“Are you still watching Netflix?”

Paul blushed at the implied judgement from the TV screen, and looked over at Craig, his housemate, who was mindlessly scrolling through his phone. Another wild Friday night in lockdown.

“Fuck, I’m sick of staying home, man.” Paul grumbled as Craig looked up at him. “Feels like it’s been months since we’ve been out anywhere. When are they going to open the bars again?”

Craig shook his head sadly. “I know, man. I used to think the odd weekend at home was a relief, but now…I just need to get out!”

“Jesus, remember how we used to complain about not being able to meet any women?” Paul asked. “At least we knew women existed then. Now, I don’t think I even know what they look like outside of porn! Even Tinder’s just for awkward video wanks now.”

“I know, right?” Craig chuckled. “Now my right arm’s the only part of me that’s getting any exercise.”

“Well, speaking of that, I’m going to head for bed. It’s getting late anyway. I’ll see you tomorrow, huh.”

Paul got up from the couch and wandered dejectedly down the hall to the bathroom.

“Night, mate.” Craig called after him as he turned back to his phone.

As he brushed his teeth, Paul tried to work out how long it had been since he’d gotten laid. He’d already been in a dry spell before lock down started back in March, so it was….ages!

He climbed naked into bed, and flicked through his favourite website, searching for some porn worth watching. After 20 minutes he finally settled on something, which gave him the vague feeling he’d seen it before. Feeling tired now, he had a quick, goal-oriented wank, and shot a lonely load onto his belly.

Grabbing his T-shirt off the floor to clean up with, he heard the rhythmic knocking of bed against wall that signalled Craig was pursuing a similar pastime. Making a mental note, once again, to tell Craig to pull his bed away from the wall, he rolled over to go to sleep, just as a grunting climax sounded from next door.

Paul woke the next morning with a stretch and a scratch before heading to the bathroom for a piss that seemed to never end. He made his way down the hallway in his boxers and singlet, desperate for some caffeine to wake him up a little.

Craig was already up, sitting at the table with some toast and a steaming coffee in front of him.

“There’s some coffee in the plunger.” He offered Paul who gratefully poured it into a mug.

He sat opposite Craig, his head resting on his hand as his mental faculties slowly started to respond to the stimulating caffeine.

“Listen, I’ve been thinking.” Paul groaned inwardly as Craig launched into another of his great ideas. It was far too early for this kind of enthusiasm!

Craig continued, oblivious to Paul’s mental eyeroll. “This pandemic is fucked! We’ve been stuck in this apartment for months now, only going out to work or shop. I haven’t gotten laid in months, and I don’t think you have either.”

He gave Paul a sideways look to gauge his reaction before continuing.

“I’d give just about anything to get my dick sucked right now. If some chick asked me home from the pub and told me I had to suck off some dude before she’d blow me, I’d kneel down, shut my eyes and open wide. Anything for a blow job, right?”

“Fuckin-A, man.” Paul couldn’t help but agree. It’d been so long since anyone other than himself had touched his cock that he’d do just about anything to make it happen.

“Well… if you feel that way, and I feel that way, why don’t we just make that happen?”

Paul looked up at him, a confused look on his face.

“Look man, if you’ve got some chick hiding in your bedroom that willing to suck me off, just say the word.”

“Nah, man, you’re not getting it.” Craig explained. “We’re both willing to suck someone’s cock in exchange for getting a blow job ourselves, so why not just suck each other off?”

Paul immediately started to protest, but Craig spoke over him, quickly.

“Wait, wait, wait, just let me explain.” He rushed ahead. “It’s nothing gay or anything, just a simple transaction. We’d have to be very clear about it. If we’re totally wasted, it’d be no big deal. I’d just have to put up with your dick in my mouth for a bit, and then I’d get to have the blow job I’ve been missing for so long. Whoever got blown first would have to repay the favour within a week. It’s just a simple arrangement.”

Paul stared at him, waiting for him to start laughing or to indicate that he was joking. Craig returned his gaze without blinking. Logically it made sense, but could he really suck someone else’s cock?

“I don’t know if I could do it, mate.” Paul shook his head. “I’ve barely even seen you naked and you want me to suck your cock?”

“Mate, this is a pandemic! It’s a global emergency. We’re all having to do things we wouldn’t normally do. No one would ever find out, and as soon as we’re out of lockdown, we can get out and fuck all the chicks we want. But for now, maybe we just need to help each other out.”

Paul was shocked to realise that Craig was sounding convincing. How could he even be contemplating this? It just seemed too crazy. He’d never so much as touched another bloke’s dick let alone put it in his mouth.

“Look,” Craig continued, “We’d obviously need to break the ice a bit and get more comfortable together. Why don’t we just start it slow. We’ve got no plans tonight, obviously, so let’s get raging drunk and watch some porn together.”

“I’m not making any promises, but I’ll see how I feel tonight. I’m still waiting for you to tell me you’re kidding to be honest.”

“No way I’m kidding.” Craig sounded earnest. “It’s been fucking months, and I need some sort of sex that doesn’t involve my right hand. Let’s just get some drinks for tonight and see what happens.”

The rest of the day passed even more slowly than usual, as Paul waited with anticipation for the coming evening. He couldn’t tell if he was more disgusted or turned on by the whole idea.

The thought of finally getting his dick sucked, after such a long time, was the most enticing thought he’d had in a long time. But how could he possibly suck Craig’s cock? What would it even taste like? The very thought of it made him want to rinse his mouth out.

It was hard to deny the slight twitch in his boxer’s though as he considered such a taboo act.

The evening finally came around, and they both wasted no time slamming back a few beers. It was hard to sound convincing as they both tried to ignore their planned activities for the evening. The pizzas arrived, and they drank some more as they sat on the couch playing Halo.

Paul’s reaction time was terrible, and he lost the game over and over as the alcohol-fuelled buzz took hold of him.

As Craig once again snuck up behind his character and shot him in the head, he turned to him.

“Are we going to do this thing or are you just going to let me kick your arse all night?” he teased.

“Fuck man, I don’t know.” Paul was still reluctant. “It’s just so fucken weird! I don’t know if I could even get hard in front of another guy.”

“You just need to relax a bit, that’s all.” Craig was more definite. “Why don’t we at least ditch the clothes while we play the next round, just so you get used to it a bit. I’ve seen you naked at the gym change rooms a thousand times, so it’s nothing new.”

Paul could only agree. He’d been naked in front of other guys frequently and it had never been weird then. Maybe he was just over thinking it.

Stumbling a little from the alcohol, he stood up and stripped his singlet over his head, before stepping out of his shorts. Careful not to look at Craig as he undressed, he walked into the kitchen.

“You need a refill?” he called back over his shoulder.

“Definitely!” Craig’s emphatic reply suggested he was not quite as relaxed about this idea as he’d let on.

Carrying two more open beers, Paul walked back into the loungeroom. Ever the planner, Craig had laid out a towel across the couch and was now sitting buck-naked with his legs spread. Trying to look nonchalant, he was holding the controller in his hand and adjusting some setting on the console.

Paul stole a quick glance at his junk as he approached. It was a respectable size, well-groomed and thankfully no bigger than his own larger-than-average member. He handed him a beer and sat beside him, adjusting himself absently as he sat.

Resolutely looking straight ahead, he grabbed his controller as well, and clinking his beer against Craig’s, took a few gulping swallows. This was ok. He could cope with this.

He jumped a mile as Craig’s leg brushed accidently against his. Calming himself, he took another swig of beer. He tried to ignore the little pulse he could feel beating in his groin.

“Alright, another round,” he said, feigning indifference. “This time you’re going down.”

Unable to stop himself blushing as he realised the accidental double entendre, he quickly set up the next game, flicking a brief glance sideways at Craig.

Trying his best to focus on the game, he at least lasted a little longer this time before Craig once again shot him in the head.

Throwing the controller onto the couch beside him in disgust, he punched Craig lightly on the arm.

“You’re too fucking good at this.” He admitted grudgingly. He decided it was now or never. “Are we going to watch some porn or what?”

Craig shot him a slightly surprised look. “Sure, as long as you want to. Any…preference?”

“Nah, you just pick something.”

Craig picked up his iPad and spent a couple of minutes searching for an appropriate video. Paul couldn’t help but notice him blush a little as he searched, perhaps aware that in choosing the porn he was exposing a little more of himself to his mate than he was used to.

Paul’s initial fear of not being able to get hard was proved immediately false, as he quickly swelled to half mast, just in anticipation of watching some porn. The exhibitionist nature of their little encounter was turning him on.

Finally Craig flicked a video from his iPad up to the TV screen. A brunette with huge tits was getting noisily impaled at both ends by a couple of buff, big-cocked studs. Craig set aside his iPad on the couch, and reached a hand down into his crotch, beginning to massage himself to life.

Paul was way ahead of him, already hard and leaking a little. He couldn’t help but be intrigued by the movement beside him, but he stared steadfastly at the screen, trying to just pay attention to the dodgy porno that Craig had chosen.

He stroked his uncut cock slowly, intensely aware of his good mate sitting beside him. Feeling his balls a little caught in between his legs, he tried unsuccessfully to spread his thighs, but was limited by Craig on his right side and the arm of the couch on the other.

Making a sudden decision, he lifted his leg and hooked it up and over Craig’s muscular thigh, linking them together. Craig tensed for a brief moment, but then rested his free left hand on Paul’s upper thigh as he stroked himself with his right.

They continued like that for some time; both carefully ignoring the other while simultaneously acutely aware of their presence. Paul found himself ostensibly watching the porn playing on the TV before him, even though his attention was entirely taken by Craig’s muscular figure beside him.

He tried to ignore it, but the thought kept surfacing in his mind. This was so fucking hot! It had been so long since he’d touched another human that even the hand on his upper thigh was driving him wild. The thought that it was another dude added a strangely kinky aspect that was surprisingly a turn on.

He couldn’t help but take short, surreptitious glances to his right, glimpsing Craig’s hard, uncut cock, his hand stroking rapidly up and down. A leaking glob of clear fluid erupted from the hole, and smeared around under his foreskin.

Each time, he forced his gaze back to the woman getting impaled before him, but even then, he was checking out the guys’ cocks as they fucked her, wondering how they’d feel in his hand.

Without allowing himself to think through the implications, he allowed instinct to take hold. Not saying a word, and looking straight ahead, he reached over with his right hand, and took hold of Craig’s hard cock, knocking his own hand out of the way.

Shocked, Craig sat back on the couch, staring at the unexpected hand grasping his firm erection.

Paul squeezed him firmly, feeling the spongy give beneath his grip. It was his first touch of another man’s cock. In some ways, it felt remarkably familiar, almost like holding his own. At the same time, though, it seemed so foreign and…well…wrong.

Somehow, despite his own bumpy, irregular shaft, he’d expected a smooth, firm rod. Instead, he felt a finely ridged, knobbly hunk of meat, a tinge of sweat moistening the surface.

He slid his hand up and over the head, sliding the foreskin along Craig’s shaft. He felt every irregularity under the surface as he passed.

Craig let out a long, slow exhalation as Paul stroked him, finally feeling the intense pleasure of someone else touching his cock.

Paul was not surprised as he felt Craig’s hand slide further up his thigh, finally taking his cock out of his hand. He continued stroking Craig as he stared down at the blissful sight of his first handjob in many months.

They sat like that for a time, both appearing to be engrossed in the porn playing on the TV before them, and trying to ignore the boundary that was being crossed.

Paul focused on the sensation of the hand on his dick. There was something about having someone else stroke him that was so incredibly hot.

In a sense it shouldn’t be that exciting; he jerked off nearly every day. There was something about the unfamiliar touch, though, the tentative uncertainty of the stroking that really turned him on. He never knew when the speed or rhythm was going to change or where he would be touched next.

He stole a glance down into Craig’s lap, watching his own hand stroking his mate. A leaking collection of clear pre-cum was collecting under his foreskin. He moved his hand up and wiped it over the viscous fluid, smearing it along the shaft and lubricating Craig’s cock. He moaned in appreciation.

He noticed Craig’s breathing beginning to pick up pace now, and realised he too was rapidly moving towards a climax. He felt his hand being knocked away from Craig’s cock as he took over his own stroking and Paul followed suit.

With a goal before them now, they both stroked madly towards orgasm. Paul watched engrossed as Craig jerked himself with speed and force, his head tipped back. A hand gripped tightly to Paul’s muscular thigh.

A low moan sounded as Craig hit the point of no return. He stroked hard and fast, his hand a blur as it ran up and down his shaft.

Finally he slowed then paused briefly as a thick spoonful of pure white cum threw from the end of his cock, splattering over Paul’s thigh and running back down into Craig’s lap. Another and another eruption followed as Craig cried out.

“Fuck! Fuck! Oh Fuuuuuuuck!” his body convulsed with each explosion as the orgasm rippled through him. His hand slowed down to a stop as the pleasure finally waned, and he collapsed back into the couch, his head tilted back.

The feeling of warm cum landing on Paul’s leg so close to his own orgasm shocked him over the edge, and with no time to be grossed out, he turned his attention back to his own cock.

Stroking hard, he was barely aware of Craig watching him intently as he built to his climax. The familiar pleasure rose near the base of his cock before slowly extending along the shaft. With a grunting cry, he came loudly, cum spraying up and over his chest and belly as the dam wall broke.

After what seemed an age, the waves of pleasure finally receded, and Paul slowly caught his breath. Suddenly aware of his leg resting over in Craig’s lap, he quickly moved it, straightening himself in his seat. Suddenly glad of the towel underneath him, he felt cum running down his chest and thigh.

He looked over at Craig, who leaned back on the couch, legs spread wide, a dumb smile on his face.

“Man, that was good.” He breathed, still panting just a little.

Paul stood awkwardly, cock still hard and swinging before him.

“Yeah.” He grunted. “Needed that.”

Without another word, he walked down the hall and got into the shower, washing the remnants of their activities from his body.


He woke early the following morning, his hangover laying over him like a layer of thick oil floating on water. It was there with every movement, like a reminder of what had happened between them.

The simple thought of it was enough to conjure the image of Craig’s cum shooting out onto his leg. Dismayed, he felt the familiar twitch of an approaching erection, so he rolled over, trying to shift his thoughts elsewhere.

What had they done? How could he have let this happen? All it had taken was one suggestion, and they were jerking each other off like a couple of queers.

Fuck it had felt good though. To have someone else’s hand on his cock after all this time was such a relief. Imagine how good a blowjob would feel? He wondered if he’d ever be able to do it. To shut off his mind and just let Craig fuck his mouth in exchange for a few minutes of pleasure.

If you’d asked him just a week ago, there was no way he’d have ever thought last night would have happened though, so who knew?

Finally he forced himself up and out of bed, throwing on some boxers and a singlet before heading down the hall.

As he approached the kitchen, he was suddenly confronted with Craig’s naked form coming through the doorway, big, soft cock swinging.

“Morning,” Craig said cheerfully as he passed him, as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“What the fuck, man?” Paul was incredulous. “Put some fucking clothes on would you?”

“What, man? We have to get more comfortable with each other if we’re ever going to go through with this.” He walked into the bathroom and threw up the toilet seat, pissing noisily into the bowl with the door open. Paul walked into the kitchen shaking his head. He needed coffee.

He was still seated at the table with some toast and a strong, black brew from the plunger 30 minutes later, when Craig walked back in fresh from the shower and still naked.

“So, are we on tonight, then?” he asked casually, as if suggesting a trip to the pub.

Paul looked up at him. “You’re still wanting to go ahead with this shit? I thought you’d got your rocks off last night and that would be enough.”

“Yeah, right.” Craig laughed. “One quick handjob and I don’t need sex again for another 6 months! Bullshit! If anything that reminded me what I was missing. I want my dick sucked, and if I have to take yours for that to happen so be it!”

“Well, how do I know you’re not just going to trick me into blowing you and then never repay the favour?”

“Well, that’s easy.” Craig reassured him. “We rock-off for the rights to the first blow job tonight, and then the other has to reciprocate within 7 days. Failure to comply after that means forfeiting all Xbox access until the deal is complete. Seems fair to me.”

Surprisingly, Paul found himself considering the proposal carefully. Twelve months ago, he was sure he would have punched Craig in the face or even suggesting it. Now, though, the thought of having some lips around his cock was nearly worth anything.

He found himself staring at Craig’s swinging meat. Uncut and smooth, it didn’t have the ridged, veiny appearance he was used to with his own appendage. Could he ever bring himself to swallow if? What would it taste like?

Craig laughed at him. “Staring at it isn’t going to get me off, mate.” He laughed as Paul blushed. “You’re either in or you’re not.”

Paul finally shrugged. “Well, I guess we’ve gone this far. But if you leave me hanging in this, you’ll be fucking sorry.”