So here are answers to the most common questions I am asked.

1. Are you really a teacher?

I am. I teach grades 9-12 in a small town in Canada.

2. How often do you wear nylons?

Almost every day. I wear pantyhose most days as they are more comfortable for work, truth be told. Although it’s always thigh highs or occasionally a garter and stockings for some of those nights out.

3. What brand(s) do you wear?

First, the key is they are sheer silk. After that I have used and do use a variety including: Secret, Hanes Her Way and Jessica. I also love the more expensive Donna Karan (which I buy when I am in the States, never saw them in Canada and the British Pretty Polly and their seamed hosiery.

That said, one day I will try and pay the price for the luxurious brands like Wolford (I keep considering ordering a pair, but still haven’t), I’m also told H & M is a great British pair at a reasonable cost.

On another note, my favourite colour is undoubtedly mocha, although any similar shade is also great. My second most common is black, while I have only worn white on a couple occasions (wedding and a nurse role play night).

4. Does your husband know you write porn?

Believe it or not, he doesn’t. I have kept that from him for all these years. I’m actually pretty sure he wouldn’t care, but this is something that is mine. He works in the oil field industry and is gone a lot which is actually what got me started in writing.

5. How did you get started writing?

By accident.

Although I enjoy watching porn, I prefer to read erotica. Of course, sometimes I do both at once (read on my iPad while I watch on my laptop… a common occurrence when home alone or at a hotel).

I got frustrated with so many stories having a cool idea, but poor execution; or hot scenes, but no plot. I don’t enjoy wham, bam, thank you ma’am porn, I want a set-up, I want character development, I want to be immersed in the story. For those that like my work, I try to focus on believable characters, believable dialogue and hot sex. This hopefully supersedes the reality that the plots are often unbelievable, but this is fantasy after all.

So anyway, I tried writing.

I liked the feedback, the emails and the votes, and writing has become my addiction, fueled by readers’ feedback, votes and emails.

6. Have you committed incest?


Truth be told, I’ve never had many incest fantasies, with the exception of my sisters (Three Sisters is an example of that fantasy. Although my mother is not someone I have ever fantasized about… nor would I).

That said, I like writing taboo stuff and there isn’t anything more taboo than incest. And when I wrote my first mother and daughter story, Making Mommy Mine (reading it now I find it not a really great story and part two is atrocious), the comments, votes and reads were ten times more than my other stories and thus incest stories became one of my two faves… lesbian being the other.

7. Are you a lesbian?

I’m married, to a guy, so no.

That said, the majority of my fantasies are lesbian. And yes, I have had more than a few lesbian encounters in my life (and still do on rare occasions when the opportunity rises).

I find lesbian encounters the most erotic. I fuck my husband; I get fucked by my husband… but when I’m with a woman the sex lasts longer and the orgasms are almost always more intense.

8. What are your greatest fantasies?

If we ignore the threat of disease (which of course erotica can do), I have many, and these are not in any particular order (as my top fantasy changes based on my mood):

A. Being seduced and dominated by a student (preferably a cheerleader or a nerd).

B. Being fucked by black cock (like in my White Sluts Club series).

C. Being triple teamed.

D. Being part of a lesbian orgy.

E. Pegging someone.

F. Tasting black pussy.

G. Sucking black cock.

H. Writing a Girlsway scene (the hot lesbian video website).

I. Staring in a porn film.

J. Going to a glory hole.

K. A threesome with my sisters.

L. A cheerleader lesbian orgy.

M. A frat house gangbang.

N. Being the recipient of a train.

9. Are you really a submissive?

By nature, yes.

Although I have been dominant in a few sexual encounters with other women, and would be if the right pegging situation occurred, I prefer to please.

I love sucking cock.

I love licking pussy.

I love the taste of male and female cum (I prefer female cum, but enjoy both).

I love getting fucked (my favourite position may seem boring, but it’s doggy style where I can just be pounded deep and rough).

I don’t mind anal, although I prefer to have had a couple glasses of wine first.

When tipsy, I love being called names and used. When sober less so, at least until I am close to orgasm and then the name calling often brings me over the brink.

10. How do you write your stories?

This may come as a surprise, but I almost never have an ending in mind… and even when I do it often ends up changing.

I don’t diagram my plots.

I don’t do character sketches.

I simply get a vague plot in mind and start writing, usually starting with the motivation and personality of the main character.

Is she submissive?

Is she curious?

Is he straight, but somehow suddenly curious?

Is the couple in a lull?

Then I need a trigger… what makes the married woman willing to taste her first pussy? What makes a straight man who had never once thought of sucking a dick become curious?

Then I need the seducer.

I have been told a few times (okay quite a few times) that my plots can be paint by number or change the names and you have every story I have written and so forth, and I imagine there is some truth in that… For the most part I write what turns me on.

There have been exceptions like Willingly Cuckolded For Love (I normally have no interest in the cuckold fantasy), dad/daughter stories like Summer With Dad (which is why I threw lesbian aspects in it) and Replacing Mommy (I didn’t mind that plot, but since my fantasies are often mom and son or even better mom and daughter, I enjoy writing these less).

Hence many of my stories include the following:

A. Nylons (pantyhose, or thigh highs or stockings) as that is my fetish, my username and I guess my calling card (on the rare occasions when I leave nylons out of a story I usually receive comments about that).

B. A submissive character (I am naturally submissive, so that’s the mindset that comes most easily to me and one I understand inside and out). The dominant characters I’ve created have come from research and fantasy and a little bit of experience.

C. A strong-willed often younger seductress (often way beyond her years).

D. Submission (often too quickly I agree, but once I create the characters and the plot, I want the submission… (and I’m sure I’m ADD, actually I was called ADD by a reader the day I’m writing this (Dec 15, 2017) within a comment in my just released story Church Girl: 7 Days of Self-Sin).

So yes, I guess if you are a long-time reader of mine my stories may get repetitive or boring. That is why I branched out from lesbian and incest to shemale, gay, group, mind-control, sissy and so forth (and I hope to try a cuckquean, that means a wife with a cheating husband… story in 2018… but we will see).

I think I’ve strayed way off topic.

So back to how I write.

I allow the character to lead the way… my recent One Teen, One Mom, Three Aunts and a Cousin is a great example, as it was supposed to be a simple mom and son sex story and the set-up was one of my better ones I believe, but before I knew it the plot had changed as the main character became the boy toy for lots of his female family members and a secret lesbian incest sub plot emerged). Yet, by the end of the story, I wondered if I had really gone overboard. PS: I had. PPS: nevertheless, readers really liked the story as it got over 120,000 reads, 2500 votes and a 4.75 score in the first month.

The truth is you never can, as a writer, really predict what will be popular. Sure, you can assume an incest story will get lots of reads and never win a contest; you can assume a gay story will get fewer reads; you know a cheating wife story will get lambasted; a lesbian story will likely be liked but read by a lot fewer; but you can never predict which individual stories will connect with readers.

Case in point:

Catching Mommy was a story that readers loved and became completely engaged in which of the two competing teens should win. So much so I became helplessly undecided about how to end it and thus wrote three different endings, which was a lot of fun and a lot of work.

On the other hand, a similar, but not incest themed, lesbian two rivals story 2 Mistresses was a lot less popular. I was so confident it would be huge that I wrote the first four parts straight… and still may go back to it, the next part was two-thirds completed long ago. (One of my editors considers this one of his all-time favourites and keeps bugging me to go back to it.)

Which leads me to sequels.

11. SEQUELS PART A: My philosophy

You can read my essay called About Writing Sequels, as it explains the complexity of writing sequels to stories. But I’ll sum up my 2017 Jasmine thoughts here.

I recall an early editor of mine who also wrote stories, always killing off his characters at the end or breaking them up… his reason: no one asked for sequels.

I didn’t get it then, but I do now.

Sequels are the best and worst parts for a writer.

I mean look at Die Hard (my husband’s favourite Christmas movie (which I argue it isn’t, but I lose. I mean even my Prime Minister recently declared on national TV it was… I mean apparently that is a bigger issue than free trade, arctic sovereignty, health care or the economy. Oops… ADD Jasmine again). My point was Die Hard was awesome, Die Hard Two was pretty good (whatever it was called), part three was okay, part four was actually better and part five was a complete disaster). In movies it is hard to make sequels that are better than the originals… I mean think about it, how many are there? I can think of very few.

Writing isn’t much different. Once the characters are developed, you may think it would easier to write further stories (and it is for stroke stories), but to add extra layers of characterization and plot is actually quite challenging (at least for me). For example, Bride Submission is a good example: I added more plot and characterization in the third part, but at this point I’m unsure where to take it next, if I do at all.

Yet other times it has worked well, like in Bedding the Babysitter and the What Mom Knows series (but I only add to those ones when I feel the right plot occurs to me).

So it’s not that I don’t like sequels, I love going back to old characters, yet it’s which ones to do as my catalogue of story types continues to increase as I write:

a) Contest stories

b) Fan Requests

c) My own fantasies

d) Sequels


That isn’t a simple question as sometimes I write a bunch in a row: I did this for Dominican Slut (A series that did poorly), Church Girl and 50s Family to name a few, but you can never predict which series will be popular.

So I base it on a few things:





      A good idea for another chapter





      A good score





      At least 100 comments





      Personal emails





These things tell me a sequel is of interest as only 1 out of every 100 or even 1000 votes and less than .01% of readers leave a comment, which is the ultimate disappointment in writing, although I too seldom leave comments for other writers (I guess I should since I want them written for me), although I always vote.

Of course, votes and comments are awesome, personal emails help the most, especially when they suggest ideas.

13. SEQUELS PART C: Why Don’t I Finish What I start?

A. Diminishing Returns

The simple truth: good sequels are hard to write, with scores and reads usually going down on each sequel. For example, Backseat Mommy.

Part One: A Long Hard Ride has 2,404,435 reads

Part Two: Ass Fucked released three months later drops all the way down to 787,676 (which is still a lot, but not even 1/3 as many reads).

Part Three: Gloryhole Slut drops to 352,507

Part Four: Husband’s Asleep increases somehow to 387,963

Part Five: Jam-Packed with Cum also increases to 444,295

Lastly, Part Six: Lustful 3-Hole Slut is at a much lower 246,438.

Now these numbers for reads are very good, I mean Backseat Mommy is the number 7 most-read story of all-time on Literotica, but often sequels have a diminishing return on reads, votes and comments.

B. Tough Choices

It also becomes challenging to know which ones to write as my catalogue of stories increase.

C. The Right Plot

The plot must enhance the previous stories and thus in theory needs to be better than the prior chapter.

D. Every Story Could Have a Sequel

Truth is 99% of my stories get requests for sequels and thus if I kept writing sequels I couldn’t ever write new stories.

In reality, sometimes I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

But, it’s always flattering when readers want to read more about characters I have created.

14. What do you do for fun?

Besides writing, I love movies (with a preference for romantic comedies, action movies and musicals).

I also love to travel.

I am a soccer mom, a basketball mom, a swimming mom and a member of the PTA.

I like to cook.

I love Christmas and watch every movie ever made on the Women’s Network.

I like going for walks with my husband, kids and dog.

I love music (I just bought a record player and am on a hunt for vinyl, especially from the 80s).

I like to dance.

15. Do you masturbate when you write?

Yes and no.

Writing my own stories often turns me on. But I will resist the temptation to touch myself for as long as I can as once I come I’m no longer in the mood to write.

I will, however, sometimes tease myself.

I will occasionally even use a toy (my fav is to put a vibe in my panties on low to keep me excited, but not get me off).

When I do get to the point I want to get off, I usually switch to some porn and watch any of my many favourite scenes (if I’m alone) or read if I am not.

16. What is it with gay stories?

Oddly, this has been a last few years’ fascination. I can’t really explain it any more than why do guys like watching two girls (although that is my fav too, lol).

I suppose it is partly about the taboo… men sucking and fucking men is still more taboo than two girls in a 69.

But the idea of a straight guy sucking his first cock is an intriguing visual for me and based on my emails strikes a chord with many closeted men.

The idea of a guy getting fucked, of hearing a man moan and grunt and especially whimper is pretty hot.

Of course if it is a black cock doing the turning, all the better.

Sissy stories are less intriguing to me, although I have enjoyed writing my somewhat complex somewhat love story HypnoSissy.

I also really love the idea of pegging. I like the power reversal, a change in the expectation of the way things always are. Again, I love hearing a man doing the moaning, the whimpering, the begging. I see it as a new feminist movement that began growing slowly and still growing even more now.

17. Do you take requests?

Of course.

One-third of my stories are my ideas.

One-third are based on videos and other ideas.

One third are from fans.

Give or take…

The truth is, if I like the idea from a reader or fan, I may write it. The more details given on plot, the more details on the characters, the more likely I will attempt it. It also helps if it fits any of the contest categories Literotica has: Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day, National Nude Day, Summer Lovin’, Halloween and Winter Holidays.

18. Why don’t all your illustrated stories have real photos?

I wish!!!

Any story with actual real photos must be used only with the permission of the photographer, which is super difficult to get. I have been lucky on a couple of occasions, so if you are a photographer or a model and want to be my muse, please let me know.

On another note, Rebecca from rebeccahap has given me permission to use her brilliant illustrated photos for a few stories and more to come in 2018.

Lastly, I use a computer game to make some of my own illustrations, but they take lots of time and thus why I usually only release one illustrated story a month.

19. What are your own favourites of the stories you have written?

That’s a tough one. Although there are definitely some that now make me cringe, or definitely don’t stand the test of time, I love most of my stories.

But here are some personal faves and the reasons why:

“A Shemale Submission: A Lust Story: As it is a year in the making story staring at me and is almost a visual novella as I write one of my greatest fantasies. I would have loved more stories but the models were lost after a computer crash. I do have a kinky set that was made for fun in a bondage room that I still may use one day although it would be less a story and more a kinky fuck session.

“Moms & Daughters”: A Family Affair: Was my first real Rebecca story and became hugely popular with over a million reads. Because it was my first, I had her entire collection to use to help tell the crazy, kinky story.

I love all my “Stocking Tales” stories, but the first, Office Submission was a major fun one where the model and photographer actually made the set specifically for the story, indulging in my requests and stocking foot fetish. With over 1.5 million views it is my most popular illustrated.

The 1950s Rebecca illustrated series has also been a real fun adventure. It already has six parts and I plan to have at least 6 more over the next couple of years… although because I love Rebecca’s pictures these stories take time.

Bedding the Babysitter was my first really popular lesbian series and one that introduced readers to my now popular Le Chateau Club. The story is a coming of age story, a coming out story, and also a love story. One of the best examples of a story that began as one thing (a lesbian seduction story) and evolved into something much more complex. And a story I do hope to continue at some point in the future.

I have quite a few straight guys become cock suckers and more stories, but my best I think is the Black Cock series, partly because it is so much more than just a gay story… it is a love story, and is eventually an incest story too. That said, the trilogy is great, I’m not sure part four was necessary or adds anything to the series.