Last spring, my lovely wife Carol and I decided to go on a little weekend romantic getaway. As parents, it is hard to find dome good quality time as husband and wife. We cherish the times we are able to get away together and connect as husband and wife and rekindle the fires as lovers. On this particular vacation, we didn’t really have an exciting destination. We knew we were going to be in the hotel room pampering each other except for the occasional foray into town to visit some antique shops, grab some lunch or dinner and flirt shamelessly.

After a long drive and some serious teasing along the way, we checked into our hotel and proceeded to get settled in, which of course consisted of a quick shower and some much needed, animalistic fucking to get the weekend kicked off right. After setting our luggage down inside the room, I quickly grabbed that luscious body that had my cock hard and straining within my pants for the last 2 hours.

I pulled her close and ground myself into her as she moaned into my mouth as our lips hungrily devoured each other. Grabbing a generous helping of her ass cheeks, I pulled her up into me and let her feel how hard she made me. She broke the kiss and turned away saying she needed to tidy up in the shower first before spinning on her heels and flashing that seductive smile.

I watched her disappear into the bathroom and couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough. I glanced around the room and the view from the large picture window in front of the bed. I stroked myself in front of the window hoping that someone would be able to see us, but not likely that anyone would be watching this early in the afternoon.

When I heard the water in the shower stop, I knew it would be my turn to clean up a bit and then onto the festivities. As Carol passed me on the way out, she sneaked a finger out to my throbbing erection to gather some of the pearly pre-cum that was lewdly hanging from the tip and brought her finger to her mouth with a sensual moan. Damn, this was going to be the quickest shower ever.

Under the streaming water, I worked quickly to scrub and clean myself. As the water cascaded over me, it was very hard to control myself as I washed my manhood. I was so ready to release the afternoon’s tensions but knew it would be so much better releasing them into Carol’s lovely mouth.

Carol obviously had different plans because when I came into the room, she was very caught up in the feeling of her fingers sliding through the moist lips of her pussy as her other hand pulled on the turgid nipple of her left breast. I looked on in awe as I watched her start without me. I slowly moved toward the bed and brought the swollen head of my cock to her lips. When the wet, shiny head made contact with her lips, her eyes flew open and she immediately slurped the head into her soft mouth. We both moaned at the incredible sensation.

My baby groaned when my fingers touched her. Half animal, half contentment. My fingers played through her soft mane of hair and moved slowly against her cheek. For some reason I love to touch her face as my cock slides in between her lips. My fingers slowly made their way down her neck to her chest. I stopped briefly to feel her chest rise and fall with her breath.

Next, I traced the soft curve of her breast. Around the side, underneath and slowly up over the swell and stopped just short of her nipple. Just a soft tentative touch. A caress. A pinch and a squeeze. A moan of appreciation from her. That moan caused a lovely sensation around my cock, but of course it was nothing when compared to the feel of her tongue slithering all over the underside of my cock.

I took a moment to look up and out the window, hoping that by chance there may be someone out there watching. No such luck, but something we can rectify for later. I was brought back to earth when I heard my lovely wife begin to moan over and over in quick succession. Her fingers had never stopped her assault on her hungry pussy and apparently her oncoming orgasm was going to be a big one. Her suction immediately increased as well and I could definitely feel her trying with all her might to suck the life right out of me. I could feel my own impending climax begin to form as hers ended and her intense sucking subsided to a gentle suckle of my manhood.

She knew I was close and pulled her mouth from me, but grabbed my ass in one hand and my cock in the other as she stroked me firmly and steadily. Her fingers slid between the cheeks of my ass as she pumped me trying to cajole a climax all over her big tits. I don’t know if it was on purpose or not, but one of her fingers had rubbed back and forth across my anus. I was a little surprised at the sensation, but quickly realized I liked the added stimulation.

It soon turned into a gentle rubbing in a circular motion. Not too much pressure or a real effort to penetrate me, but she was definitely rubbing in small quick circles with a purpose. I was so caught up in the new sensation at my backdoor that I had not really paid much attention to the work of her fist pumping up and down on my dick and we were both pleasantly surprised when I unexpectedly shot off all over her lovely tits in a cataclysmic eruption of semen. We were both surprised by the force and amount of my ejaculation. I could only watch in stunned silence as the thin rivulets of cum practically burst out of me and splashed across her mounds.

Over and over with such pleasurable force. When it finally ended, I suddenly realized that I had not taken a breath for several moments and finally sucked in a large breath that caused on last little spurt to land right on her nipple. We both watched it in fascination as gravity pulled it into a strand that eventually connected from her nipple to her thigh.

After long seconds, I finally broke the tension by saying, “That was different.”

We both laughed for a bit as a bent down to kiss her and pulled her cum soaked body against mine as we cuddled together on the bed. We soon drifted off into post orgasmic bliss in each other’s arms.

“What time is it?” I said.

“Hmmm, looks like 5:30 according to the clock. I’m starving, let’s go get some dinner”, Carol said as she stretched and rose from the bed.

I watched her naked butt saunter into the bathroom.

“I’m hungry too,” I muttered under my breath watching her jiggle.

After a quick shower we both dressed for dinner. I requested that she not wear a bra or panties to dinner. As a compromise, she went without a bra but kept the panties on.

“I’ll go without underwear if you do” I said.

“Big deal, you always go commando” she retorted and with extra emphasis, she squeezed the bulge in the front of my trousers.

As we stood in line at the hostess station at the restaurant, I held her close to me just feeling the warmth of her body and the scent of her. The wait was starting take its toll on me and I soon began to get antsy. The bar was full and the couch in the waiting area was occupied, so we were kind of pushed into a corner by a large potted plant. I took advantage of the small amount of privacy that we had and allowed my hands to do a little wandering. At first, just playful rubbing of her butt or her thigh. Soon though, I got bolder and started to actually squeeze and massage her butt.

She leaned into me as I lightly caressed her body getting a little bolder with each passing minute. When my hand moved down the cheeks of her ass and back up her inner thigh making the very slightest contact in the juncture of her crotch, she let out a very soft moan followed by a sudden jerk as it suddenly dawned on her where we were and what we were doing.

She tried to move my hand away without causing anyone to take notice of us, but I firmly clamped my hand to her groin so she couldn’t get away. She shot me a look of concern, maybe even annoyance pleading with her eyes for me to stop. My response was to forcefully grind my thumb against her sex through her clothes. The gulp of surprise in her throat was visible to me as was the sudden intake of breath. I continued to keep the pressure right on her crotch and ground harder and harder. Her breathing was getting more rapid and uncontrolled.

Her knees were buckling, so I pulled her body closer to mine. This caused my hard shaft to press firmly against her ass. She didn’t waste time rubbing against the hardness. We were both lost in our own feelings, oblivious to our surroundings. Suddenly I could hear our name being called in the distance. I don’t know if they called us more than once, but people around us were scanning faces to see who the name belonged to. We tried to discretely untangle ourselves and act normal, but I’m sure that we were caught out by someone.

Carol tried to act nonchalant as she made her way to the Hostess desk as I followed behind her. I caught the brief stare of one of the women in the waiting area who had a look of shock on her face. I suddenly felt a flush of embarrassment as I noticed her gaze focused on my groin area. I tried to act natural, but was terribly aware of the noticeable bulge and prominent wet spot on the front of my pants. The only thing I could do was smile, hold my head high and walk through the dining room like nothing was wrong.

Thankfully we were seated in a semi-private booth. I did the gentlemanly thing and held my wife’s hand as she scooted into the booth. When she looked up to thank me, she too noticed my aroused state on display and flashed a wicked smile. She delighted in making excuses for me to stand there on display a little longer before finally allowing me to sit down next to her. I couldn’t be sure, but I swear I noticed our hostess smirking at me.

Dinner was delicious and filling. It was hard to refrain from filling up too much as I knew there would be much more entertainment in store for us and didn’t want to ruin anything by being too full. There were several glasses of wine to loosen us up further and only caused our inhibitions to dwindle away even further. There was plenty of secret groping and touching under the table. At one point, I had my fingers down Carol’s paints from the back and managed to slide down between the cheeks of her ass and reach just far enough to tickle her cute little rosebud.

She also had gotten bold enough to undo my zipper and slide her hand inside to lightly stroke and squeeze me cock under the table. That is until our waitress came around to refill our glasses. Carol was able to quickly extract her hand, but in doing so pulled my cock along with it through the hole of the zipper. I was not able to extract my hand in time so I just continued to tickle her asshole and watch her squirm. I’m not entirely sure if our waitress was wise to our shenanigans, but she did seem to take an awfully long time filling our glasses and being extra chatty while checking up on us.

We were sufficiently horned up and wasted no time paying the check and getting the hell out of there. Back at the car, it was all we could do to not rape each other there in the parking lot. After a rough and prolonged make out session, we proceeded to make the drive back to the hotel. On our way out of the lot, Carol had said there was a shop that she wanted to check out before we retired to our room. I complained that it was surely something that could wait until tomorrow, but she flashed her pouty eyes and said she would make it worth my while.

I was all for that and had quickly formed 3 or 4 sexy scenarios in my head in a flash so agreed with her wishes. She guided me to the shop using her phone for directions. Her voice was especially breathy and husky but I chalked it up to the extended flirting in the restaurant. Soon, however, we were getting farther and farther away and I kept asking her if she had the right directions. She assured me she did and said the shop is just ahead on the right. Imagine my complete surprise when I looked ahead to see the neon sign that said “Fantasy Pleasure’s Boutique”.

“You never cease to amaze me woman,” I stammered.

Carol just blushed and flashed that killer, seductive smile.

I followed her into the store, not sure what we were going to find. Don’t get me wrong, we had ventured into some adult stores together when we were younger, so it was not totally new territory to us, but it had been several years and she had never been the instigator. Now, I have found that when you enter stores like this, you can either expect a seedy atmosphere with low light and nervous looking men rummaging around, or you can find a brightly lit, clean and organized establishment that still has a few nervous patrons but also several couples browsing around. Luckily, this proved to be the latter and I was very relieved to see a few other couples milling about.

“What made you think of this?” I asked.

“Oh, I was just in the mood for some sexy clothes, so I Googled lingerie and toys and this is what I found.”

“What kind of sexy clothes are you looking for my dear?”

“Well, I know how much you LOVE seeing me walk around in public without a bra and I wanted something to allow that to happen.”

“Well braless is easy, just don’t wear a bra.” I replied.

“Well silly, I was thinking it would be nice to have something that would show off my nipples for you to see, but still provide a little support while we are out and about.”

To emphasize her point, she guided my hand to her chest and pressed it against her left breast where I could indeed feel her engorged nipple and soft. Unencumbered flesh. She was right, that does always arouse me. This was no exception either, as I could feel my erection returning. I loved when she teases me.

“Plus, we may find some other “interesting” items in here to try out.”

As she pulled away to roam the aisles, I was left standing there with an obvious hard-on and still leaking pre-cum all over the front of my pants. It was a good thing I didn’t know anyone here, but it still was embarrassing to me to have my arousal so obvious. I am sure Carol was loving it.

We browsed all of the lingerie racks looking at various items when she spotted the bra she was looking for on a display high up on a shelf, out of reach. My normally shy wife wasted no time by loudly asking the girl at the front counter for some assistance. The girls looked up from her book and walked across the store to see what we needed. When she arrived, my wife pointed out the bra she wanted to see and asked if she could bring one out in her size. She asked Carol what size she wanted, and my wife thrust her chest out to the girl and said something in a c?

“Looks like it might even be a D” said the girl as she eyed my wife’s braless tits and tried to suppress a smile. I loved the added teasing, but it was not doing my level of embarrassment any good.

As the girl went to the back to look for the bra, my wife started browsing the toy aisle. She sauntered past all of the dildos and vibrators on display. She looked at each one clinically assessing its merits and features as if she were shopping for office supplies or something. I made teasing comments about how each would feel and she would say “Hmmm, suppose that would be nice.”

“Do you remember that toy with the tail and the vibrator?” she asked.

“I am not sure.”

“You know, the one that covered my pussy and vibrated but had the little tail that went back…here?”

For emphasis, she turned slightly and presented her rump and seductively pointer her finger at her bottom.

“Ohh, that one. I believe it was called a Scorpion. I wonder if they have one of those” I said.

“I REALLY enjoyed that one. I was so said when it died”.

“I enjoyed watching you with it. I will look to see if they have one”.

Just then the salesgirl returned with a couple of options and her and my wife were busy discussing and holding the options up to her chest. Figuring I didn’t need the added stimulation, I went in search of the infamous toy. A few minutes later, my wife caught up to me in the “Anal” section and proceeded to browse along with me.

“What do you think of this?” she asked.

I turned to see her holding a slim, tapered jelly dildo intended for anal pleasure. I looked it over. Not a lifelike dildo, about medium to large size and very colorful.

“Could be fun” I winked.

“Hmmm, might be a little too much,” she smirked.

“This looks a little more manageable, and it vibrates” as she showed another colorful toy.

“I bet the vibrations would be wonderful” I said.

“I know they would” she replied with a dreamt look on her face. She stood there and looked at me for a few seconds before going back to browsing.

All of this kept my cock hard as a steel shaft. Unfortunately, the pants I had chosen that night, while being of smooth high quality material dress pants, they did serve to allow my erection to be on full display. I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in one of the mirrors in the lingerie section and was totally shocked at what I saw. I am not hugely endowed, but I am comfortably above average and at least my wife and a few others have said my cock is “beautiful”.

She especially loves the big, thick mushroom head. Says it is her favorite. Anyway, there in the mirror, I spied the perfect outline of my hard cock in perfect detail. Stretching to the side toward my hip, the full erect outline and that big mushroom head on full display. To make matters worse, there was a very large wet spot where I had been leaking pre-cum from the tip. I could even begin to feel it running down my leg.

I turned nervously to see if anyone was noticing. My wife watched me closely, very aware of the situation I was in and seductively licked her lips. I just tried to keep my head down and not make eye contact with anyone in the store.

“It feels sexy when everyone can see you, doesn’t it?” Carol said in a low voice.

She loved being able to throw those words back in my face since I had said them to her often enough when I tried to convince her to go without a bra.

“Hey look at this and tell me what you think” she asked, ushering me over.

“It looks like fun. Nice size and shape and I think you will enjoy the vibrations,” I said as I looked at her latest choice in anal toys.

“It has an accessory” she told me.

With that, she held up a leather harness.

“It fits through this hole here and then straps around my waist.”

I looked in awe. I have been no stranger to anal play, and thoroughly enjoyed her sliding a wet finger in my ass when she sucked and stroked my cock. This, however, was not something we ever talked about.

“I think you would love it, and I KNOW I would love it.”

“I suppose.” Was all I could reply.

“It is just an idea, we don’t have to try it if you’re too nervous.”

“It’s not that, I just haven’t considered it seriously.” I replied.

“But you HAVE considered it?”

“I admit I have thought about it a little in the past and it is intriguing.”

“Mmmm, naughty boy. I bet you have thought about it while you play with yourself in private.”

With that I just blushed and looked down.

“I know I would LOVE sliding this deep inside you. Would you let me, please?”

With that, she slowly caressed my ass, softly sliding her hand down the crack and coming to rest right on my asshole. I couldn’t hold back a little moan of pleasure at her intrusion, and I swear I could feel another large drop of pre-cum leak from the head of my throbbing cock at that exact moment.