I had just turned twenty one when my voyeuristic adventure began. I landed a position at a private girls school. My role was head of the computer technology department. There’s quite a story about how I got the job but I’ll leave for the moment and instead tell you a bit about myself. My name is Max Martin and academically I’m what most people would refer to as a geek. I was home schooled up until I started university at sixteen … yep sixteen. I’m one of those annoying people who retains knowledge and excels in most academic subjects. I graduated university with a double major in computer science and visual arts. I know that’s a rather an unusual pairing but I have a love of both computers and photography … the latter skill I got from my mother who is an accomplished photographer. I may act a bit like a geek but I don’t look like the stereotype … no thick rimmed glasses, skinny white pasty body or a fear of the opposite sex. I’m 5′ 11″ and have a good body from regular workouts and I suppose most girls would say I was generally good looking … perhaps not in the top 10 percent but okay enough to have had a reasonable sex life. I’ve always looked older than my age so I just let people think I was their age at university. I’m also not hung like a horse and have an average cock size but since I am quite good at oral sex I don’t think girls have had much to complain about. I lost my virginity when I was fifteen to a twenty-five-year-old solo mother who lived next door, her name was Jenny … she was the one who taught me how to pleasure a woman and like I said I’m a quick learner.

Now about this remarkable job I got. My father is a lawyer and had been on the board of trustees for Deanwell School for Girls, in Dorset for many years. One night after a board meeting he called me and asked if I would drive down and stay the weekend. He said he wanted to discuss a temporary job at the school. I wasn’t working at the time and had started writing a novel. However my bank account was slowly dwindling down so the job offer seemed to be timely.

I arrived for dinner on Friday and after one of my mother’s home cooked meals I sat down with dad to talk about his offer. It seemed that the guy running the school computer department had died suddenly while on holiday in Tibet … I actually found out later that he fell off a mountain path and plunged 2000ft to his untimely death. His sudden demise left the school desperate for a replacement. I was younger than they would have liked on staff, but I did have all the knowledge and expertise they would need. My father explained that the job came with a good salary and also a small apartment for accommodation, he also mentioned that the job could become permanent if things went well. Even though the school campus was miles out in the middle of nowhere I happily accepted … I needed the money and more importantly I would have time to complete the novel I was writing away from my current party loving housemates.

I was still seeing Jenny for occasional sex whenever I visited my parents. She was now thirty-one and still single. Having a man around the house permanently wasn’t her style, she liked casual relationships … of which I was one. I’d already text to tell her I was staying next door and she’d replied with a smiley face emoji. Later that evening I’d quietly slipped out of the house after my parents were in bed and walked over to Jenny’s. The back door was unlocked and I went in without knocking. The downstairs was dark with no lights on so I headed for the stairs and went up. A slight glow of light was showing through the open door into seven-year-old Katies room. I glanced into her room and saw she was awake … talking quietly to her bed mate Dino, a stuffed green dinosaur that she’d had for as long as I could remember. I stopped and tapped lightly on the door before entering.

“Max!” Her eyes lit up as she squealed my name.

“Shhh!” I placed a finger over my lips and gestured towards her mother’s room down the hall. “Your mum might be asleep.”

“You’re going to wake her up anyway.” Katie replied shrugging at me as though I was silly .

“Maybe I am. But I don’t think she would be too pleased to know you’re still awake.”

“Oh yeah.” She whispered in response.

I sat on the side of the bed and gave her a quick hug.

“How are you doing Kats?”

“School starts again soon so I’ll see all my friends again, that’s going to be good.”

“Did you go anywhere during the holidays?”

“No mummy had to work so I spent most of the time next door with your mum. We did gardening and stuff … it was pretty boring.”

“I thought the gardens next door were looking especially good.” I smiled and picked up her hand looking at it intensely. “Yep, you have the beginnings of a green thumb there.” I said in mock seriousness.

“Don’t be silly, gardening doesn’t give you green thumbs.” She giggled snatching her hand back and hid it under the covers.

“I check again tomorrow, it can take a few days to go green.”

“Are you staying for a few days, because we’re going out for Mummy’s birthday on Sunday you can come too.”

“I might still be here. But right now you need to go to sleep or you’ll be too tired to go anywhere on Sunday.”

“Okay, I’m a little tired and Dino is asleep now.”

I tucked in the sheets and gave her a kiss on the head. “Night Kats.”

“Night Max.” was the yawned reply.

I made my way down the hallway to Jenny’s bedroom and as reached the door I heard muffled moaning sounds from inside the room. The door wasn’t completely closed so I peered inside and was pleasantly surprised to see the moans were coming from a very naked Jenny who was lying on her back fingering her wet and glistening pussy. I stood admiring the view and felt a stirring in my loins as I watched. Jenny’s eyes were closed and she was pinching her nipple with one hand while the other hand circled her swollen clit. As I enjoyed the show I removed my T-shirt and dropped my shorts and underwear. My cock was now fully erect and pointing in the direction of the action on the bed, I followed its lead and entered the room. Stopping at the end of the bed I stroked myself a few times as I stared at the sexy blonde writhing on the sheets.

“Get down there and finish me with that magic tongue of yours!” Jenny said in a husky voice between moans. Her eyes had remained shut and I was surprised at the sudden command.

I obediently responded and slithered onto the bed burying my head between her open legs. I took a moment to savor the musky smell of her gaping pussy before putting my well-honed oral skills to work.

It only took a couple of minutes before her thighs clamped around my head.

“Ohhhhhh,” she let out a long low moan.

Now, one thing about Jenny was her ability to quickly multi orgasm and before long a second and then a third coursed through her as she bucked and squirmed around me. Finally her hands pushed my head away from her drenched pussy. I managed one last long lick before pulling back and moving up the bed to lie next to her as she continued to quiver and shake.

“How long did you know I was watching?” I queried as I rolled over to face her.

“I heard Katie say your name and I know you’re a bit of a perv so I thought I’d put on a little show. Except it took long enough for you to get to my room that I almost finished without you.” She smiled at me and leant in for a kiss.

It was true I was a bit of a voyeur when it came to Jenny. It fact I used to spy on her though my attic bedroom window for years. I didn’t know it but she knew I was watching and would walk around naked in her bedroom then masturbate with the curtains open for both her and my pleasure. Finally she invited me over and we started having sex.

“I got distracted by your beautiful daughter. She’s growing so fast.” I replied to her previous comment.

“Tell me about it. She was asking about threesomes the other day. I mean how does a seven-year-old even hear about threesomes let alone sex.” Jenny sighed in exasperation.

“Maybe we could get a friend of yours to join us next time, so you can gather some intel for when you explain things to Katie.” I joked grinning.

“You’ll be lucky, I’m not sharing you with any of my horny friends and I will definitely not be talking to Katie about threesomes … for at least ten years.”

We chatted for a while her head on my chest while her hand slowly jerked my still stiff cock. Finally I rolled over on top and inserted myself into her still swollen, wet pussy.

“Go for it Max, don’t wait for me I don’t think I’ve got another orgasm in me tonight.” Jenny said with a contented sigh.

“We’ll see about that.” I replied with a sly grin and started to slowly fuck her with long full strokes, my cock bottoming out on her cervix. I knew this was how she loved it.

“You bastard!”

Her hips started to move in rhythm and soon she was breathing hard. As the pleasure increased her hand moved down and she rubbed the hard little nub of her clit. I slowly increased my pace and just as Jenny started to climax I shot a huge load into the back of her spasming vagina.

“Ohh, yeah!” I grunted as I emptied my balls into her.

I stayed inside her until she had relaxed then rolled off onto the now damp sheets.

“Shit, when was the last time you fucked? I’m leaking like a broken faucet between my legs!” Jenny said laughing.

“I’ll admit it’s been awhile.” I replied. “But you always make my so horny I reckon you get a double dose of my little wriggly guys.”

“Yeah. Well as long as your little wriggly guys don’t get into one of my little round eggs, then I’m happy.”

“Wouldn’t matter anyway, my little guys are non-compos mentis.”

“What do mean?”

“I can’t have kids … my sperm is infertile.”

Jenny sat up and looked at me. “What! What do you mean Max?”

“It seems I have Y chromosomal infertility.”

“What does that mean?” Jenny asked concerned.

“I basically shoot blanks .. it’s a genetic thing.”

“How do you know?”

“Went to give a donation at a sperm bank and found out from them.

“A sperm bank!”

“They pay £35 for expenses, I thought it wasn’t too bad for jerking of in your lunch time.” I added sheepishly.

“So you can never have kids?”

“Not my own. I’m okay about it. Just the way it is.”

“I’m really sorry Max.” She pulled me in for a hug.

“At least it doesn’t seem to affect my ability in bed.”

“No question about that. Although we should give it another go in the morning just to made absolutely sure.” Jenny grinned.

I stayed the night and in the morning I provided the necessary evidence leaving both of us sweaty but satisfied. We had just enough time to put on some underwear before Katie rushed into the room and bounded up onto the bed for a snuggle. The eight-year-old had no problem with me being in bed with her mum … we were long-time friends and I was the only lover Jenny let stay over. If it wasn’t for our age difference maybe we could have had a more permanent relationship, who knows.

A week later I drove in through the gates of the 20-acre estate on which the prestigious Deanwell School for Girls had been established in 1948. The main building was a huge three-story Edwardian mansion that had been gifted by Countess Marion Verert for female education. The school was a full boarding establishment and the 180 girls aged 13 to 18 were accommodated in some of the ten large stone out-buildings that had been converted from stables and barns . Evidently the Verert fortune had been partly made in breeding racehorses in the 1920’s and 30’s.

My first reaction to the place was the pleasant surprise of young females everywhere. I had expected that but seeing them in the flesh put a whole new perspective on what I was in for. There is nothing quite a sexy as a girl in a short-skirted school uniform. I’m not interested in young underage girls for sex but figured there was no harm in appreciating their appearance. Maybe this wasn’t going to be the best place for finishing my novel without any distractions.

I met the Head Mistress, Gloria Steadman. I had done some research on her and found out she was a high achiever. Like me she had started university early and had excelled. Her career as a teacher had fast tracked and at 37 she was youngest school head Deanwell had ever had. I was given the third degree on my qualifications and told in no uncertain terms that the girls were strictly off limits as far as any kind of friendship went.

“Girls can still be attracted to gay men, and I don’t want any encouragement. I am very conscious that you are only three years older than the senior students.”

This statement almost floored me. She thought I was gay! I suddenly realised how my father had convinced the board that a young man was suitable to work in the all-girls school. I quickly decided to go along with it as I really needed the job. I assured her that I understood my professional position.

“Your accommodations are outside the school compound and I would appreciate it if you kept your social life out there.”

“That will not be a problem Ms Steadman. I am not anticipating much of a social life anyway as I hope to finish a novel I am writing in my off hours.”

I attended a meeting with the other staff and found I was one of only three males at the school. Roger was in his late fifties and taught English literature, he was married to the head chef, a big busted woman called Margret. Trevor the other male was even older … he tutored maths and walked with two sticks due to polio as a child. All the other 32 staff were female and ranged in age from 22 to the late sixties. Four or five peaked my interest in the looks department but I was conscious not to show too much interest and blow my ‘gay’ cover. It seemed I was doomed to just ‘window shopping’ at this place.

Since the new term had already started I wasn’t given much time to settle in before my job began in earnest. I was to oversee the computer network in the school and be available to help students and staff with any queries regarding their personal computers. I was also encouraged to help out with the photography club which meet every second Saturday morning … my prowess with a camera had seemingly been spoken of by my father. I politely smiled and accepted the offer to help. Thanks Dad … there goes more of my writing time.

I was shown to my apartment by one of the all-woman school maintenance team. Waverly was a former army sergeant who had completed a building apprenticeship while in the service. She had retired after twenty years of constructing and maintaining army bases in various locations around the world. At forty five years old she was now enjoying a slower pace of life at the school. As I followed her out the main gate I was impressed with her tight little ass in a pair of khaki shorts … she had a nice overall figure and her long blonde hair swung back and forth in a ponytail. A real sexy middle aged woman.

It was a five minute to walk my apartment due to the high stone wall that surrounded the main campus. The small cottage actually backed onto the wall opposite one of the converted stables on the other side. I was pleasantly surprized by the modern interior of the place with an open plan living/kitchen area and one bedroom with a small bathroom. There was also a small study with a bookcase and a large desk. A very late model computer system sat on the desk. I could tell immediately that it was a good set up and I smiled in approval.

Waverly told me a little bit more about the former occupant of the cottage, the now dead Peter. He was an adrenalin junkie who loved jumping out of planes and climbing mountains as well as holding his degree in computer science. At forty he had died to young according to Waverly. I noted a real sadness in her voice as she talked … it had me wondering if she and Peter had been more than just colleagues.

I collected my gear from the car and unpacked. The small bathroom had a big old claw foot bath that took up half the room and I filled it with hot water and lay soaking. I noted the bath was big enough for two and wondered if Waverly’s naked body had enjoyed a session or two splashing around in the water with Peter.

That evening I was introduced to the students at dinner and then spent some time with the staff, having a couple of drinks in the staffroom. About 10.00pm I headed off to bed and was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

After a week of familiarising myself with the school network and hardware I had a pretty good handle on what was required to keep things running smoothly in the tech department. Peter had set up some good systems but I was able to refine and reprogram a few things to make it better. My actions received praise from the staff so I was off to a good start.

The first Saturday morning I attended the photography club I found out I wasn’t just helping I was running the show. There were ten girls in attendance and they ranged in age and experience. We talked about some goals and objectives and I looked over their various cameras and equipment. I wasn’t too surprised to see that most of the gear was top of the line … exclusive private school meant wealthy parents. Only one girl had an older camera and it wasn’t in good shape. Her name was Toni and she seemed quite embarrassed to display it in front of the other girls and got a few sniggers when she did. I could tell she was a bit of an outsider and offered to lend her a spare one of mine for the rest of the term. After the clubs allotted two hours I told Toni to follow me to my campus office and I would show her the camera. When she saw it her face lit up and a bright smile crossed her face.

“Wow! You would lend me this? It’s got to be worth a fortune.”

“It wasn’t cheap but then good cameras aren’t.” I replied and took some time to explain all the main technical details of the Nikon D850.

While we chatted Toni told me that she didn’t have the money for a decent camera as she was only at the school because of a scholarship. She lived with her aunt, who was single and worked two jobs just to pay rent in the city. Toni wasn’t looking for sympathy by playing the ‘poor little me card’ she was just being honest and I liked her for that. She was 18 and as a senior she was in her last year at school and wanted to go to a music college in the future.

“Do you play and instrument or are you a vocalist?” I queried.

“Both. I play guitar and sing. I write my own songs but I don’t think I’m very good at it.”

“Why do you say that?”

“The other girls in my dorm tell me I suck, so I probably do,” she gave a resigned shrug.

“Maybe we can jam sometime, I play guitar too … and I write a bit. To be honest I don’t think I’m all that good either but perhaps we can help each other get better.”

“That would be really cool.” Her bright smile was back.

As Toni left my office I realised I had probably broken the no fraternising rule by suggesting the jam session. I’d have to watch myself or face the wrath of Ms Steadman. I think I just felt a little sorry for Toni. It was pretty obvious she was picked on a bit and I had always been one to stick up for the other geeks and nerds at school. Toni’s appearance didn’t help either she wasn’t what you would call cute or pretty, she had some acne and her figure was on the large side, plus her nose looked like it had once been broken and not reset properly. Large metal framed glasses with a rose tint made her look even more geeky. On the plus side she had a great smile.