42. How has Twitter impacted your stories and writing?

Good question. One the one hand, it has given me some direct interaction with readers. That has helped me to know what is more and less liked. I also like the survey option when I’m contemplating certain things. For example, a survey in October told me that Cum Walks (34%) is the most intriguing kink theme I should try to write, over Bukkake (25%), Golden Showers (22%) and Fisting (20%). I do have an idea for a story that should be released in 2020 that is a cum walk, but I may also include a bukkake as well.

My most recent survey let me know to my surprise, since it didn’t match my own colour, that 51% of responses said black was their favourite colour of nylons, way above the 25% for tan/mocha/nude (which are my favourite colours by far) and then white at just 16%, and you deviants who said none came in at a lowly 8%. I’ll use that information to use black more than I’ve done until now.

Besides loving to see people’s responses to my stories or posts, I just love scouting out sexy pics and videos and sometimes adding my own captions to them. Unfortunately, a computer crash lost me almost 1000 captions I’d created that I had not yet released. I doubt I’ll ever get that ambitious again.

On another note, are you following me on Twitter? If not, please do at silkstockings69.

Has it helped my exposure… yes. I have over 6700 followers (although I know many of them aren’t really on Twitter much). Has it helped as much as I envisioned it might… not really? The average tweet gets under 20 likes, maybe half a dozen retweets and a couple of comments. In truth, I get a lot better response on Literotica itself… which I guess makes a lot of sense.

43. Do I have a second alias for more experimental stories?

No, although I do post a few of the same stories on other websites… but released much later. Literotica is my primary site. I do this just to get my stories read by others who don’t follow the most popular erotica site, which is easily Literotica.

That said, I have considered releasing somewhere else the odd story where the age is over sixteen and yet under eighteen since, let’s be honest, that’s when most guys and girls lose their virginity and explore their sexuality. Yes, some start earlier, but I don’t want to think about that, as my own children are now at that age.

44. Why use the same words and phrases over and over again?

This question is based on an anonymous reader who often criticizes my use of some of the same words. I should note he/she also praises my work. Yet, he or she doesn’t leave their name, so hopefully he/she reads this and knows I’m listening.

I should note first, that I do appreciate constructive criticism. It is easy to get into a writing rut when the themes are often similar: submission, seduction, blackmail, curiosity, nylons, etc. I also tend to write in only four main categories: lesbian, incest, gay, illustrated, plus visiting the occasional other group, cross dressing, kink, mature, and so forth.

That said (using a phrase I apparently say a lot, and one that could easily be changed although I often don’t even notice when I’m doing that one… again), it’s a bit challenging to find creative different ways for an act that is at some point in the majority of my stories: a guy or a girl dropping to his/her knees to service a cock or a cunt.

Yes, I use knees a lot. Sure, I can reword it to lowering before her, or dropping to the floor; yet to me, the image of someone lowering to their knees is often a symbolic image, and is the act of a submissive submitting to their carnal lust and natural place in the hierarchy.

It’s a key moment in the story. The moment where fantasy or curiosity becomes reality.

The phrase ‘I dropped to my patella’ doesn’t really have the same erotic impact, does it? Other words for knees like crook or joint don’t really offer better solutions. So although I’m going to try and avoid some of my overused words in my 2020 stories, KNEES likely won’t be one of them.

That said (see? It just flows out of me), a phrase like ‘cunt cum’ (I do love my alliterations) could have a plethora (another word I can overuse) of different descriptions.

If you have any suggestions… please share away on more imaginative words for knees.

On another note… I get the criticism that my stories are repetitive. I suppose there’s indeed some truth to that. I write what turns me on, what fans request, and the themes and genres do tend to overlap. I do work hard to try and come up with new spins on the same old themes, but I do respect the criticism that my stories do have some similarities… as they admittedly do.

Is there a solution to that? Yes. It means trying to write in other genres or themes, which I may try doing if I come up with (or you send me) the right idea.

45. Which story trends do you want to see appear or disappear?

Tricky question. I read very little erotica, as I don’t want to be influenced by other people’s works. Although I do read the odd story or author, I actually spend more time on the story ideas forum.

I’d love to see all categories I write in get similar attention. While incest stories get thousands more reads in a day, I often feel my best written stories are in the lesbian category.

46. Which major changes would you like to see on the Literotica website?

It’s a free site, so I think it’s important to point out it’s actually run really well.

With that said (another variation of a phrase I use over and over), if I could make changes, one would be knowing beforehand the date my stories would get released. The release process ranges from 2-30 days (30 being for illustrated, for most other stories it’s 2-6 days).

Other changes are in the works, like fixing the author page so all the stories in the same series will be under their own heading (it used to be that way, and thus you’ll see some series having part of them under a heading, but not the rest).

I’d like to see all the people commenting to leave a name or be logged in, so I can contact them if need be… either to defend myself, or to ask questions or thank them.

I would also like more variety in the yearly contests. Perhaps by theme instead of the holidays for a year.

But really, it’s a free website for writers to share their work and for readers to enjoy. So enjoy.

47. Do you feel the non erotic parts of a story are more important than the actual sex?

For me, the sex scene is often the obligatory aspect of my writing. In some stories I’m really into it, and hopefully I create hot erotic sex scenes. Other times it’s a challenge. The recently released story Sexual Awakenings: 1 Christmas Eve is a great example. I loved the characters and the set-up, and the first sex scene in the changing room was hot and fun. I also enjoyed the sex scene with the teen and the older Santa. I loved those two scenes. Yet, I knew that readers would wonder about the lesbian scene that was clearly implied, and thus I wrote a hasty epilogue, which not surprisingly I was criticized for. It could have been a part two, but I never saw this story as a series and I could have left it out, but then there would have been comments about a part two and then I’d disappoint when I didn’t write a part two. So the epilogue was a compromise. Alas, sometimes you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

My philosophy is that the set-up, the character development, is the heart of the story. The readers need to feel that one of the characters could be them. If they believe that, then they can get immersed into the fantasy I have woven.

Now sometimes I’m criticized for how quickly the submissive falls, and that’s a fair critique. But I need to balance that with stories that are too long in the set-up, because readers tune out of those too. I’ve found most stories that are popular are three or four Literotica pages, and thus the balance between set-up and sex is key.

I also enjoy creating the situations the most. How did the woman end up a submissive? How did the guy end up with that first cock in his mouth? How did the mom end up becoming a slut to her son? Equally important though, is getting inside their heads. Watching their emotional turmoil as they either do something they’ve either about but never done, or are suddenly drawn into a situation they’d never considered.

The reality is that without character and a unique situation, the sex scene is just going through the motions.

48. Are you still married?

16 years and counting.

49. Where do you get your ideas?

A few places.

A. My fantasies. If it’s lesbian, it’s likely based partly on what I want to happen to me. If it’s group or interracial, it’s also likely based on me.

B. Fan requests. I get a few ideas a week from readers, and if one turns me on and is something I think I can write I’ll try it.

Although I don’t take remuneration for writing a requested story, I may request your gifting me a video or two I’d like to watch. I’m a big believer of paying for your porn, although I sure can’t afford to buy all I’d like (I’m a teacher after all… lol).

I’m working on an interesting cuckold story for a reader at the moment. Although it’s a lot more complex than that, which is why it’s interesting.

C. The story forum on Literotica. I don’t go there often, but when I’m stuck, it’s a good resource.

D. Porn. Girls Way, Brazzers, and more recently, Bratty Babes Own You (one of my December releases, Nylon Foot Rub: A Nerd Falls, was a story inspired completely by their foot rub lesbian clips).

In truth, I usually only watch a video scene until the sex starts. It’s the plot or dialogue that gets me interested… although sometimes the sex keeps me.

50. Do you feel writers share their own fantasies with their readers?

I likely have answered this somewhat already in these questions, but the old saying is ‘write what you know.’

In erotica, it’s often ‘write what you fantasize.’

Of course, every story needs to feel like it’s a part of you, or something you wish you could do; otherwise there’s a disconnect. I have a hundred-plus stories sitting on my laptop or iPad that are in partway done mode. Some will never see the light of day (most likely), while a select few will eventually get finished when the inspiration comes. For example, the story series 50s Family was started two years before I went back to it and finished it.

But erotica writers write for the following reasons:

To share their fantasies

To share their truths

To get reactions to their fantasies or truths

To feel the rush of the release and the reaction of the reader (comments, votes, likes).

You see, it’s an adrenaline rush to see your words on a page, and to be vulnerable about allowing your fantasies and truths, just your writing, to be out there.

It may not be obvious to readers, but it’s scary, sometimes risky, to put your words out there to be read by the world.

And this next isn’t for me, I already get a lot of comments and responses, but please leave comments (positive or constructive) to the other writers who write on Literotica.

If you appreciate the pleasure (pun intended) of reading free erotica in many categories by many writers, understand that they love feedback, votes, likes, retweets, etc.

In many ways, erotica is a give and take concept… but it can be a give and give too.

51. Why do you not chapter your sequels, like you did in Bedding the Babysitter?

Chapter stories get way less reads. Each new Bedding the Babysitter installment gets less reads than the previous. So although I love this story line, writing new chapters sees a large diminishment in returns, and it’s frustrating when not many read a new story.

Of course, if you’re new to Lit and run across chapter seven of something, you’re unlikely to read it, since you’re unlikely to go back and read the first six chapters.

For example:

Here are the recent read totals for each chapter of Bedding the Babysitter. Of course, the age of the story factors in as well.

Chapter 1: 1,131,318

Chapter 2: 395,552

Chapter 3: 402,437

Chapter 4: 281,003

Chapter 5: 260,658

Chapter 6: 186,464

Chapter 7: 119,228

Chapter 8: 105,275

Chapter 9: 39,051

The most recent chapter was released in April of 2018.

In comparison, my latest lesbian story, Lez Discovery: A Church MILF Pet already has 41,432 reads in just over two weeks.

That said, even sequels with alphabetical order names (notice for instance my many stories in Turning Contest each happen in alphabetical order, which means they’ll appear in the correct order on my author page).

What is also interesting is that the first chapter of a story line, even though it’s usually the best, often ends up as the lowest rated score wise.

Bedding the Babysitter 1 is the lowest, rated at 4.63 while part 3 is at 4.81, and every other chapter is in the 4.70s or higher.

By the way, even with alphabetical subtitles, the reads for consecutive sequels tend to go down. One more reason why sequels are a bit frustrating. Less reads, but more difficult to write. That said (oops), sometimes they’re also worth it.

52. Are you a feminist?

I sometimes get accused of being a feminist, as I have a couple of series that are definitely pro-women and anti-men.

That said (see? I really can’t not use that phrase, or double negatives either), I don’t see myself that way. I see myself as someone who deep down respects both genders, as well as the entire LGTBQ+ spectrum, and although I definitely support gender equality in work and pay, I still enjoy the male chivalry of opening a door). But sometimes my stories create fictional worlds… and often one where women are in the process of toppling a centuries-old male-dominated hierarchy is a fun one (and yes, there is some honest commentary within my stories about a world that is still mostly male dominated).

Yet I also write stories in worlds were every BBC is huge, where incest is common, where disease is non-existent and where, more times than not, a character is submissive, deep down inside.

This is fiction… for the most part.

Fantasy… for the most part.

I don’t pretend that these stories are realistic, although I try to make them as believable as possible (not every woman longs for BBC, not every teacher is submissive, not every son wants to fuck his mother), but those themes are based on some simple feedback from readers: fantasy and reality are very different.

For example, believe it or not, I go to church. I believe in God. That said (damn it), challenging the male-dominated hierarchy and the sometimes scandalous system within the church system is fun, and yet again I do sometimes have a message inside it.

I also don’t think every straight man who sees a BBC will automatically become a cock sucker, but after years of research and literally hundreds of emails from men, I’ve found there are way more white men who fantasize about sucking a cock than society would believe.

In conclusion, I’m an enigma:

-I’m religious, but I can question it harshly.

-I’m married, but my fantasies are mostly lesbian based, with side BBC fantasies, gangbang fantasies and mind control helplessness fantasies.

-I’m political yet I will critique politics, both left and right.

-I write a lot of incest stories, but likely would never actually engage in it. That said (sigh… sorry, anonymous reader who hates that phrase), the idea of a lesbian threesome with my sisters is still very, very appealing (read Three Sisters to see that fantasy, which got a little silly when I also added my mother).

-I’m submissive, but the idea of pegging a man is a huge turn on. Although, oddly or ironically, I have no interest in pegging my husband. A co-worker, my father-in-law, an annoying student, sure.

-I write anal scenes, but only enjoy performing the act after a few glasses of wine.

53. Do you really believe everyone could be a cock sucker?

I kind of answered this in the previous question, but I do have a philosophy about this.

I believe most women are naturally either submissive or dominant, with the occasional switch.

I believe the same thing about men. The difference being they have centuries of macho expectations, which tend to quell the inner desires they may have hidden inside.

In 2019, we are seeing way more bisexual young men, now that the world is changing and becoming more accepting of the concept (although where you live still impacts the level of acceptance).

I do believe that many men in their forties, for whatever reason, become more curious about same sex. Maybe it’s the internet and the massive amount of porn available, maybe it’s a dwindling of regular sex within a marriage, maybe it’s an inner crisis of forty years of sexual denial and shame, or perhaps it’s just the fact that as you age, you begin caring less and less about what others think of you. Either way, I believe that many men begin to wonder what it would be like to suck a cock, and even to be fucked by one as they get older. And now in the world we live in, the online sites where you can meet like-minded people easily, more men are exploring this same sex curiosity.