I’ll never forget the moment when she first appeared in my life. It was only a few weeks earlier. I was standing in the bar of the Ace Hotel, she walked up to me and stared into my eyes. A small smile appeared on her face. Her intensity drew me in; instantly it seemed as though something bigger than me was happening yet I had no sense how important that smile would become to me. I followed her, even then it felt natural to let her lead me.

Distance made our rendezvous less frequent than either would have preferred. I walked to her now feeling deeply grateful to see her again. As I entered her space she greeted me warmly and touched me gently. The effect was to bring me in fully.

I disrobed on her instruction. Soon I found myself bound by my wrists to the closet rod. She picked up a flogger and began to beat me. Not as punishment, but as privilege. On our first meeting I had impressed her enough to be given the opportunity to show that I would gladly suffer for her. I was determined to show her my mettle, to show her my strength, to give her what she deserved. The pain picked up slowly from almost nothing to tolerable to painful to limit-testing. Every time she slowed to give me a small recovery I re-positioned to make sure my body was accessible to her. I widened my shoulders, broadened my stance, and arched my lower back. I knew she expected it; it was as though she commanded me without voice or cue. Effortlessly.

She could tell I was nearing my limits and asked if I had had enough. I had, but replied that I didn’t believe it was my decision to make. It was the right answer and she beat me further as reward. The renewed pain was intense as her flogger landed on my welted back but I smiled through gritted teeth knowing that I had pleased her.

Eventually, I was unbound. I had an urge to collapse but I stood tall before her with my arms behind my back. My erection jutted out and spasmed regularly as she twisted my nipples.

“Something just dropped into my stockings. I’m not sure if it is you or me. Clean it up.”

I understood intuitively how I was to clean it up. I dropped to my knees immediately and licked the whitish fluid off her impossibly long leg. I could tell by the taste that it came from me. I straightened up while still on my knees and found myself inches from her lace-covered sex. I noted streams of her excitement flowing round both sides of the fabric and down her thighs. Rivers of passion. Holy testament to her sadism.

I was awed by her sadism and the degree to which it truly excited her. In that moment I knew I belonged on my knees before her.



Moments or minutes or hours or days later I stood before her again. Time has no meaning with her. Days compress into minutes. Seconds expand into centuries.

She stared into my eyes and I caressed her, basking in the softness of her skin. We leaned into each other. Our lips met. For a moment. For ever.

She laughed in shock. She slapped me hard across the face. She looked into my eyes and smiled. We kissed again.



You planted the seed weeks before: that I might open my eyes to see you standing above me. The vision has invaded my thoughts persistently since then. And now here I am, lying in bed, hooded and bound. My cock being stimulated by a vibrating ring while encased in Kali’s teeth. I am writhing in pleasure and pain. You take off the hood. My eyes slowly adjust to the light even though the room is dim. I look up and see you. Your beautiful pussy above me. It’s the rarest of moments; a time when the reality is a thousand times greater than the fantasy. My cock spasms within the Kali’s teeth and pain shoots through me.

I need to taste you. So badly. Desperately. My mouth is dry and my heart racing. The pain worsens as my erection grows infinitely in spite of the nails driving into it. The pain reminds me of my place under you and that drives my desire to worship you. My cock grows further. Lather, rinse, repeat.

“Please… please… please…” I beg

You only smile.

“I’ll make you feel so good.” I beg.

“I feel good now.”

“It will hurt me… I will suffer intensely pleasing you in this state.” I groan as I speak. Verbalizing my predicament causes my cock to enlarge further within it’s wicked prison.

Your smile grows bigger. I made the case you want to hear. You slowly lower yourself onto my face.

“You will suffer for me.”



A smile grows on your face after I ask you your plans for the evening. You show me the text on your phone from your lover asking if you are free. You reply in the affirmative and lean into me. I am charmed and overwhelmed by the power of your sexuality. I grab your knee as my erection grows. I ask to drop you off at his place.

As we leave the bar I can feel the wetness of my boxers. In the cab you instruct me to put two fingers inside of you. I struggle a bit due to the way we are sitting but soon enough I am inside of you feeling your warmth and wetness. Feeling how excited you are. We kiss passionately and then I bid you good night as you leave me to give yourself to another. I lick my fingers and think of you as the cab takes me 70 blocks uptown.



You kneel me down in front of your bed. I put my chest on a towel lying on the immaculately made bed.

“Close your eyes. I don’t want you to spoil the surprise.”

I feel you behind me. Touching me. Probing me. Preparing me. I arch my back to indicate my subservience. My breathing is a bit ragged. I am nervous. I think I know what is coming next and I fear it will hurt. I want you to take me though. I want you to feel the power of owning me and I am prepared to suffer for it. We both know this was fated since before we met…

I feel an object pressing into me and I know the moment has come. You lean in a bit further and I tense up but soon relax. I want this to happen. You tell me to back up onto your phallus. I do so. Your strength and confidence opens me up fully. Soon you are bucking into me powerfully. I beg you to take what is yours. You do.



“Pull down your pants.”

You want to see the marks you’ve left from the day before. I do as I’m told and then kneel down on the floor with my pants hanging to my knees. I lean my chest forward onto the sofa to afford you a better view. I feel your hands caress the marks on my backside.

I feel a desire to please you build up in me. My hands reach down to my pants and grab my belt. I begin to pull it out of the belt loops and as I do so I slowly build up the courage to say the following words, “Hit me, please.”

I hear you gasp a little. I know immediately you want this even more than I expected. I’m happy to have pleased you but scared for what I know is going to come next.

You point; I move so that I am lying prone on the floor in front of an oversized mirror. You are on one knee with your forward leg bent astride my body. My belt is folded in your right hand. Your left hand strokes my ass, my back. My cock juts uncomfortably into the floor as you ready yourself.

“Keep your eyes on me.”

I feel a few light taps to warm me up and then you hit me *hard*. I close my eyes momentarily – somehow it makes the pain seem less – but open them immediately and keep them trained on you. I watch as your lithe arm moves back and suddenly whips forward bringing the belt down on me..

I can hear people immediately outside our room so I make no noise as you whip me over and over. I feel cold sweat on my back and my breathing becomes ragged. I do not flinch. I do not whine. I crave you. With each lash I watch in amazement and fall further under your spell.



You greet me with your usual warmth but shortly afterwards I hear your voice sternly commanding me to bend over the coffee table. I feel a little shaken. Have I angered you?

There is a phallus on the table but you make no mention of it.

“Keep one hand on the table at all times. Now hand me your belt.”

I do.

“Pull down your pants.”

I do.

“Pull down your underwear.”

I do.

I am bent over, naked from the waist down. you push my shirt up to my shoulders. I feel one stroke of the belt hard against my backside and let out a muffled groan.

“You will release now.”

I am surprised by the command. You hit me twice more in rapid succession with the belt and I realize this will continue until I finish. I grab my cock hurriedly and begin to stroke myself awkwardly. Nothing is easy in this position. Except being hit. Your lashes are more paced but harder now. By your sixth stroke I have forced myself to ejaculate out of desperation. No orgasm has ever been less enjoyable.

“Kneel and open your mouth wide.”

You use the phallus to pick up my semen and insert it into my mouth. It is a gag and it fills me obscenely after you tighten it around my head. I panic briefly as it takes me time to learn how to breathe with my mouth so obstructed. You sense my fear and stroke my neck while telling me to breathe deeply and slowly through my nose.

“Tonight, you will show me that your obedience is not based on sexual fervor. You will obey me. You will suffer for me. You will not kiss me or touch me or taste me tonight. Do you understand?”

I am crestfallen but determined to meet your expectations. My eyes give away my sadness and I note the look of empathy in your face but there is no hint of uncertainty from you. I nod my head yes.



I kneel naked on the bed. I feel your hand on the back of my head pushing me forward. My forehead lands softly on the mattress. You tell me to spread my knees a bit further apart and then you lean over me and grab both of my hands bringing them to my backside. I spread myself on your instructions and shortly thereafter you force a plug in me. The invasion makes me feel a bit lightheaded and diaphoretic but my body slowly adjusts.

I gasp a bit as your hand reaches under me to grab my cock. After a few minutes I realize you’ve placed a vibrating ring on it. I fear the Kali’s teeth will come next but it doesn’t happen. A horse bit gag in my mouth leaves me drooling on the bed. Nipple clamps are placed. I’m briefly blindfolded but then you lift it up so that I can see. I’m surprised to see you place earphones on me and taken back further when you connect the earphones to one of your phones. You turn the volume up and then start a short video you filmed while being fucked from behind by your lover. After a few seconds you blindfold me again; my sight is lost and the vision of you smiling at me in ecstasy engulfs my head.

I can hear very little; I can see nothing. I feel full and my cock is constantly spasming. I can’t stop myself from drooling and my nipples are on fire. I feel helpless. I feel overwhelmed. Suddenly a phone rings. I realize you’ve called your phone with your other phone. You answer for me and I hear your voice.

“Can you hear me?”

I grunt affirmatively.

“Good. Keep your hands exactly where they are. Do not move. When I come back I expect you in the same position.”

A few moments pass. I hear you speaking to someone through the headphones. I can’t tell if you are in the room with me or not. Your words are clear. His or hers – I’m not sure – are not. You make small talk for a bit. The conversation becomes sexier. You sound so bold. You are giving commands. I still haven’t figured out who you are with but I know they are on their knees making you moan. I continue to hear you moaning. The cadence changes. Are you being fucked? I’m not sure. Then I am. You are loving it. Sometimes you urge your lover on. Sometimes you talk to me telling me how good you feel. Telling me how intense the sex is knowing I am part of your experience. Telling me it makes you feel powerful to do this to me and you can’t wait to exert that power on me.

More and more you are talking directly to me. You tell me to beg to be whipped. I try through the horse bit. My desperate attempt pleases you and I can feel your excitement crescendo through the phone. I beg to be whipped over and over. I am bucking my hips, fucking the air, overcome with your strength. You goad me to beg louder and more convincingly. I do, I do, I do and am rewarded when I hear you orgasm. Then silence. My world is gone. I hear nothing for what seems like hours. I tremble trying to maintain my position.

Suddenly, the plug is pulled out roughly and I realize I am no longer alone. Was I ever? My own groan penetrates my ears. The second phone has been placed in front of me. I feel a sting on my backside. It feels like I’m being whipped by a belt. Over and over, as hard as I’ve ever been hit. The blows keep coming, harder and harder. My cries of pain fill my own ears. I force myself to keep my ass in the air as an easy target because I know that’s what you would want. Just as I begin to fear I can’t possibly take anymore, it stops.

The bed shifts. Someone is behind me… I’m entered. Roughly. I can’t maintain my position and I collapse onto the bed as I’m thrust into. My own grunts fill my ears. I think it is you behind me but I don’t know. I’m scared but I trust you. I can’t relax. I begin to panic but it passes. The penetration continues – it is hard and fast. I can feel sweat on my back. My own but someone else’s as well. The stranger’s breathing becomes heavier. My head is yanked back by my hair. My neck is bitten. The nipple clamps are yanked off roughly and then fingers pinch down intensely on the overly sensitive little organs. I scream and then push my mouth into the duvet to muffle myself. I feel as though my body and mind are going to explode and I think I lose consciousness for the briefest of seconds. As I come to I recognize your breathing. It is you. I can tell you are returning back to earth yourself.

It ends. The bit comes out of my mouth. The bed moves. I smell you more strongly. The blindfold comes off and I’m staring into your eyes. There are tears of bliss. You smile. You kiss me deeply. You lean back and bring me into your lap. You hold me… then gently push me down. I’m so grateful as I kiss your sex. I feel my orgasm building as I taste your sweetness. You sense it. It’s OK you tell me. “Let yourself go.”



I arrive in LA. You bring me to your place and show me around. We talk, laugh, and eat. It’s a completely normal day except every time you snap you fingers I pull down my pants, bend at the waist, and take your whip. If you are pleased you grace me with the pleasure of bringing you to orgasm with my mouth and fingers.

At dinner time you leave me to meet your lover. Frequent texts update me with the evening’s progress. As you near home I get in the guest bed as instructed. I can vaguely hear the two of you enter and walk up to your bed in the loft directly above me.

I writhe in bed not allowed to touch myself. I hear your ecstasy. I can smell you. I can taste you.

Hours later you slip into bed with me. You place a clip on each ear, on each nipple, and on my cock. Pain shoots throughout my body.

“One clip comes off with every orgasm you give me.”



I am on all fours, naked and gagged. The Kali’s teeth are on. I’m nervous. I know guests are coming over.

Your lover arrives with his submissive. The three of you chat in the kitchen and then come to the living room with drinks. I blush as you introduce me. I know how important it is to you that I demonstrate my obedience tonight.

You tie your lover to the wall. You bring his submissive to your collection of implements and ask her what she would like to see. You are making her at ease and she slowly falls under your spell. She counts the strokes as your flog your lover. You even let her flog him briefly.

The two of you stop and begin to touch him. I note you dragging your nails across his welts in between more gentle caresses.

His submissive leans into you and begins to kiss you. It isn’t long before she is on her knees worshiping you. Your lover struggles to turn enough to watch you and I can tell you love seeing him teased like this. After you cum, you come over to me and I take my place on the wall. You begin to flog me, much harder than you were hitting your lover. I take your blows well and as you come near to feel the warmth of my skin I can see pride in your face that you have trained me so well.

I am brought to the bedroom and bent over the side of the bed. She comes to the other side of the bed and is bent over as well. She is gagged. The same type of gag I am wearing. You connect the matching O rings with a small clip. We are forced so close together we can’t see around each other. You are standing behind me and spread my legs open. I believe the same is happening to her. We look into each other’s eyes and we can both tell when the other is entered. We begin to moan into our gags. Her with more pleasure than pain, me with more pain than pleasure.

When you two are done with us we are brought awkwardly to the foot of the bed. We remain attached closely together and are told to kneel. You take off my Kali’s teeth. You place nipple clamps on her and on me, then connect the chains so that if either of us moves in the slightest pain will ripple through both of us. You whisper in her ears and I see her eyes get wide. Her hands grab my cock immediately. You whisper in my ear, “If you release before I am done I will whip you. If you don’t release you can have your way with her.” You cuff my hands behind my back.

You and your lover lie back on the bed only a few feet away from us. We can hear everything but can only see into each other’s eyes.



She is beautiful. Kneeling before you. You motion and I kneel facing her. You return with a whip in your hand. “You both know the game we are going to play tonight. The first one to say ‘mercy’ spends the night in the cage. The other in my bed as my toy.”



You bring us back together the following night. Her beautiful skin is crossed many times over by your lash marks.

You lead us both into your bed.

You motion for me to lie behind you. I do and reach forward to caress you. She lies in front of you and you kiss her deeply.

You push her down and she begins to pleasure you. Her own moans of pleasure nearly as loud as yours.

I rub your back and kiss your neck and wait. Hoping so much to be allowed to take my place below and share in revering you.


Deep throat

Your insatiable sexuality has finally been sated. For now. I know better than to get too comfortable. We are lying together in bed. You are squeezing my cock gently as I rub your back. “Grab my cock.” you command.

I reach down and grab the dildo I had been holding in you when I licked you to orgasm minutes before.

“Kiss it.”

I do.

“Suck it.”

I do.

I see that look in your eyes. Your second or third wind has arrived. You turn to the nightstand and then pour oil on my cock. The squeezes become strokes and I moan with pleasure around the dildo in my mouth.

You whisper into my ear, “I want you to fuck me but you have to earn it. Get that cock all the way down your throat before I make you release and you can finally know me. If you fail, you know what I’ll do to you…”



You turn the board so that I am playing white. I move the King’s pawn. The stakes of the game are known to both of us. If I lose, you will beat me and spend the night with another. If I win, you will give yourself to me. The game is irrelevant to you. You may beat me, cuckold me, or give yourself to me whenever you choose. That is our foundation; I am under you and obey you. But you love the tension the game creates for me. You can see how badly I want to spend the night with you. You can see how badly I want to show you my strength and passion.