Making Plans

“Uh, hey, hello Vicky.”

“Hey, Nick. Whatcha doing Saturday? About one?”

“Uh, Satur… that’s… the 14th. Well, it’s 11 a.m. on Wednesday and I haven’t a clue what I’m having for lunch today. So… Saturday afternoon has to be wide open…”

“Wanna play tennis?”

“Sure. Should be a nice day. Not an extra hot week and hardly a cloud in the sky. But against who?”

“Me! Think I’m setting you up with Jeanine? She does have bigger tits than me and you had your eyes all over them on the Fourth…”

“Oh, hey, uh… well, yeah, I noticed them. I am a twenty-something boy. Rude, crude and no redeeming social value. But yours I really…”

“You just liked that MY teeny tiny twenty-something boobs weren’t in a bra.”

“Uh, yeah. Wha? Tiny? No way. But, uh, they were…”


“No, not nice. Very, very nice.”

“Ah, I knew you could sweet talk a girl.”

“Anyway, I’d love to play you. But… your trip? Your family?”

“They say you can’t choose your relatives. But you CAN change how much time you spend with them…”

“Uh, well, okay, then. Saturday. 1. Anywhere you prefer?”

“A park? I don’t want to go to the racket club. Too many kids and classes and…”

“And I’m not a member. I’m a prole.”

“I am a member. But, don’t like most of the people there.”

“Ohh kay… hmm… ah, I got it. You know where Reservoir Park is? On University Street and South Temple? They have a couple of courts that aren’t great, but no potholes and plenty of trees in the park. And I’ve rarely seen much of a crowd.”

“I can find it. We have a plan!”

“Cool. But why are you—.”

“Space and time only exist from 1 p.m. on Saturday. See you then! Dress to impress and don’t be late! I won’t be.”

“1 it is, Vicky. I will.”

“Cool, Nick. If I call you again it’ll be the one phone call I’m allowed after being arrested for hacking a dozen people to death with a machete! Send lawyers, guns and money. See ya Saturday!”

He stared at his suddenly disconnected cell phone.

Reservoir Park

Nick parked his motorcycle on University Street at 12:45. And his supposition had been right. The tennis courts were slightly obscured by low bushes and trees on the 13th East side but from here it was a clear view and both were unoccupied, no doubt helped by it being mid-July so the sprawling University campus that began on the other side of this street was largely empty and the closest neighborhood was mostly commercial to service the University and the nearest old houses had been carved into student hovels so few families. A few adult couples sat on blankets sunbathing or in any of the plentiful shade.

He looked around and didn’t see Vicky. He’d arrived intentionally early to both avoid being late but to also calm himself. His car had chosen an hour ago to throw the serpentine belt and after judging the time he’d decided it would have to wait until Monday. The forecast claimed the chance of rain was actually negative and the brilliant blue sky didn’t challenge that.

So the Yamaha. Fortunately it had a rack where he’d carried sports bags and such any number of times. Since he hadn’t been expected to pick Vicky up he hoped this wouldn’t be a detriment.

But to what, he had no idea. He looked around again. He didn’t know what kind of car Vicky had. But that was only one of the things he didn’t know about her, the full list significantly longer than what he did know about her.

Five-seven or close to, a few inches shorter than him, light brown hair not far from his color but about shoulder length. Cute, no, maybe, beautiful? He’d tagged along with his friend Frank to a Fourth of July BBQ and Vicky had likewise tagged along with her friend Jeanine. Per the phone call, Jeanine’s chest entered a room a couple of minutes ahead of her but as soon as he’d seen Vicky he’d largely forgotten about that statuesque beauty and her inimitable rack.

Vicky’s chest was certainly impressive and she’d indeed been braless and in a midriff-baring tank top with extra-large armholes that all meant it wasn’t intended for modesty. And her tanned legs down to her white sneakers were entirely exposed in denim shorts that were cut so the exposed bottom swells of her ass cheeks merged with the tops of her thighs.

Not that her firm body offered any reason to object to her choice of clothing.

Frank and Jeanine had some sort of relationship through their jobs so it had provided an excuse for all four of them to meet. He and Vicky had wandered off but their discussion had been light but the attraction had been immediate and mutual. She worked in a… bank… no, some sort of financial thing, but she’d decried interest in discussing it in detail and so he’d reciprocated.

Then Jeanine had insisted the two of them had to leave, another engagement. He’d gotten Vicky’s cell number but she’d said with a morose tone she was off on a trip to family until the end of the month but she’d definitely be in touch after. Neither of them had been overly demonstrative but their light touches on bare arms and backs had been sufficient. He’d resolved to be patient. No other relationships were on the horizon and online hookups had lost their charm even with the short time he’d spent with Vicky.

And then, the unexpected phone call.

He’d just rehooked the bungees to his bike’s rack when a car pulled alongside. It had the familiar ‘U’ placard and until the rear passenger door opened he didn’t pay it much attention.

Then he saw Vicky’s head rise above that door.

“Hi,” she said brightly, “just grabbing my stuff.”

She ducked back down and the level of tint on the window again hid her. He saw a racket bag and a little sports bag hit the sidewalk as he took a step in that direction. She stood and pushed the door closed. The car sped off, Nick thought the driver had gotten his next passenger and time was money.

Then he didn’t care.

She walked quickly and met him and rose on her toes and kissed him on the cheek. Then she hugged him, her cheek against the top of his chest.

“Ah,” she said softly, “thank you.”

He put his arms around her and finally landed on the bare small of her back. She had a loose, barely-there tank top even skimpier than what she’d worn on the Fourth but this time over a sports bra and a tiny white skirt and plenty of bare flesh between. His grip was loose until his prick informed him that her hip was pressed against it. Pressed with some force and clear intent if the slight movement of that hip was any indication. She leaned her upper body back so she could look up, her hip stayed in place.

“If I get all your blood there, and feels like it’ll take plenty,” she said with a broad smile, “won’t be any left for your legs.”

“Well,” he said, “let’s really encourage it.”

He slid his hands onto her ass but kept them on top of her skirt and pressed. Her arm flew to the back of his head and this time her kiss was on his mouth.

And it wasn’t soft. Her lips and then her tongue were insistent and after a moment he opened the gate to let the invader in. It was a brutal attack, her tongue was fast and forceful and her hip forced his brain to split its attention. He kneaded her ass cheeks through the thin cloth of her pleated skirt. She finally broke the kiss and rubbed her hip in a tight circle against his raging but constrained erection.

“I think you’re nicely warmed up,” she said with a slight hoarseness, “at least I am.”

He squeezed her ass cheeks with some force and she purred. Then she led them to disentangle.

“Nice bike,” she said as they gathered their bags for the short walk to the courts.

“Car picked this morning to shit the bed,” he said and she chuckled.

“I like riding on ’em, just get a bit handsy sometimes when I do…”

She caught her tongue between her lips and he gave a silent laugh.

“Only one helmet,” his voice conveyed disappointment.

“Not required in this state,” she said brightly. He laughed. She was right about that.

He had his racket and had just opened a new can of tennis balls he’d bought that morning when he looked at her. The slow relaxation of his cock was immediately reversed.

She’d pulled off the tank top and her back was to him and she was bent at the waist with her hands in her sports bag. The skirt that had barely reached her thighs was hopelessly overmatched and it was abundantly obvious the skirt was the only cloth between her feet and the bra. Then she shimmied her hips, grabbed her racket and stood and turned.

“Ready to play?” Her eyes glittered before she ran off to her side of the court.

He’d won the first set, six-four. The first two games had mostly been a lark but the third game had transitioned. An overheard mention of tennis on the Fourth had launched them into easily conveyed histories that meshed like cogs. With few words needed, they’d both recalled collegiate varsity level skills with the lowest rungs of the pro tours just in reach… but the real money likely not so, due to matched combinations of not-quite-there talent and solid academic chops that meant more prosaic careers, hers in finance and his in engineering, made for surer futures. Since, both had mostly fallen away from playing because local tournaments didn’t excite either and their various friends couldn’t offer them proper challenges.

They stood closely together and drank from their water bottles; sweaty, loose strands from her ponytail stuck to her upper back. Bare, sweaty arms pressed together.

Where’d you learn to play serve and volley that well? Not so common anymore.”

“A girl’s gotta have a few secrets,” Vicky smiled, ” Ready to lose the second set? I spotted you that first one.”

“Says you,” Nick stuck his tongue out at her.

“Keep that pose in mind,” she said and quickly thrust her hips forward and flipped the front of her skirt up with her hand and definitively confirmed that she shaved her pubic hair.

They both looked up. Four women, all somewhere in the mid or late thirties and up, had just arrived. Three were in tennis skirts a bit more sedate than Vicky’s and the other in shorts, all in sleeveless tees. Nick and Vicky nodded to the quartet and received nods back. She moved and quickly kissed him on the mouth.

“My serve,” she grabbed the balls and ran to her side.

“One break, coming up,” he said loudly enough for the quartet to laugh.

“Only love you’ll be getting will be your score,” was greeted with cheers from the spectators.

Midway through the first game he spared a glance at the four women. The quartet were fit and had solid skills, but well below the competitors they watched. Their expressions conveyed admiration but a growing level of… something. Then that something solidified to shock.

Vicky had held serve, albeit after a couple of rounds of deuce and the four spectators had hooted and clapped. At the end of the game, rather than grabbing a ball between her racket and foot as she’d been doing, she bent at the waist with her back to the other court. Three mouths fell open.

“Told ya,” a thin, strawberry blonde said as she pointed to a friend with light brown hair across their net, “you should do that, Sherry. You’ve got the best ass.”

Vicky laughed. Then she won the second set in a tiebreaker. More cheers from the onlookers.

By five-five in the third set the four women had mostly quit playing and cheered the singles match along. Sherry had indeed shucked her panties off, her three friends had stood around her and Vicky had given her a thumbs-up as she showed them to the younger woman.

“Call it a draw?” Vicky asked.

“Oh, boo,” the chorus said, “kick his ass!”

“But if I do that,” she turned to them, “he won’t want to fuck my brains out! And I’ve had a terrible, terrible week and I need more than my vibrator tonight!”

Four shocked looks. Nick blinked. Vicky looked at him.

“You do fuck on the first date, right?”

Five faces looked at him with some intensity.

“This first date,” he said in as firm a voice as he could muster, “you better believe it. Ok, draw.”

Vicky laughed and rolled the balls toward their bags. The four spectators offered applause and light-hearted jeers. Vicky flipped the rear of her skirt up as she walked away from them and Sherry put two fingers in her mouth and offered a wolf whistle and Vicky shook her hips as she set her racket on its head and leaned the handle against the chain link fence.

“I am sopping wet,” Nick said and pulled his tee shirt off. Sherry whistled again but it looked like the four were shaping up to resume their doubles play as he bent to pull a small towel from his bag.

“If you can do THAT,” Vicky said, “so can I.”

She grabbed the bottom hem of her sports bra and whipped it off. Nick’s mouth froze slightly open as two beautifully round breasts bounced for just an instant. Her areolas were moderately pink and her large and already-erect nipples were just darker, but not quite red. She had no need of a bra unless she wanted to obscure those lovely dark pink treats. And her choice of tops the two times he’d seen her made clear for casual dress she had little interest in doing so. An attitude he heartily endorsed.

‘Natural,’ ran through his mind, ‘totally.’

Her friend Jeanine’s tits flashed through his mind. Her shirt on the Fourth had offered plentiful cleavage and Nick was reasonably certain hers were natural as well. But any further thought of Jeanine disappeared.

Vicky slammed into him, her left arm went to his neck and her right around his back just above his waistband. Her nipples pressed tightly into his body and as it had before her tongue’s attack was a lesson in ultra-violent brutality. Her skin was covered with sweat, as was his.

Forewarned being forearmed, his retaliation was vicious. He ignored her back and both hands initially landed on top of her skirt but as soon as she nudged her thigh against his miserable shaft he pulled the cloth up and landed on her bare ass cheeks. She exhaled into his mouth and pressed harder against his crotch. A whistle from the other court and he opened an eye a slit.

Sherry had her cell phone up and was taking pictures or a video. Then he noticed Vicky’s eye had likewise flashed open. She laughed into his mouth but her tongue kept up its attack. Then she created a slight gap and her right hand left back and followed his waistband until it was sandwiched between their bodies. His shorts were snug and not that long, she HAD asked for him to ‘dress to impress’ and had a drawstring tie. He felt her fingers unravel the knot. Then her tongue and lips offered a truce and she pulled away just far enough to whisper.

“She wants pictures, let’s give her some good ones.”

Before Nick could respond Vicky grabbed his waistband with both hands and in one swift move squatted and pushed his shorts and jock to his ankles. His engorged prick sprang free, level with Vicky’s face. She’d also turned them slightly so they were directly side on from Sherry and her crew.

“Wha…,” he said.

“It IS nice,” she said in a voice intended to carry. She quickly pushed her mouth over it and with deliberate speed swallowed it completely.

Nick was aware his wasn’t the largest cock west of the Rocky Mountains, but he knew he was far from the smallest. One former girlfriend had mostly refused oral and when he’d intimated a certain act she’d made clear ‘if that thing gets anywhere near my asshole I’ll slit your throat!’ But he looked down just as Vicky’s nose tapped his pubic flesh. He moaned when she paused and he felt her mouth, throat, whatever, ripple along his rampant erection. He bent his head back and closed his eyes and moaned as she worked backwards to expose the shaft.

He glanced quickly. Sherry’s face had a huge grin as she clearly used the video recorder on her cell, her fingers made clear her zooming in as each increment of his cock became visible. Her friends had all frozen where they’d been on the court and had shocked looks.

A car drove along behind the quartet on 13th East, the views from there would be intermittent. But not hidden. He blinked.

But then the pressure and heat had again fully engulfed his cock and those brain cells concerned with cars and streets and the possibility that Sherry was broadcasting them to the world at the moment lost out. He pumped his hips forward and pushed his flesh even deeper into her throat. She held his ass and guided his movements as sucked him in and out a dozen slow strokes. He moaned and tried to keep his breaths deep and slow.

Finally she slowly backed off and released his prick completely. It throbbed and quivered in a duet with his sped up heartbeat. Her tongue ran around the ring of the head before she stood up, reached and pulled his head down. He read her desire.

She purred as his right hand cupped her left tit and he sucked the nipple into his mouth. It was already prominent but he felt it grow and harden as he twirled his tongue around it and sucked in to create a vacuum. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him against her.

“Ah, yeah, that’s… nice,” she said, her voice still pitched to carry as she encouraged him to offer equal time to each shapely breast. They weren’t Jeanine’s but still more than a handful, her tiny top on the Fourth had shown them to be amazingly firm for their size and fully exposed they were even more impressive.

But her nipples continued to grow. He’d had plenty of lovers and he was pretty sure none of them had this kind of impressive size. He’d always enjoyed when those lovers would let the clear shapes, whether impressively large or not, and even a translucent exposure of color, show in public.

But he never expected this. And as her hand used the ample saliva she’d left behind to stroke his cock with one hand while the other guided his head was something else he’d never expected.

Nor anticipated. How much further? What did she want…

And he knew. She nudged him back but kept hold of his cock and spun them. She guided him by the cock the few steps to their court’s nearest net post. She pulled him against her back as she flipped the back of her skirt up and she aimed the cock to slip vertically along the cleft of her ass and turned her head to look at him slightly side on.

“When I said fuck on the first date,” she said before she turned to look at Sherry, “I meant fuck… me.. right… fucking… NOW!”

She bent over with her left hand on the post and spread her legs so her feet were just wider than her shoulders. She pushed his cock down then released it and her hand quickly reached between her own legs and found it again and pulled it.

He froze for the merest instant. Her hand was insistent. She was serious. She wasn’t tall enough he could stand straight and hit the target, but not so short it would be uncomfortable as it had been a couple of past lovers. He shuffled his feet so she could pull his cock to her entrance but he held fast when the head made initial contact. He felt the hot moisture on offer. She mewled. Was he going to do this? He… they hardly knew each other. It was clear that a condom wasn’t even of consideration to her.