1. A Fucking English Lesson- How to choose the right word for your story.
  2. Dialogue This- How to make your characters talk.
  3. Improve Your Writing: Summary- Avoid common mistakes (1300 Words).
  4. Love Your Readers: Categories- Help Your Readers. Categorized Your Story Correctly.
  5.  Love Your Readers- Your readers are precious. Help them.
  6.  Foot Sex 101- A girl’s point of view on how to incorporate feet with sex.
  7. Story Telling 101- What makes a story believable.
  8. What I Wish I Knew- Thoughts for new writers.
  9.  Let The Characters Do The Talking- A short guide for writing believable dialogue.
  10. How to Sensually Dominate a Man- Guide to dominating with pleasure and little/no pain.
  11. How To Make Characters Talk in Your Stories- The ins and outs of potent dialogue.
  12. Write Incest like a Mother Fucker –How to rock Lit’s most popular category the LC way.
  13. Down, Boy!- Writing the Alpha Male in contemporary fiction.
  14. It’s and Its- The key to learning which is which.
  15. How to Appreciate a Man- What’s the secret to appreciating the man in your life?
  16. A Checklist for a Good Editor- Advice on proper editing.
  17. How to Succeed at Life- Eight tips to heighten happiness and diminish despair.
  18. Breaking the Rules of Sex & Marriage- You made them, & you can break them.
  19.  How To Pull Up Your Story Score- Writing quality erotic fiction is not beyond you.
  20.  Writing Erotica for Fun & Profit- I explain my ongoing process for writing & selling erotica.
  21. The “Secret” of Attraction- How to re-ignite the spark of passion in your relationship.
  22.  How To Write Lesbian Sex Scenes- Writing F/F scenes appealing to women.
  23. How To Give Great Blowjobs- A man’s guide on how to blow men.
  24. How to Write Romance- The secret formula. (Sssh!)
  25. How to Spot a Real Female Orgasm- A man’s guide: how to spot a real female orgasm.
  26. Squirting for Beginners- Yes, even YOU can do it!
  27. Deepthroating 101- A girl shares tips and advice on the art of deepthroating.
  28. Using Literotica- A guide of the categories for potentially lost readers.
  29. The Talk- How to talk to your children about sex.
  30. How to Give Head- The art of giving a good blowjob.
  31.  How to Give a Man a Happy Ending- Learn the best ways to give a man a happy ending massage!
  32. Blowjobs for Dummies- Read this with your lady & you’ll thank the author.
  33. How To Use Erotic Hypnosis- Make your sex even better.
  34. Writing Quality Sex Scenes- Guide for those who struggle with fucking.
  35.  JT’s Guide: Eating Pussy- The basics of learning how to orally pleasure a woman.
  36. How to Survive Depression- Depression really sucks, but it can be survived.
  37. Please Release Me…Let Me Flow- Men’s Guide To Female Ejaculation. Introduction and tips
  38. How to Receive Anal Sex- A man’s guide on how to receive anal sex.
  39. Anal Sex 201: Male Penetration- Guide for couples interested in female – male penetration.
  40. The 10 Commandments- …for amateur fiction writers.
  41. Writing Real Sex- The answer to “How Do You Write Such HOT Sex Scenes?”
  42. Meditation: Simple Techniques- Simple techniques of meditation for everyday living.
  43. How to Pleasure a Lady – & Yourself- Advice from a Teenage Sex Connoisseur.
  44. Erotica Guide to Teasing- A guide for couples who want to play teasing games.
  45. Beginner’s Guide to Buying Porn- How NOT to waste your time & money.
  46. Clover’s How To Suck Cock- A horny girl’s thoughts on how best to do it.
  47. Instructions for My Boyfriend- This is what I would tell my boyfriend if I had the guts.
  48. How To Break the Literotica Toplist- The formula in each category.
  49. My Take on Writing a Female Orgasm- Descriptive orgasm examples & words to consider.
  50. Understand Breasts & Bra Sizes- Tiny tits, huge hooters – never 36D.
  51. My Take on Blowing With Words- Different examples of writing blowjobs for erotic stories.
  52. Basic Text Formatting 101- How to format your story for submission to Literotica.
  53. Tease and Denial 101- An introduction to erotic tease and denial.
  54. How To: Create a Golem- Step by step instructions to create your own golem!
  55. A Little Bit of T&D- Tie up your man and go to town.
  56.  Creative Construction of Character- How to not write like everyone else, & well.
  57.  Oral Sex 101- For men, for women – an oral how-to.
  58. Oral Pleasures- How to eat pussy.
  59. Claire’s Guide to Good Head- Some helpful advice for cocksuckers.
  60. Easy Guide To Better Writing- A simple checklist for improving a story’s readability.
  61. 9 Steps to Sexier Stories-A Porn Reader’s Manifesto.
  62. How to Unveil Yourself to Your Love- Tap into your natural feminine ability to reveal yourself.
  63. How To Appreciate A Woman- What’s the real truth about appreciating a woman?
  64.  How to Give a Yoni Massage- Honor the sacred feminine through Yoni massage.
  65. Training Bi Males- A primer from a Lifestyle Mistress on training new slaves.
  66. How to Give Great Rimjobs- A man’s guide on how to give men great rimjobs.
  67.  Getting Past Guilt- Embracing fantasy and honest communication in your sex life.
  68. How To Piss Off An Editor- What not to do in dealing with an editor.
  69. My Thoughts on Writing Erotica- Things author considers important to good story writing.
  70.  My Guide to Sex in a Relationship- Some tips and tricks I picked up along the way.
  71.  Woman’s Guide to Male Panty Fetish- Required reading for all females.
  72.  Writing Smut for Profit- It’s not just an adventure – it’s a job.
  73. A Beginner’s Guide to Dominating he- First time Topping: how to start off right.
  74. Trouble Deepthroating?- Anyone can deepthroat – here’s how.
  75. Erogenous zones: The Joy of Teasing- Find them and work them.
  76. Internet Romance for Beginners- Reach out and touch yourself.
  77. How to Help a Sexual Assault Victim-What to do if a friend has been sexually assaulted.
  78. How to Sell your Smut.- Make money from your sexy scriblings.
  79.  Weapons of Mass Seduction- Wear something sexy and encourage your lover to undress you.
  80. A Nerd’s Guide To Getting Hooked Up- Straight talk about successful seduction.
  81. Abusive Friendships- Recognizing abuse outside of a romantic relationship.
  82.  How To: Make Her Wild for You-A simple guide to getting the sex life you always wanted.
  83. How to Be Alone… And Happy- Life’s lessons.
  84. How to Eat Pussy Like a Champ- Oh yes, you’re going to be very popular.
  85.  How To Talk Dirty To Your Lover- The keys to open up some pretty wild doors
  86. Worship His Cock- Why she loves to suck cock – and how she does it.
  87.  The Six Secrets of Sizzling Sex- Or…be all you can be in the bedroom.
  88. How To Piss Off My Wife- Suggestions on how not to act or talk with the wife.
  89. Make Big Bucks Selling Fiction- How to sell your dirty stories and make big bucks.
  90. The Digital Arts- Fingers aren’t just for scratching, boys.
  91. Tips on Wife Sharing- Why some men want their wives to have sex with other men.
  92. Swingers’ Clubs: What Goes On?- Curious? We tell you what you (& your spouse) might find.
  93.  The Dark Kiss: A Guide to Analingus- Pleasure your lover through oral-anal contact.
  94. How to Charm Panties off- Gentleman shows how to charm the schoolmarm.
  95. How To Handle Infidelity- Dealing with & understanding infidelity.
  96. It Ain’t About the Dick- Everything I wish someone would have told me when I was 21.
  97.  Can You Kiss Me Like This?-An author’s take on writing the perfect kiss.
  98. How To Enjoy Fellatio- Giving head: it’s easier than you may think.
  99.  How To Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy- Tips and tricks for enjoying sex during pregnancy and beyond.
  100. A Gift to Writers- It’s/its, your’s/yours, to/too/two, etc. A writer’s macro.
  101. Writing With Your Audience In Mind- Help your audience relate to your characters.
  102. How To Enjoy Sex Like A Man- Hey ladies, it’s our turn to have fun.
  103. Sexual Positions for Lovers- Keep things exciting – & the chiropractor away.
  104. Breaking Up (Online or Not)-How to break up without looking like an asshole.
  105. On Eating Pussy- One man’s thoughts and experience.
  106. Everyman’s Handy Guide to Cunnilingus- It’ll make her happy.
  107. How to Have Good Sex After Marriage- It’s not over yet! How to heat up the sheets at home.
  108. How to Give a Lingam Massage- Worship the sacred masculine through Lingam massage.
  109. Why Men Cheat- This particular article is from the perspective of a man.
  110. How to Please a Man- A how to guide on the perfect blow job.
  111.  Fingers Of Fury- How to craft the super female orgasm.
  112.  Let Him Use Your Face- Let yourself go and let him take control.
  113. My Version of a Great Blowjob- A woman’s guide to giving a great blowjob.
  114. How to Beg- A submissive’s guide to begging.
  115. BDSM: Toybox Tips On A Budget- A light hearted guide to filling a kinky toybox on a budget.
  116.  How to Write a Good Sex Scene- Tips on believable written sex.
  117.  The Rule of Blowjobs for Women-The first rule of blowjobs is…
  118. Nipple Clamps 101- Taking the mystery out these wonderful treasures!
  119.  Gag Me- How to gag on a cock in a way that turns you both on.
  120. A Beginner’s Guide to Spanking Her- The do’s and Dont’s for that first time spanking.
  121. Married and Discreetly Sucking Cock- How to suck cock without getting caught.
  122. How to Locate Your Lover’s G-spot- …and properly stimulate it.
  123. Take the Porn Detox Challenge- 30 day abstinence for improved sexual health.
  124. How to Have Great Sex Over 50- No need to slow down now–time to dispel the myths.
  125. Bicurious and Married?-A primer for guys thinking about getting cock on the DL.
  126. How to Use a Condom- An illustrated manual on condom use.
  127. Fellatio: Woman’s Perspective- Ideas to bring more enjoyment to oral sex.
  128.  Dialogue: The Eternal Problem- Why is dialogue in stories so often real crap?
  129. How to Seduce a Cougar- Wannabe Cougars need a little encouragement, wanna help?
  130. How to Rim-Response to Guide reader’s request for details.
  131. Dominating a Man for the First Time- The dominatrix basics for first timers.
  132.  A Girl’s Guide to Getting Head- A girl’s guide to receiving oral sex.
  133. How to Enjoy Anal Sex- One woman’s suggestions.
  134.  Why Not Wax?- A “not-as-painful-as-it-sounds” alternative to shaving.
  135. Massage What?- My wife of twenty five years is my little prostate masseuse.
  136. Are They Cheating?- How to tell if your partner is cheating on you.
  137.  Bold or Italic?- A How-To on formatting stories for the web.
  138. JT’s Guide: The Mysterious G-spot- An exploration on finding and stimulating the G-spot.
  139. The Sex Talk- Advice for first times or fresh starts.
  140. Submission: A Primer- To those curious to submit. A Master explains.
  141. How To Write A Character Biography- Guided exercise that lets the character emerge from within.
  142. How to Name Your Characters- What’s in a name? More than you might think!
  143. Six Degrees of Separation- How to find your soulmate in six easy steps.
  144. Giving Good Head- A few tips from a true cock lover.
  145. A Tongue Lashing: An Essay- A how-to on cunnilingus.
  146.  Orally Pleasuring a Woman- Simple ideas on how to orally pleasure a woman.
  147.  Sex Ed 101: Cunnilingus- What to do, what not to do, & why the Fonz is the man.
  148.  How to Write Good Sex Scenes- A brief list of examples and observations for better sex
  149. Sissification – How to Get Started- A ‘How To’ guide to start living as a sissy.
  150. How to Ruin A Good Story- Proofreading and editing can really help a story.
  151.  How To: Female Ejaculation- The art of bringing your lady to ejaculation.
  152. A Girl’s Guide to Bush Confidence- The what, why and how to of pussy pride.
  153. How to Guide to Pussy Slapping– A useful guide to pussy slapping.
  154. How to Perform and Enjoy Cunnilingus- Not only perform oral sex on her, but also enjoy it.
  155. A Note from a Reader- A few suggestions for writers.
  156. The Backdoor- The goods on enjoying anal sex.
  157. A Plea for Accuracy and Truthfulness- A ‘How to’ for writers of erotica.
  158.  For The Ladies- How to keep him home & hard.
  159.  10 Tips on Open Relationships- Tips from a shy, insecure woman’s perspective.
  160. How to Make Her Scream for You- A general guide to the core of a woman’s sexual desire.
  161.  Hitchhiker’s Guide to Women- Common mistakes men make: how NOT to make them.
  162. . How to Ejaculate Like a Young Man- This is how I increased the force & volume of cum I produce.
  163.  How NOT to Kiss- Not a story; a few notes on the awful crime of bad kissing.
  164.  Feminization Triggers- What makes feminization such a powerful experience?
  165.  Maintenance Manual for Male Private Parts- Guide to care of penis & scrotum.
  166. How To Last All Night- Experience sensations you never thought possible.
  167. How To: Pussy Fisting- A detailed, but simple explaination on how to fist fuck.
  168. The Art of Ball Stretching- Your man will love this too.
  169. The Art of Giving Head- Leslie Blue’s guide to giving the ultimate blow job.
  170. Into The Abyss: Vaginal Fisting- This article takes a look do’s and dont’s of fisting.
  171. How to Create The Perfect Mate- A simple sarcastic, yet common sense approach.
  172.  How (Not) to Dirty Talk in German- or, How linguistics can interfere with sex.
  173. Shopping for Sex Toys at Walmart- A new and inventive place to shop.
  174.  Do Your Man a Favor- Guys will love this treatment.
  175. Make Your Wife Cuckold Yo- How to make your wife cuckold you.
  176. How to Take Erotic Pictures- …of yourself, using this illustrated guide!
  177. How to Improve Your Writing By Choosing the Right Words- How word choice can improve your erotic writing.
  178. How (I Like) To Give a Blowjob- One woman’s opinion of the perfect blowjob giving experience.
  179. Advice on Being a Shared Wife- How to be a great wife.
  180.  Contract of Submission- A first timer’s guide to training a submissive wife.
  181. Lactation Is Sexy As Hell- How to make the fantasy sound real.
  182.  Giving Head to a Woman-Cunnilingus: straight advice from a straight woman.
  183. How I Suck Cock- Her secret technique.
  184. Dining at the Furry Snack Bar- Going down will never be the same.
  185. You Want Oral? Here’s How- One woman’s guide on eating pussy to get a BJ
  186. How NOT to Fuck – A Primer- Ten rules for improving your descriptions of sex.
  187.  How to Humiliate and Degrade- A guide to humiliation and degredation from a Dom wife.
  188. How to Sweeten Up Your Cum- Some basic tips on varying the taste of your cum.
  189. How to Become a Sissy/Cuckold- For husbands wanting change in their marriage.
  190. Recipe For Cum- Just what it says.
  191. How To Drive Your Man Wild0- How to be his dream woman.
  192. Guidelines for Hot Wives- Homer’s sister advises wives who want to be “hot.”
  193.  A Sexy Guide- An outline on being sexy for your man.
  194. Cock Play– How to play with a cock, a guide for novices.
  195.  Give a Blow Job- I hope this helps you!
  196.  My Description to a Great Blowjo- How to give a great blowjob.
  197.  Get Your Man Into Eating Your Pussy- How to train a man to love cunnilingus.
  198. What Every Man Wants- A story of what every man wishes you knew
  199. Visiting a Gloryhole- Firsthand experience on what to expect visiting a gloryhole.
  200. How To F*** Your Dadd- Doing your daddy basics.
  201. Art of Erotica- Make your “moaner” story a “screamer”!
  202.  Activities for Your Submissive Mal –A list of sex acts to perform on a submissive man.
  203. How to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship- Because it sucks and I’ve been through it.
  204. The Art of Masturbation- To do something right, sometimes you have to do it yourself.
  205.  The Lost Art of Cocksucking- Tips for pleasuring your man.
  206.  Guys Guide to Going Down- A Cunnilingus Primer.
  207. Tampon Training for TG Women- Practical guide to feminine hygiene for cross-dressers.
  208. How to Give a Great Virtual Blowjob-Here’s how to text red hot oral for your favorite guy.
  209. Word Choice- Suggestions for writing a successful erotic story.
  210. Ten Tips for the New Prostitute- For those insisting on this profession.
  211. Crazy Married Sex- A woman’s view of a real sexual marriage.
  212. How to be the Perfect Wife- Taken from one man’s perspective.
  213. ‘Real’ Fiction- General tips on how to make your stories ‘real’.
  214. Video Story: Arabelle’s Deepthroat Demonstration- Video Story: tattooed young brunette shows how she gives a deep blowjob.
  215.  Adult Video Arcades and Gloryhole- Some Women Love Them, Too.
  216. The Recipe- Directions for effective, and efficient, head.
  217.  How to Analyze Your Scores- Getting as much information as possible from your Lit. score.
  218. How To Have a Grrreat 6- Follow these steps to have the best 69’er of your life.
  219. How to Get Your Characters Naked- The fine art of undressing is just that.
  220. How to Please a Woman- Learn to give her the incredible orgasms she deserves.
  221. Shaving Your Package- A guide for men wanting to be smooth.
  222.  Blowjobs- Learning to give good head.
  223. How To Get People to Read Your Story- The importance of a good title.
  224. Miscues and Mistakes- Learn what to do after you get the girl home.
  225. Nipplemania – An Advanced Guide for- Unexplored aspects of nipple training and torment.
  226. Roleplay Online- Tips & hints from a dedicated player of online roleplaying.
  227. Great Anal- One woman’s experience.
  228. How To Make A Woman’s Body Sing- Touching three hidden spots that lead to amazing orgasms.
  229. How To: Young Wife to Shared Wife- How you might develop your wife into a hot shared wife.
  230. How to Panty Your Husban- One wife’s advice on adopting a fem-led marriage.
  231. BDSM on a Budget- Inexpensive ideas for those experimenting in BDSM.
  232. How to Eat Pussy (Instructional)- A very short guide on how to give a girl head.
  233. Getting Your Characters Pregnant- A writer’s guide to breeding.
  234. How to Orally Pleasure a Man- Give a nice satisfying blowjob while using hands.
  235. Blow Job Tips for the Insecure- Get out of a rut & give him mind-boggling head.