Thomas Reynolds stared at his computer screen in complete shock; the code his bosses had outsourced, the code that would contain sensitive financial data for hundreds of customers, was complete dog-shit. He was stunned, whatever kid in his parent’s basement did this deserved to be shot, God, they hadn’t even followed basic syntax!

Thomas threw his glasses on the desk and rubbed at his tired, blood-shot eyes. He knew, he just fucking knew his boss would e-mail him about this and ask when they could launch. As if on cue, his phone vibrated and an e-mail notification flashed across the screen.

“Hey Tom, did you get a chance to look at the code yet? We’re shooting to go live this Thur—”

“You stupid mother-fucker…” Tom hissed, there was no way this thing would be ready to launch by then. It would take weeks to go through the code and vet it properly.

He could explain it to them, but whenever he started talking about security infrastructure and how important it was to vet code, before going live, the eyes of his superiors would glaze over. It would inevitably lead to a two hour Zoom call, with them finding new and inventive ways to say they understood his concerns, but they needed it ready anyways. Fuck it, he could work through the week, deliver something half-functional and go on vacation Monday morning.

Tom slid his phone into his shirt-sleeve, sighed and lifted himself out of his office chair with a bone popping groan. If he was going to get this thing delivered on time he needed to make some arrangements. He looked at his watch, 12:30, Jake would be home from school soon. He took out his phone, dialed his wife’s number and waited.

“Hey good-looking,” he said cheerfully. He walked into the hallway outside his office.

“Hey babe, what’s going on?”

“Work just unloaded a real mess on me at the last minute and they’re shooting to go live this Thursday; I know you’re on your little retreat, but do you think you could call and arrange a baby-sitter for Jake?”

“Again? I thought after the Miller project was finished you’d have some time off.”

“I know, Mindy. I thought that too, but remember the outsourced code we got?” Tom put his fingers to the bridge of his nose and squeezed. “Well, it came back and surprise-surprise, they did a terrible job. If I can get this one cleaned up, I’ll take you and Jake on vacation next week; no computers, no phone, no boss, no expectations, just some fun in the sun together as a family, how about it?”

“That does sound nice. How long do you need?”

Tom threw his glasses down on the kitchen counter and picked up the coffee pot. “You’re at the retreat until Friday, right? Then you’re home?”

“Yeah, the flight is booked for 1:30. I should be back in town by 7:00. You know some babysitters do overnight care, right?”


“It costs extra, but it sounds like you need all the time you can get. Want me to call?”

“God yes, you’re an angel.” Tom tipped cold coffee into his mug and stirred in a massive load of sugar and cream.

“Thank me with a couple bottles of wine and a nice dinner, Tiger. I’ll have the sitter call you when she’s outside.”

“You’re the best. I love you, be careful up there. Text me when you’ve made it to the hotel, ok?”

“I love you too, try not to scream at the computer too much, you’ll scare the sitter.” Mindy laughed.

Tom smiled, hung up the phone, sipped at his cold coffee and retreated back to his office. He threw open the blinds to get some actual sunlight for a change and sat down in front of his digital prison.

Tom’s body, for all intents and purposes, entered power saving mode as soon as he sat down in the chair; mechanically he would read a line of code, say out loud what he thought it was trying to do, make it function like it was supposed to, then repeat. It was hours later when a knock at the door brought him back to reality, he blinked, looked at his watch, checked his phone, took a peek at the lack of progress on screen, wrote a small note in the code to save his place and got back up.

He walked down the hall, setting his empty coffee mug on the kitchen counter as he passed into the living room. When he peered through the peephole, his brain shutdown completely for the first time that day. Tom opened the door for the baby-sitter and she was nothing like he expected.

She was the definition of knock-out in any language; tall with flowing blonde hair, with an icy blue streak at the tips, she had deep green eyes and a figure that was cut from a wet-dream.

“I…uhhh…hmm…h-hello?” Tom stammered out.

“Hi, Mr. Reynolds. I’m Selene, the baby-sitter, your wife called and said you needed some help. I’m sorry, is this a bad time?”

“Oh God, no. I’m sorry, I’ve been busy with work and just forgot how to talk to people. Call me Tom! Please, come in, can I help you with your bags?” Tom looked down at the concrete landing and wished he hadn’t; her blue sundress was strained to the breaking point around a massive bust. The dress hugged her body like a wet-suit, revealing smooth toned curves that rolled into shapely hips.

Selene’s red lips stretched into a dazzling smile. “I’m good, just brought the one bag and my purse.”

Tom swept his hand in a broad gesture and opened the door all the way. “Well, you’re welcome to use the laundry here anytime you want. Thanks for coming on such short notice, I really appreciate it.”

Selene stepped inside carrying a small leather purse and a duffle bag. Tom couldn’t help but notice how the sundress pulled against her luscious backside as she walked.

“Not a problem. Where will I be staying?”

Tom shut the front door and led Selene down a long stretch of hallway past the kitchen, opposite from his office. “Our guest bedroom,” he said. He opened a door at the end of the hall and gestured. “Here you go, home sweet home.”

Selene stepped inside and placed her purse on the double bed, framed in dark wood. A small, pine bench sat at the foot of the bed, facing the door. “Your wife said you’d be in your office all week? Just let me know what time you and your son want to eat tonight and I’ll have it ready.”

“Jake usually eats around six, bed by nine. He’s a pretty sound sleeper so I hope you’ve brought a book or two. Also, feel free to watch the TV or play some games in the living room, we’ve got about every streaming service and game you can think of.”

“In bed by nine and sleeps through the night? What kind of wonder child do you have?” Selene asked with a playful laugh, she sat down on the bench and raised her arms across the top; the movement bunched the fabric of her sundress against her chest rather distractingly.

Tom had always been a boob-man. His wife was a solid 36DDD and it drove him crazy, but Selene was something else, her size was stupidly big, like a GG or something, Tom guessed. How did such a tiny body get so top-heavy? He thought he could see the outline of her nipples through her dress…if only he could get a closer lo—Tom caught himself and turned around quickly, a bulge had formed in his shorts. His cheeks went scarlet. When had he gotten hard? Did she notice?

“Oh, Jake is awesome, you guys will get along famously,” Tom said in a stumbling rush. “I’m…I’ll be in the office.”

“Will do, Mr. Reynolds,” Selene said with a wry chuckle.

Tom hurriedly walked down the hall and shut the door to his office.

“Get a hold of yourself, man, fuck,” he hissed. He slapped the side of his head and sat down in his office chair. God, he was painfully hard. He looked down at his shorts, watching the tip of his bulge strain against the material. He groaned, there was no way she missed it. He fumbled through several apology scenarios in his head, trying his best to explain his behavior, but each one led to an awkward place he didn’t like.

Tom began to read the lines of code out loud again until his thoughts fell back into the comfortable depths of mindless, mechanical repetition. Occasionally he would find himself thinking about Selene and the delicate façade of concentration would crack like glass. Her body was incredible…tight, shapely hips, thick red lips, and breasts that defied the laws of nature; his cock ached to be touched, how long had it been? Two months? Three? Between Mindy’s business trips, his work and taking care of Jake, they just never found the time to be alone anymore, it was frustrating.

Tom looked at his watch, 3:15, Jake would be home any minute. He put a small note to himself in the code to keep his place and got up. Selene was in the kitchen when he walked in, preparing a tray of fruits & vegetables. She looked up at Tom with those gorgeous green eyes, threads of icy blue-gold hair formed a perfect frame around her delicate features.

“I hope you don’t mind, I figured you could use a snack. Your son isn’t allergic to anything, is he?”

“Nah, Jake will love this. He’s a big fruit fan.”

Selene grinned and slid the snack tray across the counter.

A key slid home in the front door and it swung open. “Dad, I’m home!” A boy with mossy brown hair shouted.

“About time, I was starting to get lonely,” Tom called from the kitchen. He came around the counter and swept his son up in his arms, giving him a big hug.

Jake giggled and kicked his feet wildly. “No, dad, your beard itches! Stop!”

Tom set him down and put an arm affectionately across his shoulder, “Hey bud, I got someone for you to meet.”

Selene waved and walked into the living room, bending down at the hip to get face to face. “Hi Jake, I’m Selene, your dad said we can play together for a few days.”

Jake looked up at his father speculatively, “Are you going somewhere too, dad?”

“No, bud. I’ll be here, work just asked me to do a couple of things for them and I’m trying to get it all sorted out so we can go on vacation next week.”

“You’re in the 4th grade aren’t you, Jake?” Selene asked.

Jake nodded.

“And what do you like to do for fun?”

“Swim!” Jake shrieked, he jumped up and down excitedly. “Dad, can we go swimming? Please, please, please?”

“Your mom told me you liked to swim on the phone and it just so happens I brought my swim-suit, just for the occasion!” Selene flashed a dazzling smile and turned her eyes to Tom.

“Have any homework?”

Jake shook his head.

“Then it’s fine by me.”

Jake shrieked again and slung his book-bag to the floor. He ran down the hall to his bedroom.

“You’ve just become his favorite person,” Tom said with a laugh. “You’ll never get him out of the pool now, hope you like to swim.”

“Oh, don’t worry about me, I love the water. Nothing better than some sunshine, a cold drink and a nice bikini.”

The thought of Selene in a bikini made his knees weak. There’s no way she could wear something like that without displaying an obscene mountain of cleavage.

“I’d better go get changed before he leaves me behind,” Selene said. She walked down the hall to the guest bedroom and closed the door.

Tom grimaced and shook his head, he couldn’t think like this. If he got hard every-time the baby-sitter came around he’d end up with a broken marriage and slapped with a sexual harassment charge. He looked down at the platter to take his mind off Selene and his stomach growled angrily. He suddenly realized that he’d forgotten to eat again. He pulled out his phone and responded to work emails while he munched on whatever he could get his hands on without looking. He’d just taken a bite of a carrot when Selene came back down the hall with a towel draped around her shoulders. His imagination hadn’t come close to what she would look like. Tom gaped.

Mounds of bronze colored flesh spilled from the cups of her black bikini top, barely held in place by thick bands that crested over her lithe shoulders. Her long blonde hair ran down her bare back and spilled to the luscious curve of her barely covered ass. The woman was pure fantasy from a waking wet-dream.

“This will be my first time swimming this summer, “Selene giggled and bounced excitedly. Her huge breasts clapped together. “Are you going to join us, Tom?”

Jake ran around the corner. “Yeah,” he yelled excitedly, “come swim with us.

“I can’t right now, little man, I have too much work to do.”

“Okay, but you have to swim with me sometime,” Jake replied. The little boy opened the door to the deck and stepped outside. “Come on, Selene, let’s go play submarine!”


“You throw stuff in the water and he rescues it,” Tom answered with a knowing grin.

“Ah, we just called it search & rescue back in the day.” Selene held a bottle of sunscreen out to him. “Do you mind, Mr. Reynolds? My skin is just so sensitive.” She turned around and lifted her hair over her shoulder.

Her back was an olive-colored waterfall that fell against the basin of her thick, juicy ass. Her bikini bottom was tightly cinched at the side of her hip with thin black strings tied in a cute bow. The top was tied the same way…just one yank and it would all come unraveled.

He grabbed the sunscreen from her without a word — not trusting himself to talk right now — and lightly rubbed a generous dollop into his palm, warming it up; he began at her slender neck, rubbing in smooth, circular motions along the well-toned muscles, then he moved to her bare shoulders and followed the line of her collar-bone with his fingers. Her skin was hot to the touch, as if she’d spent hours lounging in the sun already. It took every shred of will-power Tom had to stop when his hands brushed at the painfully soft well of her cleavage.

Selene groaned appreciatively as his fingers retreated back across the apex of her shoulders and began to follow the line of her spinal erector muscles. Tom’s breath caught in his throat as his thumbs smoothed the skin, so tantalizingly close, to her scantily clad ass. He could bend her over right here, right now in this kitchen and no one would be the wiser.

Selene stumbled backwards and her sumptuous backside slipped against his hips.

Tom gasped in hot pleasure that crawled up his spine. His fingers moved to the strings at her hip before he’d realized it, he needed to cum so fucking bad, he needed to tear her bikini-bottoms off and bend her over the kitchen counter.

Selene turned around with a laugh, “Sorry, Tom, it felt so good that I lost my balance. You’ve got really nice hands.” Her eyes trailed pointedly to his shorts where the swollen bulge of his cock was clearly visible, “Amongst other things…”

She stepped into him, massive breasts crumpling against the muscles of his chest, causing the overflow to bulge out the sides of her top. Those dreamy green eyes stared deeply into his and their lips moved together; her hard nipples glided across his chest as he pulled him down to meet her mouth.

The kiss was pure electricity.

Selene’s pillow lips captured him, enthralled him by how soft they were, but something didn’t feel quite right about her; the kiss itself was pure passion, the need of two consenting adults, but the texture of her lips, how her tongue felt against his, wasn’t right.

His lips were starting to go numb. Tom tried to push her away but she grabbed his hands and pinned them to the wall. Her eyes were staring into his, watching him with feverish intensity.

Then, everything became white-hot pleasure. His mind melted from the feel of her lips, from the heat of her body, from the softness of her breasts contrasted against her hard nipples. Her hips ground against his cock, trapping the head within the heat of her soaking wet thighs. He groaned against her mouth and knew there was nothing to be afraid of. After some time she let go of his limp hands and they fell uselessly by his side.

Selene pulled back an eternity later and broke the spell with a satisfied smile. His hips moved forward on their own, seeking out that wet heat once more. She looked into his eyes and with an almost tender kiss to the corner of his mouth, whispered, “I’ll see you tonight, lover.”

And just like that, she walked out to the deck as if nothing happened. Tom slid against the wall, heart pounding in his chest. A tiny drop of sweat beaded against his temple and rolled down the side of his face. His shorts were soaked with her musk and every labored breath he took filled his nose with her scent. It was intoxicating.

With an effort, he stumbled back into his office, shut the door and stripped completely naked. He collapsed on the hardwood, hands curled around the fabric of his shorts, pressing the scent of her against his nose. His cockhead throbbed and swelled with every breath he took and a tiny river of pre-cum branched across the network of veins on the skin of his shaft, pooling over aching balls.

He was so sensitive that it felt like the slightest touch would send him over the edge and leave him in a sea of blissful ecstasy. No matter how hard or how fast his fingers pumped across his cock, the orgasm never came. He was left on the desperate edge for an hour until he finally laid back against the floor, a sticky, defeated mess. He couldn’t cum. God, he wanted her so badly. He showered, put on a fresh change of clothes and sat back down to his computer chair while Selene & Jake played outside.

Like clockwork, the kid fell asleep a little after dinner and Tom was left alone in a house with the sexiest woman he’d ever met. He sat in his office, pretending to work, until the frustration built up and he had to call it quits finally. His whole body ached from the events of the day and he decided the best thing, the healthiest thing to do was blow off some steam. He changed into a pair of swim-trunks, grabbed a towel from the adjoining bedroom and went outside to enjoy the peaceful summer night air.

Tom soaked in the heated water of the pool, watching the stars wheel overhead in a fiery dance; twinkling white light carried across the shimmering water, lending the backyard an almost ethereal air. It was exactly what he needed, just a place where he could work out his thoughts alone. Could he tell Mindy about the kiss or could he live with himself if he didn’t? He shut his eyes and let the warmth of the water soak to his bones while he contemplated an answer.

“Mind if I join you?” a husky voice asked.

Tom opened his eyes and peered over his shoulder. It was her.

Selene stood by the door, hand at her waist with her hips cocked out. She had changed back into her black bikini and the top was tied even tighter than it had been that afternoon. The silken cloth of her cups dug against the sides of her massive breasts and pushed them together enticingly, forming a well of shadowy cleavage. The starlight kissed her blue-gold hair and set it aglow in a wash of gentle light that highlighted delicately carved features and lips made for kissing.

“It’s all yours, I’m done for the night,” Tom replied. He straddled the deck and pulled himself out of the water, letting it run down his body. He couldn’t possibly be alone with her after everything that had happened today, not now, not in this state. He wanted her too badly. He wrapped his towel about his shoulders and moved to go inside.

Selene caught his arm as he tried to pass. “Afraid you won’t be able to keep your hands off me?”

Tom froze and glared at her. “Excuse me?”

“Don’t deny it,” she began, taking a step closer; her massive breasts squashed against the muscles of his chest, “I know you want me. I know your dirty cock has thought about me all day long.”

The heat of her was intoxicating; her body was so soft, all plush curves and sinuous muscle wrapped into one beautiful package. He throbbed against her hips.

“No,” Tom growled. “I’m married and I can’t betray my wife like that.”

Selene chuckled darkly, her voice a throaty purr, “You’ve already betrayed her, look at yourself.” She wrapped her hands around his back and pulled him close — her hips rolled forward, sliding against his trapped, aching manhood. “Don’t you remember our little kiss in the kitchen? What would your wife think about that?”