“Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt!”

‘Gawd I hate that alarm clock!’ was the first thought through my head. It was immediately followed by a question, ‘Is it really still a wet dream if you don’t get to finish it?’

Falling back into bed, I admired my wife’s ability to sleep through almost anything. Staring at the steady rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed reminded me of some unfinished business.

It seemed like I had just gotten started when the second alarm went off. ‘Fuck,’ I thought as I poked the corpse next to me.

“Your turn,” I announced as she began to stir.

To accelerate the process, I reached over and lightly tugged on an escaping nipple.

“I’m awake,” she growled, but made no move to get up or slap my hand away. “Your turn,” I said again.

This time she rolled to the edge of the bed and slapped the alarm off while muttering, “slave driver,” under her breath.

I got a momentary glimpse of her perfect ass as she stood up. Alas, it was all too brief as she helped her nightgown slither its way down blocking my view.

As she glided into the bathroom, I got out of bed. Feeling the constriction my underwear was causing, I pulled them down and kicked them off. Feeling better, I followed my wife into the bathroom, my cock bobbing and weaving like a conductor’s baton leading the way.

Grabbing my tooth brush I began to brush my teeth when I saw the inner bathroom door open and my wife come out. As she stepped on the scale, she pulled her nightgown off and stood there in all her naked glory, making my cock throb.

Stepping off the scale, she went to her sink and began to brush her teeth. I rinsed my mouth and walked up behind her. Pressing my groin against her ass, I reached around and grabbed two handfuls of tit. Her nipples were already engorged and they crinkled up immediately at my touch. She was interested.

Bending down to rinse her mouth, my cock slid down her ass and ended up between her thighs.

Lifting her head she looked at me in the mirror and said, “Ok. But we have to hurry. We both have to get to work.”

With that, she moved over to assume the position in front of the middle section of the bathroom counter. I should mention that our bathroom sink area consists of three parts each with their own mirror. The center section is just a flat counter with no sink. It is flanked by two sections that are angled out at 45 degrees, with sinks. She knows I love to fuck her in front of the middle section because I can watch her directly in front of me, in the mirror in front of us and get side views from both of the other mirrors.

As she put her hands on the center counter, she spread her thighs a little bit and I took that as a good sign. Reaching over and grabbing the bottle of lube I slapped a little in my hand. She arched her back and said, “Well if you are gonna do me, you might as well do it now because we both have to get going.”

I slapped the lube on her pussy lips and rubbed it in. Sliding two fingers up inside her, I realized I probably didn’t need the lube because she was very wet.

Sliding my cock between her pussy lips, she reached back and grabbed my cock, she began using me like a vibrator, rubbing me back and forth on her clit. I was definitely not objecting.

After a few times of doing that, she pushed my cock back and lined it up with her love canal. I began circling it with my cock head until she pushed back, fully engulfing me. In the process, since I was still holding my cock in my hand, my thumb went and slid right into her tight little asshole. Normally this would occasion the phrase, “No, not my ass you jerk” or some such, but this morning there was just a moan as my cock penetrated her pussy and my thumb buried itself in her forbidden country.

Thanking my lucky stars, I began to rotate my thumb as I began slowly thrusting my cock in-and-out of her pussy. Still waiting for a complaint about my thumb, all I got was another moan. We sat there fucking slowly in front of the mirrors for just a minute when she turned her head and looked back out of the corner of her eye and said, “I know you want my ass. So just take it. We only have a few minutes so just start fucking my ass already!”

The first thought that went through my mind was, ‘Who are you and what did you do with my wife?’ But being an opportunist, I said nothing. I just slipped my cock out and gave my thumb one last swirl before pulling it out.

I began to slowly press my cock into her little rosebud. If you have never had the pleasure to fuck a beautiful woman’s ass hole, I fully recommend it. The slow steady pressure as your cock’s head squeezes inside and her anal muscles as they fight push you out and then they finally surrender and allow you to slip inside. It never gets old. There is no feeling like it, it’s just fucking amazing.

This morning was no different. I pressed slowly against her sphincter and it was as though I could feel every nerve in my cock being pleasured. Her tight little muscles squeezing and stretching little by little. I was in heaven and then finally the head of my cock popped through and she moaned then just gave a quick clench followed by relaxation as her anal muscles surrendered to my invading manhood.

For a moment after my cock attained its first objective, I paused and throbbed my cock in her hole to give her a little time to adjust. To my surprise, she backed up and pushed my cock deeper into her, all the while giving little moans and growls. Once she achieved her goal and pushed me fully inside her, she began to pull me back out. Slowly at first and then faster until she was pulling me almost out and then all the way back in.

She backed up suddenly and pressed against me, squirming on my cock. I could feel her ass muscles clenching on me as she announced, “I’m cumming. Oh my god, I’m cumming with your cock up my ass!”

At that point, I looked in the mirror and watched her come. At some point, she had slid a hand down and I could feel it slapping on her pussy as her whole body shook.

I’m feeling her fingers bump my ball sack as she rubs herself and fucks my cock in and out of her ass. The whole time again the thought of “Who is this woman?” crosses my mind.

She slows down and I could feel her climax begin again as her ass muscles begin to clutch and clench around my cock. I started to feel something new as I felt a finger or two slide into her poor neglected pussy. She screamed at that point, “I’m cumming. Oh my god I’m cumming again,” as she began to shake.

I held still holding her hips and just let her come on my cock. When I thought she was done, I reached down, grabbed her tits, one in each hand and pulled her up. I kissed her ear and then her neck.

Grabbing her around the waist, I picked her up and keeping my cock inside her, I shuffle walked over to the bed and laid her down on it.

I laid her down on the edge of the bed with her feet still on the floor. Her hands reached up and clutched the sheet. I began to slowly move my cock in-and-out of her. After a couple of strokes, she reached under her pillow and brought out her blue rabbit vibrator. I took it away from her. Pulling my cock from her ass, I thumbed the power switch on the vibrator and flipped on to one of her favorite vibration patterns.

As I slid it deep into her pussy, she screamed and began to twitch. Before her ass had a chance to close completely, I positioned my cock in front of her gaping little rosebud once more and pushed deep inside her ass.

She screamed a little bit and then began to move as the vibrations hit her. She reached a hand down between thighs to hold on to the blue toy as I began to pound her ass. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I was surprised that I lasted this long. Between the feeling of fucking her tight little ass, a pleasure rarely before accomplished without the help of many pina coladas or glasses of Bailey’s and the vibrations of the rabbit in her pussy, I was not going to last.

I could feel the velvet electricity building in my balls as I drove my cock deep inside her. The vibrations of the rabbit urging me on and the sight of the twitching ‘O’ of her asshole as I pulled out and stared at it. At last the feeling just overwhelmed me and I began to spurt bolts of lightning deep in her bowels. The feeling of me cumming was overwhelming and it started her cumming again. It just went on and on I don’t know how many times I shot my cum deep inside her but it seemed to go on forever until finally, I began to come back to reality. I felt my cock begin to soften and just let her push me out of her. At which point, I rolled over on to the bed next to her, kissed her and said, “That was fucking amazing!” She just nodded and then suddenly sat up and ran for the bathroom.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up to something warm and soft and wet on my cock. I lifted my head up to see my beautiful naked wife washing my cock and balls with a washcloth. Seeing me watching her, she grinned and bent down and sucked my cock deep into her mouth. I was only partially hard at that point, actually just a little chubby, but the feeling of her blowjob and to see beautiful form bent over me made me hard again almost instantly.

When she felt that, she came up along my body and with an evil grin said, “I don’t think we feel good this morning. I think we need call in sick and play hooky today.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I rolled over grabbed my phone and sent an email to my boss. Nobody calls in sick to work anymore. When I looked over to put my phone down, my wife was just finishing doing the same.

Grinning evilly she looked at me and said, “Now where was I?” I just laid back in the bed lifted my hips humping the air as a reminder.

We must have been sick, because the only time we left the bed was to shower and when my wife slipped on her sheer satin robe to get our dinner from the GrubHub guy and tip him by flashing her tits at him.

Later, I glanced at the clock and saw that it was about 9:30 pm. Seeing that I was awake, my wife used her fingers to slather another dose of lube on my cock and started giving me an amazing handjob. She stroked me hard again and then she straddled me. I couldn’t help but feel surprised as I felt my cock slowly press its way into her nether regions.

“Why?” I whispered. “You never let me fuck your ass.”

As she continued to lower herself onto my cock she said in a breathless husky voice, “It is because of that DVD you put on last night when you thought I was asleep. Listening to all those people fucking as I was falling asleep got me horny. When I heard a woman begging her guy to fuck her in the ass, I rolled over and watched it. It was so sexy. He fucked her ass in missionary and then doggy and then I have no idea what to call it. He must have fucked her ass ten different ways. And she loved it.

“I can tell when those porn actresses are faking it and when it is real. When they are enjoying it, their nipples stand up and they flush when they come. I watched her come four or five times while he had his way with her ass.

“I watched a couple more and those girls all seemed to enjoy it and then the last one I watched had two guys. One guy in her pussy and the other one in her ass. She was screaming she was coming so hard.

“I was playing with myself as I watched and I fell asleep after coming with that last girl. I guess I was hoping you’d fuck me this morning and when you played with my nipple, I damn near screamed I was so close.

“Your thumb up my ass made me remember those girls getting fucked in the ass and I decided I wanted to try your cock there.”

At that point, she stopped talking because she was lying fully on top of me and began a full out assault on my lips with hers. The taste of my cum on her tongue from earlier, along with the taste of her pussy juices on my lips from a few minutes ago combined with the attention my cock was getting from her ass muscles transported me to a magical place.

We woke up to the buzzing of the alarm the next morning. “Shut that thing off,” my wife growled sexily. “I need to see if your morning wood is good for anything.”

As I got out of bed with a grin and a hard-on, I couldn’t help but think, ‘Thank god yesterday was Friday. There is no way I would be in any shape for work today when she is done with me.’