1. In Defense of Love- Three hard-learned lessons on what matters most in life.
  2. Twenty-One More Questions-Jasmine answers more questions from readers.
  3. Welcome to the Literotica Universe-Differences between the Literotica Universe and our own.
  4. Twenty-Two More Questions- 22 questions asked by readers answered.
  5. Farewell from Randydaughter- Announcing my retirement.
  6. Remembering the Fallen- Some reflections on what Memorial Day means.
  7. Twenty Questions- Jasmine answers questions from readers.
  8. A Sub’s Eye View of Sub Space- A submissive’s sub space experience.
  9. Control- What does it mean?
  10. Feelings, An Essay- An essay, about the importance of letting yourself feel.
  11. Twenty-Two Questions Again: Lists- Lists of many of my favourite things that turn me on.
  12.  The Pillar in the Garden- The gifts of the earth.
  13. Local is as Local Does- An (updated) missive of the use of non-US English.
  14. Protection Against Pornography Week- The government wants to protect you from pornography.
  15. Twenty Questions 2021- More questions asked by readers and answered by me.
  16. My Cute Stumpy Thick End- Where our sexy words came from.
  17. How Sex Really Works- An anatomy lesson from a retired RN
  18. Just a Bit of Red- A candid talk about who I am and why I am that person.
  19. Lit Wives: A Guide to Relationships- An essay detailing how to save a marriage.
  20. IsabellaEmily on Her Sex Life- Just an essay about my sexual desire and kinks
  21. A Nestling’s Observations- Observations of an author on Literotica– still growing.
  22. Questions Answered by Red- An autobiography about the author RedHairedandFriendly.
    by RedHairedandFriendly (05/19/06) 4.73 (114)
  23. Revelation- Seeing the truth and healing the past.
  24. What I Don’t Understand- One author’s view on feedback.
  25. Sex Stories on the Internet- The first 20 or so years of sex-story posting.
  26. Why Write Incest Erotica- Why do we and can we justify or explain why?
  27. The South will Rise Again- A rebuttal.
  28. Interview with Selena Kitt- A couple of frequently asked questions answered…
  29. Free Speech is Offensive- If no one is offended, it isn’t free speech.
  30. Literotica: Feedback and Conduct- How should a reader treat an author.
  31. Sex Myths Unmasked: Foreplay- Some truth about biological gender & foreplay needs
  32. I Love Butt Sex- Why I write anal in my stories – debunking the theories.
  33. On Being a Busty Feminist Slut- The girl behind the stories takes a moment to give context.
  34. About Writing Sequels- A brief essay about my philosophy on writing sequels.
  35. The Politics and Math of Lit Voting- A brief meditation.
  36. Why I Shoot- A little background on why I shoot.
  37. The Client- Memoirs of a frequenter of whores.
  38. Flaws in the Porn Industry- Here is what is wrong with the porn industry.
  39. Forgiveness- A moderate’s approach to infidelity & forgiveness.
  40. “L” Is Not For Love- How not to be a lazy writer.
  41. Random Thoughts Late at Night- Just some random thoughts about writing and beliefs
  42. The Cons & Prose of Writing for Lit- Self-explanatory, eh?
  43. On Why I Write Erotica- My introduction and commitment to the genre.
  44. A Crash Course in Family Law- A basic primer on American divorce laws.
  45. In Praise of Older Women- Open your eyes, young man.
  46. Women Are Nasty, Too- A few myths about women’s sexuality.
  47. My Two Cents- Loving Wives and the Writer.
  48. Zero Tolerance- What zero tolerance policies in schools are really teaching.
  49. How To Be ‘Chunks’- What I write, and why.
  50. About The Big Ones- Observations of a Fat Girl.
  51. Non-Human Groupings- Author explains groupings for the ‘Twists of Fate’ series.
  52. Why I Give Head- A bit of emotional exhibitionism about a quirk of hers.
  53. Why I Prefer Sex Work to Dating- What it’s like being Trans, and why I prefer sex work.
  54. Celebrate Freedom!- A discussion of book banning.
  55. Thoughts On Size- Ruminations on size from a man with a lack of it.
  56. An Oral Essay-The art of true love through oral expression.
  57. Review of Literotica-A look into the site itself.
  58. Being Bad: Bi-guy Erotica- A frank discussion about porn that includes bisexual men.
  59. Married Sex & Pizza- But doesn’t married sex get boring?
  60. A Short Rant about My Underwear- Some random thoughts on the subject of panties.
  61. A Treatise- How my faith made me a masochist.
  62. Why a Plump Woman Is Better- My list of reasons why…
  63. Internet Age of Crappy Parents- The modern era of bad parents and their excuses.
  64. What Do Women Want?- They want to feel emotions.
  65. Personal Turn-Ons-Thirty-five things that turn me on…
  66. Things That Make Me Wet- A list of ninety-nine MORE things that turn me on!
  67. Training The Submissive In You- Relaxation and Orgasm Control Training.
  68. The Rules of Fidelity and…- One author’s views on adultery.
  69. Oral Fixation- I have one – do you?
  70. Why Is It Hot?- My thoughts on facials.
  71. My Experiences in Swinging-A description of the swinging lifestyle as I experienced it.
  72. Sexual Trivia: Penis Size- How does your equipment compare to others? Find out!
  73. A Review of K-Y Intense- A product that claims to intensify female satisfaction.
  74. Male Mind for Dummies- For insight into the minds of men (well, one man anyway).
  75. Phantom Blowjob- What’s it like to have a cock?
  76. Why a Rape and Impregnation fetish?- Answer to the FAQ of “How did I develop my fetish?”
  77. Why I Prefer Black Women- A short essay.
  78. Sissy/Cock Sucker Dictionary- A list to understand the nature of sissies/cocksuckers.
  79. I Am Cynthia’s Cunt- All about my supreme site of pleasure and power.
  80. Hair Acceptance- Should women shave their pits & legs?
  81. Shear Fashion- To shave the pubes or not to shave? Should it be a question?
  82. A Category That Is: Loving Wives- An author’s personal view on a very controversial category.
  83. Holes-An essay on anal sex and judgments.
  84. Frostbitten in a Sunburnt Country- A light-hearted essay on Australian culture.
  85. The 4 Types of Mind Control- A brief discussion of the genre.
  86. The State of Black Erotica- Commentary on Black erotica.
  87. An Ode to Pussy- The beauty of the vagina.
  88. Excellence: Top 10 Stories on Lit- SelenaKittyn’s list of top 10 favorite Literotica stories.
  89. In the Mind of a Perve- What she’s thinking about.
  90. What’s Been In Me?- Author answers recently-asked question.
  91. Nevada Brothels- The only legal brothels in the US.
  92. Perverted Censorship- America doesn’t understand what perversion is.
  93. Sex in the New Russia- A look at the problem of too much sex in a sexophobic world.
  94. Fake Breasts: A Male’s Perspective-A scathing analysis of unnatural breasts.
  95. Censoring Sex in Songs- Sexual innuendo in songs has changed.
  96. The Psychology of my Submission- Peek inside the mind of a submissive woman.
  97. The Myth of the Four-Hour Erection- Advertising and the male libido.
  98. The Trolls of Literotica- An essay on the phenomenon of trolling on Literotica.
  99. Female Non-Consent Fantasies- Why women are NOT being demeaned in non-consent literature.
  100. Birds & Bees- Teach your children about sex.
  101. The Problem with Monsanto- Decrease of genetic diversity in food crops.
  102. Who is the Chump?- A short, probably heavy-handed essay: giving love to a cheat.
  103. What Really Is Cheating?- Author’s view on what constitutes cheating.
  104. Discussing Terms and Labels- Stag, vixen, cuckold, unicorn… so many terms. Meaning?
  105. Prostitution Stings- …and what they reveal about our society.
  106. My Pleasurable Piercing- The details of my piercing experience.
  107. Being America’s Youth- What it’s like being a young person in America today.
  108. BDSM: The Nature of Consent- SSC vs RACK.
  109. Why I Like Porn- Why you like porn, too.
  110. Strap-on Dildo Play- An Essay about liking women that use a strap-on with men.
  111. Why Do Men Love Doggystyle So Much?- But there are other benefits as well…
  112. TripleD Titties: A Guide to Reality-Having a big rack can be fraught with peril.
  113. A Few Things I Like About Literotica-…and a few I don’t.
  114. Why I Write Incest Stories- Why I write incest stories.
  115. Sex Myths Unmasked: Penis Size- A little frank talk about the (un)importance of size
  116. Sexualizing Rape- Exploring some confused feelings about the Nonconsent tag.
  117. Movie Review: Black Snake Moan- Review of film starring Samuel L Jackson & Christina Ricci.
  118. In Praise of Older Women- Why women get sexier as they age.
  119. Nipples: Pointing is Good- An essay on seeing women’s nipples in public.
  120. Incest: Debunking the Myths- Author’s take on the mythology surrounding incest.
  121. About loving Loving Wives- Observations on those who love, and hate, Loving Wives.
  122. A Tribute To My Ex-Husband- This ex-wife is anything but bitter.
  123. Rapturous Clitoris- Clitoris, why are you yet so fair?
  124. Herd of Donkeys- A Donkey can mean so much.
  125. Believe It Or Not!- Female author explains why she loves gay porn.
  126. An Analysis on Incest- My attempt to understand the universal taboo.
  127. The Mirror- What I get from my writing.
  128. A Matter of Survival- Navy corpsman experiences survival training.
  129. An Editorial On A D/s Relationship- What makes a good Dominant/Master.
  130. In Loving Memory- A missive on the loss of a friend, the Loving Wives category.
  131. What Jeanie Loves- Things she loves for you to do to her.
  132. Hot Wife Scenarios in Mainstream Movies- An author’s list of hotwife / cuckold movies. Additions welcome.
  133. George Bush, Gay Marriage, & Love- Literotica readers & controversy.
  134. Fantasies- Fantasy jar can improve your relationship.
  135. Why They Don’t Work- Threesomes, doomed from the start.
  136. Impregnation Fetish: Let Me Explain- I discuss my fantasy of impregnating women.
  137. Braless Is Better- Unleash those puppies to help with upper back pain.
  138. The Literotica Top 100- Author picks 100 exceptional Literotica stories.
  139. On Incest- Why is incest Taboo?
  140. More than Queen of the Damned- A review of Anne Rice’s erotica.
  141. Why Interracial is Fun- Cuckolding husband with Interracial.
  142. On Bulls, Submissives and Men- How a woman sees the differences between styles of lovers.
  143. Aunt Emily’s Teapot- A tragic year and a special teapot.
  144. “Heere’s Johnny! Daddy’s Home!”- Favorite male actors, Pacino, De Niro, Nicholson, & Hoffman.
  145. Love, Sex and Game Theory- A sex worker and her client talk about love and sex.
  146. On Open Marriage and Swinging- My thoughts on open marriage and swinging.
  147. Leaving Comments- Why do so many people leave negative comments?
  148. Look Ma, No Hands!- Is it a “real” blowjob if she uses her hands, too?
  149. A Life’s Lesson- One man’s experiences with women.
  150. Who Cares Where a Page Breaks- My rationale for irritating almost everyone.
  151. Nix to Knicks- How I enjoy going without Panties.
  152. On Why Cuckolding Stories Produce Strong Reactions- Thoughts on why cuckold stories enrage some readers.
  153. The Allure of Writing about Incest- Musings about writing for the Incest category.
  154. A Study of the Beta Male – Me- Thoughts and analysis on why I am sexually a beta male.
  155. Please Tell Me They’re Not Real-Stories I just can’t believe.
  156. Cuckoldry- There are many kinds of cuckolds and cuckolds’ wives.
  157. Circumcise Me!- Is this a necessary medical procedure?
  158. The Myth of the Female Orgasm- Some thoughts on basic human sexology.
  159. Alphas- The difference between Dominants & Alphas.
  160. A Philosophy of Porn- Random thoughts on sex & writing.
  161. Essay: My Rape Fantasies- For women only. What about our rape fantasies?
  162. In Praise of Panties- How sexy panties make one woman feel.
  163. Cuckolding – Fantasy vs. Reality- Separating reality and fantasy in cuckolding.
  164. The Venus Experience- A review – masturbation by machine.
  165. Hits vs. Voting and Public Comments- Please show writers your support; vote and/or comment.
  166. The Squirt- What is it all about?
  167. A Punter’s Story- My experiences with working girls.
  168. My Boobs!- 22-year-old reflects on growing up with a big chest.
  169. Why Momma Was Wrong About Women- Don’t listen to your Momma about how to treat women!
  170. Abstinence vs. Sex Education- Teaching abstinence-only or comprehensive sex education.
  171. 40 Years in an Open Marriage-An explanation of our relationship.
  172. Loving Wives- Wow, what a problem we have here.
  173. Born To- I just fuck, and fuck, and fuck, and fuck.
  174. The Ten Best Stories on Literotica- One reader’s opinion on quality writing.
  175. What Goes Around Comes Around. Not.-A small essay about the author DanielQSteele1’s storyworld
  176. A Proposed New Rating System- Throw the 1-10 scale away & give this a try.
  177. Am I a Slut?- Why shouldn’t a woman enjoy sex just as much as a man does?
  178. Porn Reviews- The author reviews three DVDs from Vivid Entertainment.
  179. Black Porn Sucks- It’s time for Black adult films to move into the 21st century.
  180. Open Letter To My Wife- Sometimes a guy’s gotta vent.
  181. Thoughts of an Alpha Male – I Breed- My bad boy alter ego speaks out.
  182. The Smell of a Man- Underarm & crotch odors are a natural turn-on.
  183. Living with a Small Cock- An explanation from a submissive man.
  184. Interview with a Nympho- Beth admits to being a little kinky.
  185. How Obvious Should It Be- That you’re a HotWife and an easy lay?
  186. Types of Cuckolds- A Guide.
  187. What I Learned From Anony- “True love” – why you can’t win.
  188. Guilt- What happens after sleeping with your best friend’s wife?
  189. Rules & Rituals in D/s Relationship- A submissive’s view of Rules and Rituals.
  190. Ancient Sex & the Bible- Ancient sex truths revealed.
  191. Do You Understand Cuckolding?- Understanding the Cuckold Lifestyle.
  192. Sex, Power & Knowledge- A dissertation on sex for thinking men & women.
  193. Pussy Preferences- What I like (and what I don’t) in a pussy.
  194. Why Dis Saggy Tits?-The argument against the discrimination of saggy breasts.
  195. Why I Write Incest Stories- ThomX explains why he writes incest stories.
  196. Essay: A Theory of Angry Cucks- Why do some guys get so violently angry at cuck stories?
  197. Snipped or Unsnipped- A reflection on circumcision.
  198. The Exchange: An Historical Note- A swinger’s club forty years ago.
  199. Rape Fantasies: A Female’s Viewpoint-Feminine perspective on control fantasies.
  200. Cuckolding: My Analysis- My perspective on “cuckolding as erotic.”
  201. About Cuckolding- A personal view regarding cuckolding.
  202. Halloween and Me-Why I’m not all that fond of this holiday.
  203. Ritual Impregnation Ceremonies- My fascination with ritual impregnation ceremonies.
  204. Why Is Incest So Hot?- Essay on the Incest category.
  205. Why I Love Black Men- An inadequate exploration of interracial love.
  206. Are Hairy Women Lovers “Normal”?- Essays on the psychology of men who love hairy women.
  207. Commentary On The Cuckold Husband- On the husband of the sexually free wife.
  208. We Were All Fucked Up By Feminism- Post-feminist guy has an epiphany.
  209. What Does “Cuckold” Mean?-An simple explanation of the “cuckold” kink.
  210. Most Readers Do Not Vote or Comment- The unwritten responsibilities of writers and readers.
  211. Bash Away- Here is a story for all of you Anonymous Bashers.
  212. A Home for Wayward Men- My shared-wife experience.
  213. The Climax Gentlemen’s Club: First Visit- His first visit to the famous club.
  214. Cuckold- Questions and answers on the cuckold lifestyle.
  215. In Defense of Difference- Let’s end the myth that women & men feel the same about sex.
  216. Marriage and Infidelity- Lessons from Loving Wives.
  217. Understanding The Penis Size Issue- No matter your size, you can make it work for you.
  218. I am a Cuckold- Understanding a cuckold relationship.
  219. Playing Doctor- A century after the vibrator comes a new clit suction device.
  220. Thoughts on Cuckolding- Discussion of cuckolding and its implications for participants.
  221. Female Led Relationship- What every girl should know.
  222. Q & A about Swinging- Or how swinging saved my life.
  223. Be a Good Whore-I describe what it takes to make me happy in a relationship.
  224. Penis Size – Separating the Boys from the Men- Keeping the complainers quiet and authors realistic.
  225. My Life as a Cuckold- Living with a cheating spouse.
  226. Anal Sex, What Is the Big Deal?- Request a woman’s point of view to help him understand.
  227. A Man Will Plant His Seed Anywhere- Men need sex; women need cuddles.
  228. In a Search for Big Black Cock- The state of IR black male/ white female erotic tales.
  229. Which Dildo?- How to choose a Dildo for your Lover.
  230. Traci Lords: I Was A Teenage Pornstar- Interview with the ex-porn goddess.
  231. Live Sex Show!- Her experience at a live sex show in Amsterdam.
  232. Looking For Stories, Finding Fiction-A search for more for your enjoyment.
  233. What If There Is No Global Warming?- What if my government lied to me and all of us…again?
  234. Why Get Married then Fool Around?- This is why I got married and still have sex with other men.
  235.  Marriage of Convenience- A marriage born of necessity.
  236. Body Piercings And Tattoos- A personal view about body piercing and tattoos on women.
  237. Quick Excuse: Men Caught Cheating- Excuse #1 to tell your wife/girlfriend when caught.
  238. Anorexic? Don’t Blame Me- Don’t blame men for female “eating disorders”.
  239. Authority of Head of Household- Men take back your RIGHTFUL place as Head of Household.
  240. Is Smoking Really the Cause?- Are we being conned by the anti-smoking campaign?
  241. February Sucks – My Thoughts/Review- The original, the sequels, my favorites, and my idea.
  242. Cheating Spouse- And how to deal with them.