Betty wasn’t sure how physical therapy was supposed to help her, but at this point she was willing to try anything to stop her embarrassing problem. She’d been doing the exercises the doctor had given her–but they just weren’t working. He said that Betty could try physical therapy. If that didn’t work, then the next step would be surgery. After her C-section eleven months ago, Betty wanted to avoid surgery if at all possible.

She’d gotten directions at the information desk and followed them to this large room. It looked like a gym had mated with a massage parlor. She was only a little early, so she was surprised that no one was about when she entered.


“Out in a minute.” The voice was feminine; that was a bit of a relief. “Make yourself comfortable; you’re my last appointment today.”

Betty walked around the room, unsure how exactly to get comfortable under the circumstances. How did one go about therapy for weakened vag muscles? She’d done the kegals the way the doctor had described–all the time, in fact–except for when she was breast-feeding. Having the baby sucking while clenching down there just weirded her out.

“Oh geez!” She realized that she’d forgotten her hand pump. This could get very uncomfortable. She hoped she didn’t start leaking before she made it home. She laughed to herself when she thought about what hubby had said last night when she said it was time to wean the baby. “But what about me?” It was nice having someone who knew how to suck without biting. Her little man was biting. A lot. Time to give them up!

“It’s good to hear laughter in here.” She was exactly what Betty pictured a physical therapist would look like: tall, lean, athletic build, more a swimmer’s body than a runner’s. Her long, tan legs were hugged by spandex athletic shorts. Her arms were well-defined but not overly muscular. Surprisingly, she had a little belly that didn’t fit the rest of her build.

Betty couldn’t resist. “I’m sorry. I know it’s rude, but are you pregnant?”

The woman laughed. “I am, actually, and you’re the first client who’s had the courage to ask. Hi, I’m Paige.”

Betty laughed, “Oh, that’s perfect. Nice to meet you Paige, I’m Betty! Between the two of us, we could make a good Betty Paige.”

Paige gave a chuckle of her own. “Funny, I think you’re right. If you mashed us together, we’d make a good Betty: your hair, face, and boobs and my long limbs and wasp waist. So Betty, you’re here for pelvic strengthening, is that right?”

Betty nodded. “Yes, that’s the idea, but I’m not sure how we do it. I’ve been doing my kegals, honestly. I do them practically all day.” It all came out in a rush. Betty looked down, embarrassed when she finished.

Paige stepped over and put an arm around Betty’s shoulder. “Don’t be embarrassed. It happens. You strained the muscles trying to pop that baby out is all.”

Betty looked up. “Was that in my file?”

“I’m guessing, mostly because of that.” Paige nodded at Betty’s now-damp chest as she let go of her shoulder and turned to face her. “That happens all the time too. No worries, just us girls here! Why don’t you fill in the details for me?”

Betty looked down at her large, wet chest. “Well, shit. I forgot my hand pump and I don’t have a change of clothes. I can’t believe how totally unprepared I am today.”

“Like I said, no worries. I’ve got a shirt–though not a bra–that will fit you. When we’re done, you can wear it out of here so you’re not advertising on your way.”

That got a laugh out of Betty. “‘Advertising’ indeed! I didn’t realize until I started breast-feeding just how many guys find it erotic. I get the lustiest looks when I’m doing it in public. It’s only other women who seem to have an issue.”

Paige nodded. “Women with kids, right?”

“Yes. I get, ‘It’s not proper’ or ‘Do that in private.’ Uh, I’m feeding a baby, not having sex.”

Paige said, “It’s because they’re thinking the same thing the men are. Don’t tell me that it doesn’t feel deliciously erotic when it’s your husband instead of your baby.” Paige raised an eyebrow at her.

“Well, I will say that I can’t do kegals while breast-feeding. It makes me think of sex.” Betty blushed a little.

“Perfectly normal: women who haven’t breast-fed don’t know the difference. They assume it’s all erotic and freak out. It all depends on who’s on the other end.” Paige smiled. “Okay, back to why you’re here. Was it a long delivery?”

“Oh gods. It went so long that they gave up and performed a C-section.”

“Did you have problems before that?”

“Not before the pregnancy, but my little man seemed to settle right on top of my bladder. I felt like I had to pee all the time, but in order to actually go, I had to bend forward and push him off my bladder.”

“And now?”

“Now I’m okay until I cough, sneeze, or have a good hard laugh. Oh–even more embarrassing, a couple of times when having sex, I’ve had a little stream come out right before I came. Hubby’s a dear and hasn’t said anything, but I saw his eyes go wide the last time it happened.”

Paige smiled at Betty. “The first three we’ll work on, but I think the last may be here to stay. I believe you’re experiencing female ejaculation. It’s not pee, although I know it can feel like it. I tell you what: we’ll work on the leaking. When that’s under control, you’ll know that the other isn’t pee. Okay?”

“If you say so. I just want to be able to laugh, cough, or sneeze without having to cross my legs or spritz myself when it comes on too fast.”

“We will definitely work on it. To do it properly, you’re going to have to deal with a bit more embarrassment.”

“Oh geez. How so?”

“Well, it’s a matter of how comfortable you are with being examined down there.”

Betty laughed. “Ha! After having a baby, I’ve gotten quite used to examination. But what exactly will you be observing?” Betty had butterflies in her stomach. She’d never had a female GYN. Sure, the nurses at the hospital had checked her, but it was quick and perfunctory. Also, she’d been a bit out of it then and hadn’t cared who was doing what. She’d just wanted the baby out.

Here and now though, fully dressed with an attractive woman in front of her, the thought of being examined was promoting new feelings. She hadn’t experimented during college, having met hubby in the second semester of her first year. It was one of the things she’d always wondered about; the way her dorm mates talked about it sounded intriguing. She shook herself back reality when Paige spoke again.

“That’s good; maybe it won’t be embarrassing after all. Being a swimmer and a physical therapist, I lost all hang-ups about nudity long ago. I know lots of women who are more embarrassed to be unclothed around other women than men.”

“Oh, I got past that in college. Half the girls seemed to own only one towel, which they used for their hair.” Betty laughed.

“Ah, college–those were the days.” Paige gave a wistful sigh.

Betty gave a nervous chuckle, sensing a Sappho vibe from Paige’s wistfulness. “So, what’s first?”

“Let me grab gloves and towels. I’ll need you to undress from the waist down. I’ll be right back with a towel for you. I think the table there would work best.”

Betty looked where Paige pointed. The table was padded with a thick mat like in gymnastics rooms. The table was probably waist-high for Paige. When Betty walked over to it, she found the top of it was just above her belly button.

She sat on the bench near the table to take off her shoes. When she stood to remove her pants and panties, she blushed. She was wet. It wasn’t from spritzing. Thinking about what she’d missed in college and the lovely, long, lean Paige examining her had had an effect. Betty used her cotton panties to try to absorb some of the evidence.

Betty felt a wave of heat and a new surge of embarrassment when Paige came back without a shirt. She was in just a zip-front sports bra and spandex shorts, leaving little for Betty to imagine (though she was imagining inappropriate things!)


Had Betty known what Paige was thinking, she would have been more excited than embarrassed.

Paige knew she ought to reschedule Betty with another therapist; it was totally inappropriate to work with a patient she was so attracted to. She took her time getting the supplies while she tried to convince herself to do the right thing. She’d gotten a vibe from Betty, however, that made her too tempting to resist.

At four-and-a-half months pregnant, Paige was terrifically horny all the time. Work and swimming usually helped to take the edge off until her partner got home and she could indulge. Patti hadn’t been home for the past three days, however; she was attending a week-long conference. Paige had been taking care of herself in Patti’s absence, but she knew Patti wouldn’t mind if she had a little fun without her. She’d tell Patti all about it over the phone while they played with themselves.

Paige grabbed a few towels, expecting to need them. The thought made her break into a grin that she was still sporting when she came back out of the small office. She’d removed her top when she felt a wave of heat. They kept it fairly warm in the PT room in deference to the older folks they often saw. On her way out of the office, Paige bumped up the temperature a couple more degrees to make sure they’d be comfortable if she got herself and Betty into the state of undress she hoped to.

The capable therapist went to the bench Betty had left her neatly-folded pants on and set down her stack of supplies. “Just a minute, let me make sure we’re not disturbed. I doubt you want to show your goodies to any curious passersby. Oh, sorry. Here! Take this, lay it on the lower half of the table, and climb up. I’ll lock the door and kill some of the overhead lights so it’s not quite so clinical.”

Paige was halfway to the door when Betty said, “Climb is right. Geez, these things aren’t made for short people!”

Paige laughed and pointed to the base of the table. “It has a pullout stool. And you reminded me; I should grab my own stool so I can properly see what we’re dealing with.”

The thought of having her face in Betty’s center was getting Paige excited. She hurried through her tasks, returning with her wheeled stool in moments. Betty was sitting on the edge of the table, swinging her legs in obvious nervousness. Betty wouldn’t be the first “nervous virgin” she’d handled. Being at work, she’d have to control herself enough to soothe Betty’s nerves quickly and deftly. She preferred to drag it out, building the anticipation, but circumstances demanded different tactics. She wished Patti was here to act as wingman.

Paige sat on her stool a couple of feet from Betty, allowing Betty the power position. Paige put on her gloves. “I’m afraid we don’t have stirrups: not much call for them. Would you be more comfortable lying or in a seated-reclined position? We have those big wedges to put behind your back.”

Paige knew Betty’s response would be a good indicator of her chance of success. If she wanted to lie down, then this was purely medical for her. If she wanted to sit up and watch Paige examine her pussy, then she might be open to more than an examination.

Betty stopped swinging her legs and closed her eyes a moment. When she opened them, Paige could see an edge of hunger and curiosity there. “I think I’d like to see what’s happening. If that’s okay?”

“That’s perfectly fine, probably best. You’ll know what to do when you work on your own–or with your husband, if he’s willing.” Paige got up from her stool and grabbed one of the large wedges.

“Oh, he’s always willing to help if it involves pussy. Oh! That was crude wasn’t it? I’m sorry, I may be a little nervous.” Betty looked her up and down as she brought the wedge.

“No worries,” Paige told Betty as she positioned the wedge and indicated with her hands how she wanted Betty to align herself. She patted Betty’s rear to indicate she should scoot to the edge of the table. “You just lie back now and relax as much as possible. I’ll be using two fingers, like the doctor; but I promise it won’t feel like a doctor’s exam.”

Paige turned away to hide the smile that Betty’s little drawn breath brought to her face. This was going to go her way, all right! When Paige was seated, she looked up at Betty, who had her hands on her ankles to help keep her feet at the edge of the table. Paige looked at Betty’s chest and noticed that the damp spot on her blouse had spread.

“You know, I turned up the temperature. You could remove your shirt if you’d like. Keep it from getting wetter.”

Betty looked down at her chest. “Oh geez, I don’t know. I seem to be leaking quite a bit.”

“That must be uncomfortable. I brought extra towels. You could strip down and use a towel. Your clothes may dry before you leave.”

“You don’t mind?” Betty’s voice was very tentative. Paige could tell she wanted to strip but was looking for approval.

The thought of those milky breasts was heating Paige up. “I think it’s perfectly natural. Would it make you more comfortable if I were topless as well? It is quite warm in here.”

“Oh, that would make me more comfortable: like friends in a steam room. To tell the truth, getting rid of this bra would be great. I haven’t gone without except in the shower since my son was born.”

“Not even with the hubby?” Paige teased.

“No, not even then. Nursing bras and quickie sex. Gods! I do miss leisurely sex.” Betty unbuttoned her shirt slowly as she spoke.

Paige unzipped her sports bra and tossed it to the bench. “That’s terrible. No family to babysit while you and hubby play?”

“Unfortunately no. It’s been catch as catch can since I recovered from the C-section.” Betty had her blouse almost unbuttoned but her feet were slipping off the table.

“Here, let me hold your feet for you.” Paige stood between Betty’s legs and held her ankles. Her thumbs rubbed the inside of Betty’s feet.

Betty finished unbuttoning her blouse and flounced it open. Paige’s mouth watered a little. Betty’s breasts were mashed together by her too-tight bra, causing a massive swell of cleavage. “Betty. Sweetheart, I think you really need a bigger bra!” Paige meant it to come out with a laugh, but all that came was a breathy sigh.

“They’re not always this large. I fed little guy before I left, but he’s eating more food and not drinking as much as he used to. My boobs haven’t figured that out. That’s why I usually take the hand pump with me.” Betty was watching Paige watch her chest.

“Let’s get you up so you can let them out for some air. They must be suffocating in there.” Paige took Betty’s hands, but only took a small step back as she pulled Betty up. “Let me help you.” She released Betty’s hands and slid the blouse down Betty’s shoulders. “Can you get the clasp or would you like a hand?” Their chests were only a foot apart.

“Some help would be lovely.” Betty had scooted her butt back as she sat up. She leaned forward, putting the balls of her feet on the portion of the foot stool that was sticking out. She stepped down and turned around.

Paige took in Betty’s gorgeous backside. She was a curvy little thing: padding in all the right places, nice, round ass that Paige wanted to grab. As Paige undid Betty’s bra, Betty said, “If it weren’t for those spandex pants, I’d never have guessed that you were pregnant.”

Paige unclasped the bra. Betty let it fall and tossed it to the rest of her clothes. She turned around and looked at Paige’s waist. “How is possible that you still have a waist? How far along are you?”

Paige just shrugged in reply as she looked at Betty. Gods, what beautiful breasts, so milk heavy, pale and swollen with such dark nipples! They were erect, just waiting to be sucked.

“Let’s get you back on the table. I’ll get you a towel. How about we roll it up and put it under, so they can get some air for a change?”

Betty got herself back into position while Paige rolled the towel. She raised her eyebrows at Betty. When she gave a little nod, Paige lifted each breast and placed the towel gently. She watched a few drops of milk roll down Betty’s right breast and soak into the towel.

“Shall we get started?”

“Well, as you said; it’s just us girls and it is warm. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable in the buff? I know I wanted to be naked the whole time I was pregnant! Actually, I wanted to be having sex the whole time I was pregnant and being naked made it much quicker.”

Paige laughed. “Me too! I don’t think I’ve ever been so horny! My partner is loving it. Unfortunately she’s away at the moment.” Paige pushed off her shoes with her feet as she spoke. She grabbed the last towel to put on her stool. She shucked off her shorts.

As she sat again, she said to Betty, “You know, I’ve never worked in the nude! But it is just us girls and I’m positively glistening.”

“Oh, me too. I’m glad it’s not just me. That would have been embarrassing.”

Paige scooted her stool and put her hands on Betty’s thighs. “As you’ve surmised by now, I’m a lover of women’s bodies. No need for embarrassment! The only time I feel embarrassed is if there’s a miscommunication. I think we understand each other though. You’re here to learn about controlling your issue; I’m here to help you. If we make some new discoveries along the way…so much the better, eh?”

“Yes. New discoveries are almost certain and would be…enlightening.”

Paige ran her gloved fingers down Betty’s thighs to her bikini line, focusing her attention on the outline of hair there. “Let’s see what we can discover about your issues. Have you had any sort of physical therapy, Betty?”

With a half-smirk, Betty replied, “No, but I’ve always wondered what exactly it entailed.”

Paige looked down to Betty’s soft, fur-covered mound. “I’ve had more than a few women wonder when they learn I’m a therapist.”

Betty chuckled. “I don’t doubt it.”

“Now Betty, I’m going to gently massage between your folds. When I stop, I want you to give everything a good squeeze so I can see the muscles act. Ready to begin your therapy?”

“Uh huh.”

“Okay, here we go.” Paige used her left hand to separate Betty’s outer lips. With her right, she took her index and middle fingers and dipped them in the moisture at the fluted opening. She ran her fingers up the outside of the inner lips and her thumb up the center.

She could see the involuntary tightening this caused. She stopped her thumb short of Betty’s clit, though she ran her fingers up either side of it. Paige smiled as Betty’s legs came open more. She glanced over to see that Betty’s fingertips were digging into her ankles. And she’d barely begun! She suspected that Betty had been dreaming about something like this for years.


In fact, Betty had! Now that it was happening, she intended to let herself enjoy it to the fullest.

With Paige running her gloved fingers–that were slick with Betty’s juices–up and down her lips, Betty was sorry she hadn’t experimented in college. Though she’d told hubby repeatedly that she liked to have her lips played with, he never did so for more than a moment or two. When he did, he mostly just pulled on them or flapped them like little wings, which was more annoying than anything. She’d given up trying to get him to play with them properly years ago.

Now she was luxuriating in not just the feel but the sight of it being done. It being done by a woman whom Betty considered beautiful was simply a bonus. There were very few women to whom Betty was attracted. Having this blonde goddess between her legs was a fantasy come true.

“Okay, sweetheart; let me see you clench.”

Betty clenched as she’d done with her kegals: tightening in stages to a four-count, releasing the same way.