up once again at four. I grabbed my phone and found a message from Henry.

Oh yes, that’s true I didn’t tell you about Henry. Well I told you that I had a boyfriend, right? So his name is Henry, he goes at the same school I do; senior as well but in another class. There are two senior classes in my school by the way.

That thing with Matt you ask… Well I’m young and Henry wasn’t at that party and … Oh stop looking at me like that. Yeah I know it’s wrong and I could tell you that I fell under his spell and all; but to be perfectly honest well… I did had something wicked behind my mind when I went and talked to Matt. Hey it’s not every day that a guy from the University hits on you…

Anyway at that point Matt was a long gone memory and Henry had left me a message asking me if he could come over. I went to my dad and asked him. He frowned trying to look tough but finally he accepted. Dad, is, as I already told you, a very nice guy. So I sent a message to Henry telling him that he could come over before dinner.

He arrived just ten minutes later and we locked ourselves into my room. My parents are liberals I also told you so there’s no problem about that…

So I was there sitting on my bed. Since I had missed most of what had happened that week at school Henry was bringing me up to speed. I tried to concentrate but all I could think about was the thirst that was torturing me. At some point he stopped and looked at me.

“Sandra? Are you listening to me,” I think he asked.

“Hum hum,” I answered despite the fact that I hadn’t been listening to him at all.

In fact I had been staring at his throat, at his Adam’s apple going up and down, the line of his shoulders. Unconsciously I ran my tongue over my teeth and once again the fangs were there. You have to understand that, on that Saturday afternoon, with all that had happened that week and with the lack of sleep, I had completely forgotten about the vampire “dream”.


I cut my tongue again and again I was submerged by an absolute feeling of bliss. I convulsed on the bed and dozed off.

When I came back to my senses, I was laying on the bed and Henry was standing over me. Apparently just a few seconds had passed. He looked so worried. I felt sorry for him. I brushed my fingers through his hair and forced him into a kiss. His tongue was warm against mine. He instantly closed his eyes and I did the same. His hand slipped under my T-shirt, playing with my breast through the fabric of my bra.

Normally I would have protested but I was so absorbed by the delicious heat of his lips that I didn’t stop him. My panties were soaked wet. I like Henry, honestly, but I never found that he was such a good kisser. Too much lip, too much tongue, but this time, this time was just exceptional. He was so warm and so delicious.

When finally I left him go, he had a little string of red saliva at the corner of his mouth. I licked it closing my eyes. It tasted so good.

“Wow, that was intense!” I said.

He didn’t answer. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was far far away and he looked pretty worn off.

Noticing that I was talking to him, he opened his mouth letting a large quantity of blood pour down his chin. At the sight of it I could control myself and I pulled him by the collar and resumed our kiss.

Only this time I knew, I knew what I was and what I needed. I could no longer lie to myself, I had to face the facts … Although it took me sometime to grasp the full extent of my situation, at that moment I had no choice but to accept that I was now a Vampire.

His tongue was cut on so many places that the flow of blood in his mouth did not stop. And I drank from him. His hand first on my head, fell down on my hips before hanging on his sides. I could hear his heart pumping more and more blood towards me.

Finally I broke the kiss. He crumbled on the bed. I was completely absorbed by the pleasure of my first taste at human blood that I left him there, dribbling his red saliva on my pink quilt. The nightmare it would be to clean those stains…

Anyway, I was there sitting on the edge of my bed and on the edge of yet another orgasm, when mon knocked on the door.

“Honey? Are you guys all right?”

It took me some time to answer, but I managed to drive her away with a vague excuse. I turned around and looked at the room, Henry was hardly breathing on the bed. I lifted his head and left it fall back on the bed. He was completely out. I took its pulse… Steady, a bit slow, but steady. My pussy was still drenched and I needed some relief. So I dropped my pants, sat at my desk and started caressing myself.

After a while I managed to take the edge off got back into my pants and went back to the bed. Henry was coming to his senses.


Were the first words coming out of his mouth. Soon followed by:

“What happened to me?”

I tried to explain but he had no recollection so I settled for an excuse in the lines of:

“You hit your head.”

“But my mouth hurts.”

“Yup, you fell face first.”

He finally went back home leaving me all alone with my questions and fears. At the moment I cursed myself for my spinelessness. Had I told him the truth he could have helped me with the “new me” but after what happened next I know for a fact that you, Anne, are the only one who can help me cope.

Anyway Anne it’s getting late so I should go to bed. I really need my two hours of sleep every night… I have a test tomorrow and I can’t fail it if I want to go the University.


Now let me tell you it works

Well, to start with I’m essentially a creature of the night. The thing about the sun killing us, or me – so far except for the prick that made me, I’m the only vampire I ever met – is total crap. But during day time I tend to be extremely tired. At the beginning it was a nightmare but I must confess that I manage it much better now. Technically I sleep between five and seven and then at school I try to get a few naps here and there. Essentially during lunch time as a matter of fact. Since I don’t have to eat anymore…

The cross and garlic thing is as much bull as the sun thing. I end up going to mass every time my grandmother is in town and I honestly feel no discomfort in the house of God, except for the absolute boredom, of course. The garlic no problem either, I am known to enjoy my pizzas with lots of it between my friends. The stake through the heart? Haven’t tried it yet… Not planning on doing so anytime soon.

Yes I said I don’t need to eat, not that I couldn’t. Blood is absolutely delicious but can you imagine having to go through life with only one type of food … What I eat I crap completely unchanged, a bit of a waste but well… Furthermore, blood is not only a food thing there’s the sex that goes with it. Well the sex… I have eaten quite a few animals and promise, my dear Anne, I’m not a zoophile. But drinking blood makes me so horny, it’s shameful. Technically I need to drink around a pint, pint and a half of blood every week, but well that’s the lower limit and except for one time when I was completely alone and unable to find anything else but some rats and a raccoon – I’ll tell you about it someday – I never stuck to such a little quantity.

Fangs, yes, I have fangs, two nice pointy and razor edged fangs where my canines used to be. They are retractable pretty much like those of a snake only mine look much cooler than the ones you can see on TV. No small girlie things in the front like in True blood or those ugly things they have in From Dusk Till Dawn and they can grow much longer than on the Vampire Diaries. I honestly don’t understand how they expect to feed with those pathetic excuses for fangs… Anyway, two fangs, upper jaw, they come out when I’m about to feed or when I’m horny. The rest of the time they stay in two small sockets in my skull. I had an X-Ray once just to understand…