Dire Diagnosis:

Life isn’t fair. It makes no promises and grants no guarantees. Bad things happen to good people and all that crap. I was diagnosed with cancer at the tender young age of 22. It came on without warning and was a death sentence. Even with aggressive treatment there was little chance of remission. They say there are stages of grief and at the end you find acceptance. I skipped a few steps and I guess I had my grandfather to thank for that. He was a no-nonsense sort of fellow and laid down the facts of life early on in my life. That was shortly after I buried my parents and older sister. They had died in a car crash and blind luck had kept me home that day. So it was my gnarly old grandfather that raised me these last twelve years. If I wanted something I worked for it. So he figured I could beat my diagnosis with sheer willpower alone. He was wrong.

I didn’t moan and bitch. What was the point of that? I just made a list and decided to see how many things on it I could do before I died. It wasn’t a long list but it was all I had really. The first thing on the agenda was to do as much travelling as I could before I got too sick to do that. I was glad I had done that at the onset. It was mainly hopping buses and trains to see the east and west coast since I had grown up in the Midwest. I had never seen the ocean before. My research took me to a small city south of Boston called Arkham. It was well known for its scenic points as well as the corporate headquarters of Numenor Incorporated. I had sent them a request to tour the plant while I was in Arkham but never expected a reply. So when a gleaming black stretch limo pulled up in front of the bed and breakfast I was staying at I was confused. The door opened and a gorgeous Japanese woman approached me and bowed low.

“You are Trevor Kent,” she asked and I could only nod. “Very good, my employer would like to extend an invitation to view our facilities and have dinner with him this evening.”

When I tried to tell her I didn’t have the proper clothing for such an event she assured me all would be provided. I climbed into the back of the limo and stared out at the city as she drove me to Numenor Headquarters. I felt like I had just won the golden ticket and was about to meet the tech version of Willie Wonka. It was a short drive but when I saw the gated facility I knew we had arrived. I was taken to the front door where I was scanned so that any clothing I might need could be provided at a moment’s notice. I was greeted by none other than Kat Shaw, Nick’s sister. I tried not to stare but she was even more attractive than Akira the Asian driver.

“I want to apologize,” I said. “I don’t mean to stare but I’ve never met anyone as beautiful as you before.”

“And I thought this was going to be a dull visit,” she said taking my arm. “Do you charm all the ladies so easily Trevor? Is it okay if I call you Trevor?”

“You can whistle and call me Spot if you want to Ms. Shaw.” I replied.

“It’s Kat since we are on a first name basis.” She said and let out a little whistle. “Just practicing…”

She gave me a tour of the first floor and I had to stop twice. The fatigue was getting worse and I tired easier as the disease progressed. Kat did her best to hide her concern but I saw it etched on her lovely features. They had a wheelchair on standby and I had to use it for the tour of the factory floor. There were several production lines and all of it was fully automated. Nick greeted me at command central and offered me a light snack to help strengthen me for the last part of my visit. We took an elevator to the top of the building where I could look out over the town of Arkham and in the distance the ocean.

“Trevor,” Nick addressed me in his cultured tenor. “I need your help.”

“My help,” I replied confused. “How can I help you?”

“I have a pet project. It involves a fully immersive digital environment. You could call it virtual reality but it is far more than that. Its purpose is for long term space flight. While we can chemically induce comas to reduce cargo space for such things as food and other supplies we need a way of keeping the mind active and healthy. So with the help of several A.I.s we have created worlds for the crew to use as entertainment and mental health. The problem is we don’t know the effect of long term immersion on a living mind.”

“I am a perfect candidate then. I only have a few months at most and you could monitor me to see how I do. I volunteer. The fatigue is just the beginning. It is only going to get worse for me and if I can help out with the space program that is more than I could ever hope for. When do we start?”

Nick and Kat smiled at my enthusiasm. I signed the wavers and called my grandfather. I told him that I had been selected for a study that could help future astronauts. He was so damn proud. Akira returned to help me dress for the dinner with the Shaws and even tied my tie for me. I managed to walk to the elevator and arrive on my own power. I sat next to Kat and met her mother and the other partners of Numenor Incorporated. I learned that there would be other volunteers in the program. There were several worlds and themes that I could choose from. Kat recommended one called Project 13. Nick narrowed his eyes but left it a bit of a mystery.

Unfortunately at the end of meal I was too weak to walk and I was taken to my room via wheelchair. The lovely Akira pushed me and told me how proud she was of my volunteering. I was glad to be chosen. My life had been so normal up till now. She told me as she helped me into my night clothes that if I did pick Project 13 I would never have to worry about dull in that particular world. She helped me into bed but instead of leaving she pulled up a chair and stayed with me until I fell asleep. I awoke the next day feeling well rested but still a bit below par. Kat was sitting in the chair that Akira had pulled up and she was just waking up herself.

“Morning Trevor,” she said yawning. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes I did,” I replied. “You didn’t have to watch over me.”

“I didn’t have to but I wanted to,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. “You are our honored guest after all.”

“I’ve never been… I mean… thank you,” I stammered.

“I must look a mess,” she said getting to her feet. “Feel up to breakfast in bed. I can answer any questions you might have before they come to get you prepped.”

I managed to sit up as a well-dressed maid wheeled in a cart laden with all sorts of food. I fixed my plate as Kat went over the preliminaries. There would be an implantation at the base of my skull which would create the brain/machine interface. Once that was done I would have feeding tubes and other medical necessities attached. After that I would be plugged into the system and I would be on my own. I could choose any program to interact with. If I got tired of one I could exit it and begin another. I asked her about Project 13 but she just smiled and told me I’d have to discover that on my own.

After breakfast I was wheeled to a clean room and I was prepped for a minor surgery. I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. I was taught how to interact with my cybernetic familiar as the technician called it. The implant housed a cutting edge A.I. that would aid me on my quests and answer any questions I had in and out of game play. I was eager to see how real these worlds were that Nick and the others had created. I was poked and prodded so they could feed me intravenously and monitor my vitals while I was under. The last injection was a mild sedative to help transition me into the digital environment. I yawned a few times and then dropped off to a deep slumber.

I awoke in the white hallway. It served as the jumping off point to the various worlds. I brought up my hand and a menu screen appeared in front of me. There was a complete listing of the programs and at the very bottom was Project 13. A part of me wanted to try out one of the other realms but Kat had put the bug in my brain so I selected it. There was a sense of movement and I hovered in a velvety red pillar of light. I raised my hand and a character creation menu appeared.

“Male, Female or Other,” a sensuous female voice asked.

“Other… how can you be other,” I asked.

“This realm allows for a Futanari option,” the voice explained. “I will display for your understanding.”

A shapely female figure appeared and was sporting a world class erection between ‘her’ legs. I had an instant understanding of what kind of game this was. I touched the figure and looked at it from several angles. I was tempted since it really was the best of both worlds.

“You can change your mind later on if you wish,” the voice said.

“Oh what the hell,” I said grinning from ear to ear. “I’ll give the um… what did you call it?”

“Futanari or Futa for short,” the voice giggled. “A wise choice, now you need to select your race. There are several to choose from. Each race has a perk as well as a hindrance. You can play as a human which is widely accepted in all the realms of Erogenia. The downside is that their endurance is lower compared to other races. The next race is surface elf. They have a very high charisma and a good endurance but aren’t well liked by orcs or goblins. You can play as a dark elf. They have a good charisma, good endurance as well as an above average dexterity. Sadly, they are feared and mistrusted by humans and surface elves. The orcs are a fun race to play. They have a high endurance but a low charisma. They are feared by surface elves and only tolerated by humans. The last race is the cat folk. They possess a good endurance, dexterity and charisma. But they are hunted as sex slaves by most of the other races.”

“Sex slaves,” I said and the voice purred in my ear.

“It is widely known that the most gifted lovers in all the realm are the cats,” she said practically moaning now. “Here is what the average Futa cat folk looks like.”

My jaw dropped. She was stunning and barely fit into her armor if you could actually call it armor. Playing a cat folk would be a challenge. Oh why not, it sounded like fun. The next screen was a list of merits and flaws. I had a total of ten points to spend. I asked what were the benefits of taking merits and flaws? The interface told me that certain merits opened up exclusive classes. I liked the sound of that. I saw that there was one merit that actually cost ten points.

“Why is backstab so damn expensive?”

“It allows you to begin the game as an assassin of sorts,” she said.

“I prefer to play a mix of stealth and magic,” I told her.

“Well then take backstab and I’ll tell you all about the Anal Assassin,” she giggled. “The Anal Assassin is the only class that allows you to collect marks by targeting their backside.”

“Marks…” I said and she continued.

“The goal of the game is to sleep with as many people as you can. When your partner orgasms you ‘collect’ them. You build a harem of willing partners that allow you to level up and gain special abilities. If you manage to back stab a partner they are collected with a bonus. To gain access to shadow magic you need to collect mages.”

“Oh I am going to like this game,” I said. “Anything else I need to know?”

“If you collect monsters you earn gold and mana increases. But beware of the undead they can steal partners and can drain your endurance faster than any other monster.”

I chose back stab and created my Anal Assassin. I finished my character off by fine tuning her appearance until I was satisfied. I decided on a white tiger pattern to make her more appealing and unusual. I had enough to buy light armor and a hooded cloak. I didn’t need to advertise right away who and what I was. I looked over my avatar one last time before entering the game. The world went dark and I awoke in the woods. I didn’t expect everything to look so real. I could smell the pine trees and feel the wind on my skin. This was amazing! I looked myself over and it took me a few minutes to get used to the feminine curves. I wonder if I got experience for masturbating. I brought up the map feature and saw that I wasn’t too far from the small town of Hung’s Hollow. I pulled up my hood and quietly headed in that direction.

The forest seemed quiet at first but my keen hearing picked up someone in distress. I didn’t go rushing in until I got a look at the situation. I snuck up to a clearing and my jaw nearly dropped when I saw the woman being attacked by some sort of plant with tentacles. What the hell is that? An information screen appeared and it had a basic description of an Ero Plant. It uses it tentacles to pull unsuspecting victims off their feet before mercilessly raping them. The only known weak spot of the Ero Plant was its bulbous sack near the base of the monster. My only weapon was a dagger. I could try and throw it but if I missed I would be as helpless as the she-elf. I walked around the perimeter of the clearing to see if I could find any other weaknesses. I saw something disturbing the grass and squinted, there hiding beneath the blades of grass were a circle of thin tentacles. I bet that’s how it finds its prey. You go walking in and step on one of those and whoosh you are plant food.

I looked up at the naked she-elf inverted and grasped by the ankles. She was writhing around as a third tentacle violated her ass. It was hard to judge her height but she was quite attractive with long silky blond hair and a womanly figure. I liked her pale nipples that appeared painfully distended. It appeared that her pubic hair had been trimmed in some sort of runic pattern. My familiar showed me a variety of common pussy runes. The one she bore meant that she was the oldest daughter. The elf girl was moaning now as the plant began pushed her towards one hell of a climax. Damn it, I drew my dagger and moved as carefully as I could. It didn’t help that the damn tentacles kept squirming all over the forest’s floor. I was almost within stabbing range when the she elf let loose a monstrous cry as she climaxed. I moved without thinking and threw myself forward and stabbed that wicked fucker in its sack. The plant shuddered and died. I caught the girl as she fell. We ended up on our backs in the clearing. She clung to me and thanked me for my aid.

“You saved me,” she pronounced as she checked out my ample cleavage. “My, what a womanly figure you possess… so round… so enticing and so… damn is that all you?” She asked staring at my generous erection.

“Sorry, but your beauty inspired me,” I said as she licked her lips.

“I do owe you a reward,” she purred. “…Mayhap a loving blowjob to remember me by?”

“How can I possibly refuse,” I growled as the elf dropped to her knees to examine my member better.

“Truly a cock of heroic proportions,” she said taking me in hand. “So firm and so thick… I shalt honor you with a kiss.”

She gave my cock a hesitant lick and seemed to find the taste satisfactory. Soon the head was in her mouth and her tongue was working its elfish magic upon me. I trembled under her eager worship. I gripped yon she elf by her golden locks and began fucking her face. Apparently she had the merit of no gag reflex as she took my entire length between her pouty lips with ease. Before I could blow my load she came up for air and begged me to take away the foul memories of the devil plant. I eagerly agreed and positioned the fair maiden on her hands and knees. I teased her precious pussy lips with the length of my magic rod as I pulled her rosy ass cheeks apart. I saw her puckered anus had been violated by the Ero Plant and decided to start there. I pulled back and parked the head of my cock at the entrance to her underworld. She looked over her shoulder in surprise as I plunged into her inner darkness.

“Foul deed foul Futa,” she cried. “Thou hast pierced my ass to its core… I am not that kind of elf… UNNNN… I am a good girl… NNNNNN… oh god, don’t stop… UNNNNN… fuck my ass you evil bitch you! Drive that wicked cock harder… harder I tell thee… oh shit that feels amazing… wait until I tell my sisters about this!”

“You are so damn tight she-elf,” I growled as I pummeled her from behind. “I have grown a taste for your kind.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls,” she purred. “Faster damn you… oh yeah that’s it baby… I’m almost there… I can feel you growing inside of me. Pump thy cock milk into my ass and I will be thine.”

I came so hard I nearly passed out. The poor elf did faint and as I caught my breath a new menu appeared. Did I wish to claim the elven cleric for my harem? I added her to my followers and realized that I hadn’t named my character. I had been in such a rush to start I had left it blank. I thought about something stealthy but simple. I settled on Shadow Oak. We snuggled and restored the lost stamina we had both lost. I would have to remember that. The elf woke up and a gold icon appeared above her head. The menu informed me that she had a side quest if I chose to accept it.

“What can I do for you?” I asked and she frowned.

“I have lost my way,” she replied. “Will you help me home and perhaps one of my sisters will reward you.”

“I accept,” I said and the icon disappeared. “Looks like you live on the far side of Hung’s Hollow.” I told her as my map popped up showing a flashing point just beyond the town.

“You better be careful,” she warned. “Cat folk are hunted in the hollow. You could end up with a collar around that delicate neck of yours.”

“We will avoid the town for now. Let’s get going.”

So we took an indirect route to the hollow and veered east before reaching the road. It took longer and it was nearly nightfall before we reached the she-elf’s cabin. A plume of smoke was rising from the chimney and she seemed quite excited about getting home. She took me by the hand and opened the front door. Inside the cabin was her entire family. Her parents were fixing dinner while her three sisters were seated around a table sewing. Everyone stopped what they were doing and rushed us seeing that their darling daughter had returned home safe and sound.

“What happened young lady,” her mother asked in a stern voice.

“I was gathering wild flowers when a devil plant attacked.” She replied her cheeks turning crimson. “But I was rescued by brave Shadow Oak who agreed to see me home.”

“Thank you for saving my daughter,” mom said and a melody played indicating my side quest was complete. “Please stay the night and break your fast with us.”

“That would be lovely,” I said lowering my hood.

“A cat folk,” dad said his eyes widening in lust.

“Father, remember yourself… she is a guest and besides she is a Futa… so hands off…” the daughter explained.

The father grumbled and returned to his task. I was introduced to her sisters who forgot about their sewing and asked me what it was like. I shrugged and asked what it was like to be a girl. They just giggled and begged me to tell the tale of how I had bested the devil plant. I went into how I had snuck up and saw their sister handing upside-down. How I had moved as fast as I could but she had been ravaged by the foul plant.

“Did it fuck her,” one sister asked.

“Yes it did,” I replied and they blushed.

“Did it rape her,” another sister asked.