“We are about to begin our descent into New York’s LaGuardia airport. The local time is 6:57pm. Flight attendants, please prepare for landing.”

It was the end of a long travel day. At 7am, I waved goodbye to two colleagues and fourteen students at the airport in Guatemala. Now, ten hours later, I was about to land in New York City.

The two weeks I spent in Guatemala were tiring but fun; I was one of three teachers chaperoning the girls for the annual end-of-year trip for sixth-formers. The faculty rotated through chaperoning duties each year, and the girls voted on the destination. As always, Halsey coordinated with other UK schools on the trip so the two weeks ended up being a fairly raucous affair.

I spent most of my time in Guatemala — captivating as it was — counting down the days until my New York detour, the first time since Alex’s visit in early May that we’d be in the same place together for more than a week. In fact, we’d have two whole months together until my return to the UK just before the beginning of the school year.

Admittedly, in the beginning, I had a hard time reconciling my hesitance about being in a relationship with how much I wanted to be with Alex. In many ways, the fact that we had to live apart helped me shed that ambivalence. It gave me time to shake my head loose of most of the debris from the disintegration of my last serious relationship.

The distance also had the unintentional benefit of putting our physical attraction aside so we could actually focus on communicating with one another and getting to know each other’s day-to-day lives. Alex’s work continued to send her to meetings in the UK at a regular clip, so our time apart was happily interrupted by her visits and my trips to the US.

I still have not figured out how it was that I fell so deeply in love with Alex so quickly. My friend Cathy reckoned Alex had burrowed into my heart a long time ago and I just didn’t realise it. When I first uttered “I love you” to Alex, I surprised myself by how easily it came to me, and how gratifying it was to discover that Alex felt the same way.

In general, my friends and family embraced the relationship; my parents were surprisingly sanguine — Alex was charming when she met them one bank holiday weekend — they even insisted that she join me on my usual late August visit to see them in the Lake District. My brother reacted the only way I expected him to: by continually teasing me for switching teams because of an ex-pupil.

Alex’s family was a harder nut to crack. In truth, it was her father who was the most difficult. Her mother tried — in her own way — to find some path through between her husband and her first-born — both of whom were equally stubborn. Alex’s siblings were completely supportive; it took some time for Audrey to stop calling me ‘Miss Wainwright,’ but it honestly annoyed Alex more than it did me.

As the plane made its way to the gate and phones were turned on, multiple beeps and buzzes echoed around the cabin, including a number of beeps emanating from my phone.

“I’m here. Usual spot. Take your time.”

I quickly typed back: “Just getting to gate. See you soon.”

As I made my way through customs, I felt like every molecule in my body was on high alert as I anticipated Alex’s touch. I wheeled my luggage through the now familiar automatic double doors and into the arrivals hall. I immediately saw Alex with a big smile on her face, standing a little apart from the crowd of people in the greeting area. She looked good enough to eat.

I jumped into her arms and she lifted me up. I squealed with delight.

“You are finally here,” she said, and gave me a kiss that sent a spark of electricity radiating from my stomach right through to my scalp and the tips of my toes.

A passer-by wolf-whistled, “Not for nuthin’ buddy, but with a kiss like that, you better plan on marrying her!”

We laughed as Alex kissed me one more time, “Come on beautiful, let’s grab a cab.”


Setting aside the fact that Jess would look good in anything, she was a heart-stopping vision coming off that flight. The kicker? She was wearing her glasses instead of her contacts, and it made her look extra brainy and sexy and nerdy and cool all at once, and I just stared and worshipped her face the entire ride home.

By the time we pulled up to my apartment building, we were pretty much ready to rip each other’s clothes off. I had my nose buried in her hair as we rode the lift up to my place, desperate to inhale as much of her scent as possible. I still couldn’t really believe this was happening. Jess was here. For two months. She wanted to be with me!

The second the front door closed and her luggage hit the floor, Jess turned and jumped on me, wrapping her legs around my waist and pressing her hips into me. I was halfway to the bedroom and Jess already had her shirt and bra off; her beautiful breasts were tantalisingly out of reach.

“Not fair. You are giving me a mental crisis: carry you to the bedroom, or touch them and drop you on your butt,” I protested when we finally reached the bed.

Jess smiled as she reclined on the bed. She took off her glasses and slipped out of the rest of her clothes, “I didn’t think you were moving quickly enough, my love, just some positive encouragement…”

Her words spurred me to strip as fast as I could, my eyes feasting hungrily at the sight of Jess, nude, on our bed. The images of Jess that I hoarded selfishly in my head all this time were but poor facsimiles of what I saw in front of me. I soon found my way on top of her. Our touching flesh was a revelation after being so long apart.

“Hi there,” Jess whispered, her eyes inviting pools of deep green. This was what perfection felt like: her legs wrapped around me, her arms wrapped around me, her come hither smile — the one she reserved just for me — dazzling me.

I kissed her everywhere, trying to devour as much of her as possible.

“I have missed you so much,” I said, my hands seeking out every contour of her body. It was like getting a fresh lungful of air after being under water for a long length of time.

Jess rolled us over so she was on top and inserted her thigh between mine. I felt the sweet pressure of her body as she started grinding against my leg. Our lips crushed together and opened. Our tongues met again and again as we thrusted against each other, both of us desperate to have as much of our bodies touching as possible. Her body felt like heaven, her breasts pressed into mine, our breathing becoming moans as we moved together.

The deprivation of our physical absence from each other was eviscerated as we both came, Jess laughing with delight as we opened our eyes in the afterglow. Our legs shifted restlessly, tangled in a dance of reunion; our breasts were still mashed together as we clung to each other, arms locked in an ardent embrace.

“I spent a lot of time thinking about this body…” Jess said, as her fingers made a slow journeys up and down my side.

I watched her fingers coast towards my hip, and my whole being tingled with anticipation.

“… and everything I want to do to it,” Jess continued. She reached between us, cupped my sex and squeezed.

I inhaled and closed my eyes, lifting my hips towards her eagerly, and Jess did not make me wait. Her fingers were inside me almost immediately, and I felt her shift lower, her mouth enveloping me as I cried out with pleasure. I wasn’t sure exactly how she managed it, but Jess had figured out some complex algorithm for stimulating my erogenous zones. I didn’t think someone could manipulate my senses quite like this. And she was bringing her A-game. When I came, it was powerful and deep, rumbling through me like thunder.

Her body was soon back on top of mine, her hair sweeping gentle caresses along my skin.

“I love that I can do that to you,” she smiled.

I basked in her gaze, quickly plotting how I would return the favour.

“One good deed deserves another,” I flipped her over. Jess gasped in surprise at being so roughly handled.

Her eyes took on a seductive gleam, “Hmmmm, and are you going to have your way with me now?”

I nodded eagerly and kissed her neck where I felt her increasingly rapid pulse beneath my lips. The supple flesh of her amazing breasts were undulating under my hands as my fingers and palms squeezed and pressed and caressed. Jess started squirming when I landed light nips along her collarbone and flicked my thumbs across her nipples.

“I want to make you feel good,” I whispered, not wanting to forget touching any part of her body.

She breathed in and exhaled in jagged breaths.

My mouth moved to her breasts and I grazed my knuckles down each side of her body while alternating kisses and licks in smaller and smaller circles on each breast.

Jess moaned. Oh, how I had missed hearing her moan! She grabbed my wrists and returned my hands to her breasts. I happily obliged, grasping those perfect orbs firmly as I kissed her stomach… then the shallow valley where her torso met her thigh… and the curve of her quads… and the soft inviting flesh of her inner thighs.

Jess’s hands were gripping the bed sheets as she pushed her hips towards my mouth. Impatient for more, she opened her legs wider and I swooned as I watched her slowly spread open. Her inner lips were slick and pink, her outer lips swollen with desire.

I placed the tip of my tongue just under her opening and gently licked upwards, eliciting a shout from Jess. My senses exhaled with pleasure as I tasted her — sweet, warm, intoxicating — familiar and revelatory all at once. When she shouted out once more, I doubled down on her breasts: squeezing hard before slowly rubbing her nipples in a circular motion with my fingers.

I made love to her with my mouth, savouring every spot that I could get to.

“Inside me, Alex, please,” she whispered, guiding my hand off her breast.

I placed three fingers inside and stroked them in and out, twisting them on the way in.

Jess was making incredibly sexy groans at this point, and as I increased the speed and strength of my strokes, she moaned in response to the deepest part of each thrust of my hand. As the speed reached its apex, and I was deep inside her, I curled my fingers up and rubbed the spot I knew would make her come. My tongue continued its caress of her clit, now throbbing against me with urgency.

“Oh that feels so good AAAA-aaalexxxx. Just like that,” Jess screamed, her hips jerking upwards as she came.

“Stay inside me a little longer,” she asked as she recovered. We laid on our sides, facing each other. She draped her top leg over my hip allowing me to continue filling her up.

I made an almost imperceptible push with my fingers but she was aroused enough to feel it. She looked into my eyes as she slowly moved her hips, my fingers pressing inside her as I started thrusting into her again. Our lips were locked together as she bucked against my fingers; her climax was almost instantaneous. Her fingers kneaded my shoulders and her leg was hooked against my lower back pulling us closer together. We held each other like that as she recovered; neither one of us said anything. We didn’t need to: we were back in each other’s arms.


The combination of Alex’s tongue and fingers was almost too much. But there I was, having multiple orgasms that pulsed through me like shockwaves. I had asked her before if this was how women had sex with each other, but it was becoming clear that this was something between us. Neither one of us has had this level of physical connection before. It made me smile and I nuzzled her neck, sighing contentedly as I allowed myself to drift off.

When I woke, I was alone in the bed. I saw a light on in the living room and padded out. She was in the kitchen, eating a sandwich.

“Why did you leave?” I grumbled, embracing her from behind.

“I got hungry,” she mumbled with a mouth full of food. “Do you want anything? We can whip something up or order in.”

“Are there places that deliver this late?” I asked.

Alex pulled open a drawer and pointed at a stack of menus, “A couple of these are still open. The top menu is from the one you liked the last time you visited. And can I just say how much I enjoy seeing you naked in the kitchen?”

I picked up the phone and called the restaurant. I leaned over the counter as I ordered, lazily swaying my hips back and forth. When I hung up, I couldn’t help but giggle: Alex was staring with her mouth open. I might have arched my back a little more than I needed to.

I stopped giggling when she slid two fingers inside me. Oh, honey!

Some number of mind-blowing minutes later, the intercom buzzed, announcing the arrival of our food. We managed to cover ourselves up before the delivery guy knocked; his bemused smirk was puzzling until I noticed that Alex was wearing my shirt, which was two sizes too small and inside out.

Alex shrugged, “This is probably tame compared to some of the other stuff he walks in on…”

The food was perfect. “This I can get used to,” I declared, digging in with glee.

“Makes me lazy, I cooked more in college,” Alex said, “but I do intend to make you breakfast in bed tomorrow. Is there anything madam wishes to have?”

“Apart from you? Surprise me,” I said.

I noticed that Alex had moved my luggage into the living room. “There’s two weeks’ worth of laundry festering in there somewhere, and some clean clothes that I had set apart for New York.”

Alex nodded towards the kitchen, “We can do a load tonight. I got you a chest of drawers and the closet has plenty of room.”

I stared at her, “You got me a chest of drawers?”

“Jess, you’re going to be here for two months. And it won’t be the last time you visit for longer than a weekend, this is your place too now.” She smiled, “and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll keep it until my next girlfriend moves in.”

“Oh, very funny,” I said, at a loss for a comeback.

Alex leaned over and kissed me, “Do what makes you comfortable, you can live out of the suitcase for as long as you want…. Now, do you want to have a quick shower? Or should we attack the laundry?”

“Shower,” I said, as I took her hand and led her to the bathroom, “but only if you get wet too.”

Alex grinned, “I don’t need a shower for that…”

“Oh, well played, Mak,” I acknowledged as I felt my core swell and pulse for her.

Alex pulled my T-shirt over her head and kicked off her boxers as she stepped into the shower. I marvelled at her body. I would never tire of looking at it.

“Are you getting in, or are you just going to stand there all night?” Alex stuck her head out and raised her eyebrows.

I followed her into the shower and pulled the curtains shut. The first cascade of water on my skin made me remember how dehydrating being on a flight could be.

Alex’s hands were on me instantaneously, smoothly moving over my shoulders and down over my breasts. They came to a rest on my hips and Alex pulled me towards her for a kiss.

I pressed myself against her, my heart fluttering a little as our skin made contact.

“May I make a request?” Alex murmured, as she moved from my lips to kissing my neck.

“Hmm?” I wanted her inside me, but her hands held steady on my hips, squeezing gently.

“When we do what we are about to do, please try not to rip off the shower curtain like you did last time,” she continued landing kisses up and down my neck.

I laughed and slapped her across the shoulder, “Then stop being such an overachiever with those fingers of yours… speaking of which…”

“You mean these fingers?” Alex grinned. She wiggled them in front of me and then trotted them down my front, pausing just slightly below my belly button. Tap tap tap. Alex’s fingers were an inch away from where I wanted them to be.

“Lower.” I tilted my hips towards her. “Please.”

Alex smiled. Her hand continued their journey south, sliding between my lips, and then — delectably — with two fingers on either side of my clit, sliding back out.


Alex repeated this I don’t know how many times before plunging her fingers inside me. I felt my knees buckle. Alex caught me, turned slightly and pinned my back against the wall. The cold tile made me jump. Her fingers made me scream. By the time her tongue made its way to my nipples, my body was more than ready for climax.

“Ok. Ok. Ok.” I barely managed as I slid down to sit in the tub. Alex joined me, smoothing down my hair. I wrapped my legs around her waist, resting my head against her chest, the warm water from the shower splashing over us.

“I’m getting all pruny,” I observed.

Alex leaned over and grabbed the shampoo, “Here,” she ran some through my hair.

I started rinsing it out as Alex soaped me up.

“Darling, am I really that dirty?” I asked as her hand made yet another pass over my breasts.

She nodded, water dripping off her short black hair. “You’ve been bunking with two dozen adolescents with questionable personal hygiene standards… I know this because I lived through the horror. I think it’s the least I can do to make sure that you don’t suffer from it in any way…”

I laughed and pushed her hands away. “Ok. Stop it, Alex Mak! Water conservationists are going to come knocking any moment.”



After living like hermits for the first week and a bit, we decided to rejoin civilization and ventured out to meet some of her friends from university one Friday night.

“Honestly, it’s so much more fun being here with you!” Alex complained as she got dressed. She wiggled her eyebrows.

I stepped backwards as she tried to unbutton my shirt. Alex’s single-minded pursuit of having sex with me meant I was in a permanent state of heady euphoria.

“Alexandra! Behave!” I smiled in spite of myself.

It did not help that she was half naked: her pecs and abs flexed as she calculated her next move; her jeans a rugged sheath around her narrow hips and long legs.

“I just need five minutes,” Alex pleaded as she moved forward. I stepped back, although my eyes clearly welcomed her advance.

“Five to ten minutes,” Alex amended as she sensed my resolve slipping. She took another step towards me.

I stepped back once more, but was thwarted by the hard edge of the dining table. I gasped. I was a quivering mess. I gave up any remaining pretence of resistance, grabbed her by her belt and pulled her towards me.

Alex was grinning wickedly.

“Ten to fifteen,” she said, as she pulled off my shirt. I didn’t think I would last more than five.

An hour later, we stepped into the cool air of a bar in the West Village. Alex’s best friend Annie had snagged us a table, and was chatting with two others when we arrived.

“It’s a freaking miracle. Alex Mak actually walking into a bar on a Friday night. Better late than never!” Annie exclaimed as she gave us each a hug, and introduced me to Michelle and Jo.

Annie nodded at me approvingly, “You are a good influence, Jess, this one just prefers to stay holed up at work or in her apartment. We have to literally drag her out most weekends.”

“Well, it’s not surprising, given how quickly the insults have started flying.” Alex responded, looking a little hurt.