21. In real life, do you have children?

I do, although I have always gone out of my way to keep anything and everything about them not only separate, but far distant from my stories.

I will say that they keep me busy with sports and other activities, and that I will sometimes even work on stories while I’m attending those activities.

22 & 23. Where do you write? How many stories do you write at one time?

This may seem hard to believe (or if you have read very many of my stories perhaps not), but I’m a write-a-holic (not that that’s a word, but for many writers it likely should be).

Although I do the majority of my writing on my laptop (and every story ends up there eventually), I have stories at various stages of completion on different devices. For instance, in December I was writing my marathon just released “Sissified”: 12 Days of Sissy-mas on my laptop, while also writing Big Fat Cock: Double Penetration Fun on my iPad, and lastly I was also writing an upcoming Valentine’s Contest story on my phone (which isn’t done yet, and will be transferred to my iPad soon) while I solicited questions on Twitter for this essay.

Multi-tasking is something I’ve always done, and it keeps me going. Truthfully, I have over 40 partially completed stories on my iPad and another 20 on my laptop (some that will see the light of day, some that may end up in unfinished purgatory).

At the minimum I have two stories actively on the go at once, and usually three.

24. Why are so many of your stories set in Boston?

I actually have no really good answer for that, other than I watched a lot of Cheers as a kid. My husband actually despises the Red Sox (says they just buy the World Series… he is a Jays fan… hey what can I say, we’re Canadian, eh?), but he likes the Bruins (no idea why, since we live in western Canada).

I had never been to Boston when I placed my first Le Chateau story there, although I have since visited, and loved it. It’s a big city with a small-town feel, if that makes any sense. I loved walking around downtown, past and through the many historical landmarks, and down to the ocean. I was also fascinated with the crazy real estate there, and the colleges (although sadly I never made it over to Cambridge to visit Harvard). With all that said, I think I made a good choice for an oft-used setting.

25. How much experience do you have in the subjects you write about?

A lot less, sadly, than I would like.

While I’ve been with women, it’s been rare.

I’ve never been with a younger woman, even though my ultimate fantasy is to be seduced by a strong-willed young woman who sees past my own usually strong-willed exterior teacher persona, and turns me into her submissive plaything. (Sound familiar? Mistress Bree? Mistress Karen?)

I’ve never been with a student and I very likely never will, as I love my job. However, the temptation is almost always there. It’s usually a popular cheerleader who often wears pantyhose, or a shy nerd I like to imagine having a dirty dominant persona lurking behind that meek exterior.

I’ve also never been with an ex-student, although there was one occasion of some heavy flirting at a teacher conference with an ex-student, but alas, he was male, and I would never cheat on my husband with another man. (A female or perhaps even a shemale, yes.)

I’ve never been with a black man or woman. Yes, I do know that not every black man has a ten-inch hammer ready to pound me (in truth, ten inches would scare me), but fantasizing about the taboo of black with white is an ultimate turn-on. Since I live in Canada that historical aspect is way less relevant (slaves used to escape to Canada), but I would be lying if I pretended I didn’t find a black body hot as hell (black cocks just have a different enticing look; black breasts draw me in differently from white ones, and don’t even get me started on the utter beauty of a pink peach pussy peeking (pretty good alliteration, hey?) out from between her chocolate surroundings.

I’ve never seriously considered incest… definitely never with my own children no matter how old they get, but I’d be lying if I said the idea of a threesome with my two other sisters had never crossed my mind. We were very poor as children, and all shared one room, and I’ve seen my older sisters nude many times, and they both have very enticing bodies in different ways. My eldest sister is big-boned (not fat) with massive tits, a few tattoos and a dominant don’t-ever-fuck-with-me persona that many of my female dominant characters have. (Yes, many of my Mistress characters are based in some way on my eldest sister… something I myself didn’t notice until I was several years into my writing.) My other sister is the polar opposite, with thin, small breasts, but she’s a complete prima donna diva. She’s always had a man to cater to her. (God, after her first divorce, she was living with another guy four weeks later… true story.) I’ve written about characters similar to her as both dominants and submissives, as I know she’s a bit of a switch in the bedroom. (Other than neither sister knowing I’m an erotica writer, we share A LOT with each other.)

I’ve never been gangbanged… and I imagine I never will… although it’s a growing fantasy for me to have three or more cocks pleasuring me. A bukkake is also a growing fantasy, as I DO love cum (both sliding down my throat and taking a load all over my face). One kink I’ve done for real as well as written into my stories is that I’ve walked around with a load of cum on my face for strangers to see… that was in San Francisco during my 40th birthday holiday, where my husband really pushed my limits. We also watched a drag queen show, which eventually became the trigger for my stories about crossdressing, which led me to gay stories, which eventually led me to pegging stories.

Now… on to what I actually have done.

I’m a natural submissive. Like so many of my teacher or lawyer characters, I have a split persona.

No one, I mean no one, would ever guess or believe that I write erotica.

At school I’m seen as a no-nonsense teacher who is caring but firm. I’m currently being recruited to become a vice-principal because of my reputation (although I’m still wavering about whether I want to change roles).

Compared to my sisters and my mom (my dad being long out of the picture), I’m the serious one. I’m the one they come to when they want to rant about the rest of our family (often about each other), and about their jobs or life in general.

With my children I’m the nag, while my husband is the fun one (this annoys me at times, but I’m also the one they come to when they’re sick or hurt, because I’m the nurturer).

For my husband I fill a multitude of roles, but in the bedroom I’m the submissive and he’s the dominant. But outside the bedroom we’re best friends and teammates in almost everything. (Except that I don’t understand his obsession with sports, and he doesn’t understand my ability to yak on the phone for hours.)

Yet no one (neither my colleagues, my sisters nor my husband) has any clue that I write. (He’s away a lot because of his job, so keeping it a secret has never been a real challenge.)

Back to what I’ve done:

-as mentioned above, I’ve been with a few women

-I took part in a threesome in college with two guys… a little more about that in a bit

-I’ve had exhibitionistic sex (blow job in an airplane, blow job in a taxi, sex outside at a wedding, was fingered to orgasm in a restaurant with my parents at the table, and worn cum on my face three times in public)

-I once saw a guy getting fucked by another guy at a party in a hot tub (which surprised me by turning me on)

So as you can see, in real life I’m a pretty boring person.

In fact, that’s partly why I write: to create fictional worlds where I can fulfill many fantasies I imagine I’ll never experience for real.

26. What do I wear to work?

Clothes… LOL.

The dual persona I write about is often secretly alive in my classroom.

I wear nylons every day to work… even casual Fridays under my jeans. I like wearing heels (three inch ones usually) to make me a little taller and to accentuate my attire. Sometimes it’s pantyhose (if it’s under a shorter dress or skirt or if I’m wearing a slip), thigh highs for my longer skirts and dresses, and on occasion a garter-belt and stockings (usually on days when my husband is returning from a work trip), and very, very rarely I might wear one of my two pairs of crotchless pantyhose.

I also enjoy going commando on occasion… I love the feel of fresh air when I do, and I also like the feeling of naughtiness that goes with it.

My bras and panties are usually pretty basic, since to me, comfort is important (I almost never wear a thong, as I find the string up my crack to be more annoying than sexy… if I’m in the mood for anything in my butt, it had better actually be in my butt!!!).

I do however like to dangle my heel on the tips of my toes when I’m sitting on top of my desk… hoping I’m teasing some of the teen boys, and hoping even more so about the girls.

27. Do you like anal?

Anal isn’t anywhere near as simple as I make it out to be in many of my stories. Most of the time it isn’t as orgasm inducing, either.

That being said, anal is one of those in the moment things. I may have my husband’s cock in my ass six times a year… and that always… I mean ALWAYS… occurs after I’ve had a few drinks.

While I’m a natural submissive, this tendency is enhanced when I get a few drinks into me: I get completely horny and willing to do almost anything. And when I’m drunk (I mean drunk, but still this side of the fine line between feeling good and revved up, and I haven’t gone past that point, to where I just want to get sick or pass out). And when I’m drunk on the right side of that line, I love doing kinky stuff. My only threesome happened in college when I was drunk (it was just pussy and mouth, although my partners swapped spots a few times, and both of them came on my face for my one and only experience of multiple loads on my face). And when I’m drunk, anal turns me on. It’s both the ultimate sacrifice and the ultimate taboo for me.

Also when I’m drunk, the pain is a lot less for obvious reasons, and once I get used to his (I’m talking about my husband’s at this point) cock in my ass, I really get into it. At such times I want to be called names, I want to be pounded, and I want to be a complete ass slut for him.

He, of course, loves it and these times often serve up some of our wildest sex.

I’ve had him shoot his load in my ass a few times, but I’m not going to lie, I barely felt it (if I did at all), and the aftermath is less than convenient. I’ve never done ass-to-mouth: that really is only a porn thing I imagine, but I have taken a lot of facials or taken cum on my tits or my ass to finish off anal sessions.

I can come from anal sex when I’m drunk, but only with either a toy buzzing on my clit, or by frantically rubbing myself as he calls me names and really fucks me hard.

Maybe this was too much information for the answer to a simple yes-or-no question. If so, just forget you read it, LOL.

28. If you were to re-visit one of your old stories, what would you change?

What a fascinating question!

Simple answer: I likely would change lots of things in every story.

When I went back and reread A Perfect Fall, I cringed at the simplicity of the narrative, thus I decided to rewrite it.

In 2018 I asked my amazing editor (Tex Beethoven) to go through the entire Backseat Mommy series, Bedding the Babysitter series and What Mom Knows series (although I haven’t yet done the What Mom Knows rewrites yet), and I haven’t yet posted these 2018 updates (which include some substantial rewrites).

Stories I would rewrite dramatically would be my very first story The Complete Submission, as it is very hot at times, but has literally no character development. Making Mommy Mine also suffers from the same problem.

That said, Training Teacher may be the one I would go back and rewrite next if I were going to do so. I love the main character; she was based on a real person whom I admired (and still admire) greatly, and I think I could have developed this series in a much different way. Plus, the idea of a mother seducing me at a parent-teacher meeting and making me into her little submissive slut is a seductive fantasy for sure… every year I meet somebody’s mother where inwardly I imagine her just making me into her submissive.

I’m sure I could go back and fix almost every story in my catalogue… but it’s always all about TIME… that, and my ADD attention span.

29. Which character from your stories do you compare yourself to the most?

Tough question.

The character I would most want to be seduced by is easier: Bree from the many Lesbian MILF Seduction stories (she’s my ultimate teen seductress) and Janet from my Straight White Girls (she’s my ultimate black goddess) are easily my top two… although I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Carolyn from the Two Mistresses series, as she may be the most intriguing Mistress I’ve ever created. Megan from Bedding the Babysitter is also pretty fascinating.

Of course, Governor Greene and Big Rosie are two very unique supporting characters, each of whom have amazing stories still to tell.

As for who’s the character most like me… various traits of just about any of my submissive characters portray some truth in me… yet other than A Night of Unconditional Submission, which is based on a real encounter before I met my husband, none of the characters are wholly me.

So here are some consistent traits in my submissives that are largely based on my own personality:

-they always wear nylons (of course)

– they often have strong-willed outside-the-bedroom personas

– they often have jobs where they’re the one in charge during the day

– they often have children

– they often become complete submissives once they’re pushed past the point of no return

– they often have fantasies they don’t fulfill

– they’re often intrigued by younger women

– they’re often confused by their fantasies

I’m not sure this section actually answers the question, but alas, that’s the best I’ve got.

That said, I’ve also written stories where I portray myself as the main character; here are some of my all-time favourites:

-“A Shemale Submission”: A Lust Story (A lengthy shemale illustrated epic)

-Another marathon shemale story is She-male School: A Teacher Seduced (I seem to have a thing for shemales, LOL)

Straight White Girls: A Pet Teacher (the first story in the series is where a black mother seduces me at a parent-teacher interview)

Jasmine’s Secret: Caught & Seduced (another illustrated story where I’m blackmailed at school)

Three Sisters: A Crazy Lesbian Orgy (where a lot of the early dialogue is from real life before it goes completely fictional)

-And lastly, the Jasmine Fantasies series:

Becoming a Bimbo, where I become a cum addicted slut for a day (also illustrated, as I freely admit I’m a bit of a diva and enjoy having myself illustrated and having you watch)

Classroom Orgy, where a mind control drug turns me into the head slut in a massive classroom orgy

Going Native, where my racist views of Indians/First Nations/Aboriginals (fictional views, I hasten to add) are put to the test when I become stranded on an Indian reserve and get my comeuppance

Pet Teacher, where a cute girl seduces me

Each of these give hints to my real persona, but also include fictional parts.

30. What places do you want to travel to?

In the United States: New York (who doesn’t?), New Orleans, Los Angeles and some small southern town.

In Canada: The east coast, Victoria, Toronto (again), and the far north.

In the rest of the world: Italy is my first choice. But I would also love to go France (especially Paris and the wine fields), all of Great Britain (especially the smaller cities and towns up north), Switzerland, Belgium (chocolate, yum!), Germany, Russia and Japan.

31. Did you fulfill any of the personal fantasies you mentioned last year?

To remind you, here is the list I posted last year:

A. Being seduced and dominated by a student (preferably a cheerleader or a nerd).

B. Being fucked by black cock (like in my White Sluts Club series).

C. Being triple teamed.

D. Being part of a lesbian orgy.

E. Pegging someone.

F. Tasting black pussy.

G. Sucking black cock.

H. Writing a Girlsway scene (the hot lesbian video website).

I. Starring in a porn film.

J. Going to a glory hole.

K. A threesome with my sisters.

L. A cheerleader lesbian orgy.

M. A frat house gangbang.

N. Being the recipient of a train.

Sadly, the answer is no to all of them… although I came this close to making D happen.

Here’s the story: At a conference, I ended up making out with two younger women (in their twenties) at a club after a fun social. I thought it was going to end up back at my or their hotel room, but alas, one of them drank too much and the night ended as a bust (although it did have a positive, as I went back to my hotel room horny and immersed myself in the Turning Contest series, writing the next two chapters… I ended up writing eight more over a two-week period, the last four scheduled to come out in 2019).

I also have slight hopes about the idea of pegging my husband. I haven’t come right out and told him I want to, but I joked about it after it was referenced in Deadpool 2 and he didn’t get all defensive. (He’s still rather homophobic, but one of his good friends has come out, and that seems to have finally helped him get into this century in regards such issues… we’ll see). That said, I’ve bought a smaller strap-on, just in case.

32. Sequels and my evolving philosophy

I first wrote about the difficulties of writing sequels in a 2017 essay called About Writing Sequels and expanded it somewhat in 2018’s Twenty Questions.

The nutshell version of that essay is simply that sequels are more difficult to write than new stories … although that statement is too sweeping.

The main issues are:

a. Do my readers want a sequel? I often assume they will and leave the ending to a story open, and sometimes I’m surprised by very few requests to continue, while at other times I get an abundance of requests… oddly, my readers’ favourites aren’t always as I expect. Thus, usually I wait to see the responses from my readers before deciding whether sequels are worthwhile… but then the problem arises that by the time I’ve given you sufficient chance to respond, I’m already off exploring other stories and characters. Sensing I had a hit with Big Fat Cock before it was released (and that one did go on to generate my biggest first day and my biggest first month read counts with over 100,000 reads on day one and around 250,000 reads in the first month), I wrote part two simultaneously, and part three will be ready for release in January.