Beth took the necklace out from its packaging. The chain was silver, the pendant some dark stone she couldn’t identify. From a distance it seemed as opaque as onyx, but when she held it up to the light she thought she could see smoke writhing inside it. She laid it in a copper bowl surrounded by five candles, a pentacle connecting the candles. As per the instructions, the pentacle and surrounding runes were drawn in blood. It had been an awkward conversation convincing the local butcher to give her a pint of pig’s blood. He thought she was going to try and make her own black pudding as a treat for her husband. Beth had a whole different treat in mind.

She tore open a firework casing and carefully tipped some of the contents into the bowl. Then, she took the knife and cut her fingertip, allowing several drops to fall into the bowl. She began to incant the phrase she had rehearsed earlier, took a match, and threw it into the bowl.

The pyrotechnic powder flared explosively. White sparks and blue flame erupted from the bowl. Chemical smoke started to fill the room. And then, the small amount of firework fuel began to fizzle out. Beth chanted harder, faster, fearing she had been duped by a wily shopkeeper and that instead of surprising her husband with an amazing anniversary gift like she had promised, she would be left foolish and naked in a bedroom filled with smoke and pig’s blood. Her heart raced.

The flames turned a deep red. The stone glowed, giving off an unearthly black light. It pulled the shadows toward it, darkened the candles, and made the red fire seem like the only light source in the universe. Beth looked deep into the flames. The aroma turned from the smokiness of cheap fireworks to exotic spices. Slowly, the fire rose up and contorted. From the bowl came a dancing figure and a low, silky voice.

‘What do you want, human?’

‘I want to be more beautiful,’ Beth replied without hesitation. She wasn’t a bad looking woman, but now, in her mid-thirties, time had taken its toll on her as it did to all women. Subtle lines had begun to creep in, once proud breasts needed a lot more support, and her stomach muffin-topped over her jeans. Meanwhile, her husband had gone from boyish good looks to rugged manliness. A couple of years ago he had started hitting the gym and it had paid off. He looked good. Really good. And other women had noticed.

Jake seemed happy with her, but now and then she would catch some waitress or stranger flirting with her husband. So far the girls were doing all the flirting, but Beth was anxious. Surely it was only a matter of time before her looks went further south and Jake fell into bed with some barely-twenty-something bombshell bimbo. So she wanted to win him back before she even lost him, and keep him close. She wanted the quick-fix only occult magic could provide.

‘There’s a price,’ the silky, feminine voice in the fire said.

‘Name it,’ Beth asked. According to the shopkeeper, she was only dealing with a lesser demon. An imp, really. The price should be affordable, and not at all like giving over her soul or unborn child or something equally undesirable.

‘I wish to feel the sun on my face. The wind in my hair. I wish to have a face and hair to feel these things, and more. I want to be inside your body, in total control, for seven days in every month.’

Beth paused. She hadn’t expected this. ‘So, you possess my body?’


‘And then you leave? How do I know you will leave?’

‘That will be the promise. The compact between us. The stone will honour our agreement.’

‘A week is too long. A day.’

‘Two weekends.’

‘One weekend.’

‘Fine,’ the demoness said with some irritation. ‘The last weekend of each month. From Friday 6pm through to Monday 6am.’


The red-and-black flame hissed and sputtered. It shot up into the air and floated level with Beth’s face. She gaped in confusion. Before she could react, the fireball flew forward and leapt down her throat. She instantly blacked out.

When she woke up it was late. Her husband was due home soon. They had a restaurant booked. She put the light on. Her body was still the same. She felt no different. Had the smoke gone to her head, made her hallucinate and black out? She sighed, cleared away the candles and blood, and then caught sight of herself in the bedroom mirror. She was still naked. Still aging and sagging.

She ran her hands over her stomach and imagined it firm. As she thought about it, a change came on. Creases and folds receded, fat faded, and skin became taut and smooth. Beth gasped. Her hands trailed upward, to her breasts. She cupped them, supported them, made them seem perky and full. Then she let go. Her breasts stayed exactly as they were, as if supported by invisible hands.

She grinned, and as she did, teeth turned radiant white. Eyes gleamed. Hair grew, cascading over her shoulders like a silken waterfall of lustrous auburn. Elsewhere, hair receded, leaving her pussy perfectly smooth. The sag and cellulite in her buttocks vanished, leaving a round, peachy bottom with the springy youthfulness of a teenage gymnast.

The changes rippled through her until she stood in front of the mirror beholding an idealised version of herself; she wasn’t just young and beautiful again, she was better than she had even been, a best case scenario of what she could be.

Perfect fingernails brushed back her mane. It nearly reached her buttocks. Jake would like that. He always had a thing for long hair, but hers had always turned to split-end central by the time it reached her shoulder blades.

Thoughts of Jake came to the front of her mind as she heard his key click in the lock downstairs. In a moment he was about to get his surprise gift.


The room was dark when Jake entered. ‘Beth?’ he called out.

‘I’m on the bed. Get undressed and join me.’

She heard him undress, clothes falling to the floor, and then felt his weight on the bed as he searched for her. Questing hands landed on her thigh, and moved up to her stomach. There was a brief pause and then his curious fingertips traced her flat belly. ‘You feel good,’ he murmured. A hand went down to her snatch. ‘Wow, you waxed. You’ve never done that before. Is this the surprise?’

‘It’s only part of it, darling. Kiss me.’

‘Ok,’ his weight shifted. She expected his face to come down on hers; instead there a sudden kiss on her clit, followed by a deft tongue flicking and licking it. Sparks erupted behind her eyes and she gasped. She had never been that sensitive before! She wondered what other surprises the demoness had thrown in.

Jake continued to expertly lap at her clit. She quickly came to a screaming climax, and before she could catch her breath, her husband had positioned his cock over her dripping wet slit. ‘Put it in me, please,’ she begged.

‘Christ,’ Jake grunted as he pushed his cock in. ‘That’s fucking tight.’

Beth could only burble some nonsensical reply, but she seemed happy, deliriously so. Her cunt was virgin-tight again, and way more sensitive that it had ever been before. Every thrust threatened to make her explode with sexual pleasure. Jake rammed away, savouring the tightness and coming to a quick orgasm, but not before Beth had come two or three times. The demoness had really delivered.

They collapsed to catch their breath before the next round. Jake leant over and put the bedside lamp on.

‘Surprise,’ Beth grinned. Jake’s jaw hit the pillow. He propped himself up on one elbow to get a full view of his supercharged wife.

‘What the hell happened?’ he ran his eyes up and down her. This morning she was a normal thirty-four year old woman, maybe carrying a little extra timber and sagging around the edges, but in his eyes still good looking. Now she was a fashion magazine pin-up; glowing with youth, vitality, and firmness. Her body bordered between lithe athleticism and a gentle hourglass shape.

‘Do you like it?’

‘Of course!’ he gave her bottom a playful spank and she giggled. ‘But this isn’t surgery or make-up. What science is this?’

‘Not science. Magic.’


She told him about the deal with the demon. Jake became upset. ‘You didn’t have to do that, Beth. I loved you the way you were.’

‘And now you love me more,’ she reached out and grasped his cock. It was rock hard. ‘See.’

‘Yeah, well, I can’t argue with the results, but what happens when the demon takes over.’

‘You’ll look after me. And if she’s a total hell-bitch, then I cancel the deal. It just means I go back to looking like before. And I lose this wonderful ass,’ she positioned herself on the bed on all fours, presenting her ripe, peachy buttocks to him. Her proud cunt was on display, promising more screaming loud orgasms.

Jake grasped her buttocks, taking each cheek in his strong hands. He squeezed. They were so firm. So juicy. His cock throbbed. ‘Alright. We’ll give her a chance.’

‘Shut up and put that thing in me,’ she wiggled her backside provocatively.

Jake gripped her hips hard and yanked her toward him as he thrust forward. More sparks flew behind Beth’s eyes. They never made their restaurant booking. It didn’t matter. It was a long, happy anniversary night for them both.


It was the last Friday of the month and not long until 6pm.

Jake loosened his collar, poured himself a whisky and sat down in the easy chair. He frowned and sipped his scotch. Beth sat on the edge of the bed. She stood up again and flitted to the other side of the room.

‘For God’s sake, keep still. You’re starting to make me nervous,’ he growled.

‘Sorry,’ she sat back down on the edge of the bed, toying with the necklace. It had to be worn at all times. That was part of the deal. It connected her to the demon, kept the magic flowing between them. Kept her beautiful, and also chained her to the inescapable debt.

Jake and Beth had enjoyed her new looks – God knows, the rampant sex proved that much, and girls vying for Jake’s attention were left blown away when Beth turned up – but now it was time to pay the price. It was only for a weekend, and Jake would keep her safe.

An alarm on Jake’s phone briefly chimed the hour. Beth gripped the edge of the bed tightly, afraid of what was to come. Jake noticed it first. A wisp of black smoke leaked from the stone. It grew and coalesced around the necklace. When it had become a small cloud, a tendril rose up and homed in on Beth’s face.

She leaned back, futilely trying to avoid it. It invaded her eyes, nostrils and mouth, filling her with thick, inky darkness until she had breathed it all in. Beth fell back on the bed. White smoke poured from her mouth and trickled into the stone.

‘Beth?’ Jake leapt off the bed and rushed to his wife.

Eyes that were not his wife’s opened to greet him. There was a flash of red there, then gone. But her brown eyes seemed different – darker, more like Cherrywood than chestnut in colour. The demoness smiled lasciviously. ‘Hey there, stud.’

Jake stood over the bed, unsure of what to do or say. It was subtle, but he could see that the woman that looked like Beth was not Beth – the way she moved her body, her facial expressions, and even her intonations were all slightly off. It may have fooled a friend or acquaintance, but not Jake. ‘So. You’re the demon.’

‘Let’s not make this difficult. Call me K’Yara. Help me up.’ Jake took her hand and pulled her up. K’Yara smiled. ‘I can see why she made the deal. You look like you’re worth fighting for.’

‘What are you going to do? I won’t let you do anything bad to my wife…’

‘Relax. I just want to have a little fun,’ K’Yara unbuttoned Jake’s trousers with lightning speed and precision. Surprised, he stepped back, tripping over his trousers and landing in the easy chair. The demoness crawled over to him and her hands and knees and brought her face up to his cock and balls.

A long tongue caressed and stroked his bell end. Had Beth’s tongue been that long before, he wondered. It was hard to tell. She didn’t really enjoy giving him blowjobs. When she did it was always with that look on her face, like it was a chore. But not K’Yara. He looked down, and her eyes met his. Her eyes were fire and lust as her hot mouth enveloped his manhood, swallowing it inch by inch until she had taken it all. Her slender neck bulged as she rocked back and forth, deep throating him to an intense orgasm.

Beth normally coughed and spluttered at this point. The demoness grinned as spunk poured from her mouth. The long tongue came out and licked it all up. ‘Now let’s have some real fun.’

She stood up, shimmied out of her skirt and leant over the bed, offering herself up. Jake took his cock in hand and positioned it at the entrance to K’Yara’s cunt. Her deft hand moved back and repositioned. ‘Not there. There.’

‘Er…’ Jake hesitated. Beth never gave him anal.

‘Come on, stud. I’m not Beth. I’m a fucking demon who has been trapped in a stone for a long time. I need your cock now.’

Jake parted her cheeks and slid his cock into her asshole. He was fucking Beth’s ass. He couldn’t believe it. Beneath him, K’Yara, in his wife’s body, howled with ecstasy. It was so wrong but he was loving it.

It was only the start of a fuck-filled weekend.


‘So. What happened? How was it? Did anything bad happen?’

Jake yawned. It was Monday morning, a little after 6am. His wife had woken up and nudged him awake. He was exhausted. Jake rolled over.

‘My God. Look at you. You’re scratched to pieces. And is this a bite mark? I’m so sorry. She must be some sort of crazy monster.’

‘Yeah. She was a bit wild. She calmed down. She was just excited to be free.’

‘So what happened?’

Jake rolled back over and met his wife’s concerned look. An unbidden image of his wife’s lips wrapped around his cock flashed in his mind. It was a better look than the one she wore now. With some obvious guilt, he replied, ‘Look. I’m not going to lie. We had sex.’

‘Ok. But just you and her, right? Not you and someone else, or her and someone else?’

‘No. Just us two.’

‘Well that’s okay. It’s not like you’re cheating on me. You’re still having sex with your wife, sort of.’

‘It’s a strange way of looking at it.’

‘Well how else can I look at it? I’d go crazy otherwise. As long as it’s just you two, I don’t mind.’


‘So… anything else?’

Jake shrugged. ‘Not really. She’s been trapped inside a stone for however long. Just having a sense of touch and taste was enough for now – she went around the house like…’ a bitch in heat, he almost said. There were very few surfaces left that they hadn’t fucked on. ‘…like a puppy, y’know, just looking at and touching things.’ Things like his cock. It was practically red raw.

‘Well, good. As long as she behaves, we’ll keep to the deal,’ Beth climbed out of bed to go to the bathroom. She winced in pain and hobbled slightly. For some reason her backside hurt.


When K’Yara had visited for the first time, it had been tense for Jake. The sex was wild and unexpected but he had been on edge, watching a stranger puppet his wife’s body, worried that the demoness might do something weird or dangerous. But the weekend had passed without any such incident, and in the weeks that followed he had time to reflect.

For a start, the sex had been awesome. Really awesome. Blowjobs, anal, titwanks, fucking on the dining room table – nothing had been off-limits. All the things Beth turned down, or performed grudgingly, K’Yara went at with happy glee.

Twice Jake had asked Beth for a blowjob since K’Yara’s first visit. Twice she refused. When he playfully tried to pull up her skirt in the kitchen she elbowed him in the ribs and walked out. He didn’t even bother asking for anal.

So it hardly surprised him when he realised he was looking forward to K’Yara’s next visit. Not that he still didn’t enjoy sex with his wife. It was still frequent, and she was gorgeous to look at, but the demoness had infected his system and left him feverish for what she could offer.

They waited in the same positions as before, Jake in the easy chair and Beth on the bed. Unusually, they had come home and had quick, aggressive sex. Jake suspected it was Beth trying to leave her mark on him before the other woman arrived. She wore one of his button-up work shirts and a pair of panties. Jake wore nothing. He didn’t see the point in dressing.

‘What’s it like, when you go inside the stone?’

Beth shrugged. ‘Sort of like being half-asleep. I’m only vaguely aware of stuff. It seems to pass slowly, but then also it ends really quickly.’


The exchange happened at 6pm. The inky black smoke coalesced and invaded Beth’s body. Her own soul flowed into the blackstone pendant. The demoness sat up, a lewd smile on her face. ‘Hey there, big boy. Did you miss me?’

‘Not as much as you missed me.’

‘Oh, aren’t we cocky.’

Jake glanced down at his naked prick. ‘You could say that.’

‘Take care. I could become more than you can handle.’

‘I managed fine last month.’

‘Well then, let’s up the stakes.’

K’Yara ran her long tongue around her lips. Jake watched in astonishment as the lips, already fulsome from the previous enhancement, swelled to pillowy, bee-stung proportions, and turned glossy apple-red as the tongue ran over them.

Make-up and eye shadow appeared, giving K’Yara’s face a highly contoured and incredibly sensual look. Jake very nearly failed to spot the bulge growing beneath K’Yara’s shirt. The pert breasts ballooned upward, straining against the fabric of his button-up shirt. The fabric tensed and a button popped away from the thread. It was sent flying across the room.

It was a damn good thing Jake was naked, otherwise his cock would have torn through his trousers and sent buttons flying back. His wife’s modest breasts were now a plastic surgeon’s Holy Grail – as big as a schoolgirl’s head, round, full and smooth, without scars or any care whatsoever for gravity.

The demoness picked up a discarded piece of his wife’s clothing, a pair of work trousers, and tore them effortlessly into shreds. Then she kept one of the bigger pieces, gave it a magician’s flick of the wrist and transformed it into a plaid miniskirt. She shimmied into it. Another of the scraps were transformed into sexy stockings, and finally she morphed a pair of dull bedroom slippers into a parody of schoolgirl shoes.

‘Oops. Now I barely look like your wife, and you’re lusting over me. Aren’t I a naughty little demon for leading you astray? I should be punished,’ the demoness placed a finger against her lips and made a mock-quizzical expression. Jake noticed that the fingernail was long, manicured, and a garish red to match the lips. His wife would never wear such slutty make-up. It was making him hard as hell. When K’Yara began to suck on her finger, he nearly lost it entirely.

He leapt up from the easy chair and spun K’Yara round with aggressive force, bending her over the bed. The six inch heels arched her legs and arse perfectly. He flipped the slender skirt over her bubble-butt and delivered a single, hard spank.

The sound echoed around the bedroom, followed closely by K’Yara’s slutty pant of excitement. ‘Yes, Daddy. Harder!’

Jake grinned. His wife never went for roleplay. He delivered another firm, open-palmed slap. The big round buttcheek went bright red where he spanked it. K’Yara shuddered and howled and gripped the bedsheets tightly in her hands.

‘You’re a bad little slut. You shouldn’t be teasing me. I’m a married man,’ he gave her another spank.

‘I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t mean to drive you wild. I didn’t mean to make you forget about her.’

Jake hesitated. This wasn’t right. The demoness had turned his wife’s body into a pornstar parody. Would it go back to normal when she left? The worst part was, he really liked the way his wife – the demon, whoever – now looked. Was this crossing the line? Was he being unfaithful?