“What a great fucking twentieth anniversary,” sighed Judy, reeking of sarcasm as she fingered herself alone in her king-sized bed… feeling more sexually frustrated than she’d ever been before.

Her husband Ralph had promised to be home to fuck her good and hard, and he’d broken that promise… again… having chosen work over being with her for the billionth time (sadly, not much of an exaggeration).

Judy’s insecurities had grown every year. Her husband complimented her less and less, wanted to fuck her less and less, and was gone more and more. Yes, she’d gained a good twenty pounds since she’d walked down the aisle, all that weight gravitating to her hips and ass, her legs remaining in amazing shape, but that was pretty normal for twenty years later, along with three grown children. And empty nest syndrome wasn’t much fun either.

Ralph loved his family dearly, and he worked his ass off to provide for his amazing wife and their three children in college. He loved her with all his heart. She was his first and only love, they’d dated for four years before finally walking down the aisle, and at least in theory, he still found her sexy as fuck. But after twenty years of marriage and twenty-four years in the same relationship, on a visceral level he’d gotten bored and frustrated.

Truth be told, he knew he’d shouldn’t have.

He knew he was a very lucky man… since his wife was still as sexually adventurous, and as kinky and horny as she’d been in college. He’d known he’d found a keeper when she gave him a hand-job on their very first date in a semi-packed movie theatre. That knowledge was confirmed on their second date, when she climbed under a table in a restaurant and proceeded to blow him and swallow his load.

Truth be told, he had no right to be frustrated… and yet he was. After all these years, after all the wild kinky shit they’d done, she’d never allowed him to fuck her big, juicy ass.

Ralph knew that logically it was hardly a reason to be frustrated… yet regardless of logic it was the way he felt, and no matter how hard he tried to convince himself it wasn’t a big deal… for him it was a very big deal. Perhaps it was just because like almost every other guy in the world, he wanted what he couldn’t have.

Ralph knew he was a lucky man. Judy was a complete submissive for him, doing anything he asked… anything except letting him slide his huge cock through her back door. She was a very vocal woman, with a nasty tongue that would make a truck driver blush… he still remembered the first time they’d fucked, and she begged, “Slam that big mother fucking massive cock into my cunt, you baaastaaaard!” He’d never before heard the word ‘cunt’ used by a woman other than in porn, and thus the preponderance of evidence proving she was the perfect woman had increased. She loved being called filthy names when she was taking his big dick. She still loved sucking cock, still loved swallowing cum and taking facials, and her sexual appetite was still as ferocious as ever. The problem was, for reasons he couldn’t explain, he just couldn’t get into it anymore.

Yet there were two reasons… both ones that had gradually flowered over the years.

1. Whenever she came, Judy squirted everywhere. That had always grossed him out, but for some reason, during the past year or two it had even begun to repulse him. He felt bad about feeling that, since she had no control over how excited she got from his big cock… yet because of it, he no longer wanted to fuck her. So for most of the past year he’d had her only give him head, and they hadn’t actually fucked in months.

2. And he hated himself for the other reason, which has already been mentioned. He knew it was selfish, he knew most men at his age would be thrilled to have a woman in her forties as sexually liberated as she’d been in her twenties, and yet it wasn’t enough. He still wanted what he couldn’t have… her ass… her big, juicy ass. And since he couldn’t have that, he simply hadn’t been fucking her at all.

So he’d promised to fuck her for their anniversary, but instead he was at a club, justifiably with some clients it was true, but instead of discussing business, they were only ogling strippers with fake tits and drinking twelve dollar beverages containing blends of rums, slices of lime and tiny umbrellas.

It was an asshole move, yet here he was, doing just that.

So Judy, thoroughly sexually frustrated but not wanting a divorce, although the thought had popped into her head in the last few weeks, went online to search for a man, a woman or a couple… whomever… anyone at all.

Marcy, 24, slim, just 110 lbs, 5′ 5″ but with great 38C all-natural tits and long shapely legs, was Judy’s latest intern. Unlike Judy, who never wore nylons, she wore them every day… she did so because she’d learned in high school they lured the boys to her, since almost no other girls her age wore them… and among the teachers, only the hot Mrs. Walker wore them regularly. And these days even at the workplace almost nobody wore them, which surprised Mary… and not even the CEO, Judy, wearing them shocked her.

Marcy had been dating Ryan since her sophomore year at college. Although rough around the edges, he was sexy, a charmer, loyal to a fault, and he had a great seven-inch cock. She’d taken longer ones, but no one else had ever been as thick or fucked her like he did.

Unfortunately Ryan, while drunk, ended up in the pen for aggravated assault after beating up a couple of guys who’d been hitting on Marcy at a party. He’d served eighteen months and been released two years ago.

Now Marcy was an intern for Judy’s company and had managed, using her seductive personality and voluptuous tits, to wrangle Ryan a job there as a janitor. (Surprisingly, she’d worked her magic not on a man, but on Mrs. Alden the Personnel Manager, whom we’ll meet in part 2.)


A few years ago when Judy had first been promoted to a mid-level manager, she was nice to everyone. All of her employees loved working for her. But after her recent years of growing sexual frustration, this year being the worst, added to the stress of her now higher-echelon job, Judy had become a bitch.

So much so that Marcy was already her fourth intern this year. Like she’d been with her last three interns, Judy was being a complete bitch to Marcy. But unlike the last three who all quit after she’d made them cry once too often, she was unable to break the new and pretty intern. Not that she was trying to, at least not consciously.

Part of Judy was slightly envious of Marcy, like she’d been of the other three young, pretty interns. Because Marcy was now the one receiving the drools from all the men in the office, with her long blonde hair, her big tits on a petite little frame, and she wore nylons every day… something Judy had always refused to wear… they were just an impractical hindrance in a job that already had enough exhausting facets. She wasn’t sure whether it was the nylons, Marcy’s big tits or her huge ass. Marcy was definitely a BBW. Judy was a lot taller than Marcy, like six inches, and she too considered herself a BBW (although one of the men had called her thick… which after some research as she resented it at first… she discovered she was indeed more thick than BBW… a big wide ass and firm legs, but a thinner top half), but she no longer attracted the same amount of attention and validation she craved from the men… which really bothered her, especially since she no longer got it at home.

Even the black guys, who in the past couldn’t keep their eyes off of Judy’s generous backside, all flocked to Marcy.

So… her frustration at home, her dislike for her job, and now the lack of attention at work, all combined into convincing Judy to open an online account so she could have some discrete, harmless (not really cheating), online sex.


So Judy created a profile, but she didn’t post any pics. She received a few generic responses, but nothing exciting.

Her profile stated:

Mid-forties thick woman with a great ass who isn’t getting what she needs at home. I love sucking cock, and I am a size queen… the bigger, the better.

I also love cum. In my pussy, on my face, on my huge tits or ass, and down my throat.

I am very submissive, and I love obeying and doing all the kinky things the college girls won’t do.

I am also curious about dining on my first pussy, or even better, a threesome with a couple where I’d eat a cream pie or get fucked while eating the girl’s pussy.

The younger the better. Legal age of course.

Hope to play soon.



So after a few days of scrolling through pictures of sexy women, having a sexual encounter with a woman having long ago been added to her bucket list… one of the reasons she treated her interns so badly… because a secret part of her wanted to drop onto her knees, part the young girls’ legs and lick their pussies. The website Girlsway, that caters strictly to lesbian porn, where many younger girls either seduce or get seduced by older women, was one of her favourite niche websites.

Equally as exciting were all the young men with their big fat cocks. And she was definitely a size slut. Her husband was huge, and he’d wrecked her for any small dicked men… but some of the men online had really fat cocks, and those ones intrigued her, and so many of the guys were in their twenties, so they could likely fuck all night… unlike the one and done she got… or rather used to get… from Ralph. Except of course for way back when… he’d been dynamite back then.

Judy couldn’t remember the last time she’d experienced multiple orgasms from sex, but she knew it was years, nor could she remember the last time having sex had lasted more than a few minutes… but that was also years.

Two decades ago she’d often had multiple orgasms during every fuck session, and some of them would be thirty minute marathons where she’d taken two or three loads in her pussy, in her mouth, on her tits, on her face, or on her ass.

God, she missed being fucked and used like a cheap slut… she still needed that so badly!

Since it was obvious no one was reading her bio, which mentioned her submissive nature and listed a few of her fantasies, she decided to put up a pic.

But it couldn’t be just any pic. It needed to be an amazing pic.

Feeling particularly horny, Judy stripped down to nothing but a pink thong, and used the mirrors from her dresser and closet doors to take a sexy pic of her curvaceous body, displaying it from a few angles at once, but without showing her face.

The picture primarily showcased her amazing ass. She uploaded it quickly, before she could change her mind.

And her ass looked amazing!

It also fit her chosen screen name: BigBoodieQT

Unlike when she’d first posted her profile and gotten almost no responses, within minutes her inbox was flooded with messages from all over the world!

She responded to a few of them, mostly the guys who’d sent her big dick pics, and she loved all the attention she was receiving, but she hadn’t found what she was looking for… she couldn’t say exactly what it was, but it needed to be someone or something unique.

She had a couple chats with guys, where via her keyboard she roleplayed a teacher and student with one and a mom and son with the other, which she found weird, and although it got her off, it wasn’t what she was looking for.

Plus, everyone wanted to Skype.

Or to see more pics.

It quickly got exhausting.

Then on Monday, after a weekend of playing and flirtations, she was on her lunch break when she received a friend request from a local couple who went by XXX-ta-C. Their message was kind and flattering, and their pics, like everyone not showing any faces, were sexy as fuck.

XXX-ta-C – Hi BigBoodieQT. We liked your profile and your sexy pic. Tell us more about yourself and what you’re looking for.

We’re a mid-twenties couple, engaged for six months. We’re looking for a curvy MILF to play with us both. I’m a switch, and my fiancé is a dom. We both love curvy, big bootied, submissive older women. We are both masters in the art of seduction.

I am bi, and I love having a female pet who will eat my pussy whenever I snap my fingers, or maybe take one of my strap-ons. Since you say you’re a size queen, I should note I have strap-ons from six to twelve inches, and my fiancé has a nice seven inch cock which admittedly isn’t terribly long, but it’s the fattest one you will ever see. It will stretch you in ways you could never imagine.

Anyway… are you ready for some adventure, ready to fulfill your fantasies, ready to stop living online and living for real instead? In short, are you ready to become our new pet?

Judy’s pussy started seriously leaking into her panties while she read this wicked, frank, first message. Most of them had just been ‘Hey’ or ‘Nice ass’ or some other generic shit.

Her intrigue and wetness increased when she saw the three photos the young woman had sent her along with the hot message. It was also cool the woman was the one doing the contacting.

The first pic was of a woman, presumably the one who’d written, in black stockings and a garter belt bending over, with a man’s tattooed hands squeezing her perfect ass.

The second pic was of the same woman wearing red thigh highs, rubbing a pink vibrator on her very wet pussy.

The third pic was of a man’s six-pack abs, tattoos, and a very thick, veiny, curved, 7-inch cock. Definitely a bad boy and a total hottie!

Judy rubbed herself to an orgasm as she reread the message a dozen times and admired all three pics.

Luckily, she came before she responded and then came to her senses… shaking her head for coming at work… she closed out of the online site on her iPad without replying, but also without deleting the message.

As she drove home, still horny, Judy wondered what she should do.

How did online playing work?

Were there certain rules or protocols everyone understood and followed, or did they play each situation by ear?

Would they want to actually meet her?

Should she tell them she was married? About why she was online in the first place?

Should she just say fuck it, meet them in person, and have a wild one time only threesome?

Shit, she shook her head, as she pulled into her driveway… what’s coming over me?

Yet with Ralph out of town until Friday as usual, and still having not fucked her since disappointing her on their 20th anniversary by coming home late from his ‘business meeting’ with alcohol on his breath and going straight to sleep, she took herself to her bed dressed in sexy lingerie and nylons, and with her favourite vibrator beside her… with new batteries installed…and logged into the app.

While she was rereading the message and pondering what to say, still feeling nervous, like she was going on a first date, as silly as that sounded, she received an instant message from XXX-ta-C.

Judy was instantly excited… and nervous… and horny… and giddy… and…

XXX-TA-C: Hi BigBoodieQT. How are you this fine evening?

Judy paused for a moment before deciding it was just chatting… harmless… so she responded.

BIGBOODIEQT: Hello. I’m well. You?

Judy stared at the screen waiting for the next response.

XXX-TA-C: You aren’t busy, are you?

BIGBOODIEQT: Not at all. I was just logging in.

After a moment, another message.

XXX-TA-C: So, tell us about yourself. My fiancé is sitting beside me, reading along.

For some reason that excited Judy even more. They were both reading her responses!

BIGBOODIEQT: I’m not even sure how to begin. I’m very new to this.

XXX-TA-C: I understand. Then why don’t you answer some questions for us?


XXX-TA-C: Are you married, single, separated, divorced?

Deciding to just tell the truth, Judy responded honestly.

BIGBOODIEQT: I’m married.

XXX-TA-C: Will your husband be joining us?

Judy was caught off guard by the question.

BIGBOODIEQT: No, I doubt it.

XXX-TA-C: Does he know you’re on this site?

Judy, figuring she might as well just be blunt in her responses, just typed what she was thinking.

BIGBOODIEQT: No, he doesn’t know I’m on the site. I still love him. But he hasn’t wanted to fuck me for years.

XXX-TA-C: *That* is inexcusable! We can’t have it!”

Judy wasn’t sure what was meant by that. She hoped this conversation wasn’t ending before it started. She couldn’t explain why, but she really felt a connection with these two, even though nothing was making much sense.

BIGBOODIEQT: I hope it isn’t a dealbreaker.

XXX-TA-C: No, not at all. I respect your honesty.


XXX-TA-C: You’re welcome, my pet.

Judy saw the word ‘pet’ and her pussy tingled.

Such a simple word.

Just three letters.

Yet, so powerful. So full of intent.


XXX-TA-C: What are you hoping to gain from our new relationship, our pet?

Judy noticed the slight shift from ‘my’ pet to ‘our’ pet.

This enhanced the stirring inside her, and her curiosity increased.

BIGBOODIEQT: Honestly, I don’t know.

XXX-TA-C: I think you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

She knew that was true. If she was happy, if she was sexually satisfied, she certainly wouldn’t have created her online profile.

BIGBOODIEQT: It’s just a little embarrassing.

XXX-TA-C: My pet, just say whatever you want. There is no shame in exploring who you are, what you need, what you fantasize.

Judy read that, and felt she could trust this complete stranger. She didn’t know why, but she did.

BIGBOODIEQT: I want to be fucked good by a big cock, eat a ripe pussy and just be used like a submissive slut.

Judy pressed Send and then stared at what she’d just written. She’d meant every word of it… yet she couldn’t believe she’d actually not only written it, but had also sent it.

XXX-TA-C: Now *that* is what I like to hear. Straightforward honesty.

BIGBOODIEQT: I can’t believe I just told you that!

XXX-TA-C: You told us your inner truth, our pet. Your inner slut.

BIGBOODIEQT: I do fantasize a lot about being used like a slut.

XXX-TA-C: We can make that happen for real, my pet. You just need to follow some very simple rules without hesitation and with complete loyalty. Think you can do that?

By now Judy had stripped completely[A1], turned the vibrator on and had it inside her needy pussy, and with her lust and libido leading the way, she answered not with her head, but her pussy.

BIGBOODIEQT: Yes, I think I can do that.

XXX-TA-C: Don’t think. Do.

The woman’s strong, direct phrasing turned Judy on even more, the younger woman dominating the older making her feel completely weak at the moment, and deliciously so.