Hi, I’m Taylor and I love to suck cock. That’s how I’d have to introduce myself to the group if there was a, “Cocksucker’s Anonymous.” It’s most certainly an addiction, but I don’t actually consider it to be a problem. Unless, of course, the problem is not being able to get it when I want. I love the taste of it, the smell, the sounds, the way I can make guys react. I love the submissive nature of being on my knees, having to please someone who is there only for HIS pleasure. There’s also the element of embarrassment, the fact that I love and need it so much that I pretty much want….well crave, to blow just about anyone to satisfy that need. This is coupled with the humiliation of having to do what it takes to get it. There’s also a bit more to it, as we’ll find out.

I’m 19 years old. I have long light brown hair. I’m short, I say 5 foot, three inches, but doctors keep telling me I’m shorter!! I have a curvy body. By curvy I do NOT mean “BBW” or something. I have a thin waist, I have rounded hips and ass, and I have big tits for my frame. It’s like an hourglass but without the fat! I work hard at staying in shape. I’d compare myself to an Ariel Winter when she’s at her best, busty, curvy, shapely. Guys seem to love my body anyways, as well as some women, apparently.

I’ll have to spare you some of the potential reasons for how I got to have the particular oral fetish that I have, per Literotica rules on mentioning anyone having sex before the age of 18. So, I’ll start at 18, yes, I already knew what I wanted by then. I’m sure I was pretty well known my senior year in high school (when I was 18). I think I even got the nickname, “bleacher girl” for my exploits during games. I didn’t have a boyfriend. I really don’t want one or see the need for it. I’m definitely not a “one man woman.” That’s not to say some guys don’t get repeat performances. I have guys I service regularly and some of my male friends are well aware of my desires and are willing participants.

I’ll begin with the summer before college, the time it turned from “dating blowjobs,” to something else. Luckily, I got a summer job as a waitress in a famous chicken wing joint. I definitely met the requirements: at the time I was 18 years old, tight body, nice big, pert tits. Being a waitress in a place like that gives girls opportunity for all sorts of things. Still, at that point, I’d never given anyone a blowjob that I didn’t already know or date, first. I’d already discovered that I wasn’t like my girlfriends. I wasn’t looking for “Mr. Right,” or angling for a picket fence/three perfect children, life. At that time I was just discovering my desires and it was becoming clearer to me with each passing day.

Sure, I’d gotten laid and I liked it. Getting fucked is a good thing. However, I had tied that in my mind to a relationship, to being committed to….whoever. I don’t have that problem in my mind with blowjobs. I need no connection whatsoever to get off on those.

Suddenly, I was flooded with offers daily. “Hey hon, what time do you get off work?” “I’d love to see those things out in the open.” “Can I get your number?” “Me and the guys are having a bachelor party, any chance we can get something special?” I would smile and ignore the obvious references, yet would still manage to get good tips because I wasn’t afraid to show off my goods. My top was especially tight and revealing, compared to some of the other girls. Still, I would get a jolt of excitement with each offer. I wasn’t a prude by any means, I just didn’t realize how easy and quick it would be to let it happen.

I discovered that two weeks into the job. One customer in particular was really persistent. He reminded me of a low rent Zac Ephron. He was cute, he was funny. He was also totally full of himself. He was a cocky jock, an athlete at the school I was headed to in the fall. He came in a half dozen times, always picking my section. He was consistent in his banter. He loved my top, he loved my shorts, he loved my smile etc etc. With each passing day his comments became more sexual. It eventually turned into, “God you have a great ass, you don’t mind me saying that, do you?” “Man, those titties are fucking spectacular!” I think he just loved seeing my reactions, especially since his milder ones hadn’t been successful.

At this point it had been a couple months since I’d had any cock. I was looking for it, but I was still under the dated assumption I needed a relationship to get it. The opportunity was right under my nose. One night “Zac” came in and was drinking with his friends. They were quite handsy and their comments were lewd. Honestly, I don’t mind that stuff at all, and in fact I often get a kick out of it. Sometimes it makes me wet, which is why I don’t discourage it, and often want it. Zac was particularly forward. He was the leader of his group, I could tell. He introduced me to his friends, called me his “future wife,” in front of them, to which they all laughed. I was particularly horny at this point and the constant attention was giving me ideas and thoughts. Zac cornered me by the bathrooms and said, “let’s cut to the chase, Taylor. I think you are hotter than the sun. I think you like me, too. Let me have your number. I promise , you won’t be disappointed.”

He had his thumb tucked inside his belt line. It was obvious he was referring to his cock, and by the bulge that was evident I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be.

“Listen, I’m not into dating,” I said honestly, to get his reaction. “I’ve had relationships, they are just not for me.” He looked defeated. “So that’s what you want? You want a girlfriend?” I asked

“Well yes, no….” he said hesitantly. I think he was searching for the answer I wanted.

“I mean, if that’s what you want, you aren’t going to get it from me,” I said firmly. “If you want something else….,” I hinted.

His eyes lit up. “Hell yeah I want…that,” he said. He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me deeply, his hands found my ass and he groped and kneaded my cheeks at the same time.

“Whoa, whoa,” I said, sputtering. “Slow down.”

“I thought you said you wanted….something else,” he said in confusion.

“I do. I just want…this,” I said, gently grabbing his crotch through his jeans. He just stood there and bucked against my hand as I caressed his bulge through his pants. “Listen, we’re not going to fuck. Not here, not now. I’m not going to be your girlfriend or your future wife,” I joked. “But I AM interested in this,” I said, giving his cock a squeeze. “If you are okay with me just pleasing this, then we might be getting somewhere.”

“What? You want to suck me?” he panted with obvious lust rising.

“Yes. I want to suck your cock.”

“Hell yeah, where? When?”

“I have a break in 15 minutes. Meet me in the back. Do NOT tell or bring any of your friends or you’ll miss something special,” I warned.

“Ok, I can get away from them,” he said conspiratorially. “See you then!”

I went back and finished my orders with a familiar flush in my cheeks…and elsewhere. It was going to happen! Finally. He was waiting like an excited puppy when I came through the back door. I motioned for him to follow and he did without a word. We were in a dark corner in the alley behind the bar. I’d brought my coat. I folded it up and laid it on the ground. I guided him up against the wall and I knelt in front of him. I wanted to enjoy this. I wanted it to last. I wanted to feel all those feelings again but I knew it needed to be quick. Still, there was an excitement in that as well.

He groaned when I unzipped him and took out his dick. “Damn!” I thought, when I took it in my hand. It was the most impressive one I’d seen, and it was growing…quickly. I licked the tip while I held his balls in my hand. He was nearly fully erect by then. I slid my tongue up his imposing shaft. I could taste the sweat, the manly musk on him. It’s like a natural pheromone for me. I get turned on something fierce by the taste and smell of it.

“God,” he panted, “what made you want to do this?” he asked, eyes closed and focused as I took his head in my mouth.

“Shhh,” I said. “We don’t have much time. I just want to suck your cock, let’s leave it at that.”

“Mmm, I’m ok with that,” he laughed nervously as I went to work on his beautiful dick. “Can I ….at least see some of what you’ve got up there,” he groaned, motioning at my top. Like I’ve said, I get off on the embarrassment. I pulled the tube top down, exposing my tits to him.

“Dayummmm,” he moaned as they were revealed to him. He ogled them for awhile while I fellated him before he tilted his head back, leaned against the wall and focused on the pleasure. I was in a zone. This is what I missed. This is what I wanted, and needed. I was blowing a guy whose name I still didn’t even know (turned out to be Jason), in an alley, on a work break, with my titties out. I was practically gushing.

I suckled the head lovingly and circled my tongue around it, eventually vacuuming it with loud, “pops” each time I’d pull off of it. It was driving him mad. We were both in a fever and unfortunately for both of us, he eventually couldn’t stand it. He held the back of my head, though gently, as he blasted off into the back of my throat. I kept up the pace of sucking and licking while he filled my mouth with that sweetness. Yes, I love the taste. I know most women think it’s gross. I think it’s the tastiest thing in the world. I’d rather have that taste on my lips than bacon. He pumped me full, all the while telling me how great I was, how wonderful it felt. I smiled and did one last “pop” off of his glorious cock. I looked up and licked my lips to get the last of the cum while he watched in amazement.

“Thanks!” I giggled. “Gotta go!” I adjusted my top and walked back into the bar to finish my shift. I didn’t see him again that night, he’d left his friends, once he got what he wanted. I did get a kick out of having his taste on me while I waited on his friends, wondering what they’d think if they knew his friend had just blown a load in my mouth.

Well, once that night happened it opened a door for me and I stepped right through. I sucked his cock every time he showed up, which was often, now that he was motivated. Usually he wouldn’t even order. He’d come in, sit in my section. I’d bring him a water, 15 minutes later I’d be out back in the alley, or in his car, my tits out, sucking his cock. He found out that I had an affinity for it. He took full advantage. He DID try and fuck me, he pestered me about it every time, however, he wasn’t stupid. He let me “do my thing” on his cock every time. He became comfortable with it. I did allow him more and more access to me, however. He often had his hands full of my tits, or his fingers in my pussy before he gave me my reward.

As I knew it would happen, and I suppose as part of the whole fantasy, I knew it would get out. Guys talk, it’s what they do. I knew he would. I could tell by the way his friends looked at me when they’d come in, sometimes with him, sometimes without. One night they all came in together. I’d rocked Jason’s world already, he was back with the group. They were laughing and carrying on and I had the suspicion a lot of it was about me. He pulled me aside.

“Say, you say you love the cock sucking thing, right?”

“More than anything,” I cooed with absolute truth.

“And you say you aren’t into getting “involved” in any way?” he asked with air quotes.

“Absolutely not. Why?” I asked, even though I had an idea.

“Because some of my friends here are….shall we say, between girlfriends and they’d certainly enjoy some…release…so to speak.”

“They would, would they?” I asked, playfully punching him in the arm. I think he fully expected a full faced slap. Seeing no opposition, he continued.

“So you wouldn’t be embarrassed, to say, take some of them out back and give them the same treatment you gave me?” He asked, laying it out there.

“I didn’t say it wouldn’t be embarrassing, in fact, it would be totally so.”

He started to change his tone, fearing he’d lost me. I stopped him.

“Yes, it’ll be embarrassing, but that’s actually part of the fantasy. That’s part of what drives me to do it,” I admitted.

Seeing hope again he said, “wait, you said, “it’ll be embarrassing,” meaning you are going to do it?”

Wanting to tickle another part of the fantasy I said, “you tell ME. I wouldn’t be able to do it, or choose, unless YOU tell me who, and how.” I fell into my submissive mode, it was all a part of it, it was the part that was missing.

“Wow, cool,” he grinned lewdly, “I pick Dave.”

“Ok, tell me how you want me to do it?” I asked obediently.

“Take him out back like you did with me the first time. Get those titties out and wait for him in the same place, against the wall, I’ll send him out. Be waiting for him like that.”

“I…don’t have a break yet,” I suddenly realized.

“Look, do you want to do this or not,” he snarled, though I guessed it was just a bluff, a dominant show for me. It worked.

“Ok ok,” I said. “I’ll be back there, tell him to hurry, I don’t have much time.”

“Well, that part will be up to you,” he sniffed.

So there I was on my knees, in the dark, my tits hanging out when Dave showed up for his blowjob. He was inexperienced, I could tell. He barely said a word, he only moaned and grunted as I gave him probably the first blowjob he’d ever had. His cock was short and stubby, not that I’m complaining. I love a good, hard, big cock for sure, but when sucking it may actually be easier to blow a shorter one. I was able to give him more of my burgeoning deep throat skills. He was appreciative, he blew probably months worth of frustration into my mouth which I lapped up happily. Embarrassed, he shuffled off quickly. Jason smugly asked me if I was enjoying myself when I showed up again. I licked my lips seductively and nodded. I fully expected more but I don’t think Jason understood the depths of my need, they took off soon after.

However, in the next few weeks I got to know several of his friends that way in addition to Jason. My breaks weren’t long enough. I was only able to service one of them at a time, still, two breaks a night I was getting two cocks to suck on a regular basis. They’d often draw numbers to see who was going to be the lucky ones that night. Naturally, I was bombarded with offers to hook up, “later” but I always rebuffed them. I was enjoying how it was going so far.

Quite naturally, it was bound to crash. I blame some jealous bitches, waitresses there who saw the kind of attention I was getting. They were envious of me, especially when it came to Jason. Apparently, he was a big shot football star or something. I only cared that his cock was yummy. One night, nearing fall, my boss pulled me aside. I’d just serviced Tommy….or was it John? Whatever, whoever it was their cum was still in my throat when Randy, the night manager called me into his office.

“It has come to my attention….”

I’ve learned that nothing good ever follows, “it has come to my attention.”

“…That you are doing some uh….extracurricular activities on the side.”

“What?” I said shyly, feigning innocence.

“Oh stop,” he said abruptly. “We’ve got surveillance tapes of you going out back and…well, doing things.”

He was in front of his computer. He showed me one of the tapes. Luckily, the camera only went so far. All one could see is me and the guy, heading towards the corner, but the camera didn’t go all the way to the corner. All we could see is darkness, then one, or both of us walking back to the bar.

“See!?” I bluffed. “I’m just a smoker, I know it’s a bad habit, but I usually just bum a cigarette from one of the guys and we just talk some shit, they are friends of mine.”

He got defensive, I think once he broached the subject he felt it was too far along to go back.

“That’s bullshit, look at this one,” he demanded. It showed one guy walking out of the shadows, adjusting his fly and, a minute later, me walking out, while wiping my lips with my sleeve.

“I think you are doing more than smoking, Taylor,” he scolded. “Look, we put up with a lot here, for the customers. People are doing drugs in the restrooms, the bouncers are letting underage girls in, what we DON’T need is the police showing up because one of our waitresses is prostituting herself out back.”

“Prostituting? You think I’m a whore?” I asked incredulously. He had no idea I was doing it for free, that that’s where the kink was.

“What other reason are you back there? Listen, even though the tape doesn’t show it, I’ve heard some rumors that you are blowing guys back there.”

“What???” I said shyly, trying to cover it up with acting.

“Look, there’s only one reason a woman would do that, for money. God knows they hate sucking cock,” he said, trying to make a joke of it.

I was busted. I could’ve kept denying it, but there was little point, really. I was going to quit in less than two weeks anyway because of the start of the semester.

“Well maybe you hang around the wrong women?” I joked, trying to lighten the mood. “Some of us actually like it,” I admitted, causing an arched eyebrow response.

“Whatever. You’re fired,” he said coldly. “Take off that uniform,” he demanded.

It’s just a tube top and tight short shorts. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“I know all of you bring clothes to change into because many of you won’t be caught dead wearing that outfit out in public.”

He was right. But still….then I realized his angle, I saw how he was looking at me.

“You’re wrong about me,” I said proudly. “I love to suck cock, I absolutely fucking love it.”

“Bullshit,” he repeated. “No woman does. “It’s gross,” “the texture is nasty,” “I’m not going to swallow, tell me when you are cumming.” I’ve heard it all,” he said with exasperation.

“Well, I’ll admit that most women *I* know think that too. It’s just not me.”

“You’re saying….”

“That yes, I sucked every one of those guys out back. That’s what I was doing back there, sucking their cocks. I didn’t get a dollar for it. I just…crave it.”

“Bullshit,” he said again, though less convinced this time. “Give me the uniform.”

I knew he meant, “go change” but I had an inkling where this was going. So slowly, I peeled my top off right in front of him. We don’t wear bras so my tits were on display. Then, seductively, I pulled the shorts down to my ankles and kicked them off. I was left with a very sheer thong and my sexy pumps.

“Taylor!” He breathed heavily. “I didn’t mean here!”

I knew he was lying because he had all sorts of time to tell me to stop while I was stripping, yet he didn’t.

“I still don’t believe you,” he said, this time questioning everything he knew about life. I pushed him back to his chair and sat him down. I knelt in front of him. He was in his 30’s, had a dad bod and hair pretty much everywhere. I knew he was married, he complained about how frigid she was all the time. I knew that’s where he got his information about women. I unzipped him and took out his cock. It was short, but thick, which made it hard to get my mouth around the head so I focused on licking his shaft and even his balls, which drove him mad.

“Taylor, Taylor, stop….we shouldn’t…” he kept protesting, while at the same time guiding my head over and over down on his cock. So that’s how I blew my gross boss and swallowed his load, right under his desk, in prime time where we could be caught.