Cathy and Paul had been married for almost five years. They met in college, dated for two years and were married even before they finished school. The first year was tight but when they finally graduated they were both fortunate to land jobs quickly. This helped them to buy a house and move on to living life.

Paul’s friends harassed him about getting married so soon but Cathy is very beautiful and knew he couldn’t let her slip away.

Cathy is 5’5” 126 lbs. and has full firm breasts with nipples that will stick out almost an inch when she is horny. Paul loves this unique feature about her and just seeing it will make him very horny.

Cathy is also very fit. She ran track in college so she is quite skinny with a very tight ass. Cathy has Auburn hair with brown eyes and she usually keeps her pussy trimmed very short. Sometimes when she is feeling especially horny she will shave it and that is the way Paul likes it best.

Tracy and Mark have been their best friends since college. Like Cathy, Tracy was a runner all through college and her body is very tight. She is 5’3” and weights only 115 lbs. with long blonde hair. She has a ‘soft’ beauty that seems to capture everybody’s eye. Tracy has a very outgoing personality and she attracts many men, in fact, even women have shown interest in her.

Mark is basically a good-looking straight forward (no bullshit) kind of guy and that is just what Tracy has always wanted so when she met Mark it was no surprise they hit it off right away.

Paul and Cathy decided to plan a trip for their anniversary and invited Tracy and Mark to join them. With their anniversary in December they decided to plan a week of skiing. Paul found a chalet that offered two bedrooms with a fireplace and Jacuzzi. It was just what they were looking for.

The months passed and they became more and more excited about the trip but fortunately it all came crashing down.

A month before their scheduled vacation Paul came home from work only to hear Cathy on the phone and she sounded very upset.

“What’s wrong?” He whispered.

Cathy looked at him as if he had done something wrong.

“What?!” He questioned.

“Tracy don’t cry….”Cathy said. “Look! I’m coming over.” Hanging up the phone she looked at Paul and started to cry.

“What’s wrong?”

“Mark… that son of a bitch…. “ She snapped. “Tracy just found out he has been cheating on her.” She looked at Paul as if he knew something.

“What!” He responded. “Don’t look at me. I had no idea he was doing that. With who? Where?” Paul had so many questions he couldn’t process this fast enough.

“I am going over there,” she said. “Ill call you later.” At that she was gone.

Well the next week was hard on Tracy. She moved back in with her mom and severed all ties with Mark. Cathy spent a lot of time over there and eventually Tracy was doing pretty well.

Over the next few weeks Cathy spent a lot of time with Tracy. They went out quite a bit and after three weeks Tracy had turned things around pretty well.

Even though she was feeling better Cathy and Paul knew that with the holidays on the horizon she might suffer a few setbacks. Another issue on their minds was the trip they had been waiting so long to enjoy. It wasn’t really the money but a vacation might just be what Tracy needed. They had all been working long and hard and it was still important to go and blow off some steam. They knew Tracy wasn’t really in the mood for the trip but Cathy was determined to convince her to go anyway.

“Tracy. It is already paid for and you really need to get away.” Cathy said.

“I am going to be the third wheel and I am not exactly a lot of fun right now.” She replied.

This went on until the day before the trip and somehow Cathy convinced her to go. When Cathy reminded Tracy it was Marks money that paid for the trip she decided she might as well enjoy herself at his expense. Tracy’s attitude changed and soon she was happy she had decided to go.

Finally Friday arrived and by the time Cathy and Paul got home Tracy was packed and ready to go. When Tracy called Cathy to talk to her Cathy suggested she just spend the night and this way they could start out even earlier on Saturday.

The girls were in fantastic moods when Paul finally got home from work. Every thing was finally falling into place. After Paul packed up the vehicle he cooked dinner and just let the girls relax. For the first time since the break up Tracy looked like her old self.

With the food and alcohol flowing so easily come early evening they were feeling no pain.

By ten at night they were pretty looped and decided to call it a night because of the early start. It was not too late, however, for sex. Cathy had been spending so much time with Tracy that Paul was not getting much attention from his wife and he was getting damn horny.

After Tracy went to bed Paul helped Cathy clean up. As she was washing the last of the dishes and Paul walked up behind her and slipped his arm around her waist.

“Hey sexy. You know you have the best ass.” He said as he pushed his rapidly growing cock into her ass.

“That’s the beer.” She teased as she leaned her head back into him. “Mmmm… that feels so nice.”

Paul reached around and started softly rubbing her tits. Even through the sweater he felt her nipples stab his hands. Paul decided he couldn’t wait until they were in bed.

Slowly his hands slid under her sweater and across her soft stomach.

“Damn honey you feel so good.” Paul moaned as he kissed her neck. He knew this was one of her hot buttons.

It took all of Cathy’s concentration to finish washing the last dish. Paul knew just how to touch her and she closed her eyes as his hands slid under her bra and across her tits. His hands were demanding yet gentle and she felt his lust press to her ass.

Paul’s hands finally released her and he moved down to grab the bottom of her sweater. Her arms raised by habit and she felt her sweater pulled free. Paul quickly removed her bra and his hands returned to her bare tits.

Only now did Cathy remember their guest and despite her arousal she was unsure about continuing in the kitchen. Paul sensed her hesitation but reached around and pulled the string on her sweats anyway. Cathy was just about to stop him when she felt his hand slip inside her panties and across her clit.

“Ohh.” She softly moaned. Paul ran his finger down across her pussy and slowly into her.

“Damn you are wet already.” He moaned. Cathy’s eyes closed as Paul fingered her deprived cunt. She suddenly realized how much she had missed their intimacy. Paul’s left hand teased her sensitive nipples while his right stimulated her pussy. Paul didn’t have to wait long as Cathy was completely under his command.

“I need to taste you.” He suddenly whispered.

She only moaned and started to turn around. Paul stopped her and kneeled down behind her. Reaching up he quickly pulled her sweats and panties down and buried his face in her ass.

“Ohhh….” Cathy was trying to be quiet, for obvious reasons, but her arousal was starting to take over.

Paul brought his hand down between her legs and started to rub her pussy. Cathy spread her legs to give Paul access.

”Damn Cathy!” Paul moaned. “I have missed this.” Paul’s tongue slid down her round but and finally between her cheeks seeking her asshole.

“Ohh.” Cathy moaned again when she felt it push across her tight ring. Wet and hot he massaged her anus sending sparks through out her whole body. Cathy didn’t even realize she had bent at the waist and was leaning on the counter giving Paul better access. Soon she felt his tongue push against her. She relaxed and almost immediately felt his tongue invade her.

Paul knew just what he was doing. Cathy loved anal sex and when he licked her anus it drove her crazy. Suddenly she felt his fingers ease into her cunt.

“Ohhhhh…” She groaned.

With his free hand Paul returned to her sensitive nipples. He couldn’t believe how hard her nipples were; he has not felt them this hard in a long time. He now felt that the danger of being discovered by Tracy was sending Cathy to new heights. Pushing his wet tongue across her anus he teased her and entered her for several minutes.

Finally Cathy’s body started to shake. “Oh Paul…. Oh god…. Don’t stop…. I’m going to cum….”

Paul had no intention of letting up even if Tracy were to walk in on them. He continued his oral assault on her ass as his fingers worked on her pussy. He used one of his slick fingers to tease her clit and that did it.

“Ohhh Paul. Honey I’m….Cuming.” Her body shook. “Oh my…. Ohh baby.” Paul could feel her ass spasm on his tongue and soon he felt her cum running down his hand. Paul had to help her keep her balance until her orgasm subsided and finally she slumped forward on the counter.

Paul knew she was still in the after glow of a great orgasm but he was now too horny to wait. He stood up and pulled out his very hard cock and leaning forward he slowly slid his hard cock up her wet cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhh.” She moaned. Cathy attempted to remain quiet. “Oh my god… you are so hard….”

“It has been too long since we have made love baby. Now add a few drinks and the company of two beautiful women and I just couldn’t take it anymore.” Paul reasoned.

Cathy knows that Paul thinks Tracy is hot and if it were anybody else it would bother her but Tracy is like a sister.

Paul leaned forward and presses his mouth to her ear and whispered “I’m going to fuck your ass.”

“Mmmmmm….” She moaned and pushed back into him.

Paul fucked her hard for several minutes and Cathy could feel her stomach tingle again. He was driving her to another orgasm. Paul licked this thumb and started to massage her tight ring. Cathy moaned at his ministrations and tried to relax.

“Hand me the oil on the sink.” He told her. Cathy hesitated so Paul plunged his finger into her ass.

“Ohhhh ….” She hissed. Cathy grabbed the bottle of oil that was on the sink and handed it to Paul.

Paul poured some on her beautiful ass and worked it into her asshole. Cathy really started squirming now. Finally pulling his cock free he slowly slid it up the crack of her ass and across her anus.

“I have not had your ass in along time baby.”

“I know.” Cathy moaned. “I have missed it.” She moved her ass against Paul’s cock offering herself to him.

He wasted no time and moved his cock to her anus. Slowly Paul pushed until the head slid past her tight ring. Cathy winced at the quick pain but the feeling was so incredible she quickly forgot the discomfort. Nothing aroused Cathy like anal sex did but she didn’t allow Paul to do it all the time and managed to keep the intensity alive.

Giving her a quick minute to relax Paul started to slowly push. He pushed about an inch and pulled back then a little deeper. Very slowly Paul worked her anus. Cathy was numb to her surroundings and all she felt was the filling of her ass. In and out Paul slowly fucked her until she finally felt his stomach touch her ass.

Paul grabbed Cathy by the hair and gently pulled her head back. “You like to have my cock in your ass don’t you? “

“Yes!” Cathy moaned.

“Tell me….” He said and she knew what he meant.

“Fuck me Paul. Ohhh no. Ohhh God.” Cathy’s head dropped as an orgasm snuck up on her. Not a powerful one but a prelude to what was coming. “Please fuck my ass!” She finally said.

Holding her hair Paul started to slowly pump in and out of her ass. Cathy was now lost in passion. She quickly relaxed and was now taking his entire cock up her ass and pushing to meet his thrusts.

Paul knew he wouldn’t last but he wanted Cathy to cum again. Slowing again he took long deep strokes as he controlled the passion. Cathy continued to moan as Paul did his best to send her over the edge. Finally when Paul knew he was getting too close he reach around and started to rub her clit. That was all it took and Cathy bit down on a towel as her orgasm slammed into her.

“Ohhh Paul. Ahhhh….. “ She did her best to muffle her passion. Then she felt Paul tense and his cum filling her deep in her ass. This just seem to intensify the orgasm and Cathy moaned loudly as her orgasm continued to peak.

“Ohhhhh… my gooooodddddd!” Cathy finally fell limp on the counter.

“Ohhh baby.” Paul nearly fell to his knees as his orgasm over took him but he finally stopped as ripples shook him as well.

The two lovers slowly came back to earth and got themselves back together. They quickly cleaned up the rest of the kitchen and headed to bed. On the way to the bedroom Paul noticed the door to Tracy’s room was slightly open. He intended on saying something to Cathy before they fell asleep but he just forgot in his drunken state.

Despite being a little hung over they managed to get on the road by 6am and after a quick breakfast they all felt much better. The girls were in good spirits and the four-hour drive passed quickly.

When they arrived at the Chalet it was snowing pretty heavy but the scenery was beautiful. The girls were so excited they rushed into the house to check things out. The small house had two bedrooms with king beds, two full baths, a small kitchen, and a big living room leading out to a deck. The deck was the length of the house with a six-person Jacuzzi on it. The house stood atop a hill and the heavy woods dropped off before them with a blanket of white to top off the postcard like view.

They group quickly unpacked. The weather was perfect to ski so they wanted to get to the slopes as soon as possible.

After a few hours of good skiing they finally returned to the Chalet to relax. They showered and ate decided to spend some time relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Paul had placed some beer in the snow right next to the Jacuzzi so when they finally sat back in the warm water it was a short reach away. All three welcomed the warm massaging affects of the water as they felt the stress flow from their bodies. They sat silent for a few minutes and Tracy finally spoke.

“This is perfect. I am glad you two talked me into coming.” She smiled at Cathy and Paul.

“See.” Smiled Cathy. “I knew you just needed to get away and I knew Paul wouldn’t care.”

“No. This is great. I am glad you’re here. How can I complain? Sitting in a Jacuzzi with good drink, good food, and two hot chicks.” Paul laughed.

“Settle down.” Cathy said. “Put your dick in check.”

“He’s just a man Cath. I would expect nothing less.” Tracy chimed in.

“It’s always sex with him.” Cathy returned. Both girls were enjoying themselves.

“Hey. I didn’t mean anything like that.” This was not exactly the truth.

“Paul.” Cathy gave him that ‘Don’t bullshit me’ look.

“What?” He laughed.

“I know the way you think. Nothing would please you more they to have our tops magically disappear or maybe we just bare all for you.”

“Well, that’s true but you haven’t had enough to drink.” Paul laughed.

“Dream on.’ Said Cathy. “You are so predictable”

“I know men always are.” Tracy added. “I bet we could guess what he thinks before he does.” She directed at Cathy.

“Ohh no doubt. I know his dick does most of his thinking.” Cathy directed back to Tracy.

“You know.” Tracy said. “I bet we could use this to our advantage.” Now the girls were talking to each other acting like Paul wasn’t even there.

“Sure. Want to?” Cathy said.

“Yeah. Lets.” Tracy said. “What you say?” She directed at Paul. Paul was not sure where they were going with this but Tracy quickly addressed his hesitation. “Chicken?”

“No way.” He quickly replied not sure what he was getting himself into.

“What ever you say.” Paul knew he shouldn’t have given them the power to set the rules to this little challenge, whatever it would be?

“Fine.” Answered Cathy as she leaned over to whisper to Tracy.

“Wait a sec.” Paul teased, “Two against one hardly seems fair.”

“What’s wrong? Big strong Paul can’t beat two little girls.” Tracy mocked.

“Alright. Fine.” Paul relented.

The girls continued to whisper and giggle until Tracy finally spoke up. “OK. Here are the rules. We ask you a question and if we guess what your answer is going to be then you have to drink. If we are wrong then we drink but you have to be honest.”

“What kind of questions do we ask?” Paul asked.

“Ask anything honey.” Cathy smiled. “I know your dick better they you do.”

“You know this could get personal Cath?” Paul said to Cathy.

“Don’t worry about Trace honey. She is a big girl.” Cathy taunted him.

“OK. If that’s the way you want it.” Paul wasn’t really into games but this could get interesting.

“Ohh yeah.” Tracy said as she got out of the tub and ran into the house.

“Where is she going?” Paul asked.

“To get a pencil and paper. You have to write your answers down.” Cathy teased him.

“You’re kidding?” Paul said.

“Don’t worry honey we will too.” Cathy said as Tracy quickly ran back to the tub and got in.

“Ohhh this warm water feels good.” She said as she sat down. Paul just stared at her body. Tracy was wearing an orange bikini that didn’t do a lot to cover her tits and her nipples stabbed at the material as the cold covered her body.

“OK here goes.” Tracy said. The girls started to whisper again and finally Tracy looked at Paul. “OK Paul. When you and Cathy started dating how many dates did you think it should take before you two had sex?”

Paul knew not to underestimate how well his wife knew him. He remembered she made him wait at least ten dates before she gave it up. He also bitched about it after. “Hmmmm?” Paul was trying to be reasonable but not far out. The girls were busy whispering to each other.

“C’mon Paul.” Said Cathy. “It is not a hard question. Quit trying to be something your not. When do you want it?” She winked at Tracy. She knew this would get him.

“OK. I got it.” He said as he wrote on the paper. “Guess away.”

“Three.” Cathy said flatly. Paul’s mouth dropped open. “Paul. You told me this yourself after we started dating. First two dates are for getting to know each other and then there should be lots of flesh.” Both girls started laughing.

“Shit.” Said Paul and he started laughing too. He tipped his beer, took a long drink. “OK. Here is one for you two. What is it that first attracted me to Cathy?”

“My ass.” Said Cathy.

“Her tits.’ Added Tracy. Both girls were both laughing at how easy that one was.

“C’mon. That is not necessary true. It could be her eyes or her hair.” Paul added.

“C’mon Paul.” Cathy argued. “Since when do you notice eyes or hair?’

“All the time. It appears you don’t know me like you think.” Paul laughed. “See I have it written down. EYES.”

“OK.” Answered Tracy. “What color are my eyes.’ She asked while closing her eyes. She had this big smile on her face.

‘Wow! Was she hot?’ Paul thought, but that was easy. He knew her eye color.

“Green.” He said.

“Impressive.” Cathy laughed. “Tracy figured all you were looking at here were her tits.”

“Well I was looking at those too.” Paul said. “But you still have to drink.”

That is how it went for the next hour with Paul winning some and loosing some but he was impressed with how well the girls did. It did not take long for all three of them to start feeling the alcohol. Paul was still horny from the night before and sitting in the Jacuzzi getting drunk with two hot girls was not helping things. He decided to try and make this game a little more interesting.

“OK. You girls are doing alright but this is getting boring.” Paul finally said.

“What’s wrong Paul?” Mocked Tracy. “You can’t handle it?”

“Yeah.” Added Cathy. “Can’t handle the truth?” The girls were getting pretty looped now and clearly having a good time at Paul’s expense.

“Sure I can.” He laughed. “But let’s make this more interesting.” He said. “Let’s sweeten the stakes”

“Sure.” Answered Tracy. “What ever you want.” Tracy turned to Cathy. “Do you care?”