Zach is invited to a coven party on Samhain and does his manly deeds


From previous stories you might know that a bicycle accident left me in a coma from a brain concussion. When I awoke I had a power or mind control ability that worked only with woman. I can center on specific sexual centers of their bodies or target specific thought centers to enhance feelings. I never force females but tap into their deep thoughts and bring those feelings to the surface. This story is just another of those bazaar occasions. I was a little out of character during this event; perhaps it was the potion?

My name is Zach and I have been wondering what I was gonna do for Halloween and what I was gonna dress as. Maybe I wouldn’t even go out. Just then my door bell rang and after opening the door I had to sign for a FedEx package. I opened the package and right on top was a note.

“Oh yes you are going out! We will pick you up on All Hallows Eve. We can’t trust you to ride your bike! LMAO! Wear your outfit my Celtic Warrior. Make sure you go commando as it requires! Love Kate, kisses! PS: don’t forget the knife. You’ll need it for the ritual.”

I took apart the wrapping and pulled out the fabric and shook it out. It was a kilt! A white blouse came next and under that were the socks, an ornate Celtic kilt pin and the sgian-dubh (“black knife”) which slides into the top of the socks. I tried on the outfit and I looked like a character from Braveheart or Highlander. I changed out and put the outfit in the box and waited for Halloween.

On Halloween I dressed and waited for Kate. My phone buzzed and a text arrived, “I’m out front.”

I walked outside and two women were standing by a car. As I approached I saw that Kate was dressed like a Celtic warrior. She had on a full leather outfit, skirt and bodice and knife hilts hanging off the belt. Her red hair was braided in two strands and lay across her leather jerkin covered breasts.

Taking all that in I was drawn away to the other woman. She was dressed all in white and long white hair flowed across her shoulders and breasts. I realized it was Lydiya and I walked to her and knelt before her. “Tugadh Solais”, “My White Lady of the Light,” I said reverently. She smiled widely pleased at my using an ancient title for her.

Lydiya laid her tiny hand on my head and parted her robe. I saw she was naked underneath. I looked at her white down coating her coral pussy lips. There was moisture sparkling each labia and her womanness was giving off a strong hypnotic scent. I wanted to lean forward and eat her peach right there in my driveway.

Lydiya laughed, (reading my thoughts), “Not now Zach. Kiss your baby girl Zach,” she whispered opening her robe further. “Be very careful not to awaken her from her natal slumber.” I leaned forward and kissed her tiny baby bump and rubbed my hands softly and carefully over my daughter’s home for the next seven months.

“Ahem,” I heard next to Lydiya. I turned and Kate had unbuckled her bodice and a larger bump was showing. “Kiss your Gemini daughters Zach,” she whispered. “You are gonna ruin my figure when my twins push this tummy out and my ass grows big to compensate. This will be the last time I can wear this bodice as my tits will get twice as big.”

I caressed her tummy lovingly and ran kisses all over the bump. I looked upwards and Kate started laughing. “You’re such a dirty man Zach! I can read your lust for my soon to be swollen milk filled tits. Your twin daughters go first and you can have the left overs. That’s all you deserve after knocking up me and my sisters then taking off,” she laughed and Lydiya joined her while boosting her naked breasts with her hands.

“Come my warrior your coven sluts await your thick manly horsecock and your thick baby butter. Show me you are prepared,” Kate ordered. I stood and lifted my kilt and my thick cock and heavy balls hung down naked there under. Both Kate and Lydiya put a soft hand on my cock and rubbed softly chanting in a language I did not understand. “This is not for us tonight Zach but for my sister coven. Let us leave for they await with wet pussies anxious for this horsecock to ride them and fill them with baby cum.”

I sat shotgun while Kate drove the fast sports car and Lydiya sat behind me. We left the city and drove up to the small hills. A not quite full moon shone bright adding to the eeriness of this special night. In the straight-aways Kate would reach across the short space and slip her hand under my kilt.

She softly stroked my hard cock and played with the pre-cum leaking from my dickhead. When she had to pull her hand out she licked her palm. Lydiya softly asked for the next wet palm and Kate obliged but somewhat awkwardly twisting her hand backwards.

We drove up to a large fenced gate and Kate tapped in a code and the tall gates opened. I looked out and suddenly two large Irish wolfhounds flanked the car. Since the sports car was strung low to the ground the wolfhounds’ flanks blocked looking out the side windows. I heard the windows go down and Lydiya was singing softly to the hounds and the one on her side licked her hand as the other did to Kate. I kept my hands inside!

We pulled up to a circular drive and a tall statuesque blonde in dark leather acted as the valet and with deference assisted Kate and Lydiya from the car. I was on my own. I got out and stood by the car and the two hounds came to me and growled. Kate spoke to them in that ancient language and they came to her. She pet them briskly and lovingly then we walked to the door of this large manor house.

The door opened before she could reach for the handle. Strong seductive scents emanated from within. There were several naked women moving about the grand hall. They had Mardi Gras masks on and their long hair of various colors flowed down their backs. They met flowing tails across their asses that could only be held one way! Their tails matched their hair so there were blonde, brunet and roan tails of various shade swinging about.

These pony girls were the carriers of food and drinks and the trays were carried about belly button height so their breasts and nipples got stroked as females in various Halloween costumes took food or drink. It reminded me quickly of the party scene from “Eyes Wide Shut.” I also realized I was the only male here tonight.

Kate and Lydiya escorted me through the party rooms one on each of my arms. In one doorway we stopped and I saw five woman dressed like Lydiya in flowing robes but in different colors. Looking closely I saw the color of the robes matched their hair color and a collar of bright red leather held the robe in place. They also had Marti Gras masks on and I wondered why Kate and Lydiya did not.

“We are unknown to everyone here but these five women are well known women of industry, science or academia. They are a sister coven and your breeding stock tonight and at the stroke of midnight you will begin to fuck them and drop your baby cum deep down their hot cunts,” Kate intoned, “Unless you want me to take you home, of course,” she said laughing.

“Here drink this potion,” she said taking a bottle from a pouch on her hip. “It is safe and will strengthen your ability during tonight but will prevent you from climaxing until I give you the antidote. You are free to fuck any female who asks politely and formally and you are allowed to let your power leak into them to enhance their pleasure. The five women will not ask.”

I took the small glass blown bottle and looked it over. It looked very old like one you might find on a dusty antique store shelf. It had tiny runes circling the cobalt blue bottle and a tiny cork stopper.

Lydiya took the bottle and said, “Let me help my Celtic Chieftain,” and she pulled the stopper and poured the liquid across my tongue and I swallowed. A warmth enveloped me then centered in my crotch. My cock got strengthened and my balls felt heavier. Kate pushed me into the room and told me to go have some fun and they would be back for me around midnight.

I sat in an overstuffed chair and observed my surroundings. A few of the costumed women would hook up and begin kissing deeply. One nurse and one pirate had their hands up under each other’s short skirt. They each tucked the short skirt over each belt so it was obvious they wore no panties. It looked like it was a race to make each other cum first as wet fingers pumped through red puffy pussy lips.

Almost at the same time they brought their other hand to the other’s clit and rubbed that button frantically. As they moaned and shook through their own orgasm they dropped to the floor and quickly moved into a sixty nine with the blonde nurse on top. Her ass shone in its wetness pointed towards me. An elf queen dropped to her knees behind the nurse and a fat strap-on came out from under her gossamer skirt.

Without a warm up the elf pushed her fat cock into the nurse’s wet pussy and started pounding away. The blonde’s face came up and she screamed, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my wet slutty cunt. Pound my cunt with that fat cock! Oh DAMM I’m cumming!” and she sprayed the face of the pirate girl under her.

The elf queen pulled out a dripping cock and flipped the two girls over. The pirate’s ass was now pointing away from me so the elf moved behind her and plowed into that cunt. “No, my ass mistress, do my ass! Punish my naughty ass tonight. Get that fat cock down my ass and show me no mercy!” the dark haired pirate yelled. She then leaned down and sucked on the nurses wet cum covered pussy.

The elf queen saw me watching and smiled as she lined up her cock to the begging ass and pushed until she was all in. The pirate just moaned and kept eating that nurse pussy. The elf queen flipped the pirate skit up and started slapping that ass as she pounded that poor ass chute with that fat cock. She went all out then quickly all deep back in. This went on for some time until the pirate, the nurse and the elf screamed out their orgasms soaking their partner with hot pussy juice. They collapsed into a three way spoon hug and moaned on the floor.

With that show over the other females moved off into the other rooms. A long legged pony girl brought over a tray of hors d’œuvre and bent her large tits down and said, “Would Master like a bite?” and wiggled her tits. I ran my fingers across her nipples and let my power flush her body. She moaned as I saw juices leak out of her pussy lips and drip down her thighs.

She put her tray on the lamp table and dropped to her knees. She lifted my kilt and asked me, “Would Master like me to suck his fat long cock?” and before I could answer my crotch disappeared under a curtain of blonde hair. My eight inch cock slid slowly into her mouth and kept going until my dickhead was massaged by her throat and her lips kissed my balls. She kept my cock in her warm wet mouth and tight throat for a long time.

She pulled off my cock and whispered, “Master is supposed to pull my hair when I’m to start sucking his cock again. Otherwise I will obey and faint.”

She slid me deep into her throat again and bathed my fat cock with her wet tongue. She took my hand to the back of her head and pushed until she kissed my balls with her lower lip. Her tongue slipped out and licked my ball sack. She balled my hand in her hair and pulled hard on it and slowly slid her lips up to my dickhead. She kissed my leaking cock slit and sucked up the copious pre-cum leaking out.

“Remove my shoes and socks and sit your wet pussy on my ankle,” I growled. She did that and having no panties massaged my ankle with her very wet pussy lips. “Make yourself cum on my foot while you suck my cock you slut wench,” I ordered.

“Thank you Master,” she moaned as she moved her swollen clit against my foot and swallowed my cock. She humped her pussy along my long foot and sucked my cock deep. She took my hand again and pushed her head till her lips kissed my groin and held me there deep. She moved her wet pussy lips hard and fast on my foot and ankle. I sensed she was close so I concentrated my power onto her clit and slowly moved her to the edge.

I reached down and pulled on both her nipples and my power current flowed from her tits to her pussy and she moaned loudly on my cock and started shaking. I could feel hot liquid pulse onto my foot as I pulled and twisted her nipples. She slipped into the little death and my cock slipped from her mouth and she slowly slid to the floor at my feet.

A roan haired beauty in a school girl’s uniform now stood before me. It was obvious she was beyond eighteen but playing the little girl role to the hilt. “May I bathe your cock with my warm wet pussy Master?” she asked in a young girl’s voice.

“What’s your name little girl and are you old enough to ride a manly cock like this?” I asked playing along.

“Oh yes Sir, I’m all grown up. I’m Brianne and I just turned eighteen and I’m gonna graduate high school soon. Daddy tells me he loves my grown up body each night when he bathes me,” she played seductively.

“Well I’ll know for sure if your tits are all grown out. So show me them sweet thing. Take all your top stuff off Brianne,” I growled.

She kept her baby blue eyes focused on me. Slowly the jumper suspenders dropped from each shoulder. Next the buttons on her white school girl shirt were opened one by one and the tails pulled from her skirt. The shirt dropped off behind her back. By now a small crowd of women circled around her.

She had a lacy push up bra on with demi cups that let her hard nipples peak over the edge and barely contained her grapefruit sized tits. She put her hands under each breast and squeezed them together emphasizing her deep cleavage. Her thumbs played with each nipple causing them to swell outwards and for her to take in a deep hissing breath.

“See Master my titties are all grown up. The boys just love to play with them in the back seat of their car and the girls just won’t leave them alone in the school shower,” she said in a little girl’s voice.

She slowly raised her jumper to reveal a shaved bare naked labia. She had just a small tuff of red hair decorating where her pussy lips joined together. She kept her jumper raised and spread her thighs apart. Her pussy lips parted and I could see her juices leaking from her pussy and making her inner thighs all wet. I watched closely and a large clit began to firm and rise out from between her pussy lips. She must have flexed her kegels because her clit pulsed several times.

“That’s not an innocent school girl’s bra Brianne. You don’t even have the school regulation panties on under that jumper! What would your daddy do if he saw that you were wearing a bra like that and going to school with your coochie on display to all your teachers?” I grilled her.

“Daddy is not supposed to see what I wear under my clothes but if he caught me he would spank me real hard naked across his knees,” she pouted.

“Take that naughty bra off and drop that jumper and get over my knees,” I growled. She reached behind her and popped the bra hooks. She held the cups in place while she pushed the straps off her shoulders. Then seductively she slowly let the cups holding those great tits fall away. She reached behind her and loudly the zipper slid down and the jumper dropped to her black and whites.

“Come over here you naughty school slut and get across my knees,” I growled loudly to frighten her.

“Master your kilt will be all itchy on my tummy so I am gonna push it up before I lay down,” she said as she reached under my kilt. “Oh Master what is this huge thing you have under here. It feels like a hard club. Do you hit invaders over the head with this to knock them out when you are in a battle,” she said in faking shock as she rode her tiny hand up and down my cock.

She pushed my kilt all the way up my thighs and my hard fat long cock rose up and came into view. Several women watching what was going on hissed out a breath.

“Oh Master this is so big and thick, my little fingers can’t go all around. My daddy has a hairy tiny one and he makes me rub it when he is spanking me. Can I hold your big club while you spank me Master?” she cooed while she gathered my copious pre-cum across her palm. She licked off my spunk slowly savoring the hot liquid. She didn’t wait for an answer and slid across my lap. Her big tits stroked across my right thigh as she settled her tummy against my left. She reached under herself and brought her left hand back to my big balls and the base of my cock.

“Spank me Master. Spank me hard for being such a school girl slut. Spank me Daddy for being slutty under my uniform. Spank me Daddy for teasing my teachers with my bare coochie when I open my legs under the desk. Spank me Daddy for getting horny and letting the boys and girls play with my body and getting my coochie all wet. Spank me Daddy I’m so naughty and you have to teach me a hard lesson,” she whimpered.

She had a great ass! The cheeks were firm and rode up high. She spread her thighs and her woman scent filled the air around us. My hand caressed each cheek and slowly ran down the cleft of her ass and across her darkstar. I dipped down across her wet pussy lips and gathered up her thick hot juices. I went back to her anus and lubed her back door and pushed a finger against her star and it slowly gave way to allow my finger to slide into her ass.

“Oh Master what are you doing back there? That’s so nasty and dirty. Daddy tries to touch me there and I tell him to stop. But it feels real nice when you slid your finger in and out back there Master. Can you do more? Do you think your club would fit in there? Oh Master stop teasing me and spank my naughty ass,” she moaned.

With the finger of one hand still in her ass I brought my other hand down hard on one ass cheek such there was a loud ‘crack’ sound that made some women in the room turn in our direction. I saw two of the special robed women enter the room and stand close by.

I slid my finger out of her ass and started a smack, Smack, SMACK attack on each of her ass cheeks. She was moaning loudly but was also pushing her ass upwards to meet my swats. Slowly her ass was turning bright red. I turned my hand slightly and smacked hard against her pussy.

“More Master, more against my nasty coochie. Spank it hard Master!” she begged.

So I alternated spanking her ass and her pussy for some time until my hands started to hurt. “Brianne count these last ten for me you slut. I can feel your naughty pussy juice leaking across my thigh. So let’s begin.”

I slapped her ass real hard and it pushed her ass up and made her pussy slide across my thigh. I could actually feel her swollen large clit ride my thigh.

“One,” she moaned. “Two,” she hissed and so on up to ten. When I slapped her ass the hardest at number ten she started moaning loudly and started humping my thigh with her pussy. I gave into her lust and started slapping her pussy lips as hard as I could. Each time I made contact I let my power find its way to her fat clit. It felt to her like I was pulling on it each time.

“Oh fuck Master I’m cumming. Slap my cunt Master I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Then she said nothing for some time as I saw her back tense tightly and her thighs push against my leg. I started slapping her pussy and her warm juice was spraying my hand.

“OH FUCK, MASTER,” she screamed and her pussy juice sprayed out onto the floor, pulse after pulse as she moaned through her very strong orgasm. She let out a deep breath then lay panting across my thighs.

“Anyone wanna clean this bitch up?” I asked the crowd.

A brunet in a cop uniform pushed forward and knelt behind Brianne’s ass and started lapping up the flowing pussy juice. While she did that the cop wet my two fingers in her mouth and I moved them to Brianne’s asshole and slowly pushed them in deep to my palm. Brianne moaned deeply as my fingers slid in and out her ass. The cop would spit pussy juice on my fingers each time she gathered a good mouthful.