It all began with a simple request for help from a fellow teacher. I teach philosophy at a junior college and late last evening, just as I was about to leave, my drama colleague popped into my office and asked for a simple favour. One of her students was having trouble with her role in the upcoming play, and needed extra time to rehearse, ideally alone in the studio. All I would have to do is remain in my office, which happens to be next to the studio, all evening long.

She herself couldn’t stay, but college policy dictated that students couldn’t remain alone in the building past 8 o’clock. “No problem.” I said, thinking that it wouldn’t be much of a hassle as I had a lot of grading to do anyway. I didn’t even bother asking who the student was. Late in the afternoon, I saw Carol coming in to my office to thank me for my time. I said “No problem!” again and watched her leave. Watched her. Not her ass. Damn! I watched her ass! I laughed, alone in my office, wondering how sometimes luck made strange things happen.

I’ve been teaching here for about ten years, surrounded by many beautiful and sexy students, and I’m proud to say that nothing untoward ever happened. But from time to time some students really caught my eye. Carol was one of them. She was pretty enough, quite tall, and very slim with smallish breasts and very long brown hair. But what really grabbed my attention was her ass. As soon as I saw it, two things became clear. First, I was going to obsess over it for two years (her time here), and second, I was convinced that she didn’t like how it looked.

She had the ass of a goddess: very, very generous, with copious curves from any angle. Sometimes girls had nice asses when seen from the side, or from behind. Carol had a stunning ass from any angle. Seen from behind it was amazing enough: fully developed, bloomed to perfection, each of her plentiful buttocks lifting with each of her steps.

But from the side, it was somehow even more remarkable. We sometimes say that girls have bubble butts, but Carol really had one. It was really rounded. Not just curved nicely, but fully round. From the side it looked like a full breast. It burst outwards from her otherwise lean frame like hills of flesh rising from a flat valley, then curved outwards generously before curving back towards her legs. Exactly like a big firm breast.

I was in awe of that ass, it was as simple as that. Many times I had found or invented excuses to follow her around the college or even went to the water fountain close to her locker more often than I really needed to. Twice, I had even filmed her ass with my iPhone! Damn it was amazing!

I was still in my office at around 8, and Carol and I were most likely the only people in the building. I hadn’t heard from her since this afternoon. She was probably already in the studio, practising for her role. At 9, very curious, I walked to the studio and opened the door slightly. From the corridor I could only see the first room that led to the studio itself. I walked in and went to the second door to peek inside. Carol was there, and at first I thought she was simply walking back and forth, trying to remember her lines. But soon it became obvious that she was walking because she was trying to learn a particular way of walking.

Silently, I got out and went to what the students called the “actors’ room” and found the document for the play. A few minutes later I found out that Carol was going to play a model and that she had to do a long catwalk scene. I was grinning: the girl with the most amazing ass and legs had to practice walking like a model! And, I learned in the text, a model that was trying to seduce one of the guests. Damn! What more could I ask for?

Coming back to the door, I looked in again. Carol was now sitting down, clearly frustrated. Carol and I had never really talked personally, but given that she had taken one of my classes last semester she was friendly with me. I didn’t know much about her, but it seemed obvious to me that she was a shy girl. Why she had chosen to play a model was beyond me.

Maybe it was her teacher, trying to push her out of her comfort zone? In any case I could guess, and now see, that it was quite a challenge for her. I was tempted to enter and offer my help, but I didn’t want her to see me as a lecherous teacher. I wasn’t that old, but I was a lot older than she was, and I was afraid that she had already detected that I was ogling her, or following her. So I walked away and left her alone.

About an hour later she came to my office and said that she was done for the night. She wasn’t crying, and I couldn’t detect traces of tears on her face, but it was obvious that it hadn’t gone well. I opened the door and invited her to talk to me about it. She hesitated, then sighed as she sat down in the chair next to my desk. She confirmed what I had already guessed about her role, and told me how hard it was for her.

She hated it when people looked at her too long, and she didn’t know how to seduce. She was visibly shy about revealing this, but I guessed that I was just at the right place at the right time for her. She didn’t break down, but it came very close, and we spent a long minute in silence as she gathered herself.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “I don’t want to trouble you with this… I’m already keeping you here for hours…” she said, getting up to leave.

“Carol, wait. Please sit back down.” I replied, using a deeper voice I sometimes used in class. It worked. “I’m guessing that Nath chose the roles for you, that you didn’t choose it yourself?”

“Of course I didn’t! I don’t belong on a catwalk, strutting my stuff and trying to seduce a man!” She was laughing as she finished, but I could still hear the edge of despair in her voice.

“Now, now… I’m sure there are lots of guys in your classes that would disagree with you.” As I was saying the words, I knew I was taking a risk. This wasn’t your typical teacher-student conversation. But Carol didn’t seem to mind.

“Ha! I’d really like to know where they’re hiding! I’m not a beauty queen and I’m too tall for most of them in any case.” She replied, letting herself fall back, sprawling on the chair.

From my vantage point, I could see the delicious curves of her thighs and hips, pressed together as they were. I blinked, then shook my head. Her head against the back of the chair, looking at the ceiling, she sighed. “Thank you for trying to help, but I know I have to abandon this role and force Nath to put me in another role.”

“What? A week from the premier? You know that won’t happen…”

“Then I’ll flunk the class. Shit!” She was still looking at the ceiling, and I saw that her eyes were tearing up.

“Look at me Carol. Take a deep breath and look at me. Ok. Now sit straight. Modelling and seducing are confidence games. It has little to do with how you look or, in your case, how you think you look. It’s all about confidence.” She was looking at me, curious but not convinced. “Tell you what. Why don’t you come again tomorrow night and we’ll try something else?”


“Just come tomorrow.”

She stared at me a long while, then closed her eyes and said “Ok. Thank you.”

I spent the entire next day trying to figure out exactly what I was going to say. I was sure she had it in her, if only for a play, but I wasn’t sure how to get it out. When 8 o’clock finally arrived, Carol poked her head in my office, with a small smile on her face. She didn’t look any more confident than last night.

As I followed her to the studio, I couldn’t help but look at her. She had on a pair of very tight-fitting jeans and a long, flowing shirt. I couldn’t see her ass at all, and that was probably for the best. Inside, I saw the huge mirror that Carol must be using to see herself move around. I sat on chair and asked her to walk the catwalk. Seeing her reaction, I realized that it was too fast. “Wait a second… Sorry, that was too fast. Tell me what Nath told you to practice.”

When she was done, I didn’t really know what to add. But then an idea hit me. “Carol, I’m going to suggest something that sounds crazy. I’ll explain, then leave you alone to try it. Deal?”

“Ok…” she replied, skeptical.

“Loosen up! Really hard! Imagine that you’re a rag doll being bounced around in a storm. Just move around wildly, bending down and jumping up. Anything to move in crazy ways. After that, do your walk like Goofy would do.”

“Goofy? That’s how I always feel on my imaginary catwalk!” She replied, laughing.

“I’m sure that’s not true. But this time, exaggerate your movements, go all Goofy. After that, take a five minute pause and try to be the seductive model.”

Her expression was comical. She must have thought that I was crazy. Before she could say something, I nodded to her and left the studio. Despite closing the door behind me, I remained right next to it and listened. She sighed twice, very loudly, and I feared that she was ready to abandon again. But then I heard her make crazy sounds and guessed that she was moving around like a rag doll, then I heard her make a decent imitation of Goofy’s laugh. After a few minutes of that, she stopped and there was a long silence.

Finally, I heard her clean and rhythmic steps on the wooden floor, walking back and forth. I fled to my office and waited. Twenty minutes later she burst in, grinning from ear to ear.

“It worked! I have no idea why, but it worked!”

“Good! Now go be Goofy again!” She was laughing as she hugged me briefly before going back to the studio. A delicious hug, it was .

I was still thinking about that hug when she came back, about an hour later. She was still smiling, but it had lost some of its earlier intensity. “It’s a lot better, but now I’m not sure how to improve. Would you mind coming in and helping me out?” Carol was clearly hesitant, bashful even. I replied that I didn’t mind at all.

Inside, I started by removing the mirror. I then said “Forget about looking at yourself. Just do your best and let me look at you.” Shit! I hope it didn’t come out too pervy! She didn’t say anything to my comment and just began walking. After watching her do a few passes, I said “Carol, you’re doing really good. But…” I paused.

“What? Say it! I know I’m not a model… just say it…” She didn’t have to complete her sentence; it was clear in her face that she thought I didn’t like her performance.

“No, no… Carol, you were pretty good. If I’m hesitating, it’s because I’m in the midst of an ethical dilemma.”

Carol was clearly taken by surprise. “What?” She asked, smiling. She had taken my ethics class, but she couldn’t figure out how I could be in an ethical dilemma. “A dilemma? What could be the problem?”

I smiled, remembering that she was only nineteen years old. I took a deep breath and said “Well, the most important part of a woman’s body on the catwalk is her hips. And now I can’t, really… er…”

Looking down at herself, she realized that her long ample shirt prevented me from seeing her hips properly. “Oh…” she said, smiling. “So you were afraid to ask me to… But why? Oh! Because I’m a student?” I could only nod, smiling at her. “That’s all?”

“Well, it’s plenty! No one ever tell you what happened to mister Kesler?”

“Yes, but why… Are you serious? You think you could get in trouble because of me?” Carol seemed really unsettled about the situation.

“Think about it from a journalist’s standpoint.” I said. “Imagine the headline: A teacher asks a student to tie her shirt below her breasts so that he could look at her hips and ass as she walked around!”

Carol laughed at my fake headline. Then she said “Oh come on… Kesler abused that girl. You’re just trying to help me out.”

“Yeah… Can you imagine how well this defence would go? I was just trying to help her out!”

Carol laughed again.

As she did, though, she began tying her shirt just below her breasts. I was smiling, my smile froze as she revealed her flat stomach and gave me an unobstructed view of her hips and ass. I felt my heart skipping a beat. She was absolutely gorgeous! Why didn’t the guys in her classes swarm her, I would never know. Maybe they all liked shorter, smaller-hipped teenagers? It was their loss. With her shirt tied way higher than her belly button, Carol smiled at me and walked around again.

I was flabbergasted. She was absolutely gorgeous, and had an ass I’d kill to eat. I wanted to eat her up, bury my face between her asscheeks and devour that glorious feast. With my fingers I asked her to walk up and down a few more times, trying my best to regain enough composure. “Very nice… Very, very nice Carol.” She thanked me, smiling, but judging from her unguarded expression, I could guess that she wasn’t sure if I was being polite or not.

It was so frustrating. I wanted to tell her how hot and stunning she was, but I couldn’t. Damn it! All she needed was a little extra confidence! Later, as she was untying her shirt, I took a risk and said “Carol, as a teacher I cannot say much in such a situation, but I have to admit that I don’t know why the guys in your class are not swarming all over you…”

Carol’s beaming grin told me that it had been the right thing to say, and I felt a warmth growing inside me as I saw her walking towards me for another hug. “Tomorrow night?” She asked. Of course I was going to be here. It was a Friday, but I didn’t care. Still grinning, she winked at me before walking out of the studio.

When I heard her footsteps fading away, I sat down in the chair and took a few minutes to examine what I was doing. This was dangerous. And irresistible. Instead of thinking about it too long, I just got up and left, already looking forward to tomorrow night. I spent the entire day grinning like a fool, trying and failing to control my imagination. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I knew the images of her undressing completely were nothing but wild, lust-filled conjectures. Nevertheless, even if the coming evening would bring nothing more than a third hug, I knew it would be worthwhile.

At 8, I walked towards the studio and heard her waking on the boards already. Once inside I stopped, leaned against the wall and simply stared at her. She was wearing the black lycra pants and shirt the students wore when working backstage. If she had been body-painted black from head to toe, it would have looked exactly the same. She looked insanely hot. Adding to the effect, she was now wearing a pair of fine leather high heeled boots. It was changing her gait and I could see that she was having trouble walking with them.

I remained there, silently watching her for a good ten minutes before she finally spotted me. She grinned and said “Oh! There you are! I was wondering if you were going to show up!”

“Of course. ” I said, softly.

“Been there long, mister ogler?” Carol asked, still smiling.

I closed my eyes and shook my head, smiling. “Guilty as charged…” I replied, but kept talking to change the subject. “So, how are you doing?”

“Well, these heels make it a lot harder. It’s strange because I’m used to them.”

“Walk!” I said.

And she did. No hesitation, no shyness. Carol simply stood straighter and walked directly towards me. She stopped less than a foot from me, staring into my eyes. With her heels she was as tall as I was, and we stared at each other for a long moment. Then she turned around and walked away slowly.

Throwing caution to the wind, I crouched down, bringing my eyes to the level of her ass. And I stared. Hard and shamelessly. She was amazing, had an amazing ass. It was all I could do not to get up and jump her right there. When she reached the end of the stage she turned around. If she was surprised to see me crouching she didn’t show it. She walked back and stopped, again, about a foot away from me.

But now that I was crouching, the effect was different. Looking up at her, smiles all around, I had a sudden intuition that if I were to stand up right now, we would kiss. I knew that was crazy, but as awkward as it was to be crouching right in front of her, I remained there. I said “Again!”, intending for it to be louder, but it came out as a whisper. Carol walked away again, her swaying ass burning my mind.

We spent most of the evening there, and I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And not just because of her stunning legs, hips and ass. We genuinely had a good time, half of it talking about her walk and her role, the other half just sitting around, drinking a few beers and talking. We were both surprised by the time when I decided to check. It was twenty minutes past midnight.

Those four hours had gone by extremely quickly. She hugged me again before we left, slightly longer than the last one, and I was once again grinning like a fool as I was driving home. While the image of her ass walking away and her thighs and hips walking towards me were overwhelming my mind, her smiling face kept popping up as well. In my bed, before falling asleep, I wondered if I was not falling for this very young girl. Nah… That was just lust talking.

On the following Monday, Carol and I crossed paths in the corridors a few times, and I was gifted with bright smiles on each occasion. Just after lunch, as we crossed each other again, she simply said “Tonight?” I nodded, grinning. And so after dinner I came back to my office, wondering what surprises this night would hold. Suddenly I heard the sound of a few voices from the corridor. Carol was there, but so were two of her friends from drama class. They all stopped in front of my door and Carol said “They insisted on helping me before the dress rehearsal on Wednesday. Looks like I won’t be alone tonight!” She finished, adding a wink before disappearing with her friends.

Two hours later, I hear those two friends leaving the studio and walking away in complete silence. Odd. I got up and walked to the studio, which was also perfectly silent. When I cracked the inner door opened, I saw Carol sitting on the stage, her long legs folded, her knees pulled against her chest and her forehead on her knees. And she was crying.

A surge of anger filled me as I thought about her two friends and I barely managed to restrain myself. But I took a few deep breaths and pushed my anger aside. More in control I walked on the stage and felt a stab of sadness as I saw Carol jump in fearful surprise. I knelt behind her and took her in my arms until she managed to take a few deep breaths and control her tears.

I waited for her to talk, and when she did, my anger returned. Apparently, the two girls who had come to help her had in fact been jealous of Carol’s role. Gradually they had made her feel like she wasn’t the right girl for the role, that either of them would have been better. I was mentally swearing: these bitches had undone all the work Carol and I had done. Fuck them! Carol relaxed gradually as we spoke and I tried to comfort her. About twenty minutes later we were sitting on the couch, drinking a beer. While Carol wasn’t in crisis anymore, it was clear to me that she had decided not to do the play at the end of the week.

At first, I didn’t try to make her say it. I changed the subject, and she happily let me do it. We talked about a lot of things, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that she remembered many things from my class. She really had been paying attention. At around 10, we were both a lot more comfortable, and well underway to becoming drunk. The elephant in the room, the play, was nevertheless still quietly hiding. After a brief silence, Carol took a deep breath and said “I’m not going to do it.”

I didn’t reply immediately. I stared at her for a while, before asking “Why not?”

“They’re right, I’m—”