“Would you pass my wine, please?”

“Sure. Shall I top it up…if I can do that without spilling it on the pillow?”

“Why not? This is a lot better than that horrible bubbly stuff we had at the reception. What is it?”

“It’s what we wine connoisseurs call ‘red’.”

“Thanks, I’ll make a note of that…I’m glad that you suggested we slip away.”

“Weren’t you worried that I was going to lure you to my cottage in the woods, inveigle you into my bed and have my way with you?”

“Inveigle? Are you some kind of English major?”

“Nah; I just like words, among other things.”

“Such as?”

“Well…sex, for one.”

“Sex for one doesn’t sound too interesting. I prefer sex for two…or more.”

“You know what I mean!”

“Doesn’t everyone like sex?”

“Some more than others, in my experience.”

“I guess you’re right. In that case I’m a ‘some’, not an ‘other’, as you’ve probably figured out already, seeing how easy I was to ‘inveigle’.”

“I think it was when you asked me to unhook the back of your bridesmaid’s dress and suggested that we took the bottle of wine to bed with us that I began to suspect something. And now here you are, lying half naked across me, grinning like the cat that’s hoping to get the cream.”

“Nice…and what more could a man want?”

“Well, having the other half naked would be a good start.”

“All in good time. First let’s talk some more about why we like sex.”

“OK; you go first.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Tell me about the first time you came.”

“Sex-for-one or with company?”


“Right, let me remember…Yes, it was when my favorite cousin Robin came to stay with us for the summer. We’d both just graduated from high school – Don’t laugh; I was a late starter! – and my parents sent us off on a camping trip together. I think they just wanted us out of the house for a few days, to give them some peace. And under the circumstances, I bet they never imagined we’d get up to anything. Neither of us could drive so we loaded the camping gear onto our bikes and rode about 50 miles to a State Park that had some very remote campsites. It was late afternoon when we pitched our little two-person pup tent beside a creek way back in the woods and decided to go for a swim. Being shy back then, I went behind a bush to put on my bikini, but when I came out there was my cousin, standing stark naked, saying “Are you crazy? No one’s going to see us here.”

“Well, I’d never actually seen a real live naked human being before, or not since I got interested, anyway. I’d seen pictures, of course, but a real live flesh-and-blood body, up close and personal? That just blew me away.”

“What did you do?”

“Just stood there gawping and looking stupid, I guess.”

“And what did he do?”

“Ahh…there’s something I should tell you about Robin, but you must first promise not to be shocked.”

“I promise.”

“It’s ‘what did she do?’ Robin’s a girl.”


“You promised!”

“I’m not shocked…Surprised, maybe. Definitely intrigued and dying to hear more about her. But I need a few moments to re-imagine this whole story you’re telling. I was envisioning this 18-year old hunk of gorgeous boy/manhood carrying you off into the woods, and now you tell me she’s a girl.”

“Are you nuts? My parents may be liberal but they’re not crazy six ways to Sunday. They would never have let me go off camping with a boy.”

“So what happened next? No, wait…What color were her eyes?

“You’re a strange man, you know. Imagining a naked girl and you want to know the color of her eyes? They’re brown, like mine. Why do you want to know?”

“Well, if I know her eye color then I can guess her hair color and imagine how her bush looked nestling between her legs (which is lovely, by the way).”

“It was, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was dark and curly and untrimmed, and I just wanted to bury my face between her legs and breathe in the scent of her cunt. But then she turned away, ran down to the creek, and jumped in with a shout and a ginormous splash. I thought ‘What the hell?”, tore off my own swim suit and ran after her. The feeling of the cold water on my nipples and the lips of my pussy was absolutely fantastic; I can remember it to this day. I could see Robin’s naked body through the water, indistinctly, of course, except when she floated on her back with her breasts and pussy just showing above the water. I never wanted that dip to end, not just because it felt so damn good but also because I didn’t know what was going to happen next.”

“What did you want to happen?”

“I was so confused. I’d never been attracted to a girl before – not like that – but all I wanted was to touch her and kiss her and feel her hands all over me. Anyway, she climbed out of the water before me and I watched the muscles in her tight little ass as she scrambled up the bank and walked back towards the tent. I was so excited I could scarcely breathe. When I caught up with her she was lying in the sun on a blanket, with a towel across her hips, looking good enough to eat. I covered my confusion with a towel of my own and lay down beside her. We smiled at each other and I felt myself blushing as she began to examine my body. There was no pretense – she was blatantly drinking in my face, neck, shoulders, breasts, nipples and belly with her eyes. Then she simply pulled away the two towels that were covering our crotches and with them went the last pretense that this wasn’t a sexual encounter. “You’re gorgeous”, she said. “May I kiss you?” She leant over me, her lips brushing the corner of my mouth as her breast brushed my arm, which sent shockwaves through my body. I felt a warm glow begin to build deep between my legs, unlike anything I had ever felt there before. She gently sucked my lower lip between hers before sliding the tip of her tongue into my mouth. I had never kissed or been kissed like this before and I had to have more. I reached behind her head, slipping my fingers through her thick hair, and pulled her lips against mine. Our tongues entwined and explored. When I gently bit her bottom lip she moaned:

“I’m think I’m getting wet; how about you?”

“What do you mean?”

“In your vagina, silly.”

“I don’t know, but it feels lovely.”

“Have you ever…?”


“You know…touched yourself there?”

“Only every time I pee, silly.”

“That’s different. Haven’t you ever rubbed your clitoris?”

“Just on my bike saddle; I think that’s why I like riding so much…Don’t laugh!”

“Well, it’s even better with your finger, believe me. See if you’re wet.”

“Wow, yes! I didn’t know that happened.”

“It makes it easier when a man slides his prick into you.”

“Have you ever…?”

“No, not yet. All the boys I know are such jerks. But I like to think about it when I masturbate.”

“How do you do that?”

“I’ll show you if you like.”

“Kiss me again first and rub my breasts, please? That’s absolute heaven…Now show me what you do.”

“Well, I usually begin by rubbing and pinching my nipples which makes them hard and really turns me on, but I’m already way past that stage right now so I’ll skip to the main event. I like to slide my finger between the inner lips on each side of my vagina…like this…and rub the sides of my clit…like this. Then I’ll usually slip a fingertip into my vagina…like this…and move it in and out imagining it’s some man’s hard penis that he’s sliding into me as he slowly fucks my brains out. Now I’m really wet – feel me.”

“Can I really? Sure you don’t mind?”

“This is a lesson, remember? Besides, I’m dying to feel your fingers between my legs…Go on.”

“Robin, you’re sopping, even wetter than I was! I didn’t know you could get that wet! And you feel wonderful.”

“Don’t stop what you’re doing.”

“Is this OK? Tell me what to do. Your lips are so soft and swollen.”

“Slip a finger into me, please. And then slide it out and rub it over my clit. Again and again…please”



“Would you…do me too?”

“I thought you’d never ask. Move your ass a bit closer. That’s better; now I can reach you. God, you’re certainly wet enough now, and swollen. And soft, and slippery, and tight.”

“Robin, how come you’re not as tight as I am, if we’re both still virgins?”

“Now you’re going to embarrass me.”

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“I want to tell you everything, pet. One day I was snooping – you know, after school when I was alone in the house – and I came across my mother’s vibrator thingy.”


“It seemed like too good an opportunity to waste, so I tried it out. At first I couldn’t get it in – it was so big! – but after a while I guess I loosened up a bit and in it slid.”

“Didn’t it hurt?”

“Just for a second, but by then I was so turned on that I came almost immediately. It wasn’t my first orgasm, but it was by far the best. So I guess I took my own virginity.”

“If you keep on doing that, I think I’m going to come.”

“I’d love you to. I want to feel your tight little vagina squeeze my finger.”

“Suck my nipples, please! Oh, that’s…that’s…that’s…Ohhhh!”

“Wow! You came, all right. Let me hold you and kiss you and rock you while you float back down to earth…”

“God, that was absolutely, toe-curlingly, amazing! I think I’m beginning to see what all the fuss is about.”

“Better than a bike saddle?”

“Much, much better! I loved every second of what we just did. Can we do it again… and soon, please? And often? You know, when you sucked on my breasts and slid your gentle clever finger in and out of my cunt I thought I was going to die! I had this image running through my head of a long hard penis spreading my swollen pussy lips in order to go where no man has gone before.”

“I’ve been thinking…You know what this makes us?”


“Lesbians? No! We’re kissing cousins!”

“And then some,” I said, smiling and rather relieved.

“Wow! That was quite a story! Didn’t Robin ever come?”

“Oh yes, did she ever! It was a bit later that evening, but that’s another story. Right now I need to pee. May I…?”

“Of course; it’s through there, Scheherezade.”

* * *

“I hope you don’t mind…I found this white T-shirt in your bathroom when I was peeing, and I had to get out of that bridesmaid’s bra. It was killing me.”

“Mind? One of my favorite fantasies is of a girl who looks just like you wearing nothing but a white T-shirt, with just a few wisps of her dark pubic hair showing beneath it.”

“How do you know the color of my pubic hair, and what makes you think I’m not wearing panties?”

“Well, I don’t, but you have brown eyes like your cousin, so it’s a pretty safe guess. Also, I thought I caught sight of a little dark triangle between your lovely legs when you climbed back onto the bed just now. And you’re not so shy anymore, are you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t even close the bathroom door.”

“Actually, I was rather hoping you’d watch me.”

“And there was I, trying to be discreet; next time I’ll know better.”



“All right; it’s your turn.”

“For what?”

“A story, silly. I’m enjoying this.”

“Right, well, let me think…It was early fall and my girlfriend and I and another couple – our best friends, in fact – had borrowed an isolated lakeshore cabin up in the north woods for the weekend.”

“Then-girlfriend or now-girlfriend?”

“Then. There is no now-girlfriend.”

“Good. Maybe I’ll apply.”

“Well, I’m interviewing for the position right now.”

“I could fill you in on my résumé…And you can fill me in later.”

“I’m looking forward to it. Now, where was I?”

“Heading for an isolated lakeshore cabin somewhere in the north woods. You know, if it wasn’t for creeks and lakes and cabins, I’m not sure there would ever be any sex at all.”

“We’d had dinner on the road, so it was already beginning to get dark by the time we had settled in. We were sitting on the deck looking out over the lake, enjoying the evening light and drinking some wine…”

“More ‘red’?”

“…when my girlfriend Heather jumped up and said “Let’s all go skinny-dipping!” She didn’t wait to see how the rest of us would react; she just stripped off her T-shirt…”


“…white T-shirt, dark blue linen shorts and black panties – she didn’t wear a bra – and ran down to the water. We all knew each other pretty well – we’d been good friends for a couple of years by then – but we’d never done anything like this before. The other girl, Stephanie, shouted “Wait for me!”, quickly stripped off all her clothes and followed. John and I were slower to react.”


“Sorry, our friends were called John and Stephanie. Anyway, we just sat there looking at the naked backsides of two lovely women holding hands and gazing out over the lake. After a moment, John looked at me and asked:

“Think we should join them?”

“I’m up for it if you are.”

“Hmm…not quite yet, but I think I will be soon.”

“Me too!”

“So we quickly slipped out of our jeans, T-shirts and underpants. I’d often seen John in the showers after we’d played tennis, and I’d admired his tall thin body, his mat of dark pubic hair and – whenever I thought he wasn’t looking – his long slender prick. Which I now noticed was already getting engorged although it was still hanging down between his legs.”

“I love to watch a man’s prick get hard. It’s so…unambiguous. How about yours?”

“Mine’s not quite as long or as slender as John’s…”

“I wouldn’t know.”

“You’ll see.”

“Oh, good. When?”

“Do you want me to go on with the story?”

“Yes, but it’s making me as horny as all get out. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable without your jeans?”

“You mean, to fit the storyline?”


“OK, just a moment…I just need to ease the zipper down over my prick. There, that’s better.”

“Oh, wow! I didn’t realize you weren’t wearing underpants; where did you get that lovely thing?”

“I grew it special.”

“For me?”

“Oh, I hope so.”

“Go on with the story while I feast my eyes.”

“OK. By the time we got down to the water the girls were already swimming, splashing one another and laughing. It was dusk and the light was fading but there always seems to be more light on the water, and I could see Stephanie quite clearly as she stood in the shallows, legs slightly apart, shaking her wet hair.”

“Eye color?”

“I already knew she was a blue-eyed blonde – not really my type – but now for the first time I saw her blonde bush nestling between her legs.”

“Nestling again? Is that how you always think of women’s pussy hair?”

“I suppose it is. I once knew a girl who had long straight hair down there – very unusual – but most of the ones I’ve seen are curly and look just like little bird’s nests. ‘Nestling’ just seems to be the right word,. Either that or ‘snuggling’, maybe.”

“If you like, you can pull my T-shirt up a bit and see if my bird’s nest snuggles or nestles.”

“Hmm…Let’s see. Ha! I was right about you removing your panties, and about the color of your hair. Now, lie on your back so I can get a proper look.”

“There’s nothing proper about the way you’re looking! Is this OK?”

“Lovely; now spread your legs just a little so I can really see. Dark, curly, untrimmed, definitely nestling, with maybe a hint of snuggling. And I can just see your pink inner pussy lips peeking out through the fur – gorgeous!”

“Now who’s feasting? Lie back and go on with the story.”

“Must I? OK. Well, as we walked back hand-in-hand to the cabin, Heather – who had started all this – asked me quietly:

“Are you OK with this?”

“Sure; I’m loving it!”

“What if it goes further?”

“What do you mean?”

“Must I spell it out? I told you the other night about my fantasy of being fucked by John.”

“As I recall, I told you about my fantasy of watching you do it. There’s your answer.”

“What do you think Steph would think?”

“Not a clue, but she was quick enough to follow your lead and strip. Let’s just play it by ear. Any one of us can call a halt if necessary.”

“I hope no one does” she said, turning her slippery wet naked body into mine, pulling me to her and kissing me like we hadn’t kissed in weeks.

“When Heather and I got back to the cabin, John and Steph were lying on a wide futon in front of the fire we’d built earlier, sharing another bottle of wine. They both had towels wrapped towels around their waists, but Stephanie made no attempt to cover her lovely breasts.”

“Sounds like Stephanie is going to be OK with whatever develops. Am I right?”

“Wait and see! Steph smiled up at the two of us standing there naked, and said:

“Come grab a glass and lie down here with us.”

“We’ll just get some towels and dry off a bit first.”

“Come sit here, Heather, and let me dry your back.”

“Thanks, John. Where’s that wine? Oh, that feels good. If I lie on my front would you dry the rest of me, please?”

“Mmmm…Your ass feels as good as it looks.”

“I’m still wet between my legs, John. Would you dry me all the way up between my cheeks?”

“I’m wet between my legs too,” Stephanie whispered to me. “But that’s for a different reason.”

“Are you OK with this, Steph?”, I whispered.

“Yes, I am; John told me he’s had this fantasy of fucking Heather for months now, and it doesn’t bother me one bit. In fact, it turns me on so much I want to join in and help them. What about you?”

“Well, I never expected anything like this, but I know Heather has dreamt about fucking John, and I must admit that I’ve fantasized about you, as well as watching the three of you make love together.”

“Do you really think they’re going to fuck?”

“Frankly, I doubt anything could stop them. It’s both their fantasies, although only you and I know that.”

“Oh, good. In that case, I’m going to join them if that’s OK with you. One thing, though.”

“What’s that?”

“Will you promise to fuck me when they’ve finished?”

“It would be my pleasure!”

“Oh this is just too weird!”

“What do you mean?”

“Your fantasy about watching someone fuck your girlfriend. I’ve always wanted to watch another couple fuck, and the more I cared for them both the better it would be.”

“Have you ever done it?”

“Only in the dark on the beach, so I want to hear all the details. What happened next?”

“Well, by this time John and Heather were kissing deeply, oblivious to Steph and me. Heather was lying on her back, the towel lost somewhere, and John was rubbing her nipples, which I knew she loved. Heather’s nipples were quite large and when she was excited they got as hard as little berries.”

“Were they as big as mine?”

“I’ve never seen yours; how would I know?”

“Well, you can feel them through my T-shirt if you like, and tell me.”

My T-shirt. All right, yes, yours are about as big as Heather’s, and they feel pretty hard right now. I can roll them between my finger and thumb.”

“I’m so turned on that I think I could come just with you doing what you’re doing. I’ve got this glow between my legs that’s spreading down to my knees and up to my breasts, and – I’m sorry – my cunt is dripping onto your bedspread.”