Tammy`s heart was pounding as she switched the car off. It had been two weeks since she had masturbated with Dan in the abandoned street behind the grocery store. They had exchanged details and had been talking and masturbating together online. She loved watching his thick cock explode as he stroked the shaft and watched her cum.

It had been hard to juggle masturbation sessions with Dan and trying to keep her long-distance boyfriend happy. She had tried to entice her boyfriend into a webcam session but he was reluctant and they ended up arguing about it. To console herself she messaged Dan straight away and luckily, he was alone and free and they had a great online wank together.

It was during one of these sessions that he suggested they have another mutual play together in person again. Except, maybe there could be an extra man involved. Her heart pounded at the thought and she came hard with her fingers inside her pussy as her thumb worked her clit. She loved knowing that Dan was watching her cum.

Masturbating with 2 men, she hadn’t stopped thinking about it. Dan didn’t mention it again for a couple of days and she thought it must be just a fantasy, something said in the heat of a sexually charged online wanking session.

But during their next online session he did mention it again, in fact, he had organized it, and asked if she would really like to try it. She did, but was nervous as hell about it. Dan described the scenario to her in detail…

He would give her the address, and the front door would be unlocked. She would turn up after her shift at work in the summer dress that clung to her slender young body. She would walk down the hallway into the main living area, and seated in front of the TV, watching a porn movie, would be 2 naked men stroking their big hard cocks. She could choose to stay and watch, join in, or leave, it was entirely up to her.

The thought of it was making her chest pound and her she furiously fingered her pussy as the orgasm washed over her and she imagined herself sitting between two guys stroking their cocks.

She agreed, she wanted to try this, she wanted to try it so badly.


She sat in the car for a few minutes, her heart was thumping, her pussy was on fire and she looked up at the house and the front door that she knew was unlocked.

Inside would be two men she barely knew, stroking their cocks, watching a porn movie together. The whole scenario had made her so horny she was shaking.

Her hand instinctively reached for her pussy and she could feel the heat and how wet her panties were.

It’s now or never she thought.

She decided to slip off her panties and just wear her dress as they were soaked anyway.

She got out of the car and walked towards the front door, her legs felt weak and she wondered what the hell she was doing.

When she reached the entrance, she gave the door a light tap with her knuckle and noticed the moisture from her pussy on her fingers.

“Come in Tammy,” came the male voice from deep inside the house.

She opened the door and stepped in to the long neatly kept hallway. She could see the back of the sofa in the living room and Dan’s head and naked shoulders. She could hear the unmistakable sound of a woman being fucked on the TV.

Dan turned his head and smiled. “Wow, you look gorgeous Tammy, come in and meet Tim”

She slowly walked down the hallway, Dan’s friendly face reassuring her. She noticed his shoulder slowly moving back and forth and realized he must be stroking that beautiful hard cock.

Dan looked her up and down as she walked down the hallway. He slid his hand up and down the lubed shaft and his thick cock eagerly pulsed in his hand. He loved the way her dress hugged her body and that she was wasn’t wearing a bra. He could see by the way she was walking that she was nervous and yet she was being drawn towards them by powerful sexual urges.

As Tammy got to the end of the hallway and into the living room, she could see another good-looking man sitting naked on a leather seat. She tried to avert her eyes but straight away saw his huge glistening cock and his big masculine hand wrapped around the arrow straight shaft. Tammy could feel his dark eyes on her body as she walked into the living room.

“Tim, meet Tammy” smiled Dan.

“Nice to meet you Tammy, holy shit you are gorgeous,” he said cheerily. Dan had told Tim how sexy Tammy was but now that he saw how hot the beautiful brunette was he felt his cock swell even more in his fist. She was gorgeous, her light summer dress was hugging her figure and he could see her hard nipples pressing against the fabric of her dress as she locked her eyes on his cock.

Tammy`s heart was thumping in her chest as she looked at Tim’s cock. It was big. Probably an inch longer than Dans and the shaft was straight and thick. The Head was even thicker than the shaft though and shaped like a cone. It was glistening with lube and was beautiful. His hand was gliding up and down the shaft and even the sound was turning Tammy on.

“I`d shake your hand but it’s a bit busy,” he joked.

Tammy nervously giggled and turned her head to look at Dan.

He was naked and leaning back on the sofa, his cock was rock hard and she straight away noticed it was not as large as Tim`s but still looked great. Dan`s cock was lubed up and his fingertips were gently walking up and down the shaft.

“Do you like what you see?” asked Dan.

“Yeah” whispered Tammy as she nodded her head.

“Well, would you like to join us for a masturbation session?” he asked.

Tammy nodded, she managed to croak out a soft “yes”. She was now so horny she could hardly speak. Her body was shaking with a sexual thrill and she wanted to be naked in front of these guys.

“Mmmmm Dan told me all about your sessions, how you love watching guys stroke their cocks, how horny it makes you,” he said. “This must be heaven for you”.

She was trying hard to not to fixate on their cocks and wasn’t sure where to look. She turned her head and focused on the TV screen. A pretty brunette girl was on all fours as a well-built guy was slowly pumping his cock into her pussy.

“Do you like watching porn?” asked Tim, “Does it turn you on?”

“Yeah, it does” replied Tammy, “I love it”.

“How often do you watch it?” Tim asked as his hand slid up and down the thick shaft of his cock.

“God, every day,” she replied

By now her pussy was soaked and the room was charged with sexual energy. All she wanted to do was stare at their hard cocks.

“It’s ok to look” Dan said, “you can look at whatever you like, the TV, the screen, our cocks…do you like our cocks, Tammy?”

Tammy turned her head and look directly at Tim’s huge cock. His hand was griping the shaft and nudging the base of the cone shaped head. His shaved balls hung between his legs and were resting on the sofa. Tim slid forward on the chair slightly and lifted his hips so his cock shot straight up and looked even bigger

“Yeah, god they look fucking great” she said as she let out a sigh. She was getting desperate to play with her pussy, she also wanted to touch that beautiful cock.

“Do you like this?” asked Tim.

“Yeah” whispered Tammy

“Feeling good?” said Dan.

“Fuck yes” replied Tammy.

She looked over at his cock and saw Dan working his oily palm over the head.

They fell silent for a few seconds as Tammy took in the beautiful sights in front of her.

“Would you like to strip for us Tammy?” Dan asked, “Ive been telling Tim all about your incredible body”

“Yeah, ok,” Tammy replied. Tammy tore her eyes away from Tim’s cock and silently lifted her dress slowly over her shoulders.

Tim gripped his throbbing cock as he watched the dress slowly move up her body. Her pussy was beautiful. The mound was covered with wispy brown pubes and her clit was obviously moist and swollen. As she pulled the dress over her head, he could see her beautiful little pert tits with hard swollen upward pointing nipples. He noticed how pale her skin was compared to his, and wondered what his cock would look like sliding into that gorgeous hairy pussy. He felt electric pulses through his cock as his hand he slowly wanked the shaft. He`d have to be careful not to cum too quickly. When Dan had mentioned he was trying to set this session up Tim had refrained from masturbating for the last few days. His balls were full of cum and he knew his orgasm was going to more of an explosion.

Tammy lifted her dress off and dropped it at her feet. She stood awkwardly in front of two men she barely knew. She wanted to hide her pussy and tits but was enjoying the thrill so much she changed her pose slightly and pushed her shoulders back so her tits looked a little bigger.

“Wow” Tim said as his hand glided over the tip of his cock. “You are gorgeous. Were you masturbating in your car Tammy?””

She nodded her head slowly and dropped her gaze back to Tim’s huge cock.

“And you were you at work this morning? Do you like being naked under that dress? Were you horny all morning thinking about this?” Tim asked

Tammy slowly nodded her head.

“You like that all the men are looking at you and you are making their cocks hard?” he continued.

Again, Tammy nodded. She was loving the dirty talk.

“Do you think about them going home so they can have a wank while they think about you? Is that what you think about when you masturbate?” he asked.

She let out a sigh. “Fuck yessss”

Tammy felt charged with sexual energy. Seeing that the two men in the room were hard as a rock because of her was exhilarating. She was aware that her legs were trembling and her whole body was tingling with excitement. She felt sexually powerful in front of them, as if she had control of their erections.

“Do you want to have a wank with us Tammy?” asked Dan

“God yes,” Tammy croaked as she looked back at Dan. Her legs were shaking now and she needed to masturbate so badly. She was loving the dirty talk.

“My pussy is soaked” she said as she pushed a finger inside herself. She pulled it out and held it up to show them the glistening to juice.

Her eyes had once again locked onto Tim’s hard cock. She wondered if she could ride it and if it would even fit inside her.

“Come and sit next to me on the sofa and play with your pussy for us” instructed Dan.

Tammy slowly walked to the sofa to sat down next to Dan. She could feel Tim’s eyes all over her body and once again she fixated on his cock and begin rubbing circles over her clit.

The gentle motion of her fingers was sending mini shock waves through her body. Over the last couple of weeks, she had come to realize that she loved masturbating in front of guys. She pushed back into the sofa and opened her legs so the guys could get a nice view.

She glanced over at Dan next to her and his cock was glistening in the sunlight as his clenched fist pumped the shaft up and down. She could see a bead of precum had already formed on the tip.

She looked back at Tim and he was now gently using two fingers to rub under the base of the head, his cock was pulsing up and down by itself. She could hear the soft sound of the guys stroking their cocks and the sound of the woman being fucked on TV. Even the squishy sound her own fingers were making on her pussy was making her more and more horny.

“ohhhhhhhh” she moaned involuntarily.

“Do you like what’s happening on the TV screen” Dan asked.

She looked at the TV and the brunette was now being pounded on her back while the cameraman was now gently popping his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Oh god yes” said Tammy “wow”

“Do you like girls as well Tammy?” asked Tim

Tammy sheepishly nodded her head, “yeah,” she whispered.

Tim began to stroke his cock long and slow “Have you ever been with a girl?”

Tammy took a few seconds to answer, “sort of, well, Ive kissed a girl”

She plunged two fingers into her pussy now and used her thumb to massage her clit.

“How long can you guys last?” she asked.

“Mmmmm as long as you want us to, Tammy,” said Tim.

It was now that Tammy noticed how good-looking Tim was. He had dark eyes, broad shoulders, a toned chest, and his arms were muscular and defined.

“How often do you masturbate?” asked Tim, “Is it every day, do you like watching porn?”

Tammy nodded and looked at the TV. She could feel her orgasm starting to build now as she began to relax and work her fingers into her pussy. “I love it” she said.

“And where is your boyfriend, Tammy?” Tim added.

“He`s away, at University” panted Tammy

Dan was watching her fingers work at her pussy. Her lips were puffy and swollen and he could hear the slick sound of her fingers pushing in and out as she masturbated. He could feel he would need to slow his own pumping down or he would cum soon. “Is his cock nice and big Tammy?” he asked as he gripped his cock and give a long slow pump down his cock. He knew it wasn’t it, but he wanted to hear her say it again.

Tammy shook her head “god no” she said, “you guys are huge.”

By now she felt her body humming with electricity. The open talk about sex and what turned her on was something she could never do with her boyfriend.

“He doesn’t last very long, he comes too quickly.”

Tammy rolled her eyes back into head, she was loving this. Being in the room with these two naked men watching her and stroking their cocks. She could feel the small waves of pleasure begin to overwhelm her body, spreading from her pussy. She had fantasized about something like this for a long time.

She looked back at the TV screen to see the guy fucking the girl from behind had pulled his cock out and was jerking it hard as big ropes of cum spurted from his cock splashed all over her pussy. The camera then swung down and the camera man was stroking his cock hard over her beautiful face and then big spurts of cum erupted from the head and covered her cheek. Tammy loved watching cum spurting from guys cocks.

This sent Tammy over the edge.

“Fuck, oh fuck, I`m going to cum” she panted as her eyes darted from Tim’s cock to Dan’s cock.

She lifted her hips off the sofa as the orgasm took hold and she held her breath. Her beautiful face was now contorted in pleasure as she cried out and she felt the ripple of please become waves and merge into a powerful orgasm and engulf her body. The orgasm lasted longer than she`d ever felt before and she felt like every part of her was exploding in joy.

When it finally released her body, she fell limp back into the sofa.

Slowly as the intensity and rapture subsided she opened her eyes and was looking straight at the glistening head of Tims cock hovering over her. Tim had moved to the edge of the sofa and knelt in front of her, stroking the shaft and tempting the tip of his cock close to her lips.

Tammy instinctively darted her tongue out, flicking her tongue over the engorged cone shaped head.

Tim let out a moan as she reached out with her cum soaked hand and wrapped it around the shaft.

“Are you ok with this Tammy” asked Dan gently.

“Fuck yes,” said Tammy

Dan sat up and knelt on the sofa and began rubbing his cock over her hard nipple now.

She opened her mouth wide as Tim fed the head of his cock in to her mouth and started to stroke the shaft. He arched his back and felt his cock head slowly being engulfed in her warm mouth and her lips begin to glide over the tip of his cock.

Dan began to stroke her soaked pussy with his finger and Tammy let out a muffled moan. He was rubbing the tip of his cock over her nipple and Tammy could already feel another orgasm building.

Dans fingers found the little button in her pussy and started doing quicker and quicker circles on her clit. She arched her back and let Tims cock pop out of her mouth as another orgasm once again surged through her body.

Tim began to wank his cock as he watched her cum, rubbing the tip of his cock over her cheek as his hand gripped the shaft.

Tammy thrust her hips up and arched her back and let out a cry as the orgasm tore through her body.

After the waves subsided, she opened her eyes and looked at both the guys stroking those big thick hard cocks again.

“Oh god” she whispered again.

“What would your boyfriend think?” teased Tim.

“I don’t fucking care” replied Tammy

“You`re having fun then,” said Dan.

“Oh, fuck yes, fuck,” said Tammy, “this is awesome”

“Is this something you are going to think about when you masturbate?” asked Tim

“Fuck yes” replied Tammy.

Tammy was rubbing her tits and she opened her legs to give Tim a good view of her soaked pussy.

“Can I fuck you, Tammy?” asked Tim.

“God yes, I want to feel you fuck me” Tammy replied.

Dan sat back on the couch and Tim picked Tammy up in his strong arms. She could feel his hard arms and chest against her soft skin. His cock pressed into her belly and she could feel the heat radiating from that massive cock on her skin. He gave her a hug and then lowered her body to the floor.

“Get on all fours Tammy” he instructed, “lick his cock as I fuck you”

The dirty talk once again sent a wave of horniness through her and she did as instructed. Arching her back and widening her knees so that Tim got a great view of her soaked swollen pussy.

She grabbed Dans cock and began to flick her tongue over the head. Soon she felt the tip of Tim’s cock begin to rub up and down the slit of her pussy. He was using it to massage the swollen lips, rubbing it all over the soft skin. She tried to concentrate on Dan’s cock as best she could but all she wanted was for TIms massive cock to fuck her.

Tim leaned back and used the head of his cock to massage her clit. Her pussy felt creamy and he was teasing her but couldn’t wait much longer to slide into that tight hole.

She felt the head of his cock slowly slip into her pussy and she let out a gasp as he pulled it gently out again. Tim gripped his cock with his fist just under the head. Once again, he pushed the tip in and she could feel his fist pumping his shaft as he began to fuck her with the tip of his cock.

“Oh fuuuuuuuck” she moaned as Dan started to stroke her hair and gently slap his cock against her lips.

Just being fucked with the tip of Tim’s cock felt incredible. She was desperate for him to slam that full length inside her.

Tim pulled his cock out all the way again and Tammy let out a huge muffled sigh as Dan slid his cock back into her mouth.

Tim began fucking her again with the tip, his fist preventing the thick shaft from driving deep inside her. Tammy was getting desperate for the full length.

Finally, with one powerful thrust Tim pushed his cock all the way inside her and she felt like she was being split in two. Dan was watching her eyes widen and could feel his own cum begin to boil in his balls.

“Fuck” Tammy gasped as Tim slowly pulled his cock from her pussy.

This time he held it so close to her pussy lips she could feel the heat from the engorged head.

With another powerful thrust he pushed it deep inside her and this time he began to fuck her hard.

She dropped her head into Dan’s lap as Tim pistoned his cock in and out of her.

Dan began stoking his cock and rubbing the head over her cheeks and felt his orgasm building.

Watching the beautiful young brunette being fucked from behind was going to send him over the edge soon. He gripped the base of his cock and gave it a tight squeeze in a futile attempt to settle the cum that wanted to erupt from his cock.

“Fuck, I need to stop, don’t want to cum too soon,” he said.

Tim pulled his cock from her pussy and stood up. His cock was glistening in the light with her pussy juices.

“Stand up and face me, Tammy,” he said.

Tammy knelt and then slowly stood on her trembling knees. Her pale skin was now flushed and Tim reached out to steady her on his feet. She looked down at the huge cock that had just been pounding her and wondered how it even fit inside her.