Are you following me on Twitter? If not, why not? Recently I released 50 things that turn me on, each with a gif or pictures.

So here are the first 10. Although they’re not necessarily in order, since that continually changes depending on my mood that day.

1. Women in nylons. This is undeniably my most consistent fetish. Most of the porn I watch features women in nylons. Teens of legal age, women in their twenties, MILFs like myself, and grandmas, all draw my eyes to themselves if they’re wearing nylons. And that’s nylons of any kind: pantyhose, stockings and thigh highs are all devilish temptations that make my pussy wet and I instantly want to take a look at (or in other words perv on) their feet, toes and soles, wrapped in the silky sheer hosiery.

2. BBC. Like many women, and a surprisingly larger number than anyone would believe of men, I love black cock. I love the idea that a black cock is always bigger (yes I know that’s not necessarily true, but in all my fantasies and stories it certainly is). I love the look of a black cock: the dark skin just draws my eyes in and makes my mouth water. Now yes I like all cock, but no other cock can stimulate all my senses instantly like a black cock. It just does. Black cock is simply a beautiful thing… God’s Picasso masterpiece of dick.

3. Bukkakes: I’ve never had more than a single load on my face… but I’ve always enjoyed receiving facials. I like the humiliation of the act, and I love the feel of warm cum splattering on my face. But watching a woman get three or more loads all over her pretty face has always been a major turn-on.

4.Under the Table sex

I don’t know why, but I love scenes where someone is publicly but secretly being pleasured under a table. I once spent several hours searching for, and I eventually found, a scene from a private movie where a woman goes around under a table servicing men and women…. It was hot, but its lack of dialogue or plot hindered the hotness a little. My usual favourite is when a younger woman crawls under a table to eat a MILF or vice versa, a MILF crawls under the table and dines on a young peach while her son is present.

5. Strap-on Lesbian Sex

Who doesn’t enjoy watching one woman fuck another? And the dirtier the talk, the better. I love all strap-on sex. Younger fucks older. Older fucks younger. BBW gets her booty banged while talking nasty.

6. Double Penetration

Although in real life they tend to be awkward and tough to get into a real flow… usually the cock in your pussy just sits there while your ass is what’s being fucked (not a bad thing… but not the orgasm erupting pleasure that seems to go so smoothly in porn)… but damn, are they hot to watch.

7. Spit-roasting

Only did this twice, but it went a lot smoother than my DP experience. In this position there are many perks:

a) The two dicks don’t need to flow in unison (although it helps)

b) You can remain stationary while both of your holes are filled over and over

c) Or the one being spit-roasted (may I call her (or him) the spit-roastee?) can be the one doing the fucking: first bouncing back on one cock, and then devouring the other (PS: ladies and bottom boys: this is a lot of fun).

8. Nylon Foot Worship: Although I enjoy having my nylon-clad feet massaged, my toes sucked, and my soles licked buy someone of either gender (although the sole-licking often tickles), I don’t enjoy watching videos where men are doing it. I do however, immensely love watching a woman lick, suck and worship a nylon foot. It’s so erotic and sexy, and it’s often done in a way that explores the submissive / domme hierarchy, which enhances the scene even more.

9. Nylon Hypnosis Videos

These are just so erotic. They’re hard to find, and are usually niche pieces created as commissions… one guy I know requests and commissions lots of them, and although they’re super-hot, they never include any sex… but they do have tons of nylon toe sucking and foot worship, tit sucking and kissing. But God, I wish they’d expand their repertoires to include pussy licking and strap-on fucking. That said, the slow seductions through hypnosis are always hot. That said, there are some hot nylon hypnosis videos with fucking that are pretty damn wicked too. Later on I’ll give you a list of my fav nylon hypnosis scenes.

10. Nylon Foot Rubs

I saved one of my very favourite fetishes for last. Women using their nylon clad feet to get other women off. The scenes are just so hot… seeing a nylon foot rubbing on a pantyhose-clad crotch just gets my pussy so wet.

The scenes are usually too brief to get to the action, but the action is just so hot… especially when the aggressor just shoves her foot between the other woman’s legs. That sends a chill through my body every time as I imagine a student, a colleague, my sister, a friend, a stranger, just about any nylon-clad woman, doing that to me.


No one does this better than Bratty Babes Own You, which is a site dedicated mostly to women in nylon-clad feet giving other women foot jobs… and while those are fine and sometimes pretty hot (especially when a woman slyly gives a foot job to a guy while his girlfriend or wife is oblivious but in the same room), I really prefer the woman seduces woman with her nylon feet and nylon-foot pussy rubs… it’s something so raw and hot, yet also something I’ve never given or received and yet would love to do either or both.

There are scenarios where an employee wants a raise, teacher colleagues are relieving stress, a step-sister getting what she wants, a cheerleader ‘doing anything’ to make the team, and so forth. Not surprisingly though, my favourites are teachers being seduced, and a couple of kinky ones where a woman is foot rubbed while trying to do her desk job. So here are my favourite ten lesbian nylon-clad pussy rubs… although ranking these wasn’t easy.

1. Student Makes Teacher Cum in Pantyhose, where high schooler Natasha wants to get out of detention, and noticing the teacher admiring her legs, decides to take matters into her own hands… or rather feet. God, how I’d like that to happen to me!

2. Home Shopping Channel Cum In Pantyhose Live On The Air, where Sahrye isn’t happy Ari was chosen to be the host instead of her, so she takes her revenge by hiding under Ari’s table and getting Ari off as she attempts to muddle through her job… and no one… I mean no one… can come from a foot job as excitingly as Ari Parker.

3. Winter Jade Makes Her Professor Naomi Swann Cum In Pantyhose, where the cute Winter learns she is failing Naomi’s class, so she finds a very effective way to pass. One of the rare ones with not only foot licking, but both girls experience nylon foot rubbed orgasms.

4. Intern Lilly Makes Boss Cum In Pantyhose, when Lilly is informed she isn’t a good fit for a job, so she slips out of heels and convinces her boss she deserves a raise, and with some hot toe sucking as well. Lilly too is just so sexy.

5. Anchor Woman Cums In Pantyhose Live On Air, with a similar plot as before, where this time Ari beats out Meiko for the head anchor job, so Meiko takes revenge by making Ari cum yet again on live television. (Ari doesn’t do a good job of hiding from the viewers that there’s something sexy going on this time either.)

6. Cleo Gets a Raise by Making Boss Ari Cum. Ari yet again, where this time she’s an annoyed boss informing Cleo there’s no way she’s getting that undeserved raise. The look on Ari’s face when Cleo’s foot touches her pantyhose-clad crotch is alone worth the price (as always), as is how much Ari comes this time as well.

7. Desperate Housewives Cum in Pantyhose Under Table, where the amazing Macy Cartel is surprised when her friend Brandon aggressively surprises her with a special bonding experience.

8. Cheerleader Angel Makes Cheerleader Ari Cum In Pantyhose, where Ari (yes again; what can I say, she’s really hot), who is often bullied by head cheerleader Angel, has obtained some blackmail evidence that will finally expose the bitch… but Angel is too smart, and she turns Ari into the submissive she truly is, with a nylon-clad pussy rub and coercing her into smelling her nylon-clad feet.

9. Cleo Consoles Friend Ari by Making Her Cum in Pantyhose where yet again it’s Ari (I must really like her), and she’s depressed because her boyfriend cheated on her, but her dearest friend provides the perfect remedy.

10. Teacher Makes Teacher Cum in Pantyhose where Ari (yes, I know) complains she hasn’t come in forever, and her colleague Karey has the perfect solution.

BONUS: On a different site, about foot fantasy, there’s a pretty hot story called Real Estate Foot Grinding Orgasm, where Cleo is willing to do the much-offered ‘anything’ to convince Sahrye to buy a house.

PS: I wrote my own version of this encounter in Nylon Foot Rub: A Nerd Falls, where a female nerd hanging out in her school library is seduced by the nylon-clad toes and feet of a cute cheerleader… it really is a scene the Brattybabesownyou peeps should film.


While nylon-clad pussy rubs are pretty fucking hot… so too are pantyhose hypnosis videos, where a girl wearing nylons uses her nylon-clad feet, a soothing voice and a sensual touch, to seduce another woman… most of these are younger seducing older, and although most of them don’t have actual sex (a couple do), these are amazing mind fucks for any pantyhose lover.

They focus mostly on lots of dialogue, excessive nylon toe and foot worship, some kissing and tit play… occasionally there’s also tribbing, pussy foot rubs, some pussy licking or strap-on fucking… but for the most part, these are sensual pantyhose-driven stories.

My top 10 heavy hypnosis long plot videos are:

1. “Under Her Influence” Schoolgirl Tilly McReese controls her professor Savannah Costello, where Tilly visits her professor Savannah in her office. Savannah is a psychology professor, and she wishes to discuss what Tilly wrote in a paper. Savannah doesn’t buy any of the gibberish in the paper, and she’s completely oblivious that she’s being mesmerized and turned into a pantyhose plaything for her nylon-clad student. PS: there’s a sequel called “Under the Influence: Parental Visit, where the professor comes to Tilly’s house to confront her parents, but she ends up submitting to her student yet again.

2. Krissy’s Best Friend’s Step-Mom Mindi, where Krissy Lynn comes to visit her best friend Stacy, but her Step-Mom Mindi is the only one home, so the teen slyly uses her soft voice, sexy nylon clad feet and soft massaging touch. This is one of the rare ones that has some pussy foot rubbing and brief pussy munching through the pantyhose. Two more stories starring these two were made, including: Krissy Entrusts Her Therapist Mindi,and Professor Mink Gets Schooled.

3. Kendra James and Naomi Swann: Teacher’s pet becomes Teacher’s Mistress, where professor Kendra James confronts a student who’d written a paper implying that the professor herself is a test subject of mind control.

4. Adriana Chechik Mesmerizes Her Friend’s Mom,where Adriana Chechik discovers her friend’s mom home alone, and she seduces her into sex- and foot-worship through mesmerisation… and it even includes some pussy munching. Two other clips with these two hotties are: Professor Hypnotized by Foot Worshipping Student,and Adriana Chechik’s Mesmerizing Foot Play

5. Parent Teacher Conference Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 have Christina Carter and Syren De Mer starring in Parent Teacher Conference Pt.1, which is the continuation of the Student Teacher custom videos with Kobe Lee. Syren as Kobe Lee’s stepmother pays a visit to Professor Carter’s office to follow up on Kobe’s grades, but that’s not the only reason she’s there. She places Professor Carter under her charms, and engages in some smoking hot foot and pantyhose play.

6. Nylon Therapy Manipulation starred Kendra James and Nyssa Nevers in a unique shoot, where Kendra comes to see a therapist because she’s always been obsessed with nylons. She loves wearing sheer nylons, licking other women’s nylon feet, masturbating with nylon covering her pussy, and rubbing the fabric on her nipples and mouth. She wants it to stop… but Nyssa has other plans.

7. The Power of Suggestion, where Professor Syre takes issue with the wild claims Star Nine made in her paper on the power of suggestion, especially the parts about her fantasies of mesmerizing said professor.

8. Kendra James and Penny Pax: Foot Therapy Mesmerize,where Professor James is sitting down with Penny Pax who is AJ’s step-mother, to discuss her academics, as well as any other concerns she may have about her step-daughter’s education, and… Different subject: Kendra also starred with Nikki Brooks in the also amazing Kendra James: The Mesmerize Files.

9. Mistress Mercedes Mesmerizing Sex Therapy,whereLily Labeau is struggling with confidence issues. She wants to land the big job, but she hasn’t interviewed well, so she really needs some professional help. Mercedes helps her to gain that much-needed confidence; all Lily needs to do is trust Mistress Mercedes and do everything she says. Which leads to…

10. Pantyhose foot lust,where student Terra Mizu seduces Professor Reagan Lush, and

Pantyhose foot lust 2,where Terra inserts Reagan into a “My best friends MILF” roleplay scenario, where Terra is the best friend of Reagan’s step-daughter and seduces MILF Reagan through hypnosis.

Four recent releases I’ve only skimmed so far, but which look delicious are….

A. Sinn Sage Entrancing Professor Cherie De Ville,whereSinn argues her point about mind control and keeps making subtle suggestions until her professor is sucking her toes.

B. Nikki Brooks and Cory Chase in The Power of Suggestion, where Nikki sits down on the couch next to her professor, takes her shoes off… and….

C. Student Arielle Seduces Teacher Kobe, which looks absolutely amazing, and is in two parts.

D. Alternate Therapies: Wonder Woman: is a brand new series staring Savanah Costello using psychology to help superheroes find their inner submissive… to her, of course.

Bonus 1: Two unique Star Nine videos with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy Lezdom,starring Star Nine and Dixie Comet, is a pretty hot one that’s different from the rest since it includes some strap-on fucking, and is absolutely delicious.

And my favourite kinky plot:

Mesmerizing Nylon Toes, starring Star Nine, Casey Calvert and Serena Blair, where Star drops into her teacher’s office (Casey) to discuss her grades. Casey won’t budge on them, but Star has some special tools that always enable her to get her way. She begins by dangling her heel from her nylon toes. Casey catches a whiff of her foot odor, and thereafter has a hard time remaining focused. The heel drops, and Star wiggles her nylon toes. Casey is unable to look away, so soon she finds herself on her knees desperately worshiping Star’s nylon soles. Casey is unable to stop herself, even when another student pops into her office. (Read on: there’s more.)

Serena stares incredulously at her teacher on her knees. Star explains what happened, and Serena refuses to believe her, even while she finds herself experiencing those same urges. With both student and teacher on their knees before her, Star issues some posthypnotic instructions. When she snaps her fingers, Casey and Serena will snap out of their trances, retaining no memory of what has transpired. However when Star drops her shoes in front of them, they’ll both experience irresistible urges to remove their own heels and worship whichever nylon foot is nearest to them, until they erupt in orgasm.

Bonus 2… Check out Samantha Ryan videos, as she has a few similar videos that seem to tie together, but I’ve never quite figured out the order.


Here’s a short list:

1. Mocha or Beige… I just love the darker shades and the way they just seem to shine. This is my colour of choice 2-3 days a week, at least.

2. Black… it goes with almost everything, and I know from a survey I ran on twitter, it’s by far the number one choice of my readers.

3. Nude… I love having a look that’s subtle, but which still allows me the opportunity to wear the sheer, silky nylons I love.

4. White… makes me think of brides and nurses… I love brides and nurses.

5. Red… the naughty choice when you wish to tell your lover… I want to do something kinky tonight, and you’re getting very, very lucky.


I’ll be considering my top 20 in a variety of categories throughout this essay. Here’s the first one and the one where I have 7 of the top 10 of all time, 16 of the top 20, 24 of the top 30 and 37 of the top 50. So this is by far my most successful category.

I’ve won lots of top illustrated stories of the month, twice top illustrated stories of the year, and I’m fortunate enough to have worked with a variety of real models and artists to create a wide range of illustrated stories. Picking the top 20 is challenging, and the order could change with my mood I imagine, but here we go.