Teddy Bear showed up one day, unexpected, a week before Christmas, in a big green and red wrapped box on Eleanor’s porch.

The box was huge — at least five feet high. Eleanor looked all around. There was no sign of the person, whoever he was, who had dropped off the box. Eleanor looked up and down the street and it was empty both ways.

She dragged the box into her small, bungalow-style house, the wrapping screeching across her wood floor.

There were no markings on the box. Just a red bow. She couldn’t fathom who would send her a gift in a giant box, or why anybody would do so.

She pulled the big box into the kitchen, and she pulled a knife out of a drawer. She cut the box open, and in a minute the cardboard lay on the floor and there he was: Teddy Bear.

He was a giant, stuffed toy bear, brown and downy soft, with wide black eyes and round ears. He was two-thirds her size. A heart-shaped furry patch, of a slightly different shade of brown, lay over his breast. He was one of the cutest things Eleanor had ever seen. A small envelope was attached to a string that encircled his neck. Eleanor opened the envelope.

A small card inside the envelope said this: “I am your Teddy Bear. I love you and I will make you happy. Touch my heart and I will talk to you.”

Eleanor teared up, just a little. Her eyes watered.

She wondered who had sent her such a nice gift. She couldn’t imagine who it was. She couldn’t imagine her boyfriend, Lyle, sending her a gift like this. He wasn’t an especially thoughtful boyfriend, and he hadn’t given her any gifts in a long time. Lately, Eleanor had been asking herself why she was even dating Lyle. But she was 31, and good men seemed to be in short supply, and while she wasn’t sure, exactly, if Lyle was a particularly good man, he wasn’t particularly bad, either, and that was enough to keep the relationship going, for the time being.

The doorbell rang. Eleanor left Teddy Bear in the kitchen and went to the front door.

It was Celia, a neighbor and a friend. She often stopped by, unexpectedly. Celia’s love life was even more troubled than Eleanor’s, and unlike Eleanor, who preferred to keep her troubles secret, Celia wanted to share everything.

“Hi, Eleanor,” Celia said, waving. “Do you have a minute?”

“Sure,” Eleanor said. “Come in.”

Celia started chattering about problems with her love life as soon as she entered the door, but she stopped when the two of them entered the kitchen and she saw Teddy Bear.

“Oh my God, he’s ADORABLE,” Celia said. “Who sent him?”

“I have no idea,” Eleanor said. “He showed up on my doorstep today.”

“Do you think Lyle sent him?” Celia asked.

“I don’t know,” Eleanor said. “It doesn’t seem like something he would do.”

“Yeah, you’re right about that.”

Eleanor nodded glumly. The tone in Celia’s voice told her what she thought of Lyle.

“What’s this?” Celia asked, stretching her finger out to the heart-shaped patch on the bear and pressing against it.

A deep voice rumbled out from the depths of the stuffed bear.

“I’m Teddy Bear,” the voice said. “I want to be your friend.”

“Oh my God, that’s sweet!” Celia said.

“It is,” Eleanor agreed. It WAS sweet, and a kind gift. But she couldn’t figure out who had sent it to her. She was perplexed.

Celia spent the next 15 minutes complaining to Eleanor about her asshole boyfriend and her fucked-up love life. Eleanor responded with understanding and empathy. But in the back of her mind, she was thinking: why am I still dating Lyle? He’s not much better than the jerk Celia is dating.

Celia left, eventually, and Eleanor walked back to the kitchen. She felt dejected. She didn’t want to be alone, but the truth was, Lyle wasn’t doing much to make her happy. He was good-looking. That much was true. He was the kind of guy you wanted to show off at an office party. But he was self-centered. There was something missing. There was a button that Eleanor needed pushing, and he wasn’t pushing it.

She stared at Teddy Bear, propped up against a kitchen cabinet.

She pushed her hand against his heart.

The deep voice rumbled in response.

“I’m Teddy Bear, and I want to fuck you.”

Eleanor screamed and backed up, almost stumbling, mouth agape.

The Bear sat silent on the kitchen floor. Eleanor stood with her hands clutching the tile counter.

She wondered if she’d misheard it. After all, it couldn’t really have said what she thought it said, could it? She wondered if this was a weird practical joke. But who would do such a thing? She could not think of anyone. Lyle might yank her chain once in a while, but he’d never put in the effort to pull off something like this. It wasn’t his nature to make any effort where a relationship was concerned.

Eleanor pushed away from the counter and approached Teddy Bear, slowly, tentatively.

She pushed her fingers against his heart again.

“I’m Teddy Bear, and I know you want it,” the deep voice rumbled. “Touch me between the legs and I’ll show you what I’ll give you.”

Eleanor jumped back, again, at the sound of the voice and its words. She wondered if she was going crazy.

The situation was crazy, even if she wasn’t. She could not understand what was going on.

She crept back toward Teddy Bear, on tiptoes, thinking any sound or vibration might set off more bizarre words. How was it possible for a toy bear to act this way? It occurred to her that maybe Lyle had sent Teddy Bear, after all, as a practical joke. But it seemed like it would have taken more creativity and work — and maybe money — than she would expect out of Lyle.

She drew close to Teddy Bear and poked him.

His fur was unbelievably plush, thick, and soft. Eleanor ran her hand over his belly. He felt right. Her hand drifted down, tentatively, between Teddy Bear’s legs. She pushed, slightly.

Then she felt a bulge from inside the toy bear, and her hand flew back.

The fur parted, between his legs, and . . .

And . . .

Eleanor couldn’t believe what she saw.

A thick shaft, in the form of a penis, with almost life-like skin, all in cinnamon, emerged from between the bear’s legs. Eleanor gasped. It kept growing and growing until finally it stopped. At its fullest extension, Eleanor wasn’t sure how long it was. She’d have to get a tape measure to find out. Seven inches? Eight inches? It was certainly longer than any penis that had been inside her — not that there had been that many. It was much thicker and longer than Lyle’s organ, for sure.

She didn’t know what to do.

She couldn’t leave a toy bear with a huge erect toy cock lying around her kitchen. She couldn’t imagine how she would explain that to anyone who visited. She would have to move Teddy Bear to another part of her house. Her bedroom closet seemed like the best choice.

She approached Teddy Bear cautiously, tentatively, slowly.

Eleanor looked all around her, wondering if someone was about to spring from an unseen corner to laugh and pronounce the whole thing a practical joke. But there was no one. The kitchen was silent.

She drew closer to Teddy Bear, and his big cinnamon cock looked bigger and bigger as she approached it.

She extended her outstretched finger toward it, and she gingerly touched its tip.

A tiny dollop of what looked like white cream emerged from a little hole at its apex.

Eleanor wondered if she was going crazy. How could a toy bear’s penis have pre-cum?

“This isn’t possible,” she said out loud to herself.

But there it was. It might be crazy, but she couldn’t deny what she was seeing.

With a full open hand, she lightly slapped the bear dick. It wobbled back and forth. And then that big deep voice came rumbling from inside the bear’s ample body.

“Suck it,” the voice said.

“Oh!” Eleanor cried with a start. She ran from the kitchen. She paced back and forth in her bedroom. This couldn’t really be happening.

After five minutes Eleanor tip-toed back to the kitchen. Teddy Bear sat on floor. His . . . dick was nowhere in sight; Eleanor was relieved to see. He sat there, still and quiet, and undeniably adorable. Eleanor crept to his side and put her hand over Teddy Bear’s head. The fur was as soft as anything she’d every touched. No noise emanated from the Bear now.

Now, where would she put him? She couldn’t keep him in the kitchen.

With effort she wrapped her arms most of the way around Teddy Bear’s waist and carried him to her bedroom. She set him gently in her bed. That seemed like the right place. He would be out of the way. And she could almost swear he looked happy there.

The doorbell rang again. She figured Celia had returned to ask her something. But when she went to the door, it was Lyle, standing on the poor with a lopsided grin. He wasn’t the best boyfriend in the world, but he did know how to look adorable from time to time.

“Hi babe,” he said, stepping forward and kissing her on the check.

She let him in the house.

“Are we having dinner at Paul and Kathy’s house tonight?” she asked him.

“Sorry, El, can’t do it. Playing poker with the boys, and dinner and beers. Rain check? Tomorrow?”

Eleanor was disappointed.

“Can’t do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is the office holiday party. I have to be there.”

“Too bad. Well, you’ll be OK.”

“We haven’t had dinner out in a couple of weeks.”

“I know,” he said and shrugged. “I’ll make it up to you.”

He had said that before.

Her eyes widened, remembering.

“Lyle! I have to show you something!” she said, but she had misgivings as soon as the words came out of her mouth.


“Come here, I’ll show you.”

Lyle followed her to her bedroom. There, on the bed covers, sat Teddy Bear, upright, staring back at them, as cute as could be.

“You bought a stuffed animal? That thing is huge.”

“It’s not a thing,” she said. “It’s Teddy Bear. Isn’t he adorable? And I didn’t buy him. He showed up in a giant box at the door.”

“At the door? You mean, a present? From who?”

“I don’t know,” she said, biting her lip. She didn’t want Lyle to be jealous. “There was no return address or signature anywhere.”

“That’s weird. Maybe somebody at the office has a crush on you.” He knitted his brow. Darn, he was jealous.

“I doubt it,” Eleanor said. “Probably one of my girlfriends, surprising me. But isn’t he just the most adorable thing?”

Lyle looked at the bear carefully, warily. He walked around the bed and scanned the bear from different angles.

“I don’t know, he kind of gives me the creeps. Seems like he’s giving me the stink-eye.”

“Teddy Bear? That’s not possible.”

To Eleanor, the Bear was so cute and friendly looking that she had almost forgotten his behavior before. She wasn’t going to tell Lyle about THAT.

Eleanor was surprised at Lyle’s reaction. The Bear only radiated warmth and charm — an almost magnetic appeal — toward her. But as she turned away, toward Lyle, she thought for a split second that she saw something else — like an angry glint in the Bear’s eye, cast toward Lyle.

It had to be her imagination.

“Well, gotta go, babe,” Lyle said. “Game’s soon.”

Eleanor saw Lyle to the door, and he left. She remained alone in the house, with no plans. She sighed. She spent the rest of the evening reading a book — a half finished erotic novel her friend Siri had loaned her. It got her in the mood, a little, but there wasn’t much to do with her mood other than pleasure herself, and she didn’t want to do that. She cooked chicken and broccoli for herself and ate it in front of the TV. She drank a big glass of pinot noir. After two hours of watching a British detective show and cleaning up the kitchen she finally went to bed.

Teddy Bear sat there, cute, welcoming, and oh so furry. Eleanor quickly brushed her teeth and dressed for bed. Usually, she wore a long ratty cotton t-shirt and panties, but tonight for no good reason she skipped the panties. She slipped into bed, pulled back the covers, and nestled in next to Teddy Bear. He felt unbelievably soft against her back. He said nothing this time, and she wondered again if what she recalled had just been in her head. She melted into his plush fur, and soon she fell fast asleep.

Eleanor woke with the morning light coming through the blinds. She felt refreshed. She had slept like a baby but recalled having had the most vivid and . . . well . . . sexy dreams she’d ever had. She’d been ravished, repeatedly, by an unseen lover with a huge cock.

Speaking of which . . .

Eleanor felt something between her legs. Teddy Bear lay still pressed tightly against her backside, under the covers with her, practically spooning her.

She threw the covers back and looked down, between her thighs.

Nestled between her legs was Teddy Bear’s big cinnamon cock. Its length stretched perfectly along the furrow of her bare, pink pussy, and its head was pressed against her clitoris.

She reached down. My God, she was damp.

A low growly sound rumbled out slowly from the Bear’s depths behind her.

“I’m Teddy Bear and I’m going to fuck you now.”

It wasn’t a dream. It was real. The Bear’s cock pressed against her, and the Bear said it wanted to fuck her.

She should jump out of bed and do something. What, she didn’t know. But she couldn’t just lie there.

But she did. She just lay there, bear cock firmly encased between her thighs, and his unbelievably plush fur behind her, caressing the skin of her bottom.

She wanted to feel the fur better. She reached down and without moving away from Teddy Bear pulled off her t-shirt. Now she lay fully naked in Teddy Bear’s arms, and it felt wonderful. His fur warmed the entire length of her nude back. She pushed back against him, and she draped a big furry paw from behind over her until it flopped against her bare breast. Her nipple tingled.

Oooh, it felt good. She forgot about the weirdness of it all. Teddy Bear felt so good.

She wiggled her butt against his plush furry lap.

The cock between her legs vibrated, just slightly. She was sure of it. And it seemed to press forward. On its own.

She pressed back.

The sensation was heaven.

She began rocking her hips, and the cleft of her pussy rocked back and forth, against Teddy Bear’s cock length.

She couldn’t really, could she?

A toy bear?

She couldn’t but she did. She angled her body until the tip of the Bear cock was at her opening, and with one hand she used her fingers to spread her lips apart until the inside of her pussy lay pink and ready and available.

She watched, fascinated, aroused, and nervous, as the fat cinnamon toy Bear cock pressed forward, on its own, extending from somewhere in the depths of the Bear, and it pushed inside her.

Oh, that sensation.

It felt like a man’s cock, except a little harder, and definitely bigger. It filled her and stretched her.

So good.

Teddy Bear’s big cock pistoned in and out of her, on its own, with no help or aid from her hands or body. She lay perfectly still and let the big, soft Bear with the big, hard cock fuck her.

And, oh God, did it fuck her.

On and on it fucked her. She’d never felt anything like it.

At last, she couldn’t stand holding still. She writhed back, pushing her ass hard into Teddy Bear’s lap and savoring the feel of the big thick . . .. whatever it was made of . . . Bear cock filling her, over and over. Waves of pleasure coursed through her.

She lost track of time and then saw the clock. Teddy Bear had been fucking her for 20 minutes. Usually, it took a long time for Eleanor to achieve orgasm. She could feel it approaching, but she was not there and wanted to hold it back, just a little longer. She wanted something else.

She pulled her pussy, now drenched, off Teddy Bear’s cock, and she lay back on the bed, stretching her legs wide to either side. She pulled Teddy Bear onto her. Although he was so big, he didn’t weigh that much, and he felt good against her chest. His own chest mashed down against her breasts and in no time and with no effort his big Bear cock slipped back into her.

Eleanor felt depraved and wanton, but also loved and desired . . . by her Teddy Bear. He fucked her, missionary-style. She pushed back against Teddy Bear’s torso just enough so she could watch the cinnamon shaft thrust in and out of her. Her wetness glistened on the shaft in the waxing morning light.

Her body rocked and writhed under the steady, insistent thrusting of Teddy Bear’s cock.

At last, she felt the swell. It started in her loins and swept over her core, and her limbs spasmed, almost uncontrollably. Her whole body shuddered as she let go and cried out.

“Oh God, yes! Fuck me Teddy Bear!”

And then . . .

And then . . .

My God, she felt it — the surge of wet warmth coming from Teddy Bear, filling her, as she’d never been filled before.

What could it be?

Toy Bear Cum?

What kind of Toy Bear had cum?

But, on the other hand, what kind of Toy Bear fucked you in your bed and made you writhe and make noise like an animal and made you orgasm?

This one did, apparently.

She dared not pull away from Teddy Bear yet, because she wanted to milk his big, thick tawny cock of every possible drop of his Bear cum. And she did. She lay still under Teddy Bear’s soft paws until she felt the shaft inside her cease moving. She felt it subside and withdraw.

She pushed Teddy Bear over and to the side. He seemed to stare back at her with love and infinite gentleness.

Eleanor’s own body was covered in a thin film of sweat, but Teddy Bear’s fur, somehow, was perfectly dry. She saw his Bear Cock, smaller now, withdraw somewhere into the fur between his legs and disappear.

There was no way this could have happened, but it had.

Eleanor sat up and looked down, between her legs.

A thick slurry of Toy Bear cream spilled out from her. Never had a man filled her with so much cum.

She dipped a finger, cautiously, down into the mess, which was puddling out over and staining the bed sheet. She put it to her nose. It smelled . . . sweet. She tasted it. It tasted sweet, too. It had the flavor of vanilla cake frosting, but it had a consistency exactly like man cum. Eleanor relished the taste. She scooped up more of it, faster and faster. She cupped one hand under her open hole and with the other dug out more cum with two fingers. She lapped up the cum. It was warm and delicious. She didn’t eat all of it. Eleanor wanted to leave Teddy Bear’s cum inside her and enjoy its pleasant warmth.

My God, I’ve been fucked by a toy bear, she thought.

Eleanor got up to take a shower. She would clean up the bed later.

Without even really thinking about it she carried Teddy Bear into the bathroom and sat him on the floor so he could watch her naked body through the glass shower. She wanted to watch him, too — his handsome, luxurious coat of fur and his naughty, lusty expression.

It was crazy to think it, but she knew Teddy Bear liked watching her, and she liked being watched by him.

Watched by her Teddy Bear.

* * * * *

Eleanor had a busy day ahead of her. She made a breakfast of coffee and a muffin and sliced strawberries. Without thinking about it she’d placed Teddy Bear in the chair opposite her at the small table. It just seemed natural that she’d have breakfast with him.

After breakfast, she dressed for work. She pulled a pleated skirt out of her drawer. It was the shortest skirt she ever wore to work — on the edge of being too short to wear to an office. She puzzled for a moment about why she wanted to wear it, and then smiled. Teddy Bear would like to see her in it. She thought about putting on stockings, but it was an unusually warm day for December, so she decided to skip wearing them.

It wasn’t until she’d reached her car door, later, that she realized she was carrying Teddy Bear, evidently with the intent to take him to work.

She paused and thought about that.