“Let’s go, dad!”

Jake sighed and massaged his temples with his fingers as he pondered the stack of bills in front of him on the kitchen table. “Just a minute, guys!” he shouted back at his kids.

He had promised his boys that he’d take them trick or treating. “Halloween,” he said aloud. “The end of the month already.” Jake was still trying to figure out how to pay the bills from two weeks earlier.

Ever since his wife Cindy had died a year and a half earlier in a car accident, leaving him alone with their four adopted sons, Jake had gradually burned his way through their savings and sunken into debt. He just couldn’t afford the mortgage and bills on a single income. “I can’t even afford to move,” he thought.


Jake sighed once more and pushed himself away from the table. “All right, I’m coming!” He had to grin at the whoop of delight that came in response.

He followed the squeak of sneakers on linoleum coming from the kitchen and entered to find his unusual brood putting finishing touches on their costumes. He and Cindy had turned to adoption when they found out she was unable to have children. As a result, their family was an odd assortment that always got odd stares when they went out on errands. He smiled as he remembered the way Cindy would “remind” people that staring was rude – with a finger jabbing into their chests as she verbally berated them.

Cindy had been a real spitfire, and Jake had been attracted to her from the moment they met. A petite blonde with bright blue eyes and a dazzling smile, she was a stark contrast to Jake’s dark hair and eyes and brooding nature. She had also been the sexiest woman Jake had ever seen, and he had proposed after dating her for only two months. Even now, Jake could remember the feeling of her firm, perky breasts and hard nipples as he caressed them with his hands or took them into his mouth. Despite her petite size, Cindy had also been able to handle his nine-inch erection with a vagina that felt like velvet and could embrace him to his fullest depth.

Now Jake glanced around the kitchen at the costumes his boys had put together from things they had found around the house. He couldn’t afford store-bought costumes, but the boys hadn’t complained. Instead they took the challenge to heart, and created costumes on their own. Kwan, his eleven-year old Vietnamese son, had found Jake’s old football uniform in the attic and had stuffed it with newspaper to make fake muscles. Boyd, his ten-year old freckled redhead, had used some of Cindy’s old clothes and a clip- on earring to make a pirate costume. He’d even used a piece of charcoal to create fake stubble on his face. Jamal and Terrence were brothers, African-American, and his youngest children at nine and seven. Jamal had pieced together a rapper’s outfit by borrowing his older brothers’ baggy clothes and wearing some of Cindy’s old costume jewelry as “bling.” Jake couldn’t figure out exactly what Terrence was supposed to be, as he’d put on his swimsuit over a sweatshirt and sweatpants with flippers on his feet.

“Wow, you guys really look good.” Jake complimented them. The boys all beamed at him.

“I’m Aquaman!” Terrence shouted.

“Of course you are!” Jake agreed with a chuckle. One mystery solved. “Got your pillowcases for collecting your treats?” They each held up a pillowcase. “Now, you’re sure you’re not all too old for trick or treating?”

“Dad!” came the shouted reply.

“All right, let’s go!” Jake grabbed a bowl of candy off the counter and led the boys outside.

After dropping the bowl of candy off with his next-door neighbor Mr. Ethan to hand out on his behalf, the boys settled into a blistering pace that had Jake panting to keep up. They went up one side of a street and down the other, pillaging the neighborhood of treats. Jake could have slowed the pace down a bit, but opted to indulge the boys’ enthusiasm. “Besides,” he thought, “the candies, cookies, and treats will help round out their school lunches for months. And for free.” He hated that this last thought occurred to him, but circumstances were such that he had to think of any way possible to stretch their tight budget.

He nodded hello to the other parents as their groups passed each other on the street. He looked with envy at the couples with their children, feeling sharp pangs of loneliness. Jake’s own parents had died many years back, and Cindy and the boys had become his entire world. He was lonely, and he was frustrated. He hadn’t been with another woman since Cindy, and couldn’t help but stare a little too long at some of the other mothers as they passed. His eyes sought out their tight, round asses as they bounced by in faded jeans, and he could scarcely keep from moaning at the sight of their erect nipples poking from behind their t-shirts in the cool autumn air.

Gradually, the deepening shadows of evening gave way to the stillness of night. Jake shivered with the chill even as he worked to keep up with his tireless brood.

“Guys, let’s head back, okay?” he said as he corralled them at the end of a driveway.


“Come on, Dad!”

“Can we stay out, puh-lease?”

Jake rolled his eyes at the begging. “No, it’s getting late and cold. We need to head back.”

The boys clustered together for a brief moment. Kwan stepped forward as group speaker. “One more block, Dad, okay?”

He glanced around at their big pleading eyes and laughed. “All right, one more block.”

With a cheer, they turned the corner and trotted to find their next victims. Jake figured that one more block couldn’t take long anyway, as many homeowners had turned off their lights, calling it quits for the night. Cindy would have been able to put her foot down with them, but Jake had never had the heart to refuse them. She had always been the disciplinarian in the family – he was the pushover.

Looking up, Jake saw that this new block was at the very edge of their neighborhood. He couldn’t believe they’d managed to walk this far. Halfway up the block, he saw the boys turn up a driveway. Too late, he realized where they were and broke into a run to catch up.

“Wait, guys!” Jake came to a halt at the foot of the driveway and glanced in shock at the house nearly a quarter mile distant.

The Pucelle House had been abandoned for as long as he could remember. Everyone in the area grew up knowing the story: The Pucelles were a French family that had built the house over a hundred years earlier when they had moved to this country to start a textile business. Their company had essentially founded the town, which grew up around their mill and factory.

For reasons unknown, the Pucelle’s oldest son had killed his bride on the night of their first anniversary in that very house, and then took his own life. The entire family had moved away in disgrace, and it had nearly been the death of the town. But the citizens had persevered, and little by little the town had recovered. The mill and factory had long since been demolished, but the large Pucelle House and grounds that contained it had remained. It had been bought and sold numerous times over the years, as the house was large and well designed. It had been gorgeous in its day. But the new owners never stayed very long. They always left after only a few weeks, telling tales of strange occurrences and disembodied voices in the night that the townsfolk could never quite bring themselves to dismiss.

As a result, the neighborhood had never extended beyond the Pucelle House, though the land around and beyond it would have been considered prime real estate. It was surprising that it was still standing after the years of neglect. But the most surprising thing of all to Jake was the fact that bright lights shone in the windows of the house and lively music filled the air.

“When did they sell this again?” he wondered as he started up the driveway after the boys. A breath of cold air raised the hair on the back of his neck, and Jake rubbed his arms to warm and settle himself.

He caught up to the boys at the spacious front porch of the Pucelle House, and walked with them to the door. Jake hesitated as he reached over their heads to knock as they held their pillowcases at the ready. Finally though, his curiosity got the better of him, and he rapped sharply.

After only a few moments the door opened, spilling warmth and light onto them where they stood. “Trick or treat!” the boys shouted. Jake grimaced at their volume, but then caught his breath as he saw the woman at the door.

“Well, hello!” she beamed at each of the boys before turning her gaze to Jake. She was tall and beautiful, with long, curly black hair, green eyes, and porcelain skin. Jake looked past her into the room for a moment. It appeared to be a Halloween costume party, as everyone was dressed up in old-fashioned suits and dresses. The dress the woman was wearing accentuated her beauty all the more, and showed off the generous curves of her body.

“I don’t want any tricks, so it’s treats for you all!” she shouted to the laughs of the other party guests. Each of the boys received a large homemade caramel apple that made even Jake’s mouth water. She beamed at their cries of delight.

Glancing up at Jake, she affected a slight pout. “I’m afraid that’s all I’ve made for tonight’s parade of hooligans. I’ve nothing left for you.”

Jake chuckled. “That’s all right. I’ll just take theirs when we get home.”

The woman’s eyes glinted with mischief. “Don’t you dare, or you’ll incur my wrath.”

Jake nodded contritely. “Yes, ma’am.”

“It’s Emily,” the woman offered, “and who might you be?”

“Jake Williamson. I live about a dozen streets that way.” He thumbed over his shoulder.

She stood for a moment smiling at Jake with a curious expression on her face.

“Well, we’d better get going, Emily.” He had gathered the boys and turned to leave when her voice stopped him.

“Jake, would you care to return later and join our party?”

He turned back to look at her. She still stood with the curious expression on her face.

“I don’t know, Emily. It’s getting late and the boys…”

“Please?” She said the word quietly, almost a whisper.

“Uh… I’ll try.”

“Please.” She repeated as she closed the door, leaving Jake and the boys on the dark porch.

On the walk home, as the boys chortled with glee at the haul they’d taken in, Jake pondered the invitation. Even now, as he thought of Emily his heart seemed to catch in his throat. Something about her just sent his emotions spinning.

“You should go, Dad.” Kwan offered from his left.

“W-What?” Jake sputtered.

“You should go.”

“Yeah, Dad. Go to the party.” Boyd agreed.

“Mr. Ethan can watch us.” Jamal suggested.

“Maybe.” Jake whispered.


Jake pulled up the drive of the Pucelle House and turned off the car. He sat for a moment, considering. He hadn’t even been on a date since Cindy had died, and now he was going to a party. For a moment he thought about starting the car and simply driving home, but he finally got out and walked to the front door.

Emily again answered the door at the sound of his knock. She gave him an appraising look as he was now wearing a coat and tie.

“Sorry, I don’t really have an appropriate costume,” he offered lamely.

“Oh, that’s neither here nor there.” Emily pulled him inside and shut the door behind him.

Taking his arm and placing her hand at his elbow, Emily ushered Jake around the party even as she appeared to be the one being led. He was impressed with how adept she seemed to be at this little social skill. She introduced him to the other partygoers, and though Jake paid close attention, he couldn’t seem to remember any of the names he was offered.

For that matter, he couldn’t seem to remember anything that was said. He and Emily mingled with the other guests, carrying on long conversations and telling jokes, but Jake seemed to forget the words as soon as he heard them, even when he was doing the speaking. And he became increasingly aware that the party guests were staring at him, though it was inconspicuous enough that he could never catch them at it. But Emily held her body close to his throughout the evening, and he was content to simply be near her. He sipped the spiced cider that was being offered, and nibbled on chocolates that appeared on trays. For the moment, his loneliness had dissipated and he didn’t care at what price it came.

Eventually, he found himself being led up a grand staircase to the second floor. Outside one of the bedroom doors, Emily turned pulled him into an embrace.

“I want you to be with me,” she told him. “Please stay and make love to me.”

Jake started to protest; they’d only just met, the boys were with a sitter, he still loved Cindy… but Emily placed her finger over his lips and shushed him.

“Just say yes,” she whispered.

His desire overwhelmed his objections.


She opened the door to the bedroom and Jake found himself looking at a grand four- poster bed made of mahogany. The mattress seemed to be nearly four feet off the ground and piled high with satiny sheets, pillows, and thick comforters. Candlelight flickered from a fireplace mantel.

Emily led him to the side of the bed and turned to embrace him again. Jake lowered his head and kissed her, gently at first, then with more pressure. Her mouth opened to his, and their tongues entwined with light flicks and wet caresses. He tried to remove the dress she was wearing but could only fumble with the complex buttons. Emily chuckled into his mouth and pulled away to do it herself.

Jake watched as every button undone exposed a fraction more of her tantalizing skin. He could feel himself hardening, his penis straining against the confines of his pants. Finally, her dress fell away, leaving her bared before him, and Jake’s breath caught.

Her skin was flawless and smooth, and Jake moved to hold her in his arms. Her body felt like silk in his hands.

“God, you’re… exquisite.” He choked as emotion and need filled his voice.

She smiled at his choice of words and beckoned him to her again. They kissed once more, and Emily began unfastening Jake’s pants even as he removed his coat and unbuttoned his shirt. He flung the shirt away and groaned as she caressed his length through the fabric of his pants before dropping them to the floor. She gasped as she saw his size, but Jake saw no fear in her eyes, only desire and longing. Cindy had once looked at him that way.

She took his member in her hands and marveled aloud at his proud, erect manhood. The plum-sized head was purple and veins flowed down the shaft to the neatly trimmed hair at its base. She ran her hands over it with tenderness, following the thick ridge around the head with her finger, finally reaching underneath to cup his testicles gently but firmly. Jake exhaled slowly.

Reaching down, he lifted her naked body into his arms and laid her on the bed. He climbed up beside her and they kissed again, his stiffness rubbing against her leg.

Breaking away, Emily crawled down to the foot of the bed and knelt between his legs. She took his erection in her hands and rubbed it with long strokes.

“Oh my, what a wondrous cock!” she chirped, blushing furiously after saying it.

Jake chuckled at her brazenness, then fell back in pleasure as her mouth encircled the head of his cock and dropped down suddenly to its base. She didn’t seem to have a problem taking it all into her mouth and throat, and Jake was intrigued by the combination of her skill and apparent innocence.

“I’m glad that you like it,” he managed to gasp as she flicked her tongue along the underside of his glans. She worked her way down to his testicles where she took first one and then the other into her mouth and gently sucked. Her breath on his wet sac sent a jolt of excitement through his body. For a moment, he thought of Cindy and the lovemaking they once shared, but he pushed it from his mind.

Keeping one hand cupped under his balls, she brought her mouth back up to the head of his penis and popped it inside her mouth. Jake growled with approval as she swirled her tongue around the head and inside the hole at the tip. She again took his entire length into her mouth and throat, and then settled into a rhythm as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, taking about three-quarters of its length into her mouth on every stroke. She was tireless in her ministrations on him. Up and down, again and again, her mouth fairly flew over his member. His scrotum began to creep up as he neared the pinnacle of his desire, and deftly she tugged at it, delaying his release. Before long however, the slick friction of her mouth and tongue on his length was too much for him to bear. He moaned as he released his seed into her eager mouth. She took every bit of it in, swallowing with a purr of contentment. She continued to suck, cleaning his penis as she milked every last drop out of him.

Every pore on Jake’s body felt charged with electricity as he reveled in the glow of his ejaculation. Instead of feeling tired, he felt energized. Glancing down the length of his body, he saw Emily propped on her elbows, wiggling back and forth slightly as she smiled delightedly at him.

Jake was dimly aware that at some point the music from the party down below had ceased, but his attention was elsewhere. He raised himself to a sitting position and pulled Emily to his chest, kissing her with a fervor he no longer thought he had. He could just taste a hint of his own essence on her tongue. Again his thoughts drifted to Cindy, and this time he actually shook his head in an attempt to clear her from his mind and concentrate on the task at hand.

Rolling Emily over onto the bed, Jake began kissing and licking his way over her entire body. He was driven with the need to taste every square inch of her porcelain skin. He kissed her neck, and licked the inside of her elbows and wrists. He flicked his tongue over her thighs and calves, finally working his way to her toes, which he gently sucked into his mouth. Emily moaned with need, and Jake licked and kissed his way back up her inner thigh to the cleft between her legs.

Flicking his tongue over her clitoris made Emily sit bolt upright in bed before collapsing back into the thick pillows. “Yes, yes!” she whined. “Do that. Touch me with your mouth!”

“Do you like it when I lick your pussy?” Jake asked her quietly.

“Yes! Kiss my… kiss my pussy!” she replied in a strained voice.

Grinning to himself, Jake began to run his tongue over her silky folds, pulling her gently into his mouth for a moment before releasing her. He reached up with his hands to caress her nipples even as he buried his face between her legs. She moaned as her nipples instantly hardened, and Jake rolled them in the palms of his hands. Emily squirmed with delight.

Reaching down with one hand, Jake moistened a finger with her juices, then gently probed inside her vagina. He continued to simultaneously lick her folds, caress her nipples with one hand, and penetrate her with first one, then two fingers of his other hand. It was more than she could bear, and her body stiffened as she came, quivering on the bed and mewing with soft purrs.

Jake lifted his head for a moment, but she gasped at him in desperation, “No! More, please more!”

He lowered his head and continued running his tongue up her slit and over her clitoris. He found that he was again erect, his cock pushing into the satin sheets beneath him.

Emily pushed her pelvis toward him eagerly, anxious for the touch of his tongue and fingers. Jake obliged her by pressing two fingers inside her and forward, rubbing against the spongy tissue there. She climaxed again and then once more in quick succession as he also applied more direct pressure to her clit with his tongue.

She reached down to pull him up on top of her. “Please, take me. I need you inside me.”