My wife’s email was brief.

Hi everybody. I’m so sorry, but we’re having a bit of an emergency at work. We might have to cancel tonight. Will let you know soon.


It was addressed to me as well as our intended dinner guests for the evening. She had been enthusiastic about having them over, so I knew it had to be important if she was considering canceling. I tried calling her to see if she was OK, but after getting transferred to her recorded message a few times, I wrote her an email instead.

Hey babe, are you OK? Can I do anything to help out?

It took just a few minutes before she replied.

Hey honey. It’s OK. It looks like I may have overlooked some crucial details on an important case. I need to solve it today. I should be home around 7, but there is no way I can cook before they come.

She took pride in her reliability, so I knew she’d do anything to correct any oversight she might have done at work. I tried calling her once more, but she still didn’t pick up the phone. I resorted to email again.

Don’t worry about it babe. I can leave the office early, so I should be able to do the cooking in time(ish). I can entertain them until you show up.

Her reply was instant.

Are you sure? They’re kind of more my friends than yours.

It was true. Erica was Ann’s oldest friend, and Linh her former assistant. I knew them and their partners through my wife, but I had spent a lot of time with most of them by now. I assured Ann that she didn’t have to worry.

No worries babe. Just clear things up and come home when you can.

I then replied to my wife’s first email to our guests.

Hi folks!

Sorry about the confusion. Dinner is still on, but we might have to make it closer to 7pm rather than 6.30. See you all then!



I swiftly wrapped things up and rushed off to get groceries for the cooking. It had to be something simpler than what Ann had planned, but I was sure no one would mind. It’s the company that matters after all, and we always had a good time together.

On my way back from the store I stopped at a red light and checked my phone. There was another email from my wife.

Thank you so much. Sorry about the drama!

I definitely deserve a spanking from you tonight…

I smirked. This was exactly the way she liked it. The forbidden thrill of being spanked for something she had done wrong always turned her on.

I had been the one to introduce her to this pleasure. Ann came home one day, moping about scratching her car when parking. I, of course, wasn’t angry. It was her car, and even if it hadn’t been, I was in no place to judge. I’ve done worse myself. But later that evening, I decided to joke about it to cheer her up. I found her in the kitchen, cooking dinner. She wore her blonde hair up, and my first thought was to just go over and kiss her slender neck like I usually do. But the sight of her curvy body — particularly the way her jeans hugged her round ass — inspired a different action.

“You need to be punished, young lady,” I said and playfully slapped her ass.

She gasped, and her eyes widened. Her mouth fell open and she looked like she was going to protest. But nothing came out. There was a look in her eyes that I had never seen before. There were definite traces of excitement, and I decided to test the waters. I slapped her once more, a little harder this time. She gasped again and seemed to freeze like a deer in headlights. I gave her a few more swats before stepping it up a notch.

“Lower your pants,” I whispered in her ear.

She acted like her body was on autopilot, obediently unzipping her jeans. They were tight, and she had to wiggle her ass to pull them over her cheeks. She steadied herself with her hands on the kitchen bench. Her panties were cut high, leaving most of her ass exposed as she passively awaited her ordeal.

I slapped her ass again, this time enjoying the sensation of my palm against her skin. She gasped with affliction after each swat, but it was always followed by a soft moan. It encouraged me to continue.

“Come here babe,” I said. “I’m going to spank you over my knee now.”

She looked confused, overcome with a mixture of emotions. Taking her hand, I led her to the living room. She had trouble walking with her jeans pulled down, but she made no attempt to pull them up. I sat down in the couch.

“Take off the pants,” I instructed. “And the panties.”

Her hands were unsteady as she hooked her thumbs inside her panties and pulled them down together with the jeans. She stood before me, naked from the waist down. I had seen her undress many times before, but never had she looked so delicate. Her big round tits were covered by a singlet, and I watched them move with her heaving chest. She looked serious, like she was shocked by her own emotions.

I patted my lap and she lay down, her breath heavy as she assumed the position. I took a moment to admire her behind. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I hadn’t spanked her before; her ass seemed perfectly built for it. It was big and round, and splayed over my lap it looked flawlessly inviting. I felt my cock grow as I let my hand caress her rosy cheeks.

She yelped as I slapped her ass without a warning. I gently rubbed were my hand had stung, and then did the same to her other cheek. The combination of dismay and pleasure coming from her mouth was the most sensuous thing I had ever heard. I repeated the pattern, slapping her ass and then caressing it. Not wanting to push things too quickly, my slaps were gentle. I wanted her to dwell in this erotic state of new thrills before increasing the intensity.

Sensing that she was ready for more, I surprised her by letting my hand rain down, moving between her cheeks in several consecutive swats. She wiggled her feet and pressed her hips against my lap as if trying to move away from my hand. But when I stopped, she immediately poked her ass out, instinctively begging for more. I slapped her cheeks again, even harder this time. She threw her head back as she yelped.

I paused for a moment, and let my hand wander down to caress her legs. Slowly, I worked my fingertips up the inside of her thigh. She gasped as I found her wet pussy.

“It seems you are enjoying this,” I pointed out, and smirked knowingly as I slapped her ass as if punishing her for it.

She turned her head to look at me, and her face was priceless. She was embarrassed by how turned on she was by this novel sensation. Her eyes were pleading, but I don’t think she knew herself what for. We locked eyes as I spanked her again, her facial expression infused with shame and pleasure. She pressed herself against my lap once more, and from the way she was grinding, I realized that it was an effort to rub her pussy against my thighs.

“Touch yourself,” I commanded.

She was quick to obey. Squeezing her arm underneath herself, she reached between her legs. I could hear the slippery sound of her fingers against her clit as she began circling it. She had to push her ass up to make room for her hand, creating an ever so inviting target. Focusing on the center of her ass, I slapped my hand over both her cheeks, letting it rain down steadily. The way it sent waves through her bulbous ass was nothing short of mesmerizing. My cock pressed against my pants.

The intensity of her squeals increased with the force of my hand. It didn’t take long before she screamed out with pleasure, and she started shaking uncontrollably. I pressed down on the small of her back to hold her still as the other hand continued to spank her throughout her orgasm.

I stopped as her spasms faded. Gently, I stroked her reddened ass. Still breathing heavily, she hid her face in the couch. I leaned in and kissed her cheek.

“Looks like you enjoyed that a lot.”

“No,” she lied, her voice muffled by the couch cushion.

My hand wandered down between her legs. I ran my fingers over her slit a few times. She was dripping wet.

“Some parts of your body say you’re lying,” I said, and slipped my middle finger inside her. She responded with a soft moan.

I slid my finger in and out of her, and her body betrayed her again by pushing back against my finger. The orgasm she was still coming down from wasn’t enough, and I was in desperate need of relief myself. I removed my finger, and she yelped with frustration. She turned and looked at me with a disappointed expression.

“I don’t think my fingers are enough for you,” I said, and her eyes lit up. “Take off your top, babe. I want to see your tits.”

She slid off my lap, and stood before me. She pulled the top over her head in one swift motion. Her bra followed, and I stared in awe as her breasts fell free. They hung naturally on her chest, swaying invitingly before me. Her pink nipples looked delicious.

The contrast between us was thrilling; I was completely dressed, and she naked. She blushed slightly as she stood before me. Her embarrassment was surprising, given how many times I’d seen her naked. But it wasn’t just her body she was exposing that evening. She had revealed unexplored desires, and she didn’t think they were fitting for a respectable woman of her stature.

I stood up and kissed her. Her lips were full of energy. I embraced her and caressed her naked skin. As my hand traveled down over her ass, I felt it radiating. With our lips pressed together, I gently slapped her ass again. She moaned into my mouth.

“Help me undress,” I whispered.

She unbuttoned my shirt as quickly as her trembling fingers allowed. She pulled it over my shoulder, and I discarded it. Her hands roamed over my chest and traveled down to my buckle. She sat down on the couch table as she tugged at it, but whimpered as her sensitive cheeks made contact with the hard surface. She resorted to squatting as she undid my belt and pants. Hooking her thumbs inside my underwear, she pulled them down together with my pants. She wanted me naked quickly.

My cock stood ready for her and was eagerly engulfed by her mouth. Her sexual hunger was unmistakable as she bobbed her head, sliding her lips up and down my shaft. Worked up by the pleasure of spanking her, I had to restrain myself so as not to climax.

“Get on the couch,” I commanded “I need to fuck you.”

She got on her hands and knees, and as I knelt behind her, I admired the rosy hue of her round cheeks. I rubbed my erection against her slit. We moaned in unison as I slid inside her in one steady motion.

At this point we were too excited to take it slow. I fucked her forcefully, making her tits sway underneath her as I slammed in to her. The sound of my hips smacking against her cheeks blended with her shrieks of pleasure.

“Spank me!” she yelled. “Spank me more!”

She was insatiable. Holding on to her hips with one hand, I used the other to slap her ass. It was driving her wild. Her screams escalated, and her body started shaking. I came with her, pressing my hips against her radiant ass. It was a powerful release for us both.

She still seemed embarrassed as she curled up against my chest afterwards. But she was hooked. I quickly learned her ways as she discovered them too. She would tell me about a mistake she’d made, and we’d use it as an excuse to give her a good spanking. It turned her on so much.

Her ass wasn’t the first I had spanked in my life, but it was honestly the one I enjoyed the most. I relished the sensation itself — the sense of power as well as the feeling of her ass against my hand — but what excited me the most was her reaction. It was such a taboo for her to enjoy it, and it embarrassed her. But this just turned her on even more. And since she didn’t think it should, it added to her embarrassment. It was adorably sensuous to watch this erotic feedback unfolding inside her.

Her appetite for spanking had grown over time. I recalled several of our spanking episodes as I drove home from the store, looking forward to another later. Arriving home, I had to wait in the car to make my excitement less apparent before stepping out of the car. As I composed myself, I noticed two new emails on my phone, both in reply to my wife’s email. The first one was from Linh.

Dear Ben and Ann,

Great, let us know if we can help with anything.

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight!

Best wishes,


The second was from Erica.

Hahaha! I’m happy to lend a helping hand for sure!

She always had a tendency to stir the pot, but this time I wasn’t catching her drift. Unless…

I quickly scrolled down the email and realized that my wife had made two fatal mistakes. First, she had replied to my email to our guests rather than to the one I sent just to her. Secondly, she had used reply all. I shook my head in disbelief. She must have been really stressed at work to mess up like this. She had sent an email to our friends, saying she needed to be spanked! This was going to embarrass the living hell out of her.

I decided not to point out to Ann her mistake for the moment. If she was stressed, she didn’t need this extra pressure. And maybe only Erica had picked up on the spanking request from my wife. Linh didn’t comment on it, and neither of their partners had replied to the email. Maybe they hadn’t seen it. I wrote a reply, not acknowledging Erica’s remark.

Thanks Erica and Linh,

I should be fine, but if you have time Linh, maybe you can come a bit early and help out? Just in case.

See you all soon!

I was honestly short on time, but I also thought that steering the conversation in this direction might divert the attention from my wife’s inadvertent revelation. Previously Ann’s assistant, it wouldn’t be the first time she’d have to cover for my wife. I really liked her, so I was glad they had started socializing as friends after Linh moved on to a new job.

Not allowing myself to waste more time, I went inside and got started on the cooking. I was doing pretty good, but was still pleased to find Linh at the door around 6.30pm. I greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. She looked as cute as ever. Her black dress wasn’t revealing much of her smooth skin, but it nicely hugged her petite frame.

“Mark is just parking the car,” she said. It seemed like every time I met her there were less traces of her Vietnamese accent.

She helped me in the kitchen, and it wasn’t long before Mark rang the doorbell. Linh had taken control of the cooking, so I went to open for him. He had a bouquet of flowers, and I laughed as he handed them to me.

“Oh, they are for Ann I suppose,” he said sheepishly.

I didn’t know him very well. Though a bit on the quiet side, he seemed like a nice guy. He was a big dude, nearly two heads taller than his girlfriend. My wife sometimes commented that he worshiped the ground Linh walked on. I had him pinned as more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, but it appeared Linh had made him wear a suit for the evening.

With Linh taking over responsibility of the cooking, it gave me an opportunity to get changed. Even though we weren’t a formal crowd, we usually dressed up a bit for our get-togethers. I followed Mark’s lead and put on a suit. As I returned to our guests, Linh had brought out candles from my wife’s stash and created a nice atmosphere. I offered them a drink in the living room while we waited for the others. It was mostly Linh and me talking, Mark only occasionally joining in to agree with his girlfriend. Neither of them mentioned Ann’s comment about spanking, but that said little about whether they’d seen it. Linh was too polite, and Mark wouldn’t risk bringing up anything his girlfriend might disapprove of.

At exactly 7.00, the doorbell rang again. I was surprised by Erica’s punctuality. She was usually more than fashionably late.

“Hey Ben!” she yelled when I opened the door, kissing me on the cheek and handing me a bottle of wine. “Is the dirty girl home yet?”

Her high heels clapped against the floor as she walked past me. Still holding the door open for her husband, I watched her march down the hallway. With her red locks and bright red dress, her aura seemed to take over the room.

“Ann isn’t home yet,” I half-shouted after her as she disappeared into the living room. There vanished all hope that my wife’s blooper would be left out of the conversation for the evening.

Fred grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

“I thought maybe we could enjoy this later,” he said and handed me a bottle of scotch.

The guest sat down in the living room as I checked on the food. In perfect timing, I heard the key in the door just as dinner was ready. My wife rushed in.

“Hey everybody! So sorry I’m late,” she said and made her way around our guests to greet them.

I welcomed her home with a kiss.

“You’re just in time.”

She was still in her work clothes, but it was a look I enjoyed. Her appearance was both professional and sexy, her white blouse and black skirt hugging her curves. I noticed that her skirt was a little shorter than her usual. As she sat down, it rouse up enough to reveal the top of her stockings. I hoped the email mishap wouldn’t change her mind about getting spanked later.

The dinner was nice, with good food and engaging conversation. I was pleasantly surprised that Erica didn’t bring up Ann’s mistake. But toward the end of the main course, she couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“So, Ann,” she began, and I could tell from her voice that she was going somewhere. “What was the drama at work?”

“Oh, it’s just this court case,” Ann said. “I don’t want to bore you with the legal details.”

“Hey now, don’t patronize me,” Erica said. “I may not be a lawyer, but I could play one on TV.”

It was the same joke she’d made many times before. She was an actress, and Ann often made me go watch her latest play. Erica liked to be the center of attention, both on and off the stage.

“Well…” my wife continued. “The filing date deadline was today, and I realized there was important information missing. I’m afraid my new assistant isn’t as organized as you were, Linh.”

“Don’t be too hard on her,” Linh advocated. “It took me a while to learn everything too.”

“Oh, I don’t think Ann will hold it against her,” Erica said, her big red mouth grinning from ear to ear. “I hear she’s famous for turning the other cheek.”

She laughed out loud at her own remark, and Fred chuckled with her. Linh tried to fight it, but she soon started giggling, and then Mark joined in. It was contagious, and I couldn’t help laughing too.

Ann seemed clueless. “What? What?!”

“You may have made a little mistake in your correspondence today, honey,” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“Check the last email you sent to me.”

She got her phone out and scrolled through her emails. All eyes were on her. Given the private nature of the content, she looked a bit uncomfortable as she read it, but she still didn’t seem to catch on.

“Look at the recipients,” I hinted.

Ann covered her face. “Oh my god!”

Everybody burst out laughing again. Ann looked like she needed a drink, and I refilled her glass.

“My god, this day just keeps getting worse!” she said and downed half her glass in one gulp. The wine matched her face. “Please, let’s talk about something else.”

“Hey now, you’re among friends,” Erica said. “No need to feel ashamed.”

My wife should have known better than to expect her friend to miss out on a teasing opportunity like this. Erica turned her attention to me.

“So, Ben, how often do you spank her?”

I didn’t respond, looking to my wife to read her signals. It was difficult. She had gone back to covering her scarlet face with her hands.

“You’re not ashamed about spanking your wife, are you?” Erica continued.