Tonya and Eric were in a rut. After 25-plus years of marriage with a mostly-satisfying sex life, the kids were in college and they finally had the house to themselves most of the time. But after months of trying to rekindle the “sex any time, any place” mentality that dominated their pre-kid lives, they still kept ending back up at “if you’re not too tired” quickie Saturday nights. Not bad, but not earth-shattering either.

“Maybe we could try role playing” Tonya suggested one night as they discussed trying something different.

“Yeah, maybe we could,” Eric responded. “But we never got into role playing before…”

“Good point,” she said not sounding too disappointed.

“We could do it in the hot tub,” he countered.

“That’s sounds good…” Tonya replied with barely more enthusiasm than Eric offered to her prior suggestion. “…but maybe we save that for a day when it’s less than 100 degrees out.”

“Yeah, maybe that week that’s winter around here,” Eric added.

After a few more less-than-enthusiastic possibilities, they were close to losing any interest in anything for the current night.

“So what were some of our fantasies PK?” Tonya asked using the ‘PK’ acronym they usually used to discuss life ‘pre-kids’.

“The one we talked about so much back then was doing it while someone watched…” Eric answered wondering how she would respond.

Tonya finally wore something resembling a smile as she reacquainted herself with that long-ago fantasy.

“Yeah, you’re right. We had some pretty hot fucks fantasizing about that,” she said with the first hint of enthusiasm of the evening.

Eric loved it when she used the ‘F’ word. Sometimes they had sex, sometimes they made love, but the best orgasms were when they fucked. Sex was physical release, making love was gentle and sharing, but fucking was intense and hot and wet and extremely orgasmic. It could start with a tease that lasted all day or a quick naked glimpse as she got ready for bed. Or, it could be a request. But it was always the best, most satisfying sex.

“I maybe like the idea,” she added as he was thinking of possibilities. “But I don’t see anyone around to watch us,” she added with a hint of dejection.

“Maybe not tonight…” he offered, “but I might know someone who could be interested. And maybe she would put on a solo show for us as well.”

“Really? Who??” Tonya asked.

“My friend Kate from college. Years ago we were at a happy hour, and I told her about the night you and Lisa were drunk playing with each other’s boobs. She asked if you ever had sex with Lisa and I told her you didn’t. She said then that she would have had sex with you,” Eric said with a wishful grin.

“That was years ago,” he added, “but I bet she would still be interested. And, she’s single now so it might’ve been a while since she’s had sex.”

Tonya looked a little surprised at Eric’ story, but was willing to explore any possibility. They discussed someone looking through the window compared to sitting in a chair near by enjoying sights, sounds, and any other sensual aspects of the sexual encounter. After Eric reminded her of the coyotes and other critters that roamed the areas outside their country neighborhood, she agreed that someone close by would be safer and could be incredibly arousing.

That night, as Tonya flipped Eric on his back and lowered herself onto his erection, he was so happy he had brought up this fantasy. As she frantically rode him while playing with the beautiful, pink nipples that adorned her 36D boobs he prayed that Kate was willing to join them for a night of playful voyeurism. When she had a massive, wet orgasm while fucking him, then jumped off so she could milk every last drop of cum from his dick he was wondering how much money it would take to bribe Kate if she was reluctant. And when Tonya said ‘now you’re going to fuck me again’ just before taking him in her mouth, he wondered which one of their two cars would make the best a bribe. This was the hottest, most intense sex they’d in years, and he loved how much she wanted him inside her. He could only close his eyes and imagine how incredible it would be if Kate was in the room with them.

* * * * * * * * * *

That Friday, Eric met Kate for drinks. As he sat at the table waiting for her to show up he realized how sore he was. For the first time since the first sex they had after the twins were born, he and Tonya had sex three nights in a row. When he tried to get up to greet Kate his well-satisfied but sore man parts made it more difficult than normal to stand.

“Old man knees?” she jokingly asked as she watched him struggle.

“Uh, yeah,” he replied as he thought ‘no, I’ve been nearly fucked to death this week’. He thought that bit of information might need to wait until after a drink or two.

After a short hug they sat and ordered their first drinks. At first the talk was casual – there were the ‘how are the kids’ discussions followed by the ‘how’s the job’ talk, a little bit of ‘newest hobby’ before the talk eventually turned to sex. Kate told Eric that it had been a while since she had non-battery operated intimacy, and he asked her for a recommendation for a new vibrator for Tonya. During their second drink he told her of the rut they had been in (until their first fantasy involving her) and their search for something different and exciting. When he shared the discussion they had on her watching them, she was intrigued.

“So you guys would be having sex, and I would be watching you have sex?”

“Uh… yeah?” Eric meekly answered, not sure if her response meant she was interested or if she thought they were nuts.

“And I just sit in a chair and watch, like at a movie?”

“Well, we haven’t really gotten that far in planning,” he lied. “We Didn’t want to get our hopes up if you weren’t interested. I have to tell you, though, we’ve had some amazing sex recently fantasizing about it. But in our fantasies, you weren’t in a chair – you were there, uh… right next to us.”

Eric could tell Kate was in deep thought, and the pleasant look she wore made him think she wasn’t opposed to the idea.

“Really? Next to you guys?! And Tonya’s OK with this?”

“Yeah, we’ve played versions of the fantasy all week, and they’re all pretty hot. Sometimes you tell us things to do, other times you caress her arm or stomach, or maybe smell her hair, or even hold her down – we’ve talked about a few different things, and she really gets in to it. She’s the one that wanted me to talk to you!”

“OK, that’s pretty sexy,” she answered as she continued to think it through. “What happens after I caress her arm or stomach, or… ”

“Don’t know yet,” Eric answered. “Usually about this time we both cum so we haven’t gone any deeper into the fantasy.”

“…or if I maybe I accidentally touch something?” She continued.

Kate was getting a little buzzed and started to get into the discussion. She was starting to lean in closer and ask more intimate questions while dissecting every word of his answers. Eric was intrigued that she’d worked in ‘touching something’, but that had honestly never come up when he and Tonya discussed every possibility they could think of.

“I never even brought that up,” he answered. “We had this ‘watching’ fantasy before the kids were born, before she and Lisa ever played with each other’s boobs. Back then I wouldn’t have ever thought she would try anything like this, but who knows what else she’s in to now?”

Eric tried to let the touching discussion die down. Other than that he was pretty sure Kate was interested, but she hadn’t committed yet. He had one last offer he hoped would convince her to at least show up for dinner. Hopefully a good dinner and a good buzz would seal the deal.

“If you’re not sure about the sex part at least come over for dinner and drinks. I was thinking of grilling some shrimp. Sometimes after dinner we just sit on the porch and smoke a joint. The neighbor’s aren’t close enough to know what’s going on. It’s so relaxing sitting there surrounded by trees and stars listening to the sounds of nature while getting a nice buzz…”

“It would be great to get out of the house,” Kate responded. The look on her face made Eric think she was imagining different scenarios trying to decide if she wanted to do it or not.

“Then after dinner, If you’re not ready to watch two horny people get naked, we can have a code word to give you a chance to back out. I’ll ask if you want to smoke another joint, and if you say ‘no’ we won’t go any further. If you say ‘yes’ we’ll know you want to do it.”

Kate thought about her most recent sexual fantasy she used when taking care of herself. It was so old she couldn’t remember what phase of her life she had first imagined it but was pretty sure it was 20th century.

“So after you guys cum, I just get up and leave?”

“Well… we have discussed this part. Is there any way we could watch you cum, too? I mean, hopefully you’ll be horny and want some relief as well. You could take a LOOOOOONG drive home before getting that relief, or it might be kinda exciting to do it with us right there…”

Kate thought that sounded quite a bit sexier than her 20th century fantasy, and it would be good for months of enhanced masturbation.

“Sounds hot – let’s do it,” she answered.

* * * * * * * * * *

Although dinner was tentatively scheduled for 7:00, Kate arrived at 7:15. The 15 minutes she was late was caused by the 30 minutes she drove around wondering again if this was something she should do. She was so horny and wanted to watch them – she had thought about it repeatedly since she and Eric met to talk about it. She was comfortable that masturbating was her entire sex life, and some new fantasy material would be helpful. But ‘should’ she do it? Once everyone came and the thrill of the sex was gone would it be weird? What if someone touched someone – would that cause a problem? Would she want to leave right away but be too drunk to safely get home? She finally decided she was very horny and couldn’t drive the one hour home without cumming first. If she didn’t go through with it she was going to have to find a secluded place to get relief first, so she turned into their neighborhood and parked in the driveway. Tonya had been looking out the window and met her there with a margarita.

“Kate! So good to see you again – hope a margarita’s OK…” she said enthusiastically as she handed Kate the drink and hugged her. “Come on in! Eric’s is in the back yard grilling.”

Tonya took Kate by the hand and lead her into the house. She hadn’t seen Tonya in years, but any uncertainty quickly subsided from a combination of Tonya’s infectious enthusiasm and the long, shapely legs that hurriedly guided them up the sidewalk. She quickly remembered the happy hour years ago when she told Eric she would have sex with his wife, and she wondered if he remembered that when he asked her to watch them. As watched the other woman’s ass move seductively as she lead her up the drive it was arousing knowing she would soon see her naked.

Once they were in the den they saw Eric at the grill.

“Kick your shoes off and make yourself at home – more drinks are in the blender on the counter if you need a refill. We’re a couple ahead of you. The shrimp will be ready in a few minutes. We’re SO glad you could make it!”

Tonya was excitedly rambling as she again grabbed Kate by the hand and pulled her to the back door. They met Eric on the patio as he removed the skewers of shrimp from the grill.

“Hey stranger!” he smiled as he gave her a quick hug. “It’s been so long…”

“Yeah, like almost a week,” Kate replied with a seductive grin.

Any hesitancy Kate felt on the drive was quickly gone. Looking around the back yard she could see what Eric meant about neighbors being too far away to know if anything naughty was going on. Trees surrounded the back yard, far enough away to provide space for entertaining but close enough and thick enough to shield them from curious eyes. She saw the patio chairs and thought how relaxing it would be to sit in the semi-darkness drinking, and possibly smoking, without wondering who could be watching. Then she imagined Eric undressing Tonya next to the chase lounge with the cool night air causing goose bumps on her naked…

Oh man she was already horny. Did they really need to eat? Could they just get down to business RIGHT NOW? Remembering their discussion on safe-word, and the enthusiasm Tonya greeted her with, and the warm, tingly feeling already between her legs, she was ready to let Eric know she was fully in.

“Eric – it’s such a beautiful night. I brought us a little treat – do you mind if I light it up?” she asked as she pulled a joint from her purse. “I brought a few… just in case!”

“Not at all,” he said as he looked at Kate and then Tonya with a huge grin. He hadn’t told his wife about the safe word he and Kate had discussed, but the huge smile he wore while he looked at her let her know it was going to happen.

Kate lit the joint, took the first hit, and passed it to Tonya.

“I love your camisole,” she said admiring the small, flimsy, yellow fabric that clung snugly to Tonya’s 36D breasts. The thin straps didn’t cover the off-white bra straps. “I wish I’d worn something like that. I wasn’t sure what to wear…”

Her voice trailed off as she thought she wasn’t buzzed enough yet to complete the sentence with ‘…to watch some friends fuck.’ Tonya jumped in to rescue her.

“Is pink OK? I have another one you can wear. Your boobs are a little bigger so it might be tight, but I think it would be soooo cute on you.”

“I love pink,” Kate replied.

Tonya took her friend’s hand and hurriedly led her around the corner. Eric could hear laughter through the wall separating the den from their bedroom, and he could imagine lots of boobs so tantalizingly close. By the time they returned he had three plates made on the table.

As they sat he noticed how similar his two dinner companions looked. Tonya was taller and had darker hair, large, full boobs, and long, shapely legs. Her camisole clung tightly to her chest, and Eric noticed that she had removed her bra while they were gone. Kate was blonder and not as tall, and her boobs were at least one size bigger than Tonya’s, so they stretched the thin, Tonya-sized fabric. He might have noticed that no bra straps were visible below the small straps of her new top, but his eyes never made it that far. He stopped at the outline of her large nipples straining against the tight, pink fabric. Both of his companions were bra-less and a few quick steps from being undressed, and he had to work hard to suppress his imagination so he could attempt to enjoy dinner without an erection.

Dinner went smoothly as dusk faded to darkness. Throughout the meal Eric couldn’t help but check out both of their boobs. It was so hard trying to not be obvious, and he was busted looking more than once. As they finished eating and cleaned off the table, their light-hearted discussion changed. Everyone knew what was next on the agenda, but no one was sure how to get it started. As the sky turned from dark blue to black the group headed to the comfortable patio chairs. Kate settled in to the one she’d imagined earlier while Eric and Tonya pulled the couch to where they were facing her. As they all settled in Tonya leaned forward and put a hand on Kate’s knee.

“You wouldn’t happen to have another joint, would you? That first one was incredible. It’s been a while since I’ve been this relaxed.”

Kate went to her purse and quickly found another small bundle of courage. She lit it, took the first hit, then handed it to Tonya. As they passed it around the threesome, inhibitions quickly melted away.

“I forgot how horny pot makes me,” Tonya said taking another long hit.

“Well, that’s good…” Kate responded taking it from Tonya and taking another hit. “…if we’re going to do this.” Any inhibitions had been erased by the combination of pot and tequila.

“Are we going to?” Tonya asked with a fairly naughty smile spreading across her face.

Kate was ready for something exciting and welcomed the direct approach. She’d tried to imagine the past few nights how it would all get started, but none of the scenarios she imagined involved Tonya being the one who initiated things. She took the joint, took a deep hit, then shook her head ‘yes’ before handing it to Eric

“When Eric first brought it up I didn’t think he was serious. And then I wasn’t sure you were on board. But as soon as I saw you tonight I knew you were OK. I was a little nervous at first, and that’s why I was late. But now? I’m not really nervous any more. I was more afraid you guys might change your minds now that I’m ready.”

Tonya had a huge smile as she realized it was really going to happen. She took another hit and continued.

“We never considered backing out. Our sex life has been amazing this week just imagining different possibilities. I’m guessing it will be even better next week.” She took another hit as she thought about what to do next.

“Do you have any concerns about us being intimate, or is there anything that’s off limits?”

Kate shook her head ‘no’ to Tonya’s questions, then offered, “It’s been forever since I’ve done anything that wasn’t alone time, so I’m excited about anything. As long as you’re OK, I’m OK, but when I watch videos they’re pretty tame. You know, basic oral, missionary… You guys don’t do any whips or leather, do you?”

Tonya smiled and shook her head ‘no’. She was horny and ready to get the nights’ events started. She took another hit and handed it back to Kate. She stood up and undid the top button of her shorts. She saw both of her companions staring so she undid the second button. The patio went quite as they both watched her next move, and when no one said anything she undid the 3rd and 4th buttons. She Put her hands on the waistband, pushed down, and shimmied until her shorts slipped down her curvy hips and gravity made them a pile of fabric on top of her red-painted toes. She stepped out of the pile and kicked it off to the side of the patio furniture. Down to a pair of cotton panties and a small camisole, she stepped back to Kate and took the joint. She sat down as she took another hit.

“Gawd, it feels so awesome getting undressed outside.”

“Are we going to stay outside?” Kate asked sounding a little surprised.

“Is that OK? Maybe we start out here then move inside later if we want? No ones close enough to see, or even know what we’re doing. It’s a beautiful night, and being outside adds to the excitement.”

“Sounds cool to me,” Kate responded.

Eric followed Tonya’s lead and took his shorts off as well. He kicked them towards Tonya’s then sat back in his chair. He looked at Tonya who looked at Kate, so he looked at Kate as well. Kate looked from one to the other and quickly realized what they were suggesting.

“Me too?” Kate cautiously asked as she saw her two dinner companions staring at her. “Oh, OK.”

Kate stood, undid her shorts, and shimmied out of them like her partners had. When they dropped on top of her bare feet the satiny material of her panties was visible. The camisole was not long enough to reach the top of her panties, so soft, creamy skin was teasingly visible between the two garments. She wasn’t naked, but there was very little left to their imaginations. She sat back in her chair, and now everyone was in just tops and underwear. They were just one more step away from first-nudity.

“You still OK?” Tonya asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Kate answered. “You’re right – it does feel sexy undressing outside. I could get used to this.”

Tonya now stood and looked at Kate sitting in the chair.

“I’m glad you like it. I have a favor to ask – if it’s too much, just let me know. I know you and Eric talked about watching, but I thought it might be sexy if you helped out a little.”