Ok, so it has taken me hours to write all this down! I’m still in a state of euphoria because…

I did it! I actually did it! I took charge of the situation like a goddam boss and I properly dominated a cute friend of mine last night! I teased her poor little body, spanked her, made her beg… and ended up having her creaming all over my bed like a wanton little slut! Hahaha, oh the delicious wickedness of it all! It was so good!

This all happened within the last 24 hours or so, and it’s so fresh that I can still see, feel and hear everything! I can still feel the tingles of her soft little lips straining desperately up towards me. I can still see with picture perfect clarity her naked body struggling against the restraints on my bed. And I can still hear her tortured little squeals as I kissed along her bikini line. I’ve been writing this non-stop after she left as I need to get it down before the memory fades.

Jesus, I’m still so hot I can barely think about anything else.

Ok, so where to begin?

Well I guess you’ll probably want to know a bit about me. Hmm, let me see what I can say without saying anything too identifiable. You can know me as Katie, I live in England and I’m currently studying at university. I’m not going to be any more specific.

I’m not a super model, but I do consider myself to be quite cute. I get enough attention from guys, which I take as a good sign. One of my male friends recently described me as ‘cheeky looking, but in a nice way’ and someone else recently said I’ve always got an expression on my face that suggests I’ve been up to some mischief! I usually haven’t been… except in my head!

I’m quite short, around 5’3″ (not exact). I go to the gym quite regularly and try to keep myself pretty slim and toned. My breasts aren’t huge unfortunately, but they are quite perky and I like them despite their size. I think my legs are my best feature and when I dress up sexily, they are the part of my body that I like to show off the most: either completely bare or with patterned tights (is that ‘pantyhose’ in American speak?). I prefer little dresses and skirts rather than outfits that show off my cleavage, and dressing that way does seem to get me noticed and makes me feel very sexy.

I’ve experimented with a few hair colours, so let’s say, for the purpose of the story, that it’s red. Maybe it always has been, or maybe I dyed it red once a couple of years ago; you’ll just have to guess. And my skin is quite pale, at least at the moment. This is England and apart from the last week or so, we’ve had a cold year!

Now in this little story, I’m going to come across as something of a Domme. That’s not really how I class myself. The majority of my fantasies are submissive. I’ve also been the sub in a sub/Dom relationship with a guy before, and the memories of him reducing me to a helpless begging wreck still turn me on so much that it’s difficult to breathe. However, that said, I definitely have a dominant streak of my own. It’s often that I see a cute boy, or a hot girl and picture them tied up, struggling and snivelling beneath me. I’ve done little bits here and there, but it’s not a side of my sexuality that I’ve explored nearly enough… well, perhaps not until now.

So let’s get down to what happened…

Yesterday, I was in the common room in my halls of residence. It’s on the bottom floor of our block and we hang out there quite a lot. There’s not a whole lot there except for some sofas, beanbags and a TV. Sometimes it’s full of people, like when a big game is on, but other times it’s pretty quiet.

So I was in there with a group of friends, including the star of today’s show, Amy!

Ok, so Amy isn’t actually her real name but I’ve got to choose something to protect the innocent! I should probably tell you a bit about her too. Well to start with, she’s a friend of mine. She was someone I instantly warmed to the second I met her. Generally, she’s shy and quiet, but once you open her up, she definitely has a sense of fun, and has the most wonderful, heart-warming smile. Fortunately, being the happy little soul that she is, she shows it off quite a lot… and I never tire of making little jokes to induce it on an even more frequent basis. I’ll tell you more about her and her loveliness in a second.

So a whole group of us had been watching a TV show together, but when the show finished, everyone left, apart from me and Amy. Neither of us had any lectures or classes for the rest of the day. We were both on the same sofa. She was sitting normally, and I was lying back against one of the sides, with my legs draped over her lap.

Now I’ve always thought Amy was very cute. I’m mainly into guys but I definitely have a bi side and Amy is one of those girls who really does it for me. She’s a tiny bit shorter than me, with long, thick natural blonde hair with a bit of volume to it. And she’s got a really nice body. She doesn’t go to the gym like I do, but, to my annoyance, she just seems naturally in shape. Her waist is pretty small, about the same size as mine, but she has the most generous and exquisite breasts. They are quite large, but it’s the shape that gets me the most: even through her clothes you can just tell how high, firm and youthful they are. If you get the chance to see her in a tight sweater (and yep she was wearing one yesterday!) or even better, a low cut top (which is unfortunately rare), she really is a sight to behold.

Her skin is pale, but almost flawless, which I really like. She just has the slightest hint of freckles around her nose. She was also wearing tight-ish jeans which clung to her thighs and the delicious, firm little hump of her ass. If your tastes are anything like mine, she has the kind of body that you just want to grab and stroke and squeeze.

I was wearing something which was deliberately more Domme-looking than usual, albeit only very, very subtly. I was wearing a figure hugging black and white dress that went half way down my thighs, then a pair of cute leather boots. I guess you could call them ‘fuck-me’ boots, but they gave the outfit an edge of strictness. I think boots always do.

I’d chosen to dress like that for two reasons, firstly, it was the first hot day of the year in England! Yay! The sky was so blue. It was warm and sunny and lovely and delicious! I’ve been dying to put something cute on for months and months now! The second reason is that I knew I’d be seeing Amy and after we’d had a little flirting session last weekend I thought there was a chance that I could get her on her knees! Haha!

The flirting last weekend had happened pretty much by accident. Again, it was just the two of us. We were sitting next to each other in the canteen… away from other people and prying ears. We’d finished our food and were gradually sipping down the last of our water. I got out my notepad and began writing out a list of books I needed from the library. Here’s the approximate conversation, to my memory:

She leaned over to me, and I felt her head press onto my shoulder. Impishly she commented, “Katie, I’ve seen gorillas with better handwriting than you.”

“Whatever,” I replied, “you better keep your mouth shut, or I’m getting my handcuffs out.”

“Oooo kinky! I like it!” she exclaimed, raising her head to look at me, with a big grin on her face.

I locked eyes with her and said, “Look Amy, do you really want me to go 50 Shades of Grey on your ass?”

She laughed and said that it was a fun read, or something to that effect. After she spoke, she gave a little laugh, but I detected the tiniest hint of nervousness in her voice.

“Have you ever done any bondage?” I asked.

“No,” she shook her head. Then added, “but… I guess it’s pretty hot…” as she said it, her words had got progressively quieter, until the word ‘hot’ came out as just a faint whisper and a look a mild terror flicked over her face. She turned away, partly obscuring her face with her hair, and stared down at her almost-empty glass of water.

I felt a little glow of pride that she’d confided that little secret. I don’t think she’d have said it to many people. My inkling is that she let it slip out because, despite her obvious shyness, she knows that I’m liberal minded when it comes to sex. It’s not like I sleep with lots of people, but I am quite vociferous when it comes to defending people for expressing their sexuality. She’d witnessed one of my rants before!

As she rotated her glass in her fingers, I leaned in and whispered into her ear, “I think you’d look hot in a spreader bar.”

She choked slightly. Gave a little laugh. Then her face rapidly flushed pink.

Eventually, she peeked at me out of the corner of my eye with a little embarrassed smile on her face.

“Katie…!” she whispered in exclamation.

I bit my lip, winked at her, “Ha, I’ve got to get to the library.”

I rose to my feet, then bent down to her ear and whispered, “see ya later, slave girl.”

I saw her knuckles go white as she gripped her glass hard, but I didn’t stay for any further reaction.

I strode out of the canteen without looking round. I delighted in the thought of her sitting there, red faced and squirming. My pussy began to dampen and I grinned, mentally congratulating myself on my flirting.

That night I went to bed, slipped my hand between my legs and masturbated thinking about having her tied down at my mercy. Teasing her body. Making her squeal. Making her beg. Mmmm! It felt so much better than ordinary fantasies because it suddenly felt like this one was actually in reach. There was a real possibility that I could turn this into something. Obviously nothing was guaranteed… but if I could just tempt her in the right way…

Anyway, that’s just background. Back to the common room yesterday…

So I was still lying draped across her. I wanted to bring up the subject of domination again and see how she’d react. I racked my mind for a while before thinking of a way to slip it into the conversation at least semi-naturally. Again here’s what was said, at least as closely as I can actually remember it. I think there was more to it than this, but whatever…

“So have you finished your essay yet?” I said, absolutely knowing that she hadn’t. I’d overheard her earlier that day saying that she was struggling to even start it.

“Ah no,” she said, “it sucks!”

“Bad girl,” I grinned, then poked her thigh gently with one of my heels, making her body jump, “you need to be punished.”

She sighed and looked like she was trying to hold back a smile. “Katie… you keep making these remarks!”

“Because I know you love it!”

“Whatever,” she laughed.

I laughed too. Then put on a slightly sterner face.

“So would it actually turn you on to get tied up?”

“Katie!” She exclaimed. Then went pink, turning to face the TV.

“It’s ok, you know I’m pretty open minded about this stuff, you can tell me if you want.”

She started breathing deeply, keeping her eyes fixed on the TV, but clearly not watching it.

“Ok… maybe… yeah… it does,” she said. I could see her fingers start to grip the edge of the sofa tightly, “don’t say anything to our friends though. Please.”

“I won’t tell them,” I said, “but”, I grinned, “I know what you mean, it is pretty hot.”

She seemed to sigh a little sigh of relief, her fingers un-clenching slightly.

“Have you ever done it?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I smiled, “a little bit of bondage is awesome.”

She seemed even more relieved. So I decided to probe a little further.

“So what else are you into? Spanking? Blindfolds?” I said.

Suddenly her fingers gripped the sofa even tighter than they had before. She breathed heavily and her cheeks went very pink. I almost thought she was going to run away and hide under a rock.

I tried to reassure her further, “It’s ok, I’m not going to judge. There’s loads of weird stuff that I’m into.”

She paused for a while then said, “What the hell… ok… if we’re going to go there… umm… yeah, spanking… blindfolds… being dominated. I don’t know. You know, that kind of stuff.”

I grinned at her widely, enjoying watching her squirm, but also trying to mask any of my own insecurity. Then I bit the bullet.

“You know…” I said, “I could do that for you.”

Time stopped. We just looked at each other for what seemed like forever. Her mouth opened slightly.

“What?” she spluttered.

“I could tie you up,” I said calmly, but with a hint of seductiveness in my voice, “just gently, we could, you know, experiment.”

I think her face was about to set on fire at this point.

“What? Katie… I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t know… Are you actually serious?”

I nodded.

I wasn’t sure if she was going to cry, she looked like she was cracking up a bit

“What would we do?” she said.

“Well… hmmm…. if you wanted, you could come over to my room later, I’ve got a few soft restraints that I can put on my bed. And I can give you a little tease. Just to see if you like it.”

She seemed to think for a very long time. Her mouth opened a few times, but she seemed to stop herself before the words came out. Eventually she managed something.

Almost choking on her words, she said something that approximated to “ok”.

“You don’t say, ‘ok’, you say ‘yes mistress'” I grinned at her. She looked away coughed, then giggled. Then she turned back to me and bit her lip. I could almost feel the radiation coming off her face.”Yes mistress,” she whispered.

“How about you come over at 8?” I said.

“O…” she stopped, then corrected herself, “yes mistress!”

“Cool, let’s just do this as an experiment,” I repeated, “nothing serious.”

She smiled, “Ok… I’m sorry… I’m excited… you’re not joking are you? Please tell me you’re not joking?”

“I’m not joking. Now come here,” I said, swinging my legs off her lap and patting the piece of sofa next to me.

She paused for a second, then scooched over, wiping the hair from her face. I could feel her body trembling through the cushions. I looked over my shoulder to check if the coast was clear. Then I turned to face her and slowly leaned in to kiss her. She leaned in and our mouths touched excruciatingly gently. You know, so gently that you can feel little tingles and fizzles all over the surface of your lips. She gasped. Then we shared one of the softest, most tender, most delicious kisses of my life. She kept pushing in a bit more forcefully, but I kept pulling back, trying to tease her and make her want it more. It seemed to work.

I made sure I ended it first, and when I did, she leaned in to the vacuum between us.

“Later,” I said.

She looked at me like a deer in headlights, “Um… ok… yes Mistress,” she said back.

I got up and left, wondering how wet her knickers were getting in her jeans. I really, really, really hoped that she was going to show that evening. It was going to be awkward as hell if she didn’t! I didn’t get a whole lot of studying done that afternoon. I was too excited. Eventually, I had a shower and whilst I was in it, I kept thinking about Amy being there with me, and pushing her up her against the shower wall and kissing her. Then I got out and got dressed. I actually considered getting back into what I was wearing earlier, but I wanted to feel fresh. I kept the boots, but put on some sexy underwear and a short black skirt. I tried a few different tops before settling on a figure hugging red fitted shirt. I looked like a little female devil and thought it looked perfect. I don’t want to look too strict, I wanted to look like a minx who is going to tease you to death!

Then I got a text from Amy, “Hey, are you still ok for tonight? :)”

“Yep, definitely! I’m looking forward it to it!” I replied. I didn’t want to put any doubt in her mind that I intended to play with her that evening.

“Yes me too 🙂 But I’m scared. What if we don’t like it, will it be weird?” she texted back.

I knew I had to say something good here. I really didn’t want to fuck this up. I chose my words very carefully. “I know we’ll enjoy it. But I’ll go easy. And I’ll make sure you’re safe. And whatever happens, I absolutely promise you that I’ll still be your friend in the morning”

She simply texted back “:) Thank you!! Oh Katie! I’ve never done anything like this before! I’m going crazy over here!”

“You’ll be going crazy over here when I get my hands on you 😉 Now put on something sexy and be here on the dot!”

“Yes mistress!!! :)”

I tidied my room and dusted off my box of tricks under my bed. I’ve acquired a few little bits of equipment over the past year, some of it from sneaky visits to sex shops, some from the Dom guy I used to see. Nothing major, but enough to have some fun with! I’ve got some soft leather handcuffs. A couple of blindfolds, some velcro restraints which you can tie to the bed frame and use to spread-eagle someone. And an extendible spreader bar.

I couldn’t wait to use some of it on Amy.

Then I sat at my computer and did a bit of internet browsing until she arrived.

Just before eight, I heard a knock at my door…

I waited for a few seconds to make her suffer. Then I put on my best Domme face and strode slowly and purposely across the floor, enjoying the clicks my heels made on the tiled wood. I wondered if she could hear them.

As I swung the door open, I saw her.

I crossed my arms and looked her up and down. She had this silly grin on her face, but looked very, very awkward. She was staring down, unable to keep my gaze and her cheeks were glowing bright pink all over again. One of her feet was tiptoed and her leg swinging from side to side in nervousness.

I was so glad it was a hot day. She was wearing a gorgeous tight, pink and white dress. It hugged her torso, and brought out the delicious curve of her waist. It also clung to her tits, making them look huge and delicious. I could even see the little upturned nubs of her nipples sticking out through the fabric. It was short, but it frilled out over her thighs, wonderfully emphasising her feminine figure. Then beneath I could see delicious swathes of juicy bare thigh and leg.

I remember she’d worn that dress out one night last year and I’d told her she looked hot in it.

“Is this ok?” She said, kind of meekly, whilst smoothing down the fabric, “I didn’t know what to wear.”

Internally, I grinned the biggest grin. The thought that she’d dressed up for me; and that she’d remembered that I’d liked that particular dress; and that she was desperately seeking my approval… it all made me feel very in control.

I nodded and answered, “You look very hot.”

Her head remained slightly bowed, but her eyes flashed up at me, and she smiled at my approval.

“You look hot too…” she said, “you always look hot… Mistress!”

Her eyes sparkled when she said the word and she bit her lip.

“Come in, naughty,” I said. We both giggled. She stepped inside, then I closed the door behind her.

“Take your shoes off,” I said.

She took them off like a good little girl, and put them in the corner. This made the small height difference between us a bit larger and emphasised my dominance.

I didn’t want to waste time on small talk. I needed to stay in the zone. I took her hand and led her over to the bed. We both knelt down on the covers. I ran my fingernails lightly down her bare arms and she shivered in delight. Then I took my hand, gently cupped her face and kissed her. I placed my free hand on her bare thigh where her dress had ridden up and my palm absorbed the soft, smooth feel of her skin. God, she felt heavenly. Arousal and excitement flooded through me, and my knickers started to saturate. My lips tingled like mad and I could hear cute little murmurs emerge from her mouth. Every time I pulled back slightly she just whispered the word, “Mistress…”

I guessed that she must have been thinking about submitting for a long time. Months maybe, since reading that book? Years? Her whole life? Now it just seemed like it was all just bubbling up out of her and she didn’t have a whole lot of control over it. At least that was my guess. I swear I could even smell the faintest hint of wet, horny pussy… although maybe that was just what my nose wanted to smell.