Jeannie Conrad was both an excellent nurse and the embodiment of stunningly beautiful sensuality. She was nearly six feet of curvaceous woman, with mane of lustrous, dark hair that fell nearly to her waist when she left it unbound, and a face that would likely have put most of Hollywood’s most glamorous leading ladies to shame. Though serenely confident – both in her job skills and in being blessed with a body that any centerfold model would have easily envied – she had not always been thus.

She had been very shy in her youth, feeling painfully awkward throughout her junior high and high school years. She had been one of the tallest students in every one of her classes and, even though she wanted desperately to fit in, her hopes were in vain. Her stature intimidated every one of the cute boys, while her buxom curves brought only jealous – and sometimes cruel – envy from the girls in her classes.

She was smart as a whip, though, and her lack of a social life gave her plenty of time to devote herself to her studies. Her resulting good grades made it easy for her to get the medical schooling she desired, following her high school graduation.

It was college, though, that had changed her life forever.

Jeannie found nursing school to be a lot of hard work and studying—but only in the classroom. The steel-trap mind she’d cultivated in her lonely high school years allowed her to assimilate the material in her texts and the lecture sessions with ease, requiring little study-time outside the lecture halls and hands-on labs.

She had gained admission to the nursing college at Johns-Hopkins University, in Baltimore, with its campus adjacent to one of the nation’s most renowned medical institutions. Its cancer center – endowed to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars by a Saudi oil sheik – attracted top-flight specialists, and patients, from all over the world. Its cardiac care facility, expanded and funded by James Bond film-producer Albert ‘Cubby’ Broccoli, was one of the finest in the world, as well. The nursing students found plenty of opportunities to learn, in this rich environment.

In college, Jeannie finally gained a group of honest friends. The girls in the nursing school were at an age where they had gained enough maturity to see and understand the loving, caring woman beneath the imposing exterior, and they adopted her with an easy grace into their circle of friendship. If nothing else, they knew that her stunning looks would draw boys in droves, and they could easily have their pick from among her ‘leftovers’ – the men she turned away.

Her college years were also an eye-opener, for Jeannie, as her new girlfriends were women who liked to party hard, when they let their hair down after a grueling week of classes. Jeannie got drunk for the first time in her life, gained her first serious boyfriend, and finally lost her long-despised virginity, all within the span of her first two weeks on campus. She enjoyed the partying – and the sudden availability of all the sex her nubile and eager body could handle – immensely but, when two of her fellow nursing students were summarily dropped from the program for low grades, she made sure she kept her studies on track and the drinking in check.

The thing that did slip out of control was the sex-life that suddenly blossomed before her – a time of carnal pleasures beyond her wildest dreams and anticipations. Her first boyfriend, Jeff, was a decent enough fellow. He was a patient and skilled lover, and taught her a great deal about the pleasures available to a woman with a body such as hers. She had let him take her virginity after only four dates. She had broken her own hymen, shortly after turning eighteen, with a sex-toy ‘borrowed’ from the drawer of her mother’s night table, so her first penetration by a live cock hadn’t been painful for her, at all. Instead – with her nubile pussy well used to penetration by her mother’s toy, the interlude was pleasurable in the extreme, to her. As the echoes of her very first man-generated orgasm faded away, she rolled him onto his back and let herself take charge. She rode him, hard and long, moaning and groaning out her pleasure to his obvious delight, and really got off when at last he came inside her. The heat of his discharge – and the sheer feel of it, as it impacted against her cervix when he ejaculated – were like nothing she had ever felt, before.

A few nights after that, things began to get even more interesting. She lay next to him on the bed, with her head on his chest, after another steamy session of sexual abandon. She watched his cock, coated with the thick white froth of their combined juices as it lay on his stomach, twitching gently with the aftershocks of his ejaculation and slowly oozing a last gobbet of his creamy seed onto his abdomen. Jeannie had never taken a cock in her mouth, before, but she’d heard several of her girlfriends talking in glowing terms of the pleasures that could be had by a woman, from sucking on one. She wondered – not for the first time, as she gazed at his gently twitching appendage – what it would be like, to take the thick stalk of flesh between her lips or run her tongue lovingly along its length.

Jeff was pleasantly surprised when she slid her mouth closer to him and began licking and sucking at his dick. He was blown away when, after those first few tentative, exploratory moves, she pressed her mouth further along the shaft, eventually swallowing it in its entirety. For her part, Jeannie was naïve enough that she hadn’t even heard the term ‘gag reflex,’ before. She was unaware that it was a truly rare talent she had, to be able to effortlessly take a man’s throbbing erection straight down her gullet. She simply loved the feel of it, and the taste – when she’d sucked him back to maximum hardness and coaxed another ejaculation out of him. She loved it, and became almost instantly addicted to sucking cock. The savory essence of a man’s seed became a newfound delicacy that she sought out at every opportunity.

Thanks to Jeff’s big mouth, however, word got around campus quickly. She broke up with him when she found out that he’d been the one who had pinned the nickname, ‘the deep-throat queen of Baltimore County,’ on her.

Men were practically lining up to ask her out after that, though. Her next two boyfriends were very attractive frat boys, and she began receiving invitations to a whole new kind of party – where she was, more often than not, feted as the center of attention. At her second frat party, she sucked off seventeen pledges in a row, while her boyfriend cheered her on as he slowly fucked her from behind, the entire time. Many of the pledges were every bit the virgin that she, herself, had been only a few weeks earlier, and it was a source of secret pleasure to her, to know that she’d taken at least the oral ‘cherry’ of so many young men.

At other parties, she was not the only girl on her knees, with a line of guys waiting their turn to sample oral skills that were fast approaching the point of becoming a local legend, but her ‘line’ was by far the longest one. Jeannie loved the attention, loved the power she had over a helpless frat boy whose cock was lodged deeply in her throat. She came hard when her boyfriend fucked her roughly from behind and played with her ass while his friends deposited burst after burst of thick, creamy, delicious baby batter in her mouth and throat.

After Jeff, her dates became quite casual in nature. She would meet a man, and they would date for two or three weeks – nearly every night – and then break up amicably after lots of wild sex. Then she would immediately be asked out by someone new, and the pleasurable cycle would begin anew. She became the central fixture at the wildest and most talked-about parties at the frat and sorority houses off campus. It was at one of those out-of-control sex parties, with her head held firmly in place and a nice stiff cock in her throat, that she lost her anal virginity. She never even got the chance to protest. And, only thirty seconds into the sudden spreading of her back door, she was ever so glad that she’d been taken without warning.

The man had been fucking her – hard and fast, just the way she liked it – from behind, while she was servicing the third boy in line with her mouth. It felt good when she felt the first teasing touch at her sphincter. It felt even better as a finger began entering her back door. Someone poured lube generously down the crack of her ass, and then she moaned around the cock in her throat as two fingers started opening her behind, eventually becoming three fingers that probed deeply and delightfully into her nether passage.

She finished the man in her mouth, and another stepped up to take his place. This frat brother had a nice big one, and it felt amazing in her mouth and throat. He was obviously experienced with such things, as he held the sides of her head – gently yet firmly – and slowly slid his length in and out, literally fucking her face so that she had the brief mental image of being ‘spit roasted’ between the two cocks. Then, suddenly, she felt the fingers and the cock withdraw from her other end.

She was about to groan in protest at the suddenly-empty feel of her pussy and ass, when – just as suddenly, to her relief – she felt her ass being spread wide open, again, this time by something with a larger girth than the three clustered fingers had previously provided. It felt absolutely in-fucking-credible! She moaned – around the cock fucking itself into her mouth – at the magnificent feeling that assailed her as the thick and mysterious invader slowly and inexorably pressed its way deeper and deeper into her bowels!

It really didn’t occur to her, for those few moments, that her ass was being fucked by a thick, hard dick. When the truth of what was happening finally registered, in the dim recesses of her sex-fogged brain, she groaned at the sheer pleasure she felt. In the next moment, both men being pleasured by her were surprised as she pulled free of the cock that plumbed her mouth for just long enough to scream, “Hell, yes! Fuck my ass! Fuck my mouth! Fuck me, both of you!”

She absolutely loved it, and she knew – in that instant – that she would always crave the feel of her asshole being split by a hard, thick cock, just as her tongue would always crave the taste of a man’s seed.

She never even saw the face of the man who took her anal cherry, but she came harder than she ever had, in her entire sexual experience, when he erupted in her ass. Before her legs had stopped shaking with that first anal orgasm, the man pulled free and another lover took his place, inserting his stiff cock into her suddenly insatiable back door. On and on it went, and she wasn’t entirely sure how many men she’d taken in her various holes, or how many times each of them had fucked her. Eventually, the men were so spent that they could no longer sustain their erections, and the pleasuring ceased. The circle of cheering onlookers – male and female, alike, judging by the sounds of the voices she’d heard urging her on – faded as the partiers moved away. The night’s entertainment – the spectacle of a consummate cock-whore displaying her skills – appeared to have ended.

She rolled onto her side on the blanket that had been thrown on the floor as she’d dropped to her hands and knees and invited the first of the frat brothers to avail themselves of her, circulation slowly returning to her numbed knees, hands, and wrists, and glanced at the watch that every nursing student wore. She’d glanced at it, briefly, when the ‘festivities’ had begun, and she was shocked to find that she’d spent nearly two full hours on her knees on the floor, pleasuring men and being pleasured by them.

She stumbled – wearily but contentedly – back to her room in the wee hours of the morning, load after load of cum from an unknown number of men slowly oozing from her well-used pussy and rectum, flooding the gusset of her panties.

She was a little sore, after that first time, but she was eager for more.

She was now as ‘hooked’ on anal sex, as she had been on both oral and vaginal copulation, and the ‘ultimate’ in sexual pleasures had been hers on at least three occasions – the utterly wonderful and delightful feeling of cocks simultaneously plunging into and out of her pussy, ass, and throat, while at least two mouths had attached themselves to her nipples, adding an extra bit of pleasure in the moment.

Over the course of her college career, she learned a great deal. Despite her late-night escapades, she excelled at her studies, becoming a skilled and competent registered nurse. She also learned the downside of the reputation she’d acquired, on campus: a size queen with mad deep-throat skills and a cock-hungry ass. The men she saw no longer treated her with the respect that she felt was any woman’s due, and they were often callous toward her, and somewhat abusive. She’d found that she sometimes even ‘enjoyed’ being spanked, when she was on her knees and had a man in her pussy or ass; the sharp sting of the slap was a strangely enjoyable contrast against the pleasure of the cock inside her, and there was also the strange psychological sensation of being spanked for being such a bad girl. But, sometimes, the frat brothers could get carried away, with it, leaving her bruised.

Fortunately, shortly after her second year at Hopkins began, she’d made the acquaintance of Craig Simons. Craig was a somewhat atypical geeky young man who’d crashed a party on a dare from two of his also-geeky friends. She regarded him as ‘atypical’ because he was fairly handsome, and his geeky and socially inept exterior concealed the heart of a romantic, the mind of a dreamer, and a cock of truly prodigious proportions – one that delighted her no end, once she’d coyly persuaded him to unveil it for her.

She made sure to spend some time chatting with him, sitting on his lap on a plush chair in a corner of the room that night – uncaringly naked, trading tongues and swapping spit with him like a girlfriend would – while the rest of the frat boys were taking a break to ‘recharge their batteries’ for another go at her. In the midst of their conversation, she dropped the hint that she would be more than happy to follow him to his tiny off-campus apartment, once the party came to an end, and teach him how to use the formidable weapon Mother Nature had endowed him with, to pleasure any woman who was smart enough to see past his shy demeanor and let him in.

That night had proved to be a watershed event in Craig’s life, as the delightful vixen had taught him – over the course of the next few months – every little nuance and ploy that her various boyfriends had used to charm their way into her panties. Craig was an apt student, slowly coming out of his shell and mastering everything she presented as a part of his ‘extracurricular education.’

Eventually, Craig had come to her and suggested that their time together needed to end. He had used what she’d taught him – over the Christmas holiday break – to slip past the ‘defenses’ of a girl in one of his classes, a girl-geek named Connie Trevellen, who was stunningly lovely in her own right.

“You told me to be careful who I used what you taught me, on,” he smiled as they sat across the table from each other at one of the off-campus coffee shops, where they’d arranged to meet, “because, once she’d had me, she’d never want to let me slip away from her. I took your advice to heart, and she and I are never gonna let each other go!”

He pulled his iPhone from its belt clip, opened the Photos app, and brought up a picture. It was a faces-only shot, showing Craig, Connie, and his left hand holding hers. A diamond sparkled on her ring finger.

‘Hmmm; learned well, you have, young Padawan,” she teased him, giggling, in her best ‘Yoda’ voice. “I can see why you want to stay true to her, too. But I better get a damned good ‘goodbye’ kiss, when we leave here, in a bit.”

“I’d favor skipping the kiss, entirely, for the moment,” he flashed an infectious grin. “If you’ll follow me back to my place, I’ve got a bit of a surprise, for you.”

They left the coffee shop and she followed him back to his apartment, where – it turned out – he had prepared a gourmet dinner for her as a ‘thank you’ for all she’d done, for him. The meal was followed by the absolute best two hours of ‘break-up sex’ she would ever have.

Craig also repaid the kindness she’d shown him by lending her an occasional hand as both of their sojourns at Hopkins wound down to an end, that spring. He was majoring in computer forensics, and he was a skilled hacker. Fifteen times over the course of Jeannie’s remaining time at Hopkins, he painstakingly tracked down and destroyed lengthy videos taken by various frat boys, identifying her by her real name and showing her displaying her prodigious skills at parties – videos that had been posted to various sites on the Internet.

“Fortunately, the owners of those sites weren’t terribly careful about safeguarding their servers,” he told her when he gave her the last report. “I managed to track down everyone who ever downloaded the files to their local computers, hack into them, and remove the files. I couldn’t tell if they’d saved a copy to something like an SD card, or a thumb-drive, but I’ve destroyed every copy I could find.”

Worse than the attitudes of the men with whom she coupled, though, was that of the other women she knew. Even some of those girls she’d thought were her closest college friends gradually began to dissociate from her, treating her as though she was a common whore. In a moment of clarity, driving home from Craig’s apartment after a night of helping him work on his stamina in the sack, it came to her that she had become the very sort of cock-whore she had once, herself, despised.

Fortunately for Jeannie, graduation day was only a short span of days away at that point in her life. And, when she was offered a full-time nursing position on the other side of the country, she snapped it up in a heartbeat. She took it, vowing to somehow turn her life around – shed her past reputation as the ‘in demand’ campus party girl, and start off fresh in a new city.

At first, it was difficult in the extreme, for her to lock that part of her – the party-slut who craved cock in every orifice in her nubile body – in chains and cage her away in the deepest recesses of her soul, but she managed it. Though it was not without many a night spent in the fevered pumping of a pair of sex toys into her two most often-used holes, trying to pacify the part of her that screamed at her to go out, find a man, and get herself well and truly fucked.

Fortunately, Jeannie immediately made a friend at the new hospital – another new nurse from out of state, named Sarah. The two of them got an apartment together. They both dated when their busy schedules allowed it. Unlike Sarah, however, Jeannie completely abstained from sex, and the only alcohol she consumed was an occasional glass of wine with a meal at the apartment, or later in the evening, in front of the television. She was carefully avoiding the reputation that had hurt her so much, in college. The longer she persisted in her efforts, the easier it became for her to maintain her new, sex-free lifestyle.

Jeannie’s life changed, again, when she began dating Steve Conrad. He was the complete package Jeannie had been seeking, ever since the fantasies of her early high school days. He was ruggedly handsome and charming, he treated her with respect, and he shared her quirky sense of humor.